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Open Windows by harrypotterhugefanforever

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 26,340
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cho, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC, Ron/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/22/2008
Last Chapter: 06/28/2009
Last Updated: 07/01/2009


BANNER // NevillesSoulmate
A heart was never made to be broken. No one was meant to lose the one they love. Years apart – torn by new romances, betrayal and children – have brought them back together. Harry and Ginny might just have their last chance at happiness. Some windows were made to always remain open…

Chapter 3: Without Realizing

Without Realizing

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Ginny smiled as she wrapped her arms around the body lying next to her. She kissed their shoulders, her hands busy rubbing their stomach. There was a moan from the body beside her while Ginny kissed their lips. Ginny crawled on top of them, her lips leaving kisses along their neck.

Again, a high pitched moan made Ginny groan in pleasure. The other body kissed Ginny’s neck, as the red head played with a lock of their hair. The afternoon light illuminated fingers touching... searching. Their bodies arched for contact. Slowly, Ginny placed loving kisses along her lover’s stomach, knowing that with each touch, she created fire with her lover’s hormones.

Shimmering lower down, Ginny hooked her fingers through her lover’s underwear and brought them down slowly, planting kisses along their thigh.

The lover moaned in pleasure as Ginny’s fingers became busy. Ginny groaned, desperate to once again be with her lover, to feel their touch as she was doing. Once again, Ginny pulled herself on top of her lover. Her lover panted in pleasure as Ginny kissed their neck. Wanting to give Ginny the same pleasure, her lover rolled them over. They took Ginny’s breast in their hand, rubbing it gently as they shimmied down Ginny’s body. Ginny arched her body for contact, as she felt her bra being released. The lover picked up the bra in their mouth and chucked it away before discarding Ginny’s underwear.

They crawled back on top of Ginny.

Ginny moaned their name. “Oh Harry.” It fell from her lips before she could stop herself.

Her lover suddenly bolted up; the bed cloth falling from their body. Their bare breasts exposed themselves to Ginny. “Harry?”

“Hermione?” whispered Ginny, her eyes staring straight out Hermione’s exposed breasts. Her heart thumped louder against her rib cage.

Hermione realized that the sheet had fallen off her body. She quickly pulled them around her and climb out of the Queen sized bed. Ginny did the same and followed Hermione. She wrapped her arms around her best friend, resting her head of her shoulders. She kissed Hermione’s neck, who responded by rolling her head to the other side. “I’m sorry, Hermione.”

Ginny un-wrapped her arms from Hermione’s body and grabbed her clothes. She quickly dressed and left, leaving Hermione heartbroken. Once again, the person she thought loved her and wanted her, left through that door, barely realizing what they had done.
It always ended the same for Hermione. Throughout her life, she had only one serious relationship. He had walked out and now Ginny had too.

A tear fell onto the pillow. The clouds rolled across the rising sun, blocking out the warmth. Hermione pulled her knees to her chest and rested her head upon it. Ron had left her for Cho. He chose Cho over her, once again. Even in Hogwarts he’d chosen her, even if that meant Ron got less time with Hermione.

When he chose Cho over her, Hermione was angry. She had been in love with Ron before all the hurt and pain. She knew she had wanted to be with him; she knew it even when he was with Cho. So when it suddenly happened...when the affair with Cho began, Hermione felt guilty. She wanted Ron back, but she didn’t want to hurt him.


Hermione walked three times in front of the Room of Requirement. Her heart beat faster every time she thought about what would be waiting for her.

She’d sent the letter, asking for them to join her in the Room in Requirement. All she wanted to do was talk, but something played in the back of her mind. Her heart beat faster as she imaged Cho standing in front of her with her long, raven black hair. Quickly, she pushed those thoughts out of her mind; she may hate Cho for taking away Ron, but she was sure she wasn’t a lesbian. At least she thought she wasn’t.

