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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass by ClearCutDiamonds

Format: Novel
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 36,232
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, James/OC

First Published: 10/18/2008
Last Chapter: 04/08/2011
Last Updated: 04/08/2011


Adhara Greengrass has problems. Her supposed best mate, Eleanor, (who isn't the brightest crayon in the coloring box) told Albus Potter that she is obsessed with him. And she turned him into a peacock. And pushed him into the Black Lake. And she may have whacked the bludger that sent him flying into a tree. But, boys like spontaneous girls, right?

Chapter 2: Confessions of sarcasm, confusion and nearby bushes

Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of sarcasm, confusion and nearby bushes

    Let me recount the current events:
(1) Eleanor, my supposed best pal, tells Albus, well, announces to the entire Slytherin table that I have been in love with him since first year.
(2) The bloody genius repeats herself, with fear of not being understood properly by my genius cousin, the blond-haired git.
(3) I find out he just asked out that Hufflepuff, Gemma Longbottom, hours before Eleanor’s… revelation.
(4) I turned him into a peacock. Yes, a peacock.
(5) He turned red, due to his allergy of peacock feathers. Oh, the irony.
(6) He is still in peacock form. And it’s been… forty-nine and a half hours. The spell was supposed to work for twenty-four hours. So, either I am a very powerful witch or a very bad excuse for one.
(7) Needless to say, but I will say it anyway; life really, could not get any worse.

    “I don’t understand it, she’s… she looks horrible in yellow!” I say to my best pal, the ever best of all best friends, Eleanor.

    “Well, I mean, it clashes a bit with her hair and all, but it doesn’t look that bad…” she says and trails off upon seeing the death glare I am giving her. Yes, she is the very best of all best friends. “I mean, yes, she looks positively ghastly in yellow,” she says, nodding her head vigorously.

    I groan and roll over on my bed and… promptly fall off.

    “Merlin’s red jodhpurs, are you alright?” asks Eleanor tentatively.

    “Fantastic,” I reply, getting up off the floor.

    We sit in silence. “Well, what do you suppose we do now?” I ask gloomily.

    “We could… play exploding snap or go watch James play Quidditch or…”

    “I meant about Albus!”

    “Oh, right. Well… I’ll have to think about that,” she says, puzzled.

    “Then, by all means, think away, Einstein,” I say sarcastically.

    “Are you mocking me?” she asks, somewhat hurt.

    “No, of course not.” I reply quickly.

    "All right, then. Well… I did have an idea,” she says slowly.

    “Yes, what is it Eleanor?” I ask impatiently.

    “Well, even though Gemma is quite nice and a Hufflepuff prefect and all,” she begins.


    “Did you just grr... at me?” she asks, shocked.

    “No,” I reply.

    “Right, well… even though he does seem to like her very much…” she continues obliviously.

    “Eleanor, shut up,” I say bluntly.

    “I was just saying that he has liked her for a while… and she has certain qualities that he likes…” she continues, trying to prove her point.

    “That’s not shutting up, Eleanor. That’s continuing talking rubbish,” I reply.

    “It’s not talking rubbish, I was simply stating facts,” she replies indignantly.

    “I honestly don’t know why I call you my best mate.”


    “Dearest cousin, Adhara, may I ask you if...” begins Scorpius.

    “No,” I say, cutting him off.

    “But I really need to -” he begins again.

    “No,” I repeat, monotonously.

    “What’s got your knickers in a twist?!” he exclaims.

    “I’m pregnant,” I state bluntly.

    Scorpius drops his fork and stares at me open-mouthed. Clearly he isn't familiar with the concept of sarcasm.

    I roll my eyes at him and returned to my food. There is a long silence where Scorpius is opening and closing his mouth like a fish.


    Golly gee.


