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Mission Impossible by goddess faith

Format: Novella
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 45,520
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Draco, Pansy, George, Blaise (M), OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Hermione/FredOrGeorge, Hermione/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 10/09/2007
Last Chapter: 08/14/2009
Last Updated: 08/14/2009


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This story is abandoned for now. I completely lost the inspartion to write it. I might pick it back up in the future, but as of right now I am not writing on it.

Chapter 16: Training... isn't it a blast?

A/N: Hello my fans! I am so glad you all liked the last chapter. I was kind of worried about how you might react to it. Okay, here is the deal. I have eighteen chapter written, so I shouldn’t fall behind on the updating until I get there, but I have started college. The writing might be a bit slow. I know it seems I update slow, but I try to update every time they accept a new chapter and I don’t think I will be able to do that once eighteen is up. But no worries, I will still update, it will just take me a bit longer!

Chapter Sixteen:

As Hermione woke up to the rays of sun on her face, it took her a few seconds to remember all that had happened. Immediately after she did she sat up and searched for Aiden. He wasn’t anywhere to be found.

She quickly got up, but something strange happened. She didn’t hear her feet hit the floor. She gave a heavy jump, but didn’t hear anything. She then took a deep breath, one she would have heard, but nothing.

“OOOOOO” She tried to speak, but didn’t hear a thing. She strained really hard to make her ears work, but it just didn’t. Her hands flew to her ears, just to make sure they were still there.

What the hell is going on?

Hermione was just about to turn around and crawl back into bed to wait on Aiden when she was thrown to the floor from behind. She landed with a slam and held her arm in pain. She quickly looked back at Aiden.

“Whhahhaha” She tried to speak again, but found it really difficult to speak when you couldn’t hear. So she just gave him a ‘what the hell’ look as she got up, dusting herself off. She saw Aiden sigh and snap his fingers.

“Hermione, you have to watch your surroundings.” He informed her and she jumped back at the sound of his voice. “You aren’t observant at all!”

“I didn’t know what you wanted me to do!” Hermione protested, feeling it good to be able to speak again.

“When the time comes to actually use it do you really think the dark lord is going to give you time to ask me what you should do? Of course he isn’t! You have to be ready and observe everything! You can’t miss anything or you could die when it comes to Voldemort!” Aiden was yelling again and Hermione wasn’t for sure why.

“Aiden… what happened?” She inquired. “Did you date go bad?”

“We will have plenty of time to talk about the date after your training today… maybe at dinner. Now again!” And before Hermione could protest Aiden snapped his fingers and sentenced her to deafness. She rolled her eyes as he started to attack her; this time she was able to move just in time.

The trained like this four about two hours and Aiden was still really mad about her not making enough progress.

“I am trying!” She yelled after he took the charm off again.

“Trying isn’t good enough this time, Hermione!” Aiden fumed back at her, throwing his hands up. “I am sure Harry Potter tried to fight the Dark Lord in that graveyard three years ago the night Cedric Diggory died too!”

“Aiden, this is too much!” Hermione shook her head, sitting down.

“What are you going to do when Voldemort comes at you a lot harder than I am? Do you think you can simply say this is too much and he will let you go? No… HE WILL KILL YOU! I still don’t think you are getting that at all!” Aiden turned around and stayed there, his back to Hermione. She couldn’t make out anything on his face, but she knew it was probably fury. She sighed.

“I do get that, Aiden. I am really trying here and I know trying isn’t enough, but it is all I can do.” Her voice lowered to almost a whisper. She was on the brink of tears. She heard Aiden sigh, but knew he wouldn’t say anything else about it.

“On your feet.” He demanded as he turned back around. Hermione did as she was told without any argument. “We are going to try out being deaf and blind, all right?”

“But Aiden, how am I supposed to know what is coming?” Hermione had to ask, knowing it might make him mad.

“Feel…” He replied and started taking some steps toward her. “Can you feel my vibration? Could you tell I was coming?” He didn’t waste time for her to answer. Just simply snapped his fingers, rendering her deaf and blind.

The first attempt Hermione was knocked to the floor and was quite glad she was deaf so she didn’t have to hear Aiden yelling at her. She got back up to her feet immediately.

After about two hours of this, she really began to get the hang of it. Aiden seemed to be pleased, too, because he took the charm off and didn’t start yelling right away.

“That was good, you really started to get it there toward the end. You are still a bit choppy and late on a lot of your moves.” Aiden explained to her.

“Okay.” She nodded, not going to argue. She thought she had done very well. “What is next?”

“Lunch.” Aiden replied and Hermione’s stomach let out a fierce growl. “I will be right back.”

Aiden ran out of the cave and was back within seconds. In his hand was a plate piled with food.

“Enjoy.” He told her as he sat it down. “I will be back in about an hour.”

“Where are you going?” Hermione questioned.

“Hunting… after being alone with Britni last night and you now it is all getting too much for me. If I don’t get something now then things will turn out very badly.” Aiden explained.

“How did that go…with Britni, I mean?” Hermione pushed on as she took a bite out of a chicken leg.

“I told you I will explain that after we train.” With those last few words Aiden vanished and Hermione was left alone.

After Hermione ate she went to lie down. She was very tried and didn’t know if she could train anymore when Aiden did get back.

I wonder what Draco’s doing?

“You don’t need to be thinking about him.” She heard Aiden tell her and then she was wide awake.

“Sorry… my mind kind of drifted…” Hermione shrugged and got up.

“Ready to train some more?” Aiden asked.

