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In Emerald Eyes by Midnight Ink

Format: Novella
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 50,776
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/29/2007
Last Chapter: 01/27/2009
Last Updated: 01/27/2009



Leap into Lily’s world and see what life is like through Emerald Eyes. 
Delve into her thoughts which.... rather worryingly... all  seem to be centred around James Potter.

A light-hearted romance with comedy straight from the mind of Lily Evans herself.

I'm astounded over 20,000 reads Thanks to all who have recommended and reviewed this.

Chapter 20: Shop 'til your...heart stops? part two

AN: Quick update huh? I want to thanks all my wonderful reviewers for that- nagging really does work! Only joking, your support is what keeps me going on this though so thanks alot.

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All of you... enjoy ;)

“Can I kiss you?”

Lily flicked her head up; surely I must have heard that wrong! “What?”

“I need to kiss you.”

“What? Why?” Lily stuttered at James, am I imagining things again? Because I could swear I had this dream last night… 
“I need to kiss you. I don’t care what you do to me afterwards, you can slap me, curse me, whatever but please let me do this.” His voice was insistent and rough as he practically pleaded with her, an intense look in his eyes that bored straight through her. He was too close and too warm and too…James for Lily to be able to think properly. She was confused by his sudden desperation.

“What’s this about James?” she asked, surprised she could form a coherent sentence; her thoughts were anything but.

“No one can be this beautiful and have no one kiss them. No one should look like this much of a goddess and not be worshipped.” Lily thought his words should sound terribly corny but he said them with such conviction and the piercing, fiery look in his eyes burnt right to her core.

“Ok.” She found herself agreeing breathlessly before she had even considered what she was saying. But then his soft, hot hands were gliding across her bare shoulders and up the column of her neck. One made it’s way to the wisps of hair at the nape of her neck while the other caressed her cheek. He bowed his head unimaginably slowly, his eyes drinking in every flicker of emotion that flitted across her delicate features.

If Lily could have moved in that moment she would have stretched up and breached the last inches of electrified air that separated them.

His lips touched hers in an unbearably sweet kiss. It was feather light and she didn’t know how he could suppress the urge to press hard against her. This torture was even worse yet so much more pleasurable than waiting for contact, but this time she knew what to expect; for him to tease her, to drag every possible bit of bliss from each tiny touch.

He slid his lips across hers incredibly slowly, as he did this his left hand snaked up and unclipped her hair, he threw the slide across the room behind him letting a mass of curls tumble around Lily’s face without once releasing his mouths tender purchase. Lily let out a small gasp at his fast and fluid action.

Both of James’s hands slid up and tangled in her auburn locks, the heels of his palms rested lightly on the apples of her cheeks, the pads of his thumbs on her temples. As her mouth opened so did his and his sweet breath mingled with hers for a moment before his tongue darted forward to touch just the tip of his to hers.

Lily’s hands went to James’s chest in an attempt to steady herself. Her knees felt weak and her legs felt suddenly unsteady. When James tilted his head at more of an angle to better explore her mouth, her hands curled into fists in his jumper to better support her weight. She moaned quietly and he dragged her closer with an arm around her waist and a hot palm to the small of her back.

James wound her long, thick hair around his left fist and pulled gently to tilt her head back and to the side to expose her neck. He slid his lips sensuously down the pale skin he discovered there. He nipped lightly at her collarbone before touching his tongue and lips to the same point. Lily shivered as he dragged his bottom lip back up her neck to kiss along her jaw and return to her pliant mouth. The hand that had been strong and supportive on her back moved upwards, slightly shaking now and once again, he cupped her face lovingly between his palms. He pulled back and placed chaste kisses to her lips with open eyes before touching his forehead to hers and exhaling.

“I think you should take that dress of now.” He muttered, pulling his head back just a fraction.

“Why?” Lily whispered, reluctantly opening dazed eyes.

