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Vraiment by LadyRedRoka

Format: Novel
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 31,349

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 10/17/2008
Last Chapter: 12/20/2008
Last Updated: 12/20/2008


Banner created by piper_weasley!!  Seda Zabini is surrounded by the perfect people. Her best friends Scorpius, Malachy Nott, and Monalisa Greengrass would do anything for her. But in sixth year the Dream Team is split up for a transfiguration project, and Seda is stuck with a bunch of famous Gryffindors. Seda has a tough exterior and has great reason to be the way she is...but can one Gryffindor break down her barrier? Perhaps someone like...Albus Potter? 1000+ reads

Chapter 1: Lovely News

Just a fun Author's Note. So I personally am not a very emotional person, I guess I'm detatched in a way, or perhaps an ostritch, either of which makes it sort of difficult for me to convey emotions in other people, in my writing. What often ends up happening is I skirt over and only scratch skin deep (ok that sounded repulsive). This story is a sort of excercise of mine to get as personal with the main character as possible and describe her feelings. So if you all could let me know how I'm doing with that, that would be splendid. :)

Note: Seda is pronounced "Zay-Dah".

Seda sighed as she let the last bit of concentrated thought slip out of her mind. She stared out of the window, hand on her palm, lost in a blank daydream. Focus had always been her strong point, but she was too tired to try to concentrate now.

"Well, I wish I was as cheerful as you."

A voice and a body thudding onto the bench next to her shook Seda out of her stupor. She blinked and shook her head.

"Hey, guys."

"Have you finished Philburt's essay?" Scorpius asked.

"Yes, it's due in ten minutes," replied Seda. She dug the scroll out of her bag and threw it across the table at the blond boy.

"Oh, man," said Malachy, glancing over Scorpius's shoulder. "It actually makes sense. He'll know you didn't write it, Scorp."  Malachy was a gray-eyed, sallow-skinned boy with long black hair and who was so tall he found moved rather clumsily.

"You mean like you wrote your last Charms essay?" Scorpius retorted calmly.

"Both of you are equally hopeless, don't bother trying to make yourselves feel better," Monalisa smirked. She pushed her brown bangs out of her pale eyes.

"Oh look, I'm crying," sneered Malachy.

"That's embarrassing," said another voice.

The five Slytherins looked over sharply at a passing Gryffindor girl who had multicolored hair. She was petite but not unattractive.

"Shut it, Jamin," snapped Seda. "We're five to one."

"True," said Jamin, "It's not fair to you."

"Skyla, I found that book," said Skyla Jamin's twin sister, Seanni. She glanced at Seda and the others. "Oh, IQ just dropped a hundred points."

"Wouldn't be unexpected from your brainlessness," said Malachy.

Seanni and Skyla pulled mock-sympathetic faces.

"Ooh, resorting to made-up words..." sighed Skyla.

"Let's go refreshen our vocabulary," said Seanni. With that the Jamin sisters disappeared behind the shelves.

Seda glowered at them, anger flooding through her. She turned sharply on Malachy. "Brainlessness? You're the dimwit, you brainless epiphany of bum fluff!"

She and Malachy glared at each other for a moment. Suddenly all five friends dissolved into hysterical laughter. They slumped over the table, unable to breathe, tears of laughter falling on the books.

"B-brainless epiph-iphany of bum fluff...Ha!" Monalisa was laughing so hard she could barely get the words out. When she did, they doubled over with renewed sobs of laughter as the hilarity hit them all over again.

It took them ages to calm down.

"Ah," sighed Seda, wiping tears from her eyes. A few last giggles escaped. She rubbed her face. "Man, my face hurts."

"Yeah, it hurts my eyes," said Scorpius, retorting by default.

And as they left for Charms, everything turned back to normal.


"Gryffindor doesn't stand a chance in this game," Tommy Morphus, the Quidditch captain, assured his team.

"Yeah, as long as Zabini keeps her head in the game," said the enormous beater, Marvin York.

"You want to go, York?" Seda yelled immediately.

Seda was the only girl - first girl in over a decade - on the Slytherin Quidditch team. She was the golden weapon and with her they beat every single team four years in a row (until Gryffindor figured out they had a better Seeker). In fact, national Quidditch teams from across the United Kingdom were almost fighting to recruit the mere sixteen-year-old. Already she was named No. 1 Chaser in the country, with a whole article in a magazine. Seda wasn't particularly striking physically as an athlete, but she was an incredible flier and was not afraid to knock every single burly boy on her team off his feet.

