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Defying Gravity by momoe

Format: Novel
Chapters: 26
Word Count: 122,943
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ginny, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, James/OC

First Published: 04/26/2008
Last Chapter: 12/20/2009
Last Updated: 12/20/2009


Seventh year Gryffindor Prefect, Albus Potter, and his girlfriend, Nat, have found themselves in an unthinkable situation: expecting a baby.  Murphy's Law applied, the next nine months will be filled with hardships starting with a pretty major one: telling the parents.

Chapter 15: 15..Blissful Ignorance

Defying Gravity
Chapter 15: Blissful Ignorance

When the final bell rang on Friday, Nat couldn’t have been happier. She had lasted an entire week without dropping from exhaustion. She left the greenhouses, ignoring the imposing eye of Professor Longbottom, clutching her robes to her chest. Albus strolled up the hill next to her, both his bag and her bag over his shoulders. It was hard enough for her to make it up the hill without being too winded without adding the weight of thick school books and pads of parchment into the mix.

Nat couldn’t believe the amount of work they’d been assigned in only the first few days of classes. She wasn’t particularly looking forward to taking her NEWTs – who would? They’re called ‘Nasty’ for a reason – and the amount of work for each class was mind boggling. Albus was being such a great sport for her, being extra attentive during class and taking careful notes while she dozed on the table, carrying her books from class to class, even the ones he wasn’t in – Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures. He sat with her in the library before dinner and helped her write her essays, and they spent after dinner in the common room by the fire, continuing on homework, or just snuggling.

He’d been doing prefect rounds multiple times a week, which confused Nat. He never had to do them as much. She had been meaning to ask Rose about it as she did the prefects schedule. But it was nice of him to be picking up the slack. And it wasn’t as if it was taking away from her time with him.

Albus had been leaving the common room around seven o’clock, and Nat would go up to the dormitory and chat with Rose or Kate – who weren’t doing rounds nearly as often as Albus – and be asleep by eight-thirty. She’d been even more exhausted than normal since school had started and she was looking forward to the weekend, when she could sleep in as late as she wanted.

Rose and Scorpius caught up with Albus and Nat in the Entrance Hall and they climbed the Grand Staircase together towards the seventh floor. Nat was glad when the staircase they’d started climbing between the fourth and fifth floors suddenly started moving because it meant a reprieve from her hike.

She stopped as the staircase began its slow crawl towards another landing, her breathing ragged. She was getting annoyed at the inability to do any sort of exercise. Even climbing the stairs had become a chore for her. She got winded incredibly easy, and even going from dinner to the common room through the many secret passages of Hogwarts, she had to stop every so often to catch her breath. Of course Albus, who was always around her during the day, never seemed to mind. He’d often steal a kiss or three during these frequent breaks.

“Whoa,” she groaned, grabbing onto the railing as the stone staircase made a sudden lurch and swung quickly around.

“Shit,” Scorpius groaned as he was thrown against the railing and the book he was carrying, along with all of his notes, went flying over the railing and towards the floor below. “Look out!” he called, seeing a group of students in the path of the careening book.

There was a high pitched scream, a thud of a body hitting the floor, and then a smack as the book landed on the hard stone floor. The staircase finally came to a rest and the group of four made their way down the stairs to retrieve Scorpius’s book.

They arrived just in time to see a pissed-off looking Meghan Longbottom being helped to her feet by a girl who looked to be in the same year. Meghan brushed off non-existent dirt from her immaculately pressed robes, made sure each hair on her head was in its appropriate place, and then rounded on Scorpius.

“What the hell were you doing? Trying to kill me? I could have you arrested for attempted murder you son of a bitch!” she raged.

“Oh come off it,” Rose jumped in before Scorpius – whose grey eyes were flashing dangerously – could retort. “Stop being such a cow, Meghan. It was an accident. Get over it.”

Meghan was about to reply when she caught sight of Albus and Nat standing off to the side and holding hands. Nat leaned in to him slightly, still a bit woozy from the wayward staircase. Meghan’s hazel eyes caught Albus’s green and she smiled flirtatiously at him.

“Hey, Al,” she waved with a little twiddle of her fingers.

“Hey, Meg,” Albus smiled politely, sharing her stare for a moment. Then he squeezed Nat’s fingers and looked towards his friend and cousin. They were both looking at him with an odd look and he subtly shrugged. “You guys ready?”

Obviously not liking being snubbed, Meghan called after their retreating backs, “See you for rounds tomorrow night.”

Albus felt Nat stiffen beside him, and squeezed her fingers telling her that they were not having that conversation in the middle of a crowded corridor. They followed along behind Rose and Scorpius, back up the staircase they had been on previously, and continued on to the common room.

As they walked, Albus rubbed his thumb along Nat’s hand where they were joined, but he couldn’t help but notice her hand had slackened. He groaned inwardly. He could have just killed Meghan right then. That would solve all of his problems.