“Because with your hair messed like that and the flush in your cheeks and your lips so…” he petered off, shaking his head and dropping his hands to fists at his sides. “Because if you don’t, then I’m afraid I’ll take it off for you.” He told Lily, eyes closed as if to avoid temptation.

Lily’s own eyes grew wide with shock, surely he can’t mean… But Lily couldn’t even complete the thought. She dropped straight down and grabbed her shoes by the ankle straps, she ducked around James who hadn’t bothered to step back and was frozen like a statue, only his ragged breath to show he was not made of stone. She ran across the room, pausing momentarily to pick up her hair clip and shut the bathroom door quickly behind her. She leant against it for a few long seconds willing her heart rate and breathing to return to normal.

Lily pushed away from the hard wood and looked in the mirror; she was shocked by what she saw. She pressed fingers to her swollen lips and blushed at the vivid memory of how they had gotten that way; this didn’t help the glow that had blossomed beneath the almost translucent skin of her cheeks. She smoothed down her hair as best she could and then secured it on top of her head again. She steeped back and still watching the girl with the sparkling eyes that she couldn’t be quite sure was her she quickly unzipped her dress which dropped into a pool of material at her feet. She stepped out of it and hastily folded in the cream tissue paper she had put on the side earlier, she placed it carefully back in the purple paper bag with the rope handles.

She threw on her bra and struggled with the catch as her hands shook in her rush, chucking her round necked sweater over the top, foregoing her t-shirt, which she dumped in the bag on top of her dress. She shoved her feet into her socks and then her most comfortable pair of trainers.

She glanced again in the mirror and was sure that no matter what she did everyone was sure to know that she, Lily Evans, had just been delightfully and deliciously ravished by James Potter. She crept to the door and cracked it open, “James?” No answer, he must have gone- thank God. 


Of course, how am I meant to face him now?

Back straight, chest out, come-hither look on your face?


I thought we decided he was ours.

Damn right!
A new determination set in the angle of her body and her gait she left the bathroom head held high, wondering if this confidence she had gained from finally deciding what she wanted would hold up when she saw his face, looked in his deep hazel eyes…

“JESUS PETER!” Lily shouted jumping a foot in the air as a head popped up unexpectedly from behind one of the beds.

“Sorry Lily.” He apologised sheepishly, getting hurriedly to his feet.

“What were you doing down there anyway?” Lily asked, her voice a little sharper than she intended it to be.

“I forgot my text book. Are you ok?” Lily still had her hand on her chest where she could feel her heart thundering.

“You just gave me a heart attack Peter.”

“Oh. You sure that’s it? ‘Cause Prongs looked a little weird when he came down the stairs, did you two have a fight or something?” Or something. Really- of all the times he has to pick this one to start being observant! Lily thought.

“No, no, nothing like that.”

“No one ever tells me anything!” Peter pouted like a petulant toddler as he winged. Lily really wanted to be thinking along the lines of ‘don’t be such a wimp’ but he looked genuinely upset.

“There really is nothing to tell Peter.” Man I hate lying, but until I figure out what’s going on I can hardly explain it to someone else, can I? "And what do you mean no one ever tells you anything? You know everything I know, probably more, I know you Marauders still have your secrets.” The two shared a grin but Peter wasn’t distracted for long.

“Then why do you and Tia always stop talking when I come and sit with you in charms?”

“Well… if you really want to know how dreamy Tia thinks Sirius is or how fantastic a kisser he is…”

“Err… no thank you.”

“That’s what I thought.” Lily said getting a grin out of him as she nudged him playfully. “Now come on, I’ll check your charms homework for you if you like?” It’ll give me a distraction while I figure out what to say to James.


“Thanks Lily!”

“I haven’t done anything yet!” Lily laughed and slung her left arm around his shoulder, ruffling his hair with her right hand. Peter blushed bright red and Lily laughed lightly once again; she couldn’t help but think Peter was cute, he was so innocent, so naïve, he brought out her mothering instincts.