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LOVE & BROOMSTICKS by StepUpx_Gryffindor

Format: Novel
Chapters: 35
Word Count: 216,870
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/23/2006
Last Chapter: 03/09/2015
Last Updated: 03/09/2015


You know what I hate? Having James Potter as your playmate as a child, & then having him turn into an egotistical pig as soon as we both set foot in Hogwarts. All the jokes, teasing, cat-calling... I can't stand it! I can't stand him. James Potter may have that devlishly handsome grin going for him, but I'm not falling for it! I've survived him for 5 years & I'm sure I can make it through my Sixth Year without him... I think?

Chapter 14: Midnight Mischief, Part One

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It felt like time stopped.

The entire room went quiet.

Here I am, my mouth agape, staring (along with some of Hogwarts) at Emma and Sirius.

Dear me, they’re snogging!

This kiss lasts for about 10 seconds, even though I think the world has gone in slow motion and it feels like a full minute. Before we know it, Emma pushes Sirius off of her and she dashes like a gazelle into the girls’ dormitory. She ran so fast that I didn’t even see the facial expression she wore! But Sirius, well…

He just stands there, with an intelligent smirk on his face, his eyes dazed, completely in awe of what he just did. It’s easy to see that Sirius Black is proud of himself. He turns around to the shocked audience and says, “Carry on, Lovelies! Carry on…”

With a salute and a collar pop, he makes his way out of the common room door.

I guess he’s successfully conquered his mission?

I speak to Frank, my eyes looking forward in front of me, “Er, what was that?”

Through my peripheral vision, I see that Frank raises an eyebrow and smirks at me. I turn to face him. “What?” I ask.

“Sirius has been interested in her for a while now.”

I throw my arms in the air. “How the hell could I have known that, Frank?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Oh, of course. What, with all that talk of dunce caps and how stupid Emma says Sirius is how could I completely miss the obvious attraction?”

Frank rolls his eyes.

“How do I explain this?”

He tries to show me through weird hand movements, and for some strange reason, I can understand him.

“Opposites attract? All the insults and smirks, where signs of hidden affection? How the frick!?”

“It’s true,” he says, nodding his head.

“So all that tension and annoyance was…”

“Sexual tension. Yep.”

I’m dumbfounded. “But- how?”

“I don’t know. But I could sense it when Sirius and Emma made the bet. Well, I could at least feel that Sirius was interested in her. There were some very obvious signs that I read, but I won’t go into that.”

“Okay…” I’m weirded out right now.

Sirius likes Emma? And Emma likes Sirius…maybe?

"I could tell that by the way Emma ran off, she was embarrassed and she definitely wasn’t expecting anything like that to happen. But she’ll be shy about saying how much she likes him."

I stare at him for a couple seconds.

“You should be a psychologist…. Or a therapist. I haven’t decided yet.”

“I know. I’m brilliant.” He rests his hands behind his head.

So much for a normal Friday.


The weekend passed by quickly, but quietly. Jessica and I tried talking to Emma, but as soon as she saw us from a distance, she’d get red in the face and start sprinting in the other direction. That girl is a mystery. I mainly spent my time with Jessica and Frank, but not at the same time. Heaven knows…

James tried to start up a conversation with me the day after I caught him snogging Leslie Toudren, but I didn’t respond. His sentence started with, “I can explain…” but I just told him he had nothing to explain. I simply closed the book I was reading and told him with a calm face that I didn’t care. James looked a bit flustered for words and didn’t know what to say. This result sent a big bucket of satisfaction my way, and for once, I felt more powerful than him. He’s going to get a taste of his own medicine, and that was his first dose.


Other than that, I haven’t had any confrontations with him. Besides the minor drawbacks, it was a peaceful weekend. Well, until now.

“Lily,” he calls.

I’m face to face with Amos Diggory. I was walking to Sunday dinner in the Great Hall, but he go to me first. I glare at him, my face hard. I don’t want to talk to him now. I know I said that I would yell at him, but not at this moment. The past couple of days have gone through with ease, and I don’t wanna ruin it now. I’ll just have to tackle him later.

“I have better things to do than talk to you,” I tell him. “So, if you don’t mind-”

He grabs my arm so I can’t walk off. “Just for a minute, okay?” he asks impatiently.

I cross my arms and wait for him to speak.

