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LOVE & BROOMSTICKS by StepUpx_Gryffindor

Format: Novel
Chapters: 35
Word Count: 216,870
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/23/2006
Last Chapter: 03/09/2015
Last Updated: 03/09/2015


You know what I hate? Having James Potter as your playmate as a child, & then having him turn into an egotistical pig as soon as we both set foot in Hogwarts. All the jokes, teasing, cat-calling... I can't stand it! I can't stand him. James Potter may have that devlishly handsome grin going for him, but I'm not falling for it! I've survived him for 5 years & I'm sure I can make it through my Sixth Year without him... I think?

Chapter 20: A Whole Lot Of Nerve

AN- Hey, bbys :D
I'm happy to let you all know that I'm back on my writing streak! Sorry, really, that I hadn't updated in a while and then just updated with chapter ninteen without a real explianation. I'm just so busy! And if you think about it, you really have to spend time, and take a seat at your computer for a few hours, before you get a chapter down pat. I just simply didn't have the time to do that anymore. But on the weekends, I've made it my goal, to make time and take an hour or so each day to write down my ideas and form new chaps. Be proud of me! And don't ever forget: I AM NEVER LEAVING THIS STORY. EVER.

Thank you.
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“Wow,” Emma says, when I tell her everything. She puts her hands behind her head and lies down on the grass. We’re out in the court yard early on a new school day.

“Yeah,” I sigh.

“What did Jessica say about this?”

“She didn’t really say anything. She just… stood there. I mean we talked about everything; and I mean every-last-detail. Jessica just kind of helped me reflect on the situation at hand. It took a while for it to sink in, though, me kissing James. She kinda dropped her entire breakfast on the ground next to her bed when I finally blurted it out.”

“Aha! Wait, she had breakfast in bed? How did Jessica pull that off?!”

“Jess and I are close with a certain house elf named Spunky,” I explain.

“Not fair… your own room service…”

“It’s really not like that, Emma, darling,” I tease. “We get the food, not the clean up and the free accommodations. Now those I’d like to get my hands on.” I lay next to her on the grass, and I feel the blades tickling my skin. I close my eyes and absorb the sun’s rays, or what’s left of the sun’s rays. It’s November and Quidditch season’s about to start soon – it’s already getting a bit dim!

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, Lily, but- well- what’s wrong with you?”

Pfft. “Uh, what?” I chuckle.

“You’re so chill about this. Normally, you’d be the queen of freak-outs. One of the biggest life changing things has just happened to you, and you’re as laid back as a beach chair. I don’t get it. Something must be wrong.”

I pause and try to think about this. “There’s definitely something wrong,” I respond. “Definitely. But me, acting like this, isn’t it. What’s wrong is the situation I’ve put myself in – everything I’ve put off for years. My mistakes and how I dealt with them – those would be justified as ‘wrong’. And I’ve come to realize that.”

I look as Emma, shielding my face from the sun with my hands. “But this, my attitude and my understanding – that’s not the problem. If anything, it’s helped me realize things and how they’ve been for a while. It’s complicated. Probably something only I will ever be able to understand, because I’m the only one that can truly understand me.”

“So what you’re saying is that you’re coming to terms?”

“Something like that, yeah,” I smile. “It’s like that road you take, and you know you can’t turn back, because you’d be walking away from your problems. And you don’t want to stop at a stop sign or yield onto oncoming traffic – it’s not going to make anything go away. Trust me; there were times when I wanted to throw myself into that oncoming traffic so I didn’t have to walk ahead. And those stops in the road made me think even more, and then I’d complicate myself…like one big confused bubble in my mind that I couldn’t pop for the life of me.”

“Hm…I think you’re maturing on an intellectual level, Lily,” Emma says in the voice similar to a psychiatrist.

“Oh, shut it,” I shove her shoulder playfully. She laughs. “I’m still really nervous about his friends knowing, Emma, don’t get me wrong. The only two people that know are James and I – that is, if he didn’t blab to Remus. But if Remus knows, I think he’s honorable enough to not spread the word to his friends yet. At least, out of respect for me, I think.”

“I get what you’re saying. And I think it’s great that you’ve come to realize how things truly are, and how you’re kinda trying to beat that fear of walking further down that road. I’m not sure how Remus is going to be a part of this or not, but what ever happens, happens, I guess. But…”


“What’s made you think and see things differently? You know, not freak out and what not?”