"Shut up, York," said the other beater, Lachlan Hardy who was rather on the heavy side. "Zabini's a million times a better player than you."

"Holy Merlin!" cried York. "I wasn' havin' a go at her or nothin'! Damn! I'm just sayin'!"

"Yeah, Zabini can fly without a damned head at all better than you can with ten on your neck," said their Seeker, Kevin Lang.

"Hey," said Morphus, stepping in just in time and perhaps saving Lang's life. "Lang, don't lose your head. You'll need all of it if you want to catch the snitch before Potter."

"Why is everyone's head getting insulted?" Seda asked, laughing at the argument.

The guys laughed as the Quidditch prodigy suddenly stripped off her gear and ran back to the castle, having remembered a Dark Arts essay. Yes, Seda Zabini was perhaps the cleverest, most talented, and most determined student of the century, according to Witch Weekly.

The only problem was, she was a Slytherin.


Slytherin flattened Gryffindor. Although Lily Potter got the Snitch, Seda managed to shoot eighteen of the twenty goals Slytherin scored. The party in the dungeons was mayhem and confusion but pure bliss.

As you could imagine, this did not help the emnity between the Houses. In fact, everybody was rather cold towards Slytherin, either insisting it was unfair to have Zabini on the team or spreading rumors that she took potions. Physical and magical skirmishes became an epidemic between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Seda was impervious to gossip or insults or even jinxes thrown in her face: nothing could go wrong for her now.

But oh it did.


It was bad enough having to sit through a Transfiguration with Gryffindor.

"Professor," said Skyla Jamin, "You forgot to give us our next assignment."

Seda glanced at her and saw Albus Potter nudge Jamin in the arm, looking annoyed. She looked at Monalisa behind her, who was glaring at Jamin.

"Oh, right," said Professor Philburt blankly. "Now, this is going to be a partnered project. What you will do is select a group of elemental transfiguration spells and describle them. You must create a visual presentation and display it to the class. Due in two Fridays from now."

Seda felt a poke on her arm. She nodded at Monalisa. They were almost always partners.

"Can we choose partners?" Rose Weasley asked.

"No, actually," said Philburt. "I have already grouped you all, I assure randomly. When I call your name please rearrange your seat so you are in your group. Group one: Miss Greengrass, Mr Nott, Miss Donovan, Mr. Malfoy."

Seda felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. She and Monalisa gazed at each other, horrified. Why was she the only Slytherin left hanging, abandoned like a mudblood?

"Group two: Miss Jamin, Mr. Lee, Mr. Thomas, and Miss Longbottom."

Seda slapped a hand to her forehead and groaned, bracing herself for the blow.

"Group three: Miss Jamin, Mr. Potter, Miss Weasley, Miss Zabini."

Seda sat still in her seat for a moment, face completely buried in her hands. Slowly her body fell forwards and she slumped into the desk silently, feeling as condemned and doomed as if she had been sent to join the Muggles. The room erupted around her, chairs screaming against the floor. Soon she felt gentle fingers trying to lift up her head.

"They're no happier than you are, if that's any help," said Monalisa's voice.

"They're three to one," Seda mumbled pathetically into her sleeve.

"So," said Monalisa bracingly, "Show 'em what you've got. Prove to them that they're the...brainless epiphanies of bum fluff. Eh?" She shook her friend, trying to get a response.

"Hey, Zabini."

Seda lifted her head and stood to face Albus Potter.

"Let's just act civil and do the assignment," he said stifly. "We don't have to get along to do this."

An ugly expression came over Seda's pretty visage. "Fine. But if I get less the 'O' on this assignment, I'ma be your worst nightmare."

"Your face kind of already is," snapped Potter. "Just meet us in the library after dinner tomorrow so we can get started and done as soon as possible."

Without her answer, Potter hiked his bag onto his shoulder and left. Incesed, Seda threw her books into her bag.

"Hey," said Monalisa rather timidly, "It'll be...okay. You'll make it. Well...maybe."

"I don't even care," she snorted shortly. "But if they cross me...damn them."

"Right," said Monalisa firmly. "There's no getting out of it so just take charge of it."

Seda took a steadying breath. She flung her books onto her back. She hesitated at the doorway, as if about to enter her death sentence. Monalisa looked at her friend to find her face very expressionless, and without a word Seda left for lunch.

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