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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass by ClearCutDiamonds

Format: Novel
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 36,232
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, James/OC

First Published: 10/18/2008
Last Chapter: 04/08/2011
Last Updated: 04/08/2011


Adhara Greengrass has problems. Her supposed best mate, Eleanor, (who isn't the brightest crayon in the coloring box) told Albus Potter that she is obsessed with him. And she turned him into a peacock. And pushed him into the Black Lake. And she may have whacked the bludger that sent him flying into a tree. But, boys like spontaneous girls, right?

Chapter 1: Confessions of genius best mates, blond-haired cousins and peacocks

Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of genius best mates, blond-haired cousins and peacocks

    There are three things very wrong with my life:
    (1) I am in love with Albus Severus Potter.
    (2) I cannot be near him without doing or saying something stupid. Like, for example, the time I turned him into a peacock. (I was actually aiming for my lovely cousin Scorpius Malfoy). And for some odd reason he turned a violent shade of red, I still have no idea why… perhaps he’s allergic to peacock feathers?
    (3) And, oh yeah, my supposed best pal, Eleanor just accidentally announced my love for him. I may kill her.

    You know when something really, really and I mean really bad happens? My very best pal, Eleanor, who is the most genius person to ever walk the face of the earth (cue sarcastic smile) in all her ingeniousness has officially ruined my life. I have been hiding in my dormitory for the past three hundred and seven years. Well, only an hour and twenty-three minutes… but, we’ll just pretend I’ve been here a really long time.

    Anyway, back to brilliant Eleanor, ah yes, the very best secret keeper in the history of friendship. I am of course kidding. The girl can’t keep her gob shut, and it isn’t even that big! She should seriously have her own radio station. She’s absolutely and most indefinitely the most mentally incompetent person I have ever met in my life. And, I have been living on this earth for roughly fifteen years and six months.

    You know how when you tell someone a secret and make them swear not to tell? Well… that doesn’t really work out for me and Eleanor. You see, Eleanor keeps a secret for what, five and a half minutes (I think that’s her record so far, she’s been trying to get to six minutes) before it's spread to everyone she can reach. Ah, good old Eleanor. Anyways, the only secret and I mean only secret that she has ever kept utterly to herself was about me having the hugest most obsessive crush on Albus Severus Potter. She’s kept that since we were in first year, when I first confessed my love for him.

    And about two hours ago she just had to go and say it. I think his reaction was sort of confused at first. But after Eleanor repeated it for the second time, I think it make things quite clear. Of course my prat cousin, Scorpius just had to go and make a huge scene.

    “Is this a joke? Ha! Adhara, you like… Albie? Wait, wait, Al, d’you hear? Adhara likes you! Ha! D’you remember the time she…”

    Of course he bloody heard, the whole bloody school heard thanks to Radio Eleanor. Dear Voldemort, I hate my life. I will never be able to leave this dormitory… I could live on my stash of Honeyduke’s sweets and ask Eleanor to go buy me more when I run out… and we could just tell everyone I had died. But, sadly, Eleanor would probably ruin the whole thing… once again. You see, the only thing Eleanor can’t do besides keeping a secret is lying. She just turns all red and stutters. Why doesn’t she just have a growing nose like Pinocchio? Merlin.

    Believe me, my sad excuse of a life just gets worse: I have Quidditch practice tomorrow and guess who is captain? Yes, the one and only. Stupid Albus Severus Potter. Why does he have to be so beautiful? 

    I’ll probably end up saying something really stupid – or worse… end up doing something really stupid. With my luck, he’ll probably end up in some nearby tree because I whacked a bludger at him or something. I really don’t do well under pressure. Maybe, I could just skip it? Yes, great idea, Adhara. Yes, I’ll fake sick, and maybe I could miss classes too? I’ll have to take one of the Weasley Wizard Wheezes and then…

    My thoughts are interrupted when the genius herself walks in.

    “Albus says there’s Quidditch practice tomorrow at six,” she says, walking towards my bed.

    I am still ignoring her, so I pick up this month's Witch Weekly from my bedside table and began to flip through it while ignoring Ingenious Eleanor.

    “Are you still ignoring me?”


    “Is that a yes?”


    “Oh, Adhara! I’m so glad you’re okay about it now,” she says happily. She then comes forward to pull me into a death grip, otherwise known as a hug.

    Yes, she really is brilliant this one.