“Alright, look. I didn’t expect what happened to actually happen. I was drunk. And you were, too. I had to hear people gossip about me all week, and now I’m sick of it. I thought that if I just didn’t run into you or be seen with you they would die down. And they are a little bit, but what the hell, Lily? I didn’t know you went around telling people your business. Not only was I the center of gossip, but now there are stories going around about how it happened, why I asked you out, who was the cause of your crying… I mean honestly, how many people did you pay to start that shit?”

My jaw drops. “Excuse me?”

I can’t take this. All of a sudden, everything that happened that night flashes before my eyes in a hazy blur. I feel like I wanna cry.

No. I can't give him that satisfaction.

“You heard me. There were already enough people talking about it in general, but now all these questions are being pummeled in my direction. I know you’re the cause of this. What’s your problem?”

Anger takes the best of me as I register what he says slowly in my mind.

“MY PROBLEM? Are you suffering from hallucinations? What ever happened between you and me, whether you remember it or not, was your fault. And come to think of it, I don’t remember you drinking at all that night. All I could remember was you giving me drink after drink. You might have had a couple sips of whiskey, but you were trying to get me smashed. And it worked. You started this drama, NOT ME. So what ever stories or theories or gossip gets thrown your way, you deserve it!”

“Hah! So it was my fault, was it? You were going on a date with me, Amos Diggory, one of the most popular Hufflepuff guys. Lily, you made yourself look appealing to me. You were asking for it.”

Fury was traveling through my entire body.

“I was not asking for it,” I say in a low husky voice.

“Don’t be silly, you were begging me to come on to you. All I did was take charge, but I guess you were trying to start something you couldn’t finish. YOU said yes to my date. YOU danced with me. YOU gave off the vibe you were interested in me. Apparently you were just as scared as I thought you were. From the beginning I knew you weren’t an experienced kinda girl, but I didn’t think you would chicken out.”

Silence peers over us for a while.

“You bastard.”

He smirks. “Excuse me? I have a father, thank you.” Diggory crosses his arms. “I was friends with you, Lily. And I knew you liked me. It was written all over your face. If you weren’t such a tease-”

I whip my arms up, ready to tell him off.

“Oh, no you DIDN’T!”

I get close enough to him so that we are about three inches from each other.

“I was not a tease. If anything, I was a reminder of what you couldn’t get. You were taking advantage of me; I was something you couldn’t have. You weren’t in love with me. You weren’t in like with me. Mostly, you were in lust with me. But I don’t even know if that’s the right word. Lust in the sense that you thought you could get what ever the hell you wanted, because you were used to that. Newsflash, I’m not your average girl. So please, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!”

“What’s the problem here?” I hear someone ask behind me. I sigh in relief to see that it’s Remus. It’s not who I would have expected at a time like this, but I’m grateful anyway. He walks over to me and gives Amos Diggory a face that reads ‘go on, try to start something’.

“I wasn’t that into you, anyway. If anything, I wanted to show James Potter off.” He’s speaking only to me, but he’s talking loud enough for Remus to hear. I look away, affected by Diggory’s words. Frank was right. Those rumors he heard. He asked me out to make James jealous. And James, he was right too. In the beginning… Gosh, I was so foolish.

Remus stares straight into his eyes. “Leave, Diggory. You have no business troubling Lily. Unless you want another black eye from another marauder, I suggest you to find someone else to bother.”

“Whatever,” he concludes. “I’m not going to deal with you stupid Gryffindors.”

He turns to walk, and I say, “As if you could ever handle us.” Remus gives me a lopsided grin. Thank goodness for Remus Lupin. If he didn’t show up, who knows how deep the argument could have gotten.

Amos stops walking but doesn’t turn around. “For as far as I got with you, I think I handled you quite well.”


I arrive late to dinner and sit next to Jessica, and jab my fork into pork. My mind is fresh from the argument, and I can’t help but feel like vomiting when I think about the last thing Diggory said. On the way here, Remus said not to worry about it. In a way, he comforted me. Kind of like a brother. I don’t think Remus will tell anyone, but Amos Diggory on the other hand…

Well, let’s hope he doesn’t say anything.

“What’s up with the stabbing?” she asks. Of course, I tell her.

She’s sustaining herself from throwing the table over.

“I’m just gonna let it go, okay? I’m done with him.” I say this as calmly as I can, but I feel like my throat is closing up. I don’t know if it’s because I feel like crying, or if it’s because I just can’t get over the whole Diggory situation in general and I can’t breathe.

Jessica stares at me and says, “I hope he falls down a nice set of stairs, and then gets stung by killer bees. A while bunch of them.”