“Hah, I still freak out. I’m still a spaz. I still trip when I walk. And I still yell ‘Oh, Frick!’ when I drop my books. I’m the same Lily – I’ve just taken another step in finding out who I am, I guess. Or how to be the best I can be. If I can’t figure myself out, then who can?”

I lift myself off the ground and sit up, my arms around my legs. I think about how Frank hugged me in the bathroom while I was puking my guts out, and how he didn’t even care how bad I looked.

“And as for what’s made me realize all this… well…let’s just say I had a long talk with a certain friend of mine.”


I haven’t seen James all morning.
I haven’t seen James all morning and it’s driving me mad.

You’d think he’d show up for breakfast, but noooooooooooo

I didn’t wake up early so I could talk to Emma outside and go back in for breakfast with Jessica and find out someone ate all the bacon before I could get a piece to NOT find James Potter sitting down at the Gryffindor table.

I had this whole plan set – I’d try to talk to him in the morning, before classes start. We’d chat a bit and get some things straightened out, and then by lunch time we’d clear all those loose ends and (if necessary) talked all day to let out the whole thing.

We’d do all this with compassion, poise, and maturity.
Of course.

But no. James didn’t even roll out of bed in time for breakfast this morning! Do you know how much a marauder eats? If I made a cook book I’d have to divide it four ways for each marauder – and add another three chapters for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedules. Yeah, move over Rachel Ray. This baby would be about 1,000 pages, sweetheart. No joke. I’ve seen the average Gryffindor male inhale about 38 pounds of bread alone in a month. Double that amount of calories, and add a plate of cranberry pie. That’s James Potter’s breakfast.

It took me years to get the actual equation right.

Wait. Why the HELL do I have James’s eating habits down pat?!


Why am I such a nut? The he/she/it is invading my mind again, isn’t it?

“Do you see him?” Jessica mumbles as she takes a sip of her orange juice. “No. He’s not here, Jess. None of the marauders are.”

She gasps. “What…? No way, that’s impossible. Those boys love food-”

“I know, I know. But they’re not here today.” I poke my pancakes with my fork.

“Er, not quite,” Jess adds, making a notion to look down the Great Hall.

I find Peter, Sirius, and Remus sitting at the dead end corner of the Ravenclaw table… With Frank Longbottom. Do the Ravenclaws even let you sit there if you’re not with someone from their House? Their not exactly violent creatures, but still. They don’t even look pissed.

“Oh, God. They’ve distinguished the rat pack,” Jessica rolls her eyes, and surprisingly doesn’t take a jab at Frank. I guess it’s because she has a bit of respect for him now because he took care of me. It kind of makes me smile, when I think about it. But I’d be caught dead by Jessica in a second and I’d be burned at the stake, so I don’t smile or react at all.

…But my heart does grow a bit, secretly.
Don’t tell anyone!

“So three fourths of the marauders are talking to Longbottom, someone’s taken all the bacon from you this morning and has gotten you thoroughly pissed, and James Potter is nowhere in sight.”

“That’d be correct.”

“You’d think the man upstairs would give you a break today! So you can deal with the serious issues…”

The corners of my mouth turn slightly. I think of The Dark Knight, and because of my film fetish I can’t stop myself from blurting out, “Why so serious?”

Jessica spits out her orange juice all over the table and I burst out into hysterics.

Thank you, Ledger. You are a hero.

“EW! You threw up on me!” yells a First Year boy near us. Apparently Jessica’s spitting fiasco has found a place to display itself: on the front of the boy’s robes.

Jessica gives him a barking retort and turns her eyes to me. “Don’t you dare to that again…”

“AHAHA! I’m brilliant.” Jessica grunts at this. And with that, the dismissal of breakfast comes.

I find myself in Potions for first period, but I don’t even remember how I got here. I feel like everything’s a blur now. I’m actually starting to get nervous. What if James didn’t come to breakfast because he didn’t want to see me? What if he’s avoiding me? Oh, damn it.

Think positive, think positive, think positive…

And I do, for the first thirty minutes of class.
But then we got paired up with our partners for our centaur hair project thingy.
What can I say? From there it just gets more and more glorious…

“Mine looks like a lumpy butt.”