    Let me recount the past hour to you all. Eleanor had gone off to the Quidditch pitch to ogle James from the bleachers, leaving me to fend for myself. I tried to sleep, but I was rudely awaken by my owl, Quincifer, who had gone straight through the window and hit my bedpost. Stupid owl. I managed to trip down a flight of stairs on my way to the kitchens. Bloody stairs. So, that left me here. I, Adhara Greengrass, was going to the library. I know you’re laughing.

    Well, I haven’t encountered anyone on my journey yet. How odd. Wait a minute, didn’t I already pass that stone gargoyle? All right, I’m clearly delusional. Must have hit my head on that banister harder than I thought… stupid banister. I continued my trek to the library, it can’t be too far now… I turn yet another corner and promptly bumped into… a stone gargoyle! I look up at the gargoyle.

    “Stupid, bloody gargoyle!” I shout at it. 

    The stone gargoyle just stands there smugly. “I hate you, you gargoyle!” Still no response.

    “Adhara, what is it exactly that you’re trying to do?”

    I turned around quickly, nearly tripping over my feet as I do. Oh, if there really ever was a God, he really must hate me. There, in front of me is a very confused Albus Potter.

    “Just, uhm… trying to ─ trying to… I was walking to the library!” I say smartly, blowing a lock of blonde hair out of my face.

    “You do know that the library is on the fifth floor, right?” asks Albus, a smile tugging at his lips.

    “Of course I knew that!” I say indignantly, “I was walking there.”

    Albus raises an eyebrow.

    Wait a minute… Albus is supposed to be a peacock! He’s human! I must be delusional!

    “Why aren’t you a peacock?!” I exclaim.

    “Well, because, you know… my parents are humans… which would make me a human, because, well, you know,” he says.

    “I’m not stupid,” I snap, “I meant, I turned you into a peacock… and you’re not a peacock anymore.”

    Albus grins. “I knew what you meant; Poppy just figured out the counter-curse and… here I am, human.”

    I nodded sceptically. “Well, I’m off the library,” I say, walking away to avoid further embarrassment.

    “Uhm, Adhara?” Albus asks, smirking now.

    “Yes, Albus?”

    “The library’s the other way…”


    I stab my treacle tart with my fork while glaring daggers at the couple in front of me.

    Albus has his arm around Gemma’s waist and the two are smiling at each other and whispering.


    Four pairs of eyes settled on me. Bullocks, I had said that out loud. The four pairs of eyes are still staring at me confusedly.

    “Is how lions roar…” I say stupidly. “I’m just gonna go do…” Charms Homework, right! “Flitwick.”

    The four burst out laughing. “That’s not what I meant!” I say, my voice raising. “I didn’t mean I was going to do Flitwick! I meant…”

    The whole hall goes silent.

    Slowly and painfully I turned around to meet the gaze of every Hogwarts student. “I meant charms homework!” I yell.

    The whole hall looks at me like I've sprouted three heads. Lovely. Now they all think I’m some deranged psycho... who's doing Filtwick.




    “Adhara,” says Eleanor, rolling her eyes, “You’re overreacting.”

    “OVERREACTING?” I shout, my voice cracking. “I just told the whole bloody school that I went to go do Flitwick!”

    Eleanor just rolls her eyes again, “Well, if you hadn’t growled in the first place…”

    “Growling is an involuntary act! Do you think lions really want to growl?”

    Einstein thinks about this for a moment. “Yes.”


    “Honestly, Adhara, you have much better qualities than her, you have nothing to be jealous of,” says Eleanor calmly.

    I look at her disbelievingly. “Albus likes her!”

    “So, he could like you!”

    “He didn’t ask me out!”

    “Well, that's just... besides the point,” she replies.

    “What do you mean its besides the point? It is the point!”

    “Look, Adhara. You just have to use your good qualities.”

    “And they are?”

    “Uhm… hold on.”

    And this is what best friends are for...

    “You’re… you’re amazing at Quidditch! Albus likes Quidditch, you’re good at Quidditch, don’t you see the comparison?”

    “No,” I reply bluntly.

