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Open Windows by harrypotterhugefanforever

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 26,340
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cho, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC, Ron/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/22/2008
Last Chapter: 06/28/2009
Last Updated: 07/01/2009


BANNER // NevillesSoulmate
A heart was never made to be broken. No one was meant to lose the one they love. Years apart – torn by new romances, betrayal and children – have brought them back together. Harry and Ginny might just have their last chance at happiness. Some windows were made to always remain open…

Chapter 4: Secrets Will Remain Secrets

Secrets Will Remain Secrets

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The rain fell upon the lonely soul wandering through the weather-worn graveyard. The late moon shielded itself from the looming clouds, holding them away for barely a second. The young body was thrown into darkness...a shadow of fear. Trees blew on either side of the graveyard, casting long shadows upon the old grave stones. Leaves rolled across the grass grown path.

The young woman took off her cloak as she approached one of the graves. A monument of an angel, weather-worn and cracked in places, stood behind the grave. The woman placed the cloak upon the monument, before falling to the ground in front of the grave. Tears wielded from her eyes. She placed a wet hand upon the grave as the rain continued to poor down upon her. She brought her face to the grave. With a sob she cried out, “Why did you leave? Why did you have to leave?”

A shadow cast itself upon the grave as the young woman wrapped her arms around her knees and fell upon the stone. She shook as she continued to cry. She looked upon the old moon as it too broke through the clouds. It shone with amazing strength, casting away all the shadows, before hiding behind another cloud. A nearby clock tower echoed around the graveyard, telling the young woman it was midnight. Laying her head against her knees, she poured out everything to the cold stone. Her mistakes, heart break, her affair...the loving.

Tears mingled with rain, neither stopping for the other. “I really need you, mum. Everything has changed; I don’t know who I am anymore. Life has change for me and for everyone around me. Ginny and Harry are getting married. Ron is getting married, and I have no-one. I truly thought Ginny loved me when we made love the other night. She repeated it over and over again. She’s with Harry, and I’ve betrayed my best friend for a fling. Ron’s wedding has thrown me off, but I’m not sure why. I don’t know if I like Ron, or if I like Cho.”

Slowly the rain ceased; the last shadow pushed away by the moon pressing through the clouds. The young woman pulled herself up, whipping away the last of her tears. “I really need you, mum. I wish that you could have stayed; you would know what to do about my feelings. You would know why I am so confused.”

She took a quick look at the stone, before kissing her hand and placing it upon the stone. “Goodbye, mum.”

The young woman headed out of the graveyard, each step taking a great effort. Without taking a look back at her mother’s grave, the young woman disapparated out of the graveyard.

Cho took a drink of hot chocolate. It was late at night and the rain had been pouring down for hours. It was a miserable night; a night for those alone to feel afraid. The fireplace, rarely used, was blaring with a fire. Cho was alone, seeing as Ron was away on a field assignment somewhere in Northern Scotland. On nights such as these, Cho would wrap a blanket around her slender body and sit in front of the fire and read.

These nights came around a couple of times a year. Ron was away for sometimes months at a time, but it rarely rained during that time, so Cho would entertain herself by attending a dance club with one of her female or male friends.

Absorbed in her book, Cho didn’t hear the door bell ring.

It wasn’t until the door was banged upon before Cho realised someone was outside. Cho hurried towards the door and opened it, expecting to see Ron or one of her other friends. She was surprised when a wet Hermione smiled at her. “Hi Cho.”

“Hermione, why are you here?”

“Could I come in before we talk?” sobbed Hermione. She shook from head to toe.

“Oh yeah, come in.”

Cho ran to her bedroom and pulled out another blanket for Hermione. Once she gave it to her, she headed into the kitchen and put on a pot of boiling water. “Are you alright?”

“Yes...actually, no, not really. I just went to my mum’s grave; I really needed someone to talk to. I thought she would help, but I guess not. Then I remembered Ron was away, so I came here to talk, like when we talked when you and Ron broke up.”

Cho walked into the room with two cups of tea. She placed one in Hermione’s hands before taking a seat next to her. “Hermione, we didn’t talk then. We slept together.”

“I know, but you did have me to talk to while we were sleeping together.”