Rose gave the Fat Lady the password and the four entered a crowded common room. There was a banner over the fireplace that read ‘Welcome Back’ in scarlet and gold letters and a group of fifth years were hanging decorations.

“Party tonight in the common room for fifth years and up,” Rose read off of the announcement board as they passed.

“Means there’ll be alcohol,” Scorpius said as if they didn’t know that. Even if Professor Longbottom didn’t know it when he approved “fifth-year-and-up parties,” there was always alcohol.

Albus dropped his and Nat’s school bags by their favourite sofa by the fireplace and dragged Nat towards the boys’ dorms. He led her up the stairs to the seventh year dormitory, hoping that at that time of day it’d be empty.

It wasn’t. Arnie stood in front of an open wardrobe in only a pair of trousers. His chest was bare and Nat couldn’t help but grin. Who knew Arnold Longbottom was hiding that under his clothes?

“Erm, Arnie?” Albus asked, getting slightly annoyed that his girlfriend was ogling one of his best friends.

“Al!” Arnie jumped a foot in the air, obviously not expecting to be interrupted. “Erm, I was just, er, well…you know, changing…detention tonight…in the dungeons…erm, don’t want to get…er…”

“Dirty?” Nat offered and Arnie jumped again. He let out a loud scream and grabbed the closest shirt to him, quickly covering his chest. Nat smiled at his timidity.

“Nat!” He yelled, and the couple winced.

“We’re just going to talk. On my bed, okay? We’ll leave you alone.” Albus took Nat – who gave Arnie a little wave goodbye – by the wrist and led her to his bed. He drew the curtains around them and cast an imperturbable around the bed so they wouldn’t be interrupted or overheard.

“He does not have detention,” Nat said, a small smile on her face. “Arnie doesn’t get detention. I bet he’s got a girlfriend. He’s probably got a date.”

Albus cleared his throat.

“I mean, who wears their nicest trousers for detention in the dungeons? And did you see his shiny shoes? He’s dressed to impress! That’s why he was just standing there! He was trying to pick out a shirt!”

Albus cleared his throat again, a turned her head towards his by tilting her chin.

“I could help him! He looks like he needs some help. Poor Arnie; he must be so nervous!”

“Nat!” Albus stopped himself from jumping on her to keep her from leaving their private space as she had moved to do.

“What?” she asked, putting on her best innocent face so Albus would ignore the fact that she was trying to dodge the topic they were there to discuss.

“Don’t you want to ask me something?” She gave him a blank look. “About rounds?” he clarified.

Nat shrugged and looked at the quilt on the bed. It was scarlet with gold thread. His initials were stitched into one of the corners, she knew, because it was the same with the girls’ quilts. She lay face down on the bed and tugged at one corner hoping to find his initials. She found them on her first try and ran her finger over the ‘A’. She sighed loudly and moved on to ‘S’. She felt Albus move to lie down next to her as she traced ‘P’.

“It doesn’t bother me,” she said finally, turning to face Albus. They were nearly nose to nose on the small bed meant for one. “I trust you, Al.”

She quickly leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, meaning to give him a short kiss. But they hadn’t been alone in quite a while and before she knew it he was shirtless and her shirt was open, exposing a pale pink lacy bra. Albus groaned, trailing his lips down her neck.

His hand slid up her body to cup her breast. If he’d been paying more attention, he would’ve noticed the hiss she let out between her teeth. And when he squeezed her gently, he would’ve noticed her body tense up and her face screw up in pain. If he’d been paying more attention, that is.

But he was a male who hadn’t been laid in a while and he wasn’t paying much attention to anything other than what he was feeling. But then she pushed him off of her a bit and he looked into her crystal eyes and saw pain and instantly felt terrible.

“Oh my gosh, did I hurt you?” He was quick to ask, sitting up quickly and, consequently, dragging her with him.

“Only a little,” she whispered, pulling her shirt closed around her. “I’m just kind of…sore…around there. I’m sorry,” her eyes welled up with tears but she fought them down. “I don’t mean to be a tease, I swear it!”

Albus leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “It’s okay, Love,” he told her truthfully.

“Can you just hold me for a bit?”

He nodded and fell backwards on the bed, causing the bed, and Nat, to bounce a couple of times. She laughed and then lay down next to him, resting her head on his chest as he wrapped his arm loosely around her back. They lay in silence for a while. Nat made a mental list of everything she needed to get done over the weekend, getting tired just thinking about it. Albus’s eyes widened, remembering something he’d read in the baby book his mum had gotten him.

“This, um, situation…you not wanting to be intimate…it doesn’t last the whole time, right?”