As she entered the room, Hermione knew instantly something wasn’t right. She asked the room exactly what Cho told her to say: “I need a place to meet Cho.”

In the right-hand corner there was a King sized bed, already made up with candles hanging around. There was a fire already lit left of the door and a rug in front of it. A few metres away a small couch sat, its pink leather a real temptation.

Hermione headed towards the lounge, the room making her feel slightly uncomfortable. She had expected it to be a plain room with a couple of lounges. She’d also expected Cho to be here, waiting to talk.

Silently, Hermione sat down upon the lounge, just as a door across the room opened. It was a different door from where Hermione just entered, larger and more inviting. Cho poked her head out of the door, the light shinning across her smile. She looked quickly down, before she wrapped something around her and walked out. She headed straight for Hermione, where she wrapped her arms around the younger girl and kissed her neck gingerly. Hermione rolled her neck against Cho’s touch before she realised what was happening.

She quickly moved off the couch and looked at Cho, standing with only a dressing-gown.

“Cho? What are you doing?”

“I thought you wanted this?”

“No. I wanted to talk.”

Cho looked at her for a moment. She took in all of Hermione’s features, from her awkwardness, the blush upon her cheeks, and the way she wouldn’t look directly at Cho. Slowly, Cho unravelled her dressing-gown, her delicate features revealed to Hermione. Hermione gasped as her heart beat faster with each step Cho took towards her. Her legs wouldn’t move. Cho held Hermione’s hand and rubbed it, as her other hand reached for Hermione’s hip. She pulled the younger girl closer, so that her lips were aligned with Hermione’s ear. “No, you don’t. I can see it in your eyes.”

Carefully, Cho stroked Hermione’s hip. Hermione moaned softly against the touch. Cho licked Hermione’s earlobe tenderly before grinding her hips against the younger girl. She wrapped her arms around Hermione and began to play with the small of the other girl’s back, as Hermione stood there.

Cho kissed her way along Hermione’s cheek, the darkness shadowing the moment. Suddenly, Hermione turned her head and took Cho's face with her hands. Quite as sudden, she kissed Cho, her tongue asking for entrance, which Cho granted with passion. Cho leaned closer towards Hermione as their tongues danced in each other’s mouth. Rubbing against each other, Hermione pushed Cho towards the bed on the other side. She finally understood why the room was like it was.


After that night, Hermione knew she would never be able to look Ron in the eye again. She had satisfied her best friend’s girlfriend. Girlfriend!

It had been forbidden... even lacking love. Neither of them loved each other; they were just not satisfied with someone else. They need difference... change. Together they had broken the one man they ever truly loved, for a moment of passion... a moment of lust.


Hermione laid her head against the pillow, her breath fast. Cho rested her head beside Hermione, her chest rising heavily. Sweat played with the light upon both of their bodies, as Cho’s mouth continued to kiss Hermione’s neck. Hermione pulled away and wrapped the bed sheet around her exposed body. She sat with her back to Cho, who moaned softly


“I can’t do this.”

“You already have.”

Cho wrapped her arms around Hermione and continued kissing her. “Please don’t leave.”


Hermione remembered the begging in Cho’s voice. Ron and Cho had just broken up, and Cho had come to Hermione for comfort. It had been like before, only without the guilt.

Cho had begged her to stay; she had needed someone.

As Hermione turned on the tap for the shower, those words echoed around in her mind. She felt now just as Cho had felt back then: broken. Yet unlike Cho, Hermione had no one. Hermione had been there for Cho, and last time, Ginny had been there for Hermione.

Slowly, she walked into the shower. As the dirt of guilt rubbed off with each stroke, the realization of what had happened and what was to come increased. Tears fell and mixed with the soapy water. Each stroke against her body brought memories of herself and Ginny. Light played with darkness across the room as Hermione exited the warm shower. As the towel was wrapped around her body, she sunk to the ground.

More tears fell as the darkness completely blocked out the sun.