“What happened?” Cho asked, placing her hand upon Hermione’s knee. Hermione squirmed under the touch; this was how it had happened last time. How it happened when Cho told her that Ron had broken up with her.

Cho ran to meet Hermione, who was walking in the opposite direction towards the Gryffindor Common Room. She quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her into the nearest corridor, where she looked to see if anyone was around. She kissed Hermione’s neck, her hands busily pushing Hermione’s top out of her skirt, while Hermione pushed Cho up against the wall. Between the kisses, Cho moaned out that she and Ron had broken up.

As soon as it escaped her lips, Cho grabbed Hermione’s hand again and headed towards the Room of Requirement.

Once inside, Hermione pulled her hand out of Cho’s and sat upon the couch, her legs crossed over the other. Cho, who had wanted to head to the bed, stopped in her tracks. “We need to talk.”

“Hermione, normally we don’t talk.”

“Why did you break up with Ron?”

Cho walked towards Hermione. Tears rolled down her pink cheeks as she tried to hold back her feelings. She sat down next to Hermione and stared into the younger girl’s face.

“He said he saw me with someone else... a woman. He saw me with you.”

“Cho...” Hermione placed her hand upon Cho’s knee. Cho turned her head and kissed Hermione full upon the lips. She nibbled slightly at the younger girls lips, before pushing her down. She climbed upon Hermione and pulled her shirt fully out of her skirt.

“He doesn’t know it was you.”


“Make love to me, Hermione. Ease this pain we created.”

Hermione pulled Cho’s hand off of her knee. Cho stared at her before smiling. She took a piece of Hermione’s damp hair and played with it. “You think it will happen again. I can assure you, it won’t happen.”

“You said that last time.”

“Do you want it to happen again?”

Hermione tried to get up, but Cho placed a hand upon her shoulder. Cho smiled again and kissed Hermione on the lips. Hermione began to respond, her lips moving at their own accord. Looking at the younger girl in the eye, Cho got the answer you needed. “I can see you do. I’ve always seen it, even when you were with Ron.”

“But I don’t.”

“You love her don’t you?”

Hermione’s face betrayed her secret for a brief secret. “Who?”


“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Don’t you?”

Cho smiled her teeth glittering in the shine from the fire. She cupped Hermione’s cheek and brought her lips tenderly over the younger girl’s.

She placed kisses upon Hermione’s neck, while her hands brought Hermione’s wet top over her head. Hermione sat in front of her, half naked. Cho stared at Hermione, the hunger in her eyes showing. Hermione took the move this time and pressed her lips against Cho’s. She didn’t ask for entrance, she forced it. After the mistake that had happened with Ginny, Hermione wasn’t thinking right. Cho pushed Hermione down and climbed on top of her. She pulled Hermione’s wet jeans off her legs and discarded them.

Suddenly, she sat up. The hunger showed again...lust hidden behind every motive. Ron was away, and somehow he could never satisfy her like Hermione once did.

“If you want it, I’ll meet you in five minutes. Come to my bedroom.”

Cho moved away from Hermione and headed towards her bedroom. Hermione stared after her, the kiss still burning on her cheery lips. She touched the spot, staring into the fire. Images danced between the sparks; memories past forgotten; images of Cho, standing in front of her with nothing on.

Hermione sat up and wrapped the blanket around her half naked body. She thought deeply about what she wanted...what she knew would happen if she took one step towards the bedroom. Once again she would betray her best friend if she did walk. Cho had left barely two minutes before.

Slowly, Hermione made her decision. She would conquer her pain...sadness. She took a step towards her clothes; each one showing how hard it was to say no to another woman. Another step. She was inches away from her clothes. Quickly, she grabbed them and pulled them over her body. Looking around, the clock hand struck one. Her heart beat faster as she opened the front door. She took another look around the room, before opening the door and quickly leaving. Leaning against the wall, Hermione took a deep breath, her heart slowing a little.

As she disapparated, she caught sight of Cho staring at her from the lounge room window. Tears fell from her eyes, displaying the heart ache she was enduring with Ron’s absence, not only in missions, but in life.