James sat at the kitchen table of his family home, a forgotten cup of tea in front of him. Jennifer, dressed in oversized pyjamas, sat in the chair next to his, her knees drawn to her chest. Tears leaked out of her eyes. She’d been crying so much lately that James was surprised she hadn’t shrivelled up from lack of hydration.

That was his mother’s doing. Of course Ginny couldn’t have lasted ten minutes with the two of them after their appointment without knowing something was wrong. James finally broke down and told her of the secrets he’d been hiding from her.

She was upset, that goes without saying. Because she’s Ginny, a temperamental redhead that speaks before she thinks. She was furious when she found out that the couple had suspected a pregnancy since Christmas Eve.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She screeched at her son and then yelled at him for trying to answer her question, thus proving his point. Harry sat beside him, getting his share of reaming for keeping it from his wife. The whole time he sat with his head in his hands. It must’ve been the guilt of lying to his wife.

But that was two days ago and now Jennifer and James sat in the kitchen awaiting an important owl. Jennifer’d had an appointment with Healer Shru, an Oncological Healer, a healer who diagnoses and treats cancer patients. Healer Jacobson had found a large mass while doing Jennifer’s pelvic exam and she feared it could be cancerous so she referred Jennifer to Healer Shru.

Healer Shru was a nice looking thirty-something who was very polite and answered all of James’s and Jennifer’s questions, though they only had a few. She did another pelvic exam, this time taking a piece of the potential tumour for testing. Healer Shru said that the lab worked slowly, but she’d try to have the results to the couple by the end of the day.

It was either that or wait the whole weekend.

So they sat, waiting. It was only four in the afternoon. Harry and Ginny were both still at work. And the couple sat in complete silence.

The guilt James was feeling was eating away at him. There he was, wishing and hoping for Jennifer not to be carrying his child so he could dump her and not worry about it. Then, as it turns out, she could very well be dying. He had prayed for the ability to dump a dying woman. That was low, even for James.

The fireplace glowed green for a second, and in that time James shot straight up, felt Jennifer go tense beside him, and then relaxed. It was only his father coming home early from work. Boy did he look like shit.

His hair was messier than usual, probably the result of him running his hands through it too often, there were dark circles under his eyes, and the expression of pain permanently etched on his face. He walked past them as if he hadn’t even seen them, dropping his bag on the chair and heading straight for the stairs. That was odd, James thought.

There was a ‘crack’ from an apparition outside and a few seconds later the door opened and James’s mum stalked in. Her eyes were wild and she looked back and forth around the room.

“Have you seen your father?” Ginny demanded, her eyes finally resting on James. James, a bit taken back by the tone his mum used, nodded his head in the direction of the staircase. There was some stomping, and then a few seconds later a door slammed closed.

“Wonder what that was all about.”

Jennifer’s voice was soft, almost child-like, and she looked like a little girl all curled up on the chair. James sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He shrugged in answer to her question and then levelled his gaze with the floor.

He couldn’t look at her. It was just too painful. To think of all of the horrible things he had planned on saying to the poor girl. And here she was, probably dying right in front of him, her life slowly slipping away.

There was another sound of apparition outside the door and James bitterly thought about what family member it would be this time and what he could do to them. But then, instead of the door swinging open and a person walking inside, there was a short tap on the glass. Befuddled, James stood and walked to the door. Through the glass, James saw a tall woman with glasses and a rather large hat covering her ears.

“Oh no,” Jennifer groaned from directly behind him upon the realization that it was, in fact, Healer Shru.

James opened the door and allowed the Healer to enter. He sat her down, fixed her a cup of tea, and then slid into the seat beside Jennifer and they waited. The healer looked no worse for the ware, albeit a tad cold, but she wasn’t smiling. You’d think if she were about to tell someone they were cancer free she’d at least smile a little. Maybe she was just trying to be suspenseful.

But then, the words out of her mouth were anything to smile about. Though, they did confuse James a bit.

“I’m sorry, Jennifer.”

Arnold Longbottom tip-toed into a deserted classroom on the fifth floor and shut the door behind him. He had been mortified at one point already in the night, and it was only eight o’clock. Just after dinner he’d gotten ‘the nod’ and rushed up to the fifth floor to their rendezvous point.

It had been less than a month, and yet he was smitten. He couldn’t tell her that, though. He’d scare her off. Although she had approached him. It was quite a surprise, he’d admit, but a good one. Who would have thought she’d be interested in him?

There was a slight rap on the door and then it opened a crack. “Arnie?” she whispered, her voice velvety soft against his ears.

“Mhmm,” the noise came from the back of his throat, and he cleared it quickly, but she was already stepping into the room and closing the door behind her. She whispered a locking spell and then crossed the room to him.

He was leaning against the teacher’s desk at the front of the room and she hopped up next to him. She turned her head, as did he, and then he was kissing her. Her lips were painted with cherry lip gloss, the sweet yet bitter taste sending shockwaves to places that had yet to be explored by a member of the opposite sex.

