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Her Smile by thecoolestdork13

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 6,116
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: McGonagall, Albus, Hugo, James (II), OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 10/06/2008
Last Chapter: 01/09/2009
Last Updated: 01/09/2009


Maria, the leader of the fifth-year Slytherin girls, doesn’t smile. James, a Gryffindor goofball, gets on her last nerve. What are they going to do when they’re paired together in an “Inter-House Unity” competition, and James gets it into his head to make Maria smile at any cost?

Merlin, I think I just might end up murdering him.


Chapter 3: Go Ahead, Be a Little Naughty

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize isn't mine. Duh.

Chapter Three: Go Ahead, Be a Little Naughty

It had been two days since Potter and I had been declared partners, and I had managed to keep well clear of him so far. The only class I had with Gryffindors was potions, and I had only had that class once, and I ignored him all through it, and he, for some reason, decided not to irritate me. It was a smart move by his part.

But, unfortunately, I had potions again, and this time, Potter decided the time of me staying clear of him was over. I swear, the boy has a death wish.

I was sitting in potions class, minding my own business, trying to take notes, when a scrap of parchment hit my ear. I whirled around, insults and death threats ready in my mouth, and found myself face to face with a certain infuriating redhead. Now, normally, I’m a very level-headed person, but when someone messes with me, I let them have it. Needless to say, most of the school knows not to mess with me.

“Potter, if you value your life, you will apologize for chucking that bit of parchment at me, and never ever do it again,” I hissed at him, careful not to raise me voice too loudly, lest Professor Eschels hear me. Next to me, Nicole, who is not a small girl, turned around to give Potter a death glare.

Unfortunately, his only response was a cheeky grin and a slight nod. I was hoping for fear or something, but he didn’t seem at all alarmed. I turned back around and resumed taking notes, but by then I was considering just copying from Gail later.

Two minutes later, a wad of parchment hit my back. I sighed and threw my quill down, before turning around to give Potter another glare. He just smiled back at me. “Stop it,” I whispered, and then turned back around. I didn’t pick up my quill, just stared at the Professor, barely listening.

Another bit of parchment hit me. I did nothing, just clenched my jaw. Maybe if I’d ignore him, he’d stop.

Three minutes, and two bits of parchment later, I realized he wasn’t going to stop just by me ignoring him. But Professor Eschels was right in front of my table, still blabbering on about poisons, so I couldn’t really do anything else.

So I just had to sit there and take it while Potter chucked bit of parchment after bit of parchment at me, all the while wondering if Eschels was blind, hated me, or was just oblivious, and where he was getting all that parchment from.

“Leave me alone, Potter!” I finally whirled around and yelled as yet another parchment wad hit me square in the back.

He was grinning ear to ear. I was about to tell him off again, but ---

“Miss Warrington!” exclaimed Professor Eschels. I cringed, belatedly remembering the stupid teacher. I turned around slowly and planted an innocent, with a hint of confused, expression on my face. Eschels looked furious. Bugger.

“Yes, Professor?” I asked, my voice innocent. I could hear Potter sniggering behind me and flashed him a rude gesture behind my back.

“Why were you yelling at Mr. Potter? You disrupted my class!” Her expression was stern. I fought the urge to roll my eyes (because everyone had been so engrossed in her lecture), and kept the guiltless expression on.

“He’s been throwing parchment at me for fifteen minutes now,” I answered matter-of-factly. Eschels raised her thin and graying eyebrows.

“It wasn’t fifteen, it was ten!” Potter put in. Que another rude gesture.

“Miss Warrington and Mr. Potter,” Eschels began, looking more angry than before, “Detention.” My face fell. I had never gotten detention, ever. It wasn’t that I had never broken the rules, it’s just that Slytherins do not get caught. “Tonight, at eight, meet me in the trophy room.”

“Can’t wait,” Potter said, sounding surprisingly un-sarcastic, “I haven’t had detention yet this year with you, Professor, it’s been too long.” Considering it was only the third day of classes, I didn’t consider this much of a feat.

“But---“ I started to protest, but was silenced by the death glare Eschels gave me. I slumped in my seat and the Professor continued with her lecture on bloody poisons. I would’ve liked a vile of poison for Potter, because five minutes later, a folded up piece of parchment landed on the table with “read me” written on the front in nearly illegible handwriting. Swallowing a scream of anger, I unfolded it. It read:

Warrington, there’s no reason to be so touchy.
P.S. See you tonight!

“If I make it through this year without killing Potter, I should be canonized as a saint,” I muttered before crumpling up his note and tearing it into pieces.

Luckily, I didn’t have a class with Potter for the rest of the day. Unluckily, I had History of Magic next, and spent the whole class seething about getting detention. Slytherins don’t get detention; they’re too smart and cunning to get caught! Well, maybe the occasional half-wit got detention, but not me!

Charlotte and Nicole knew I was a in a bad mood, and didn’t say much to me, just informed me they would hex Potter if they wanted me to. I told them I’d consider it, but really, them hexing Potter wouldn’t give them the same satisfaction as me hexing him.

And boy, did I want to hex him. I wanted to hex that grin right off his face.