    “Albus likes that you like Quidditch so you should…”

    “Go to practice more often?”

    “No…” she says, gesturing wildly with her arms.

    “Oh, just spit it out, Eleanor!”

    “You should use your amazing Quidditch skills to amaze him!”

    “Eleanor, that’s the first smart thing you’ve said all day.”


    “Do you think I should leave my hair up or down?” I ask, while appraising myself in the vanity mirror.

    “Hmm…” says Eleanor, tapping her index finger against her chin, “Definitely down.”

    I brush through my thick blonde hair quickly. “Okay, I think we should run through the plan once more.” I say, nervously.

    “No, now is the time or my pep talk.”

    I raise an eyebrow. Eleanor was going to give me a pep talk?

    “You’re better than Gemma…”

    I smiled contently, I liked this pep talk so far.

    “Because you possess qualities Gemma could only dream of. You’re an amazing beater, you like running like Albus does…”

    “But, I hate running.” I state bluntly.

    “But, you will pretend you love it,” she says, doing that creepy eye thing.

    “I think this pep talk is…”

    “Shut up, Adhara.”

    “That’s my line!” I shout in shock.

    “That’s not shutting up, Adhara, that’s continuing talking rubbish,” she says smugly.

    I just gape at her.

    “Now, hurry up, you’ll be late for Albus!”


    I spot Albus’s figure near the Quidditch pitch. I smooth my hair and walk confidently towards him. Okay, Adhara, stay cool. Cool and surprised.

    “Albus? What a surprise to see you here!” I say, feigning surprise.

    Albus turns around, “Oh, hey, Adhara. I was just going for a run. Want to join me?”

    You are better than Gemma, you have better qualities… “That would be…lovely!”

    Albus grins. “Great. Well, come on then, keep up if you can,” He calls over his shoulder, already running.

    Oh, Merlin. Perhaps I haven’t mentioned this before but… I am probably the most uncoordinated person to ever walk the face of the earth. Quidditch doesn’t count because I don’t use my legs. Running, however…

    I push myself forward, trying to keep up with him. One foot after the other, Adhara. That’s it. I smile to myself. I was running! I could run! Before I knew what was happening, I was stumbling over a rock and… flat on my face. Oh, how attractive.

    “Adhara, are you alright?” asks Albus, bending over me.

    “Marvelous, thanks,” I reply, brightly.

    Albus smiles and holds out his hand. “Do you want to continue?” he asks me.

    His startling green eyes are searching my face, his raven-colored hair is swept across his forehead. The biceps in his arms are flexing as he holds out his arm.

    Oh, right. I take his hand and he hoists me up easily.

    I just nod, not trusting myself to say anything.

    “All right, you sure you’re okay to go?”

    “Mhm,” I reply, dazed.

    “All right, then. Let’s go,” he says, a smile tugging at his lips.

    We run together, side by side, not saying anything until he breaks the silence.

    “So…” he starts, running a hand through his hair.

    “So?” I reply uncertainly.

    “What’s your favourite color?” he asks randomly.

    “Green,” I said quickly, thinking of his bright green eyes…

    He nods. “Uh…”

    I sneak a look at him.

    “Is there something you needed to say?” I ask.

    “Yeah, actually,” he says uneasily.

    “Well... shoot,” I say.

    “This isn’t easy to ask, but… uhm, well… do you - uhm… is what Eleanor said true?” he asks, looking straight at me.

    I look back at nervously, “Uh, yeah,” I say, averting my eyes.

    He sighs. “First year, that’s a long time, Adhara.”

    He turns fully to me now, his eyes searching mine.

    “What are you trying to say?” I ask defensively.

    I huff and puff through the silence, pushing myself to keep running. The silence was painful, the seconds felt like hours.

    “Well, Adhara - ” he started to say, but I didn’t hear the rest.

    Because, just as he was about to continue his sentence, I promptly collapsed… and rolled into a nearby bush.


Author's Note Thanks for reading!

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