    “So, I saw James and we were talking and… he’s soooo fit… I mean have you seen his eyes?”

    Honestly, she has the attention span of a goldfish. Since my ignoring tactics clearly aren't working, I decide to switch to full-out rude mode. “No, sorry, I can’t see behind his thick glasses.”

    Eleanor furrows her brow in confusion. “Well, then how do you see Albus’? I mean he has got quite thick glasses as well.”

    She makes a good point. Damnit. I just glare at her in return. Sweet Salazar, why are none of my tactics working?

    Eleanor just stares confusedly back at my full-on glare. I think she still thinks I’m okay with her… which I am so not. But, won’t tell that to Ingenious Eleanor.

    “Ooh, by the way... Oh my gosh... You will not believe the gossip going on about Albus,” continues Eleanor.

    “What kind of gossip, Eleanor?” I ask annoyed.

    “Erm, hold on… I forgot.”

    Merlin, even a goldfish would remember something so important.

    “Well, what is it?”

    “Oh! He’s just asked out Gemma Longbottom,” says Eleanor enthusiastically.

    “What did she say?” I ask slowly.

    “Well, yes. She said yes.”

    My jaw drops. “When was this?”

    “Erm, before dinner,” replies Eleanor.

    “Oh my Voldemort.”

    “What?” asks Eleanor, looking up from her nails.

    “I may just kill you.”


    Albus looks downright uncomfortable as Scorpius retells the happenings of dinner in the Great Hall yesterday. I will put it on my list of things to do to kill him as soon as possible. The boy just has to embarrass me more.

    “And then Eleanor said, ‘Oh! You know too?’ And I said, ‘Know what?’ and she said, ‘That Adhara has liked Albus since first year.’ And I thought, is this a joke?” says Scorpius, laughing. Merlin, I swear I will turn him into a turtle.

    “All right,” says Albus, clearing his throat somewhat uncomfortably. “We’ll start by doing laps around the pitch.”

    Everyone follows Albus' lead. I mount my broom, just trying not to make a fool of myself. I fly slowly behind everyone else and spot my target. Stupid blond-haired git. His hair is so blond, it could be white. Bloody wanker. I pull my wand from my robes and thought of that spell that we had learnt in Transfiguration. The one where you turn the victim into a peacock for twenty-four hours. What was it again? Perfectos Plueacock? Hmm… sounds about right. I point my wand at his stupid blond head and mutter Perfectos Plueacock.

    Then, out of nowhere Albus pops up right behind Scorpius. I watch in horror as the spell hits him square in the back. Oh sweet baby Voldemort, why? Then, his body begins to turn blue and feathers of all colors come popping out of his robes. I stop myself on my broom and watch as Albus falls off his broom because peacocks don't have legs, just those short little bird legs, which of course caused him to fall. Oh, mother of Dumbledore. By the time everyone spots what has happened and rushes down to help, I'm the only one left hovering mid-air. Albus has turned into a colorful peacock. Scorpius' jaw drops upon seeing me still levitated in the air with my wand. I will kill him.

    Since I'm still hovering in the air like some idiot, I fly down as inconspicously as possible to where everyone else is surrounding Albus.

    “Adhara! What happened?” asks Scorpius, fidgeting nervously. He has become quite serious and deciding to play best friend to Albus, is now trying to find a counter-curse to put Albus back to his normal, non-peacock self. 

    “I - I uhm… triedtohityouwithPerfectosPlueacockandthenhitAblusbyaccident,” I mutter quickly.

    “Wait,” says Scorpius in disbelief. “The one that turns you into a peacock for twenty-four hours?”

    I nod meekly. Everyone looked towards Albus, or rather the peacock who is turning a violent shade of red. Hmm... red? Aren't they supposed to be blue? Had I not performed the right spell? No, I was pretty sure I had... perhaps he's allergic to peacock feathers?

    “So, Al’s gonna be a peacock for the next twenty-four hours?” asks Scorpius in shock.

    Again, I nod. Everyone stares at me in horror. The peacock twitches violently.

    Sweet Voldemort, could life get any worse?

    No, It really couldn't...


Disclaimer No, I am not JK Rowling. I do not own Albus Potter or Scorpius Malfoy, but Adhara and Eleanor are my OCs.

    Author's Note This story is kind of a spin-off of the Georgia Nicolson series. Thankyous for reading, review please (:

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