“Would you kill me if I said no?” Hermione laughed a bit, but Aiden seemed to discard her answer.

“Let’s go then.” Aiden replied and started walking to the front of the cave. Hermione sighed and followed him.

They trained hard for the rest of the day. Aiden did every possible thing Hermione could think of to bring her pain or kill her while she was without many of her senses. She was glad when Aiden announced it was dinner time. This was her time.

“So, about that date…” Hermione pressed on, putting a spoon full of mashed potatoes in her mouth.

“You aren’t giving up, huh?” Aiden laughed. “All right… I guess I can tell you what happened.”

~*~*~*~Flash Back (AIDEN’S POV)~*~*~*~

I walked into the Three Broomsticks, completely sure of myself that she wouldn’t even show anyway. So imagine my surprise when I heard her voice in my head, thinking the exact same thing I was. Only she was thinking that I wasn’t going to show up and Hermione had tricked her.

“Hey.” I greeted with a shy smile as I sat down in the both on the opposite side of her.

“Hello.” She didn’t look at me. Something on the table seemed pretty interesting. Her mind was thinking so many different things I couldn’t sort out anything. I sighed. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this power.

“I know this is weird…” I began, and she looked up meeting my eye with her perfect green ones. “I am sure you think I hate you, but…”

“Hermione said that you had to act like that. Something about the other Slytherins and them already being on your back…” She spoke and I smiled at the sound of her voice.

“Yeah…” I nodded. “I then realized I shouldn’t care what they think…I really like you.” This made her blush and I laughed a bit. In her mind she still wasn’t for sure if this was a joke or not.

“Umm…” She stumbled not for sure what to say.

“What would you like?” I questioned, pointing to the bar.

“Just a butterbeer… I am not hungry.” She gave a shrug and looked back down at the table. I laughed a bit to myself as I got up and went and ordered.

“Here you are,” I told her as I sat down the drink in front of her and took my seat on the other side.

“Aren’t you getting anything?” She asked me, seeing as I didn’t get anything.

“No.” I shook my head. “Not a big butterbeer fan and I’m not hungry either.”

“Oh…” She nodded as she took a sip of hers.

“You don’t have to be so shy, you know? I won’t bite…” I smirked a bit at my own little joke. I thought to myself that Hermione was probably the only one that would get it and find it funny. Great… now I was thinking about her. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so harsh with her earlier.

“I…I am sorry.” Britni finally said and looked up at me. “I am just not used to this…”

“Dating?” I questioned and she shook her head.

“Dating a Slytherin.” She corrected me.

“Oh, I see.” I nodded, not really offended. The small talk was really starting to get on my nerves.

“I am sorry.” She apologized again.

“What for?” I asked, but in her mind I already knew and it was silly.

“You are having a bad time.” She replied.

“I’m not… I am with you. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.” I explained to her, making her blush and look away again. “Let’s go for a walk, shall we?”

“Sure.” She agreed, taking the last few sips of her drink and getting up. She followed me out of the shop.

We walked along the streets of Hogsmade for quite sometime. I finally got her to talking about her family and school. She seemed to really loosen up. That was until the entire street froze, including her.

“Good Evening, Aiden.” I heard a familiar voice say to me.

“What do you want, Milachi?” I asked, moving myself in front of Britni.

“I see you have a date for this evening.” The voice seemed to get closer and then I realized he must be in the dark alley ahead. “Seize her.”

At these words five or six others scrambled and grabbed Britni. The moment I tried to help I was brought to my knees in searing pain.

“She has nothing to do with you!” I yelled at him as I watched them carry her away into the dark alley.

“But she has something to do with you, does she not?” Malichi replied with a slight laugh as he came into the light. I shivered at the look of him. He looked a lot like Draco Malfoy, but his hair was longer and he was much shorter.

“Don’t kill her…” I begged.

“You have no say in what we do with our coven, anymore. You left us remember?” Malichi bent down so he was eye level with me, the pain easing up a bit.

“Is that what this is about? Me leaving? She wasn’t the reason!” I yelled.

“I know that… remember, I can read minds, too.” He reminded me.

“Then why do this?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“You will find out soon enough…” With that there was a pop and he was gone and the streets were moving again. I got up quickly and went to get Hermione.



“Wow…” Hermione said breathlessly. She had finished with her meal now. “You have no idea where Britni is?”

“No, but I do know she is alive, but barley.” Aiden explained. “I still have a slight connection with the coven and I can still hear her thoughts if I try hard enough. I think Malichi has got a plan and he is going to use her to get to me. That is why I have to train you like I do.”

“Do you know when it is going to happen?” Hermione questioned, something very weird coming into her mind.

“No, I don’t… Hermione don’t think that…”

“I… I can’t help it…” Hermione stuttered. “I love him, Aiden.”

“I know.” He sighed and nodded. “I know…all right. I don’t think it will be tonight, so why don’t I take you back to Hogwarts so you can spend tonight and tomorrow with him. They should be finishing up with dinner right about now.”

“What about training?”

“Love is very important. If you have thoughts about what ifs with Draco then you are as good as dead. You need to make good of everything wrong in your life… just in case you don’t make it.”

Hermione swallowed hard and nodded. Aiden moved over to her and picked her up and took her back to Hogwarts without another word.
She asked herself, about unconscious.
She thought, but the moment she did she felt incredibly stupid. This must have been one of Aiden’s tests. But where was he? Shouldn’t he be here to explain what she was to do? Shouldn’t he wait until after he told her what to do to deafen her?