“Sirius,” I say impatiently. “It’s lumpy because you didn’t stir it properly. Here, give it to me.” I take his portion of our Potions project. I see the bubbling effect in the burning formula, and I can’t stop myself from thinking if my life is going to turn out like our project.

A bit fat lumpy butt.

“We need a good grade on this, you know. I’ve been trying to get my academic life back on track and in order. I-NEED-THIS-GRADE,” I almost snarl. “So work with me!”

“Calm down, dragon lady. No need to bark,” he scoffs.

I want to ask him what his friends were talking about with Frank this morning, but I can’t bring myself to ask without him thinking I’m being nosy.

If that makes any sense. Since Sirius is the biggest brownnoser ever. One time I dropped my quill and he asked me why my hand had convulsed, making me drop it on purpose to get attention (yes, it’s truly an art I practice daily). Then he went on this rant about self control and how if I ate more potatoes, my potassium levels would go up and I’d stop fidgeting and dropping things. And what was it he- oh, yes- then Sirius reminded me that dropping things on occasion to get noticed was not the way to go to get a lad’s attention.

Him being the lad in question. The bugger thought I fancied him because I DROPPED MY QUILL ON THE GROUND. At that point my throat convulsed into attention-seeking vomit.

But back on topic, I think I just want to know what they were talking about because… oh, come on. James threw off my whole plan for today! Now everything is backtracked, and now I won’t know where to start if I do see him. And every time I think about approaching him, I now start to sweat a little bit. This is bad. I need to know where we stand! Does he lo- hate me? Do I still resent him? We need to clear the air. Maybe we might even go on about when my mother passed and what went on with him.

“It’s first period, Sirius. Please work with me here. You have no idea how bad my day is going to pan out today. I at least want to start decently so when I crash and burn, I won’t go up in flames completely.”

Our week long project so far consisted of me doing all the work. And since I was quite busy snogging a boy in a basement last night, ruining my life, I didn’t get to work on both sides of the project – Sirius’s and mine. You know what happens now? I face the consequences.

That’s like, my life motto. I do that every freaking day.
Face the friggin’ consequences.

He looks around the room as if he’s missed the punch line in a joke. “Why are you talking like the world’s ending and your going to fall into a black pit of darkness? If you’re overwhelmed about this project being due tomorrow, I’ll do the questions and diagram.”

I blink. “Really?”

“As long as you stop talking like you’re a depressed teenager who owns a blog on the internet. It freaks me out.”

“I’m sorry, I kinda flipped before… It’s just – I’m going through a lot of crap right now. I’m trying to stay afloat, and trying to find some sort of confidence. But, to be honest, I’m kind of really nervous about how things are going to pan out. Or if they even get panned out.” I say this in one breath. I didn’t even mean to say all that.

I turn my head back around to face Sirius Black.
He’s doing that quirking eyebrow thing again.

“You look like a pissed off Cabbage Patch kid,” I tell him inconsequently.

“Does this have anything to do with you and Prongs?”

I blush. “Uhabutamat.” I can’t find a comprehensible word to describe the current event of my life on display. So I mumble incoherencies.

“Is that some sort of Farsi dialect?”

“BLATEGAFEH!” I take Sirius by the collar, our potion filled flasks clanking down on our desks. What ever, we only need one flask anyway. If one brakes on the ground, it’s no biggie. The real biggie is Sirius and his possible knowledge of my snog history!

“What did he tell you!?” I try hard not to stutter, but my fear gets the best of me. I wish there was a button I could push, to turn back into the cool and collected Lily Evans; not the ‘I’m going to piss my pants in a mo’ Lily Evans. He freaking knows. James blabbed to Remus, which means that Remus blabbed to his fraternity brothers or whatever. This is BAD! I was scared something like this was going to happen!

OH MERLIN. Remus and Peter and Sirius – AND FRANK! At breakfast they must’ve talked about me!

Shoot me in the freaking foot. Why did I not think of that?!

“Chill out, fiery-haired demon! Let go of my shirt, I ironed it for an hour before I could get it right!”

