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In Emerald Eyes by Midnight Ink

Format: Novella
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 50,776
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/29/2007
Last Chapter: 01/27/2009
Last Updated: 01/27/2009



Leap into Lily’s world and see what life is like through Emerald Eyes. 
Delve into her thoughts which.... rather worryingly... all  seem to be centred around James Potter.

A light-hearted romance with comedy straight from the mind of Lily Evans herself.

I'm astounded over 20,000 reads Thanks to all who have recommended and reviewed this.

Chapter 19: Shop 'til your heart...stops?

Remus entered the common room Saturday evening and threw himself onto the sofa. With a huge sigh, he kicked off his shoes and closed his eyes, which he covered with his left forearm.

James looked at a confounded Peter and then at an equally confused Sirius and Tia.

“Remus?” James asked, “You alright mate?”

“Why did no one tell me shopping was so bloody tiring? Or that ‘dress shopping’ actually meant ‘dress and handbag and shoe and underwear and hair and makeup shopping’?”

“Wait, hold on a second, did you just say Lily took you underwear shopping; as in bras and knickers, the things girls wear under their clothes?”

“Well you know James, that is what is generally meant by underwear.” Remus quipped sardonically, looking at James with one eye from under his arm. James. Just. Stared.

“What was it like?” Sirius asked, leaning forward eagerly.

“Yeah, tell us Moony!” Peter entreated, crawling closer to Remus, kneeling up like an excited child anticipating his favourite bedtime story.

“Guys!” Tia huffed. “Honestly, it’s really not that exciting.”

“Are you kidding?” Sirius exclaimed, “All that lace, and silk and soft floaty stuff, it’s so womanly and so…mystifying.”

“And just think of the places it gets to touch!” Peter said dreamily and not a little wistfully.

“To be surrounded by all that…all those…things, it’s be like some sort of heaven.”

“Honestly Sirius, if your that bothered you can come with me next time I go, you’ll soon see it’s a pain in the next, utterly boring.”

“I…I can come?” Sirius whispered as if by asking someone would snatch away the opportunity he was sure he had dreamed.

“If it’ll shut you up, sure.” Sirius grinned from ear to ear and pulled her to him, he pressed his body flush against hers and kissed her deeply, his hand slid up her back and he opened up her lips under his, sweeping his tongue into her mouth to dance across hers. Tia moaned and threaded her fingers into his dark, shiny locks..

“Er…guys?” James said.

“Oh sorry.” Sirius apologised, grinning guiltily and extricating himself from the embrace. Tia just looked a little dazed and breathless, putting her hand on her thundering heart and leaning against Sirius’ arm as if she couldn’t quite hold herself up.

Tia looked around as if figuring out where she was, then asked “Where-“ she cleared her throat and tried again, “Where’s Lily anyway?”

“Oh, she got stopped by one of the prefects; she should be here any second.” Remus assured Tia just as the portrait swung open to reveal a flushed Lily, struggling with a mountain of carrier bags.

“God that boy could talk for England; couldn’t get away from him!” Lily sat down on the arm of James’s chair and dropped her bags to the floor.

“Don’t sit down Lily, come and show me what you got.” Tia said, pushing her self up off the floor and grabbing a bag or two and peering inside. “You have to put it all on!”

“Really?” Lily asked unenthusiastically.

“Yes, it’ll make me feel like less of a crap friend for not coming with you today.”

“Oh ok.” Lily sighed resignedly. She knows I can’t stand a guilt trip! Damn girl using my own tricks against me, good job she’s my bloomin’ best friend! Lily followed her long legged friend across the room and up the stairs. Not really paying attention to where she was going until Tia opened the door, “The boys’ dorms?” Lily question when she looked up from riffling through her bags.

“Oh yeah, automatic pilot I guess, we seem to be in here more than our own dorm recently don’t we?”

“Yeah.” Lily laughed shaking her head, “Oh well we’re here now, pass me the purple bag will you and I’ll slip into the bathroom and change?

“I wasn’t sure about the dress but Remus convinced me it was the one. I think he was just fed up looking to be honest but I did love the dress and between me and you it was an absolute steal.” Lily chatted away to Tia through the closed door as she put on the dress, she felt like she’d dressed a hundred times over today that’s probably because you have! “So, what do you think?” Lily asked as she came out of the bathroom, head down as she smoothed the front of her dress with both hands.

She was wearing four inch heels that made her hips sway in the most alluring fashion as she walked. They were simple black satin sandals, the criss-crossing straps edged with the merest touch of silver. Her dress was strapless and shaped so it dipped slightly in the middle of her chest, just hinting at cleavage. Above a deep purple sash, strips of the same colour silk, as well as different shades of red were woven, below the sash the material hung straight down. The chiffon skirt was soft and the lighter material meant it floated and swayed with each movement Lily made, briefly clinging to one curve or another. It stopped just below the knee showing the pale curve of Lily’s calf to her slender ankles, the shape softened and elongated by the high heels.

Lily looked up and found that the Marauders had come to see what the girls were getting up to in their room. Lily immediately blushed; they were all staring at her, mouths open, all except for Remus, who had a decidedly smug expression on his face.

“Told you.” He whispered to James who nodded without moving his eyes.

“So?” Lily asked a little nervously as none of the boys had said anything in response to her question. “Oh Tia is it that bad? I still have the receipt; I can take it back and get the plain black one I saw.” I really loved it when I saw it in the shop window too and Mum always said I looked good in red. They could at least stop gawking! ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ is all well and good but staring is just plain rude.
“Don’t you dare Lily Evans! It’s absolutely gorgeous and you look completely ravishing. Although I am rather annoyed because now I have the task of finding a dress that will look even half as good as that on me if I want any chance of standing next to you all night without feeling like the bloody ugly duckling.”

Lily chuckled a little uncomfortably as she walked past the boys toward her friend. “Thanks T, so if it looks ok, what’s wrong with them?”

“Are you kidding Lily? You’ve got them literally speechless, look at the adorable things.” She said taking James’ jaw in her hand and shaking his head from side to side.

“Hey!” James protested wrenching his head from her grip.

“You’ve got them gob smacked.” Tia grinned. “Close your mouths guys. Now Lily show me those shoes.” Lily raised her leg and rested her foot on the top of the trunk at the end of James’s bed to let her have a closer look, “Oh I love them, size five? Yes! Bagsy borrowing them next time we go clubbing.”

“What’s clubbing?” Sirius asked.

“Oh, found your voice now have you?” Tia teased. James was still staring at Lily’s leg, an inch of pale thigh had been revealed when she had raised her leg and now he was gazing at the dress as if he could see right through it to that inch of skin.

“Alright, come on Sirius, you said you were going to help me with my Transfiguration essay.” Tia said taking his wrist and pulling him towards the door.

“I did?”

“Yes you did and besides, I’m starting to get jealous.”

Sirius laughed. “Sorry Tia, you know you’re every bit as gorgeous as Evans, more so.” He whispered the last phrase in her ear and she giggled as his breath tickled her ear. “See you guys downstairs then, you look Hot Evans!” he shouted as he excited with his arm around Tia’s waist.

“Actually I need to do that essay.” Remus said and he grabbed his school bag from the chair by his bed.

“Wait for me.” Peter pleaded before chasing after Remus who paused in the door way.

“You really do look lovely Lily.”

“Thank you Remus.”

“Yeah, you look real pretty Lily.”

“Thanks Pete.” Lily said with a grin. Peter blushed and shot a look at James before grinning back at her and leaving the dorm.

Lily bent down and undid the straps of her heels before stepping delicately out of them and sinking her bare toes into the thick rug.

“Can I kiss you?” 

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