They had been doing this for a while, meeting in secret, that is. He couldn’t get up the nerve to ask her to be his girlfriend, and she seemed to be content with the way things were.

She cupped the back of his head, pressing herself closer to him. Somehow he ended up sitting upright on the desk, her straddling his lap. She played with the hairs at the nape of his neck and his arms, which were around her waist, inadvertently squeezed her closer to him. She was pressed flush against his body, and could feel every inch of him. His hardness pressed against her thigh and she sat back.

He blushed crimson and stood up, dumping her unceremoniously on the floor. It had happened with they were snogging before. It was a natural response when kissing such a pretty girl, but she had never actually noticed before and he wished he could have kept it that way.

“Arnie…” she crawled forward on her knees, reaching for his hand.

“I’m sorry!” he burst out, dropping to the floor next to him.

“It’s okay, it happens to everyone,” she told him soothingly, and he felt like such a geek that, in all honesty, it had never happened to him before. He had never been close enough to a girl for it to have happened.

“Have you,” she started and then paused, looking down at the ground. She turned to sit next to him, their backs pressed against the back of the desk. “Have you ever been this far?”

“W-with a girl, you mean?” He asked her, his voice shaking slightly from embarrassment.

“No, silly. With a boy. Yes, with a girl!” She pressed a kiss to his cheek as if to tell him that it was okay and that he shouldn’t be embarrassed.

“Only with you,” he whispered, suddenly feeling mortified. Here he was, a seventh year and the most he’d ever done with a girl was a bit of kissing. He hadn’t even gotten to second base, if he was being honest.

“And how do you feel about me, Arnold?” She took his hand in his and rubbed circles on his palm with her thumb in a soothing sort of way.

“I like you…I like you a lot.”

She leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I like you, too.” Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and caressed his lip, and he shrieked. Not from her tongue, but because her hand had travelled its way across his lap to rest on the front of his jeans.

She pulled her hand away as if she had been burned, but recovered quickly. Just as Arnie was about to suggest they stop, she leaned forward, tugged at the edges of her jumper, and pulled that over her head. She turned sideways facing him, her knee brushing the edge of the desk.

Arnie stared at her exposed flesh hungrily. He had never seen a girl in her bra, not even his sister, of which he was thankful. But looking at her, her creamy flesh, the lacy cups hiding her –

He was startled when she reached forward and touched the clasp on his trousers. He jumped, his head banged against the desk, and it was all he could do not to push her hand away. He was breathing heavy with anticipation as she flicked the button open lowered the zipper.

“You don’t have to do this,” he whispered, but it was already too late. He was unable to believe that this was happening to him. Him, of all people. He was sure that his dorm mates had experienced this particular feeling, in fact he had been an audible witness to this fact, but he never dreamt someone would be willing to do it to him.

He could feel the pressure rising in him, a pleasure he had never felt before, and it had only been thirty seconds! And five seconds later, he let a loud, “Lily!” and slumped against the desk.

Rose climbed the stairs to the boys’ dormitory. Well, more accurately, she heaved up the stairs to the boys’ dormitory. With two school bags full of books and parchment, quills and ink pots, she was getting quite the work out.

Of course it would be those two, Albus and Nat, to leave their things just lying around. So caught up in themselves, they were. No, she shook her head, that’s not fair to them. They are pregnant. They are having babies. More than one. She shook her head again, her annoyance growing. They needed time to themselves, she realized, but they had been up there for long enough. She didn’t much care if she walked in on them shagging.

She finally made it to the dorm which, in all actuality, wasn’t that far, it just seemed that way from lugging all that weight in books. She pushed the door open and saw Albus and Nat cuddled together on his bed.

“Awe,” she sighed. They made such a cute couple. It was some actions done recently that Rose didn’t much understand. They were perfect for each other! Then why…

No, she wasn’t going to think about it. As much as it pained her not to get involved, she had to be neutral. How do you choose between your best friend and your family? You can’t. You just can’t. And even if she were able, she didn’t know who she’d choose.

So she was staying neutral.

She dropped the bags on the end of the bed, inadvertently dropping one on Albus’s foot. He shot up in the bed, cursing up a storm with words that would make his mother blush – or beat him over the head with a broom handle. That, in turn, woke Nat up. She sat up, rubbing her eyes, while Albus howled about his broken toes.

“Oh shut up, you big baby,” Rose bit out, turning on her heel to walk away. As she got to the door she turned around and found Nat massaging Albus’s foot as they kissed on the bed. Awe, how cute. See? The perfect couple. Then why…

Nope. Not going there.

“Party in the common room, guys. You missed dinner, but there’s plenty of food.”

She wasn’t quite sure they even heard her. At that moment they only had eyes for each other. She left the room, shutting the door behind her, but not before whispering softly,

“Glad you guys are back to normal.”

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