I scruffily let go of Sirius’s shirt collar. “Thank you, kindly,” he grimaces. He straightens it out and sighs, baring his teeth. “First, if you’re referring to Remus, he didn’t tell me anything. He didn’t speak to any of us. Remus and Frank talked. I haven’t seen James anywhere. I’m not even sure he came to bed last night. All I know is that something went down with you and James. None of us know why. Well, when I mean none of us I mean Peter and I. So technically, that’s not really a lot of people but-”

I pull at his tie and threaten to poke his eye out with my quill.

“Stay on topic, damn it!”

“Hot damn! Alright! It was basically Remus and Frank talking. So what ever happened with you and James, is still between you two, I’m guessing. Because I didn’t see James last night and if you think Remus knows what went on, then ask him about it. He didn’t tell us if he knew or not. Frank just spoke about some really weird stuff that was going on with one of his ‘clients’ or whatever, and that sooner or later Frank would have to tell his friend what he’d done. So, I dunno. He might have been preparing himself and asking Remus for the low down. It was all very confusing, because at the same time Remus was talking to him in freaking coded language. A lot of words from the dictionary that I’ve never heard before.”

“Confusing? Frank is anything but,” I say defensively, without realizing it.

“Are you kidding? That fellow’s kinda nuts.” Sirius makes the motion of turning his index finger in a circle near his head.

My face becomes flat. “You’re lucky you’re dating Emma,” I conclude, “or else I’d shank you with my shanking knife.”

I’m in the middle of turning around when a note slaps me in the face. I take the crinkled aero-dynamic face scraping device and look around the room for the person responsible.

It’s Frank Longbottom, all the way across the classroom. Jessica and her partner just so happen to be right in front of Frank and his partner. From what I can see, Jess is snapping at Frank’s partner, calling him, what I can lip read off of my best friend, to be ‘twit’ and ‘tosser’, while Frank almost smiles. He raises his eyebrows in amusement. I almost laugh.

Something tells me Frank knew this was going to happen, considering he was the one who chose where to sit. He raises his eyebrows again, indicating that it’s time to open my note.

She’s cynical, she is.

I can only guess who he’s talking about.

What can I say? She’s one of a kind.
I throw back the note, and before I know it, Sirius is working on his side of the project, I’m almost done with the burning formulas, and whilst all this is happening – Frank and I throw notes back and forth to each other.

She sure is… Hey, have you seen James today?

No. But I did see you and his friends chatting at the Ravenclaw table. What was that about?

Oh. No need to worry. Sirius and Peter know nothing, really. They kind of understand the jest and the situation and how complicated it is; they don’t know what really went on with you and James. Remus and I talked though.

Well, don’t pee yourself. He only knows the limited amount of info James told him. He didn’t blab as much to Remus as you did with me. No need to freak out.

BAH! So he knows only a limited amount of info, and you didn’t share anything about James with him except the situation at hand…. Alright… This is alright… Damn it, no it’s not!

I know that you can see me rolling my eyes, so I’m not going to mention that I’m doing it right now; nor will I write it down. ANYWAY, Remus is a good kid. And he’s not a nut. If anything, he’d try to fix things, not try and make an episode about it.

I know that, it’s just… I don’t know where James is! I’m freaking out and I’m losing my cool, here. I’ve been trying to think about how James would feel right now, or where I’d find him… But I have no idea. I’m scared of what to expect!

You need to learn to live frugally on surprise, Evans. It’s only first period!
Frank. I can’t deal with anymore surprises. ‘Oh-hey-bam-smelly perfume-let’s make out-oh no someone is at the door-oh shit-running’ is the only word I can use quotations around to try and simplify in one word what was done.

I’m not rolling my eyes, really.
I’m not narrowing my eyes, really.

Oh, must you? Really?

Oh, yes. I like to take your moves and throw them back in your face. Makes me feel edgy. I do like it.

Speaking of Jessica, she’s harassing my partner.

Paha, shove off. You planned this.

I have no idea what you are talking about whatsoever, really.

I smile for a while, and I think back on what Sirius said to me. I’m hesitant to ask him this, but I need to know.

Hey, Frank?

What did you talk about with Remus if it wasn’t really about James and I? Were you asking Remus questions about James?

…You could say that.

You’re going to tell him aren’t you? That you broke you’re promise to him?

Evans, this doesn’t concern you. Don’t fret.