Finally, History of Magic was over, and I had a free period before dinner. I headed to the grounds, telling Charlotte and Nicole I’d meet them in the Great Hall for dinner. I needed to release some anger, alone.

I didn’t know what it was about Potter, but he sure knew how to push my buttons. I wasn’t looking forward to the detention that night in the slightest. In fact, I was absolutely dreading spending a prolonged amount of time with Potter. If Eschels stayed in the room, I’d probably end up with a whole months worth of detentions.

After reached the Black Lake, I searched the shore for some flat rocks, just right for skipping. I found a handful and chucked them one by one into the lake, trying to get them to go farther each time. About ten minutes had passed before I was interrupted.

“Hi, Maria,” a nauseatingly cheerful Penny greeted me. I groaned. She walked up beside me and beamed, seemingly unaware of my foul mood. Here was another person who knew how to push my buttons.

“Hello, Penny,” I said wearily. “Has dinner already started?”

“Oh no, I just came out here to see what you were up to,” she chirped. I resisted the urge to massage my temples. I could feel a headache coming on. Penny’s presence had a way of inducing headaches. “So what are you doing?”

“Skipping stones,” I replied shortly, giving her a not-so-subtle hint to leave. She didn’t take the hint.

“Ooh, I’ve always wanted to be able to do that, but I never have. Will you teach me?”

“No.” There was a moment of silence.

“Oh. Well then, what time’s your detention with Potter tonight?” I ground my teeth together. Penny’s voice may be sweet and innocent, but I wasn’t fooled, I knew she was trying to irritate me.

“Eight,” I answered. Penny made a noise of fake-sympathy, and patted me on the back.

“That’s really awful, you have horrid luck. Potter’s such a loser for chucking all that parchment at you,” she said, pretending to be oblivious to the way I was getting redder by the second. “I mean, it was completely unfair for you to get detention too, that Eschels is such a---“

“You know what?” I said suddenly, interrupting her before she made me start dreading the detention even more. “I think it’s time for dinner now. I’m starved, let’s head back.” Penny nodded happily and linked her arm with mine before practically dragging me back to the castle, chattering the whole way about how she thought she failed the Transfiguration essay we turned in that morning. I offered one word responses, and when we reached the Great Hall, darted away from her and over to Charlotte and Nicole.

“Hello, Maria,” Charlotte greeted me, judging me warily for any sign that my bad mood had decreased. I growled something unintelligible and stabbed the meat on my plate with a bit too much gusto.

“We tried to stop Penny from going out there,” Nicole said at once, “but she’s getting really good at Shield Charms.” I stopped hacking at my meat and started cutting it like a normal person.

“We did manage to delay her for a bit,” Charlotte added, “by telling her that we thought she might’ve lost weight over the summer. She spent the next five minutes checking out her bum in a suit of armor.”

I couldn’t help it, at this I snorted, and my bad temper was forgotten for a moment. Charlotte and Nicole exchanged triumphant looks, and then engaged me in a conversation about whether or not Pince and Filch had a secret love affair going on. I was actually enjoying myself until Penny showed up and plopped herself down across from me.

“Hello all, sorry I’m late, I was just talking to Justin,” she said, naming an attractive Slytherin in the year above us. “I hope he asks me to Hogsmeade, his eyes are just so dreamy.”

Three sets of eyes rolled at this comment.

“So where’s Gail?” she asked, smiling perkily. I shrugged.

“Library,” Nicole replied. “She’s stressing about the insane amount of homework we have. O.W.L. year isn’t going to be a walk in the park, that’s for sure.” I sighed, wishing this hadn’t been brought up. I had been ignoring the teachers’ lectures on O.W.L.s for the past few days, and pretending it was just like any other year. Sadly, it wasn’t really working.

Dinner passed without me contributing much to the conversation, and it was soon time for me to head to, ugh, detention. I trudged down the empty corridors to the trophy room, moving as slowly as I possible to make it on time.

“Hello, Miss Warrington, so pleased you could join us,” Eschels said once I pulled open the door to the trophy room with a grim expression on my face. A thousand sarcastic remarks flashed through my mind, but I chose not to say anything aloud.

“Hi, Maria,” Potter said with a lazy grin. I reached reflexively for my wand, but Eschels saw where my hand was headed and stopped me.

“You will both give you wands to me,” she said quickly, “because you will be cleaning all these trophies, without magic.” I groaned, but handed my wand over.

“Here you go, Professor,” Potter said cheerily as he handed her his wand. She took it, and examined it suspiciously.

“This isn’t another one of your fake wands, is it?” she asked, giving him a mistrustful look. He put on a look of fake-hurt.

“Would I do that to you?” he asked in a would-be-affronted voice. I rolled my eyes.

“Yes,” I muttered. Eschels shot me a sharp looked and then turned back to him.

“Yes, you would, you’ve done it before,” she said, before waving the wand in the air and summoning a bucket of rags. “Well then, seems to be the real thing,” she admitted, and then pocketed both our wands.

“Now, there’s the rags, and cleaning solution,” she said, “get to it. I’ll be back in about two hours, and I expect you to be done by then.” With that, she turned and left, shutting the door behind her. I heard the lock click and sighed. Being locked in a room with Potter, wandless, and being forced to clean, was going to be hellish. 

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