I pat her shoulder and we remain eating our meal. I give a smile and a nod to Remus a few seats down and he nods back. I’m starting to think that no matter how much your life sucks, your friends are always around to make things a little bit better. I’m not going to lie, though. I do feel icky. I hate Amos Diggory. And to think I liked that low life…

“You need to take your mind off of this. Lily, are you listening?”

I tear my gaze away from my plate. “Hm? Sorry, I was just thinking.”

“You always end up being pulled and tugged in all different directions. You need to relax and have a day off from all this hectic mess. Don’t you think you deserve a night of relaxation? Peace? Quiet?”

I ponder. “Yeah, that would be nice. Jessica, why are you smirking?” I raise my eyebrow at her.

“We should have a girls’ night,” she says, but something in her eyes tells me there’s more to what she’s saying.

“When?” I ask.

“I don’t know, next weekend. Yeah? You, Emma, and I. I’m sure Emma will want to… If only we could get a hold of her we could ask her. What is she running away from?”

“I don’t think she wants to explain her actions, even though it was all Sirius’s doing, Jess. She doesn’t want to be confronted. Especially us, because we might tell her a harsh reality she wouldn’t want to hear,” I explain.

“Like what?”

“There are only two choices, says Frank Longbottom; he explained all this to me earlier.”

Jessica rolls her eyes at his name while I continue. “She embarrassed about snogging Sirius because she likes him, a lot. And she only just realized this now, because before she thought Sirius was the Father of Dunce. But after the poem, everything changed. Emma’s afraid we’ll mock her because she didn’t like Sirius and now all of a sudden he kisses her. She’s gonna think we will treat her different because we think she’s a hypocrite, or something like that.”

“And the other choice is…?”

I sigh. “She doesn’t know she likes Sirius. Emma has confused feelings and if we approach her we are going to tell her that we know she likes him. And she doesn’t want to like Sirius. She’s trying to pretend the feelings aren’t there. Jess, if you and I put it in perspective for her she wouldn’t be able to take it. It’s like she’s in denial.”

“So you’re saying… Either way, she likes Sirius Black?”


“I never thought one of us would fall for a marauder. I mean I could understand you-”

I throw a black eyed pea at her. She smiles. “Just kidding.”


“But seriously. We have to do something. Emma is what you would call a classy lady. Enough boy problems with me, I can deal with those later. But Emma… She needs help,” I giggle.

“Ha, she wouldn’t be able to take it, poor girl. So what is it that Frank said to you?”

“The two options were: Emma likes Sirius and is embarrassed about it, or Emma thinks she likes Sirius but doesn’t want to like him.”

“But neither of them really makes any sense. They both distribute the same thought, don’t they?”

“I know it’s confusing, but it made sense when Frank said it.” I shrug.

I glance forward a little bit and see the marauders whispering to each other. I furrow my eyebrows. They rarely share deep thoughts like that at the dinner table.

“Why don’t we have the girls’ night next week?”

My eye shift back to Jessica but I still feel kinda of weird from looking at the marauders. I feel like those boys have passed on their mischief and found its way in my brain, because the next thing I say shocks even me.

“No, let’s have it tonight, right at midnight.”

I smirk as I say this and Jessica looks quirky. “Okay, then, Ms. Daring. I’ll try to talk to Jessica and get her to at least come to the girls’ night. Then we can attack her with questions.”

I get an adrenaline rush. Is it because I’m excited to do something fun? Or is it because there’s trouble written all over it and it’s anticipating me? I mean who said anything about breaking the rules? We can just play in the dormitory. But my mind wanders, and for the first time, I wanna do something worth risking my life for. Alright, not my life; but you get the idea. I feel like a marauder.

I know, right? Punch me in the stomach, please.

I guess this rebel of an attitude is coming from my messed up life? I get a million emotions thrown at me and it feels like my body is, for once, telling me to go have fun and take my mind off of it. Well, hey. I’m not disagreeing am I?

James gets up from the table and slams his hands down on the table in anger. He storms off with Peter behind him, probably trying to calm him down.

Woah. Do you think that maybe I feel rebellious because of my silent treatment with James?


Pfft. No way. I mean why does he have to cloud my judgment when ever I have the opportunity to have fun?! This is just a ‘living in the moment’ kind of thing, and I don’t care what James thinks.


“Hey, did you see that? Potter just took off.”

Jessica responds, “I dunno. Maybe he’s PMSing?”

I fake laugh and throw some bread at her.