It does concern me! It does! Frank, I’m not sure if James can handle both of us in one day, that is – if either of us finds him first. I’m just worried about you.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, to be honest. But you shouldn’t be worried about it. I had a choice. And it was, for what I thought to be, for the greater good. He won’t be pleased, but he needs to know.

Frank. He has a temper. I don’t want this escalading into a fight. He doesn’t know that I know that he… whatevers me.

You can say it to me, you know. “He doesn’t know that I know that he loves me” isn’t that hard to say.
A part of me really doesn’t believe it, and it’s going to take a while to sink it. I can’t say it. I took me ages to hear me say James’s first name again. There’s so much unexplained crap that just doesn’t add up if he felt that way about me. But that’s something me and him are going to have to talk about. I know that he doesn’t love me.

Don’t you trust me?

Please. Don’t start with this. You know I trust you. But just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Gives YOU a headache? Now Jessica’s partner is starting to bitch at ME. Finelly’s freaking recruiting CLONES of herself to come attack me now. Apparently I don’t know how to add in newt’s foot and stir it twelve times in a counterclockwise direction.

And who was the genius that sat next to Jess just for kicks? ;]

Don’t go off acting like a poop face, now. Desk space was limited. I swear.



It’s almost lunch time.
It’s almost lunch time and James is nowhere in sight.

We’re in Muggle Studies right now. Guess who decided to not show up?

James Fucking Potter.

Not to mention, it’s even more awkward now with Remus and me now that he’s seen me running down a hallway with no hoodie. He handed it to me when he walked in for class. I felt like my cheeks where going to explode. Bah, he was there on the other side of that damn door last night… and almost witnessed it. And when I say ‘it’ I know you know what I’m talking about!

So stop giving me that naughty look.

For the past ten minutes of class, Remus and I have been giving each other awkward smiles of ‘let’s be friendly’ gestures. You know what someone needs to invent? ‘I snogged your BFF in your grandmother’s basement, my bad’ gestures. Yep.

I hadn’t the time to ask him about his talk with Frank this morning because class started before I had a chance to speak. I’m lucky if I catch him after class; Remus is anal about beginning class early and getting there on time. But Remus had explained to me before class started, in the small amount of time that we had, that he locked James and I into his granny’s basement to see how compatible we were and if we could talk things out on our own. At first, I was kind of pissed; but I can see where he’s coming from. He was just really confused and cared about his friend (James) and wanted to know why he had such a problem with another person (me). He was only trying to help. But what ever James told him is really turning Remus to jell-o. Half of his attempts at his ‘let’s be friendly’ gestures resulted in him staring at the ground. Remus Lupin can’t make eye contact with me.

For some reason I know not.
Whatever, at least I got my hoodie back.

Besides the SILENT BUT DEADLYs from Albert and Professor Franklin’s eagle eye on Sirius, nothing else is really going on. We were assigned to write notes about computer codes and how they send messages to electronics. It’s another one of those internet lessons from a computer website. It’s ironic though, that we don’t print anything out. No output devices at all. No printers or fax machines. We have to handwrite our notes. I guess Hogwarts couldn’t afford printers. But whatever, I’m kinda happy about it. It gets my mind off the pressure of talking to James. I’m growing to be senile, waiting to see him. He’s ditching class on purpose, I just know it.

SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: Our computer training is almost over guys! One last week :[
FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: Yeah, I wonder what we’re gonna do after that.
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: Is our classroom not gonna have computers in it anymore?

Not again. The last thing I need right now is another Instant Message chat!
Hogwarts needs to get rid of computers, now.
It’s starting to alienate me.

EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: We’re gonna have to return to this class for Muggle Studies every time, it’s just going to have different equipment for each lesson we cover.

Alright, so I succumbed to the Instant Message addiction.

IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: I heard we’re going to be doing some crafts or something. No cooking, though. Dumbledore said he banned the idea from the start. I’m kind of glad.
EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: Yeah, me too. I want to stay alive. No more explosions.
IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: And then after that we’re going to do dance, I think.
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: Ew! That’s for chicks.
IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: You do realize that ‘chicks’ dance with men. Ergo, dance is for both men and women.
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: What ever, as long as I don’t have to wear one of those tardy things.
SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: Tardy things – that means late things, doesn’t it?
EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: Peter, you idiot. THAT’S A LEOTARD. And unless you’re a secret gymnast, you won’t be needing one.