Ginny sat down in front of the fireplace, a glass of champagne in her hand and a bridal magazine in the other. Harry sat beside her, his feet resting against the coffee table, his mind completely lost in the show on the television. Ginny groaned in frustration as she turned another page of a bridal magazine. Barely a week had passed since Harry had proposed, and already Ginny was finding it hard to find a wedding dress.

Harry stared at her. A small smile crept onto his face. “Gin, why are you already looking at wedding dresses? The wedding isn’t for another couple of months. We haven’t even told your parents yet.”

Ginny glared at him. Harry shrugged, but continued to look at her. His green eyes showed love and concern. For a couple of days, ever since he proposed, he could see a difference in Ginny. She seemed distant...troubled. Ginny noticed Harry staring at her; it made her feel awkward.


“Nothing, but may I suggest you seek help from Molly or someone else. Your mum loves weddings, and I think it is time to tell her about ours. She would be a great help.”

“Harry, we can’t tell her. Ron’s wedding is a couple days away, and she is flat out busy.”

“Then take Hermione. You guys are really close; you tell her everything. You told me she was happy for us, that she’ll help out.”

Ginny shifted her eyes away from Harry for a second. She was scared they would reveal her secret...her lust. Harry didn’t seem to notice anything; his mind had already wandered back to the television. “Harry?”

Harry turned back to Ginny. “How about I ring Hermione, and she’ll go take you shopping tomorrow for a wedding gown? If you don’t find anything, you could go with Molly next week, after the wedding. If you still can’t find anything, we will go over to France, and we will get one designed to your interest.” He played with a bit of Ginny’s hair and pulled her into his arms. He kissed the top of her head, before turning back to the television. Ginny stared at his kind face wondering why she ever started an affair when she had everything she wanted...almost everything.



Ginny pulled Harry’s head towards hers and kissed him. Harry deepened the kiss. His large frame brought Ginny’s small frame towards him more. Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck and pulled him off the lounge. He hovered over her before taking her in his arms.

A small part in Ginny’s mind remembered the way Hermione kissed her...touched her. Harry made her feel good, but Hermione made her feel complete. Yet Ginny continued to kiss Harry, her mind still making it seem like Hermione was holding her. Harry took them into the bedroom, his hand fumbling to unclasp Ginny’s bra. He laid Ginny on the bed and climbed on top of her, his hands pulling her bra of her body.

“Ginny...are you alright?”

Ginny had pulled away from Harry, her eyes shining with tears. “I’m sorry Harry; I really am. I’m just thinking too much. People always said Hermione and I were always alike; I guess they were right.”

“Ginny...I love you.”

“I...I you too, Harry.”

Harry brought his lips upon Ginny’s again, never hearing the sudden stop in Ginny’s voice. He never heard the forcedness behind it.

Harry’s shallow breathing brought Ginny out of her dreams. She had spent a restless night staring at the ceiling, praying everything would be put right. Tears had fallen, but had remained unheard. The night had tormented her...shadows casting their doubts. The moon had been hidden; the clouds agreeing with the shadows.

Everything Ginny thought she knew had gone with Hermione’s confession. She was now unsure of herself, confused more than ever. The voice inside of her had changed, even it knew nothing of what she wanted. Doubts crept in from the corners of her mind, pressing against her conscious. Ginny closed her eyes again, feeling the emptiness inside hollow she felt at that moment. Inside, Ginny wanted Harry to know, so that he would pay her the slightest amount of attention. Ginny feared that the closer she got to Hermione, the further away Harry seemed to get. His body seemed so distant from Ginny, although he was lying next to her.

Ginny wrapped her arms around her chest, her breathing rapid. The room was closing in on darkness as the tears fell from her eyes. She looked at the photo on the bed-side table. Picture Harry stood with his arms around his female companion, his eyes never leaving the young woman in his arms. They were happy, back before all the pain and the war; back before all the confusion. Everything had seemed so clear when the photo had been taken... so perfect.


Harry’s frame stirred beside her, his eyes looking at her delicate shoulder. Ginny didn’t reply; if she did, she knew she would cry harder. Staring confused at the ceiling, Ginny whipped away the tears. Harry leaned against his elbow so that he was looking directly at her face. He ran one of his large hands over her exposed skin.