We say our goodbyes and log out, and with that, I go to my next period. But not before clearing the air with Remus. I approached him, but he said that he didn’t want to get into it now and said that maybe at lunch he’d talk to me about it.

The nerve!

It’s already gotten darker out, and I wonder if this is supposed to be some sort of sign telling me something bad is going to happen. I pray nothing bad does. I don’t think I can take anymore disappointment. After Transfiguration, I head to lunch and sit with Emma and Jessica when I arrive. And when I set down my bag, all Jess starts talking about is how much she wants to punch Frank Longbottom’s face in- all the while I’m scanning around, looking for Remus.

“- His partner has the attention span of a dung beetle! They’re perfect for each other!” Jessica says in a fit of irritation. “Do you know what it was like, trying to get my diagram done, with Longbottom practically sitting on my back, trying to copy of me? He’s luck he’s still part of the male race- !”

Emma is nodding her head along, pretending to pay attention to Jessica’s nonsense, while reading The Daily Prophet. “Mhm, yes…” she mumbles, not even bothering to listen to Jess.

But the really bad part is that Ms. Finelly too into her rant to notice anything else. I wouldn’t be surprised. After Potions, she acchio’d her red and black zebra print bag. That could have meant one of two things: she’s pretending to hide something she fully knows the truth about, or she’s in a stubborn mood and hates all men at this point. Even Father Christmas.

With this kind of ratio two to one, two being the two options and one being the bag in question, I’m really quite confused on how I’m supposed to find out which mood she’s in. Jessica’s a complex individual, as you can tell. I’d like to say a mix of both, but I’m afraid my tongue might get cut off. Or worse, my eyes could get scratched out.

I need these puppies! I gotta find Remus!

“He’s not here yet? What are those marauders doing? Hibernating?” I ask myself. Well, I ask myself quietly, but obviously no one’s even trying to listen.

“- If I see that kid one more time, I’m going to knock him into next week –”

“..Sure, totally agree…”

“That little wanker! He just had to sit near me to torture my partner and me –”

“…Definitely,” Emma says out of nowhere. Now she’s not even waiting for Jessica to stop talking, she’s just interrupting Jess with her Yes’s and Totally’s. Now that’s just embarrassing.

“Wah- Emma, are you even listening?!” Jessica freaks out, starting to catch on.

Okay, that’s enough for me. I’m leaving.

“I’m gonna go look for Remus,” I state.

I leap out of my table, leaving my filled plate to get cold. I better freaking find Remus Lupin. My first meal of the day was already crappy without my bacon, he better not make me leave my plate for too long – Because I’m willing to take my whole lunch period straightening this thing out. And me talking to Remus after lunch, during Ancient Runes, is an idea that’s over my bloody dead body. We need to talk about his conversation with Frank this morning and say things thoroughly. If I can’t find James today, I’m not going to let his friends slip away. I need as much info as possible!

I search near the doors, and as luck has it, I find him rushing in my direction. I let out a big sigh and get ready to go back to my seat with Remus Lupin next to me; except, he runs towards me and is pale white.

“Lily,” He pants.

I take his shoulders as he grabs his knees. “What?!”

“Sorry, I had to rush down here- I- we need to talk.”

Remus pushed me out in the corridor and starts to regulate his breathing. “When I gave you that hoodie in Muggle Studies, I remembered something that James told me about-”

“Oh, jeez,” I squeak.

“It’s- OH, oh. No, don’t worry about that,” He assures me.

But it’s ‘what’ he’s assuring me that I wanna know…

“Worry about what?”

“About me knowing about it.”

“You knowing about what?”

“It. I know what happened and you don’t need to worry ABOUT me knowing it.”

“But, WHAT is it that you’re telling me you know ABOUT?”

“SWEET BROOMSTICK RIDING PONIES!” Remus screams out like a girl. His arms fly up in the air, his hands in fists. “Why is it that when we try to have a conversation it turns into a game of Wordsworth’s bullshit?!”

I give him my ‘wtf’ face. “Well, damn. Go ahead, speak. Let me just shut up,” I snap, crossing my arms and rolling my eyes.

His eye twitches. “As I was saying…”


“You don’t need to get nervous about what I know. When I opened the door to the basement, I thought it was time to see how things were going. I know it was terrible of me to do what I did, but you can understand where I’m coming from, can’t you?”

I bite the inside of my cheek. “Muh,” I respond. Apparently, that’s enough understanding for him to continue talking without a pause.

“All that James told me, while he was retrieving your hoodie, was that something happened between the both of you. He said that it was like your skin was like fire to him. And then I asked him how he knew that- and- well- Gah, don’t make me say it…”

“Remus,” I say dangerously.

He hands his head. “James told me that you two had a hot passionate snog like in a Hispanic soap opera.”

I give him the stink eye. “Must all people refer to what happened as something in a Hispanic soap opera? I mean REALLY,” I huff. First Frank, now Remus.

“But that’s all he told me. No details like what you told Frank. After I told him my side he assured me that I didn’t know every detail, and that I should be proud that I didn’t because then I would have been kind of weirded out if I saw you – and I’m kinda relieved that I don’t know.”

I raise my finger and try to object but he puts a hand up and bellows in a plead-like manner, “Don’t tell me anything!” I snap my mouth shut. “Anyway…James started talking about what went on before you two kissed. He mentioned the box of fragrances you were checking out. So I looked through the box, and I started panicking.”

I furrow my eyebrows. “Why?”

“Lily, old magical scents can be dangerous; and my grandmother was a very, er, prestigious woman to many males,” he starts to blush.

I try to stop myself from giggling. “Are you saying your grandmother was a promiscuous tart?” I am slightly amused.

“I don’t wanna talk about it! Back on topic; I was a bit worried because her fragrance collection contained illegal love potion ingredients-”


“Wait, calm down!” He tries to shush me but my mouth is just hanging open.

Ginger biscuits! I completely forgot that there were illegal substances in the Amore perfume!

“Well, I talked to my grandmother via owl, and I found out that she used perfumes like that to seek men that she assumed to be in love with her for her looks. She used the perfume that you used, the ‘lust’ numbered bottle, to find out if the men she was with really loved her. It makes people, uh-”

Here Remus is, about to tell me what the perfume is capable of, and he pauses! “Spit it out!”

“It makes the people do what they desire most, and it lasts depending on how much you spray on. Most of the time, my grandmother used it and found out that their actions swayed away from her. After the scent wore off, my grandmother and said, um, pursuer would snap out of it. They’d stare at each other; while the guy would plead that what he said wasn’t really him, my grandmother knew better. She used this perfume as a secret weapon to realize which one of the men she was with really loved her.”

“Oh. My. God.”

“You don’t even know the half of it,” Remus says in a disgusted manner. He looks off and tries to find something to stare at, but he’s failing terribly. “When my granny used it on of the guys, it just so happened that his true feelings were shown, while my granny acted the way she felt towards him; they both were infatuated with each other. The guy showed nothing but desire to be with her. And, oh, fuck…”

“Oh. My. God.”

“Let’s just say someone related to me was conceived that night. And my grandmother found out the one man that truly loved her for her, using that love potion. All the others trash talked her and acted completely opposite of how she’d feel about them. She was tired of falling for dickheads, so that’s why she started used that perfume in the first place. She dodged the crumby guys, and found my grandfather in the end. It could be seen as quite brilliant when you think about it, but I learned about it from my freaking grandmother. She bakes biscuits, for crying out loud!”

“Oh. My. God.”

“And I did not like how she described everything. She tried doing that ‘teenage slang thing’ and picked it up during the summer while watching reality TV. Needless to say, reading that letter made me want to vomit. My grandmother didn’t have to tell me she was THAT promiscuous, honestly….”

“Oh. My. God.”

“But I did some research in the library this morning and checked out a book. I read it after Astronomy last period. I was too busy, after Muggle Studies, to talk with you because I wanted to get to class early so I could take it out and read it. Sorry about that, by the way. I read some really strange stuff. Let me just conclude the basic thought about the love potion scent for you: it makes you act, or do, what you secretly desire.”

“Oh. My. God.”

“So what ever happened between you and James Potter, you secretly wanted it, or you were secretly wishing it to happen,” he finishes. “And I guess you two secretly wanted to snog each other. Both of you realized what the other person’s intention was; to be with the other said person.”

I take a deep breath.
And scream off the top of my lungs.

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