“What’s wrong(,) Ginny?” He was looking at her with interest; the most attention he had payed her in a week. He said her name like it was a melody, the words just purring off his tongue. Harry inhaled her sweet, intoxicating scent, his arm bringing her closer to his body. He laid his hand on-top of hers, letting her cry against his chest. Ginny cried into his chest, his body making her feel comfortable, like she was meant to be there. But it wasn’t Harry’s body she was imagining holding her.

Ginny closed her eyes, the pain disappearing for a moment. Harry had wrapped his arms tighter around her, not wanting to let her go. Ginny pulled out of the embrace, wrapping her arms around her chest once more.

Her eyes fluttered shut again as Harry’s hand caught hold of her hand. He squeezed it gently, telling her it would be alright. Ginny kissed Harry upon the lips, her arms wrapping around his body. She put every emotion into the kiss, every lie she held. As Harry kissed her back, she didn’t imagine him. Hermione was kissing her, not Harry. Every touch, every kiss, and every feeling she felt was from Hermione kissing her back. Ginny closed her eyes again, pictures of Hermione’s lips, teasing, playing with hers. Her stomach swelled as she felt Hermione rub her hand over her thigh, rising higher with every swish.

Harry moaned Ginny’s name, bringing her back to reality. She was kissing Harry. Harry was touching her, not Hermione. Ginny pulled away from the kiss. She placed a reassuring hand on Harry’s chest. “Nothing is wrong Harry. How could anything be wrong when I am with you?”

She knew she had emphasized the you, but Harry didn’t seem to notice. He had placed a kiss upon Ginny’s head, before getting out of the bed. Ginny stared at him as he grabbed his dressing gown. “Where are you going?” she asked as Harry dressed and took out a travel bag.

Harry stared at her, his eyes telling her that he was sorry. “I have to leave on a mission. I will hopefully be back soon.”

“Soon? You say that every time, Harry. Soon for you is two months.”

“Ginny, how can you say that? I go on these missions to capture the last of the Death Eaters. I will be back; Ron’s wedding is in a couple of days. I couldn’t do that to him.”

“But you could do that to me? You are only coming back because of the wedding.”

“Ginny, please. I don’t want to fight with you. Not now.”

“Fine, Harry.” Ginny stared at him angrily. Harry stepped towards her and placed a small kiss on the top of her head. He wrapped his arms around her small frame and held her tight. Ginny’s anger disappeared slightly with his touch.

“I promise you, these missions will end soon. I love you.”

Ginny nodded and watched Harry walked slowly into the bathroom. A part of Ginny wished it had been Hermione who had said those words. Ginny clenched the sheet; everything Harry did reminded her of Hermione. It was torture, knowing the one you wanted to love wasn’t the one you did. Love? Ginny knew she loved Harry; she believed she did. But Hermione’s face continued to play in her mind. The feeling of being held by the older woman, being told she would never leave. Ginny loved Hermione; but was it love that Hermione deserved...that Hermione needed. Ginny turned her head towards the bathroom.


“Yeah.” The water was running in the bathroom already. Ginny wrapped the sheet around her body and ran into the bathroom. She wrapped her arms around Harry’s waist and placed a kiss on his broad shoulder.

“Don’t go yet, please. Don’t go anywhere.”

Harry turned around and stared into the love of his life eyes. The words purred out of his throat; a mere taunt to Ginny. “I won’t. I promise.”

Ginny still stared at him, her eyes showing her doubt. Harry scanned her face, wondering when he lost Ginny...when she became so distant. Hey eyes seemed vague and her taste different. They had known each other for years, been friends for years. As Ginny leaned in, she brushed her nose playfully over Harry’s. Harry continued to scan her face, taking in all her features. One thing he had always loved about Ginny was that she was playful and made him smile whenever he wasn’t in the mood for smiling. Ginny was beautiful, lovely, and so sweet. Harry knew he didn’t deserve her; she was kind-hearted and so full of life.

“What’s wrong, Harry?”

“Nothing. Just thinking about us; how I would never betray you.”

Ginny shuffled back a bit, but Harry didn’t notice. She began to feel uncomfortable, wondering if her secret was remaining a secret.