I enter the common and stay up until its half past eleven. I haven’t seen Jessica since dinner, and I haven’t seen the marauders either. This is getting a bit weird. I wonder what James got mad about?


Why do I have to ask myself questions about him? I don’t bloody care. This is his fault. Yes, he’s the reason why I question my sanity. And, my goodness, if I find out that I’m rebelling tonight just because it’s a reaction to my silent treatment with James, I’m going to flip out and throw myself in a dungeon. Why is this always happen to me? Is this some frickin’ cycle that I have to go through all the time? When I’m about to have fun, it’s like he gets a key to my brain and unlocks it, so he’s all I can think about.

WOAH. Okay, not what I meant.

Don’t look at me like that!

OH. NO. I think the little man inside my head is back…Ah, crap.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?


The little he/she/it/thing inside my mind always makes me feel like I’m the biggest dork on the planet. Hell, I probably am. Great. That takes all the stress off of things, doesn’t it?

I took the liberty of making Truth or Dare cards so that we could have something daring to do during our Girls’ Night. I’m excited! Is this what it feels like to go on a vacation? I’ve never been anywhere but America and England. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. All I know is that I, Lily Evans, need to get out more. Not just to have fun, but to do all the things I wanna do in life! And things like the LL (the lily list) are going to help me accomplish my goals. Glee! I just can’t hold my anticipation!

Hold on. Does making Truth or Dare cards qualify me as a being a nerd? It does! Wonderful. I feel like I’ve made flash cards for Ancient Runes. You know what makes it better? I put them in numerical order…

I doze off for about ten minutes. Jessica wakes me up.

“Hey, get up. I’ve got Emma charmed on my bed, we’ve got to get to her before it wears off and she runs away.” My eyes shoot open.

“Jessica! You didn’t!”

She rolls her eyes. “It’s not that big of a deal…”

We run to our dormitory and put a silencing charm around our beds so no one can hear us. Jess takes the charm off Emma and she starts to throw a fit.

“I cannot believe you did that! I have feelings! You can’t just take people and lure them into a corner…And you can’t attack them from behind either! That hurt my shoulders, Jessica Marie Finelly. Just thought I’d let you know! Not to mention it was a dark hallway and we were near the stairs… I could have fallen and cracked my head open-”

Jessica puts a hand over her mouth. “I’m sorry, love. But I had to do something; how else was I supposed to get your attention? I couldn’t even get you to turn your head in my direction so I could ask you a question! I’m sorry I kind of flew on your back… But I had to do what I had to do.”

Emma huffs.
Jessica takes her hand off of her mouth.

I sigh and rub my temples.

I need new friends.

“Now, you know what I’m about to ask, and you know what’s on our minds. So tell us as calmly as you can, and we promise not to criticize you,” I say.

"Or make fun of you, or judge you the wrong way, or make you feel like ripping your hair out, or blushing..." Jessica interjects.

I cough. “That’s enough,” I mumble quickly. “It’s not like we’re asking you to tell us everything… just tell us something so we can understand your position. We don’t wanna make this hard for you.”

Emma just sighs and looks away.

“Come on! Tell us, please. We’re your friends, and you should trust us,” Jessica tells her.

“It’s not a trust thing for you guys; it’s more of trust thing for me,” she responds calmly.

I tilt my head. “What do you mean?” I ask.

“How can I trust myself with what I say? It’s not fair. This feeling… I hate it. I feel like I’m wrong about something I thought I was right about all along. I don’t know how to deal with this… It’s just… I can’t explain it. I thought so differently before and now I can’t even trust myself with my own thoughts.”

“Oh. So it’s a ‘self-assuring’ kind of thing?” I say with my air quotes.

“A little bit, yeah. I need to be sure of myself. And how am I supposed to do that when I have no idea how to assure myself? I need something. Just to let my mind know I’m not crazy!” She groans in distress and falls back on Jessica’s bed.

“It’s okay! Don’t worry, it will come to you eventually,” Jessica says, trying to soothe her.

“We know your head is thinking a million things a minute, but when you need to talk about things like this, it’s better to just let your thoughts loose instead of keeping them bottled up,” I say.

“Is that why you were running away from us today? All day? You didn’t want to talk about it?” Jessica asks, even though she and I both know the answer.

Emma covers her face with a pillow and mumbles, “Yes.”

How did we not know this? Pfft. I try not to look like I’ve known this all along. Jess and I look at each other with our ‘we-TOTALLY-knew-that’ faces.

“Alright. Well, Lily and I know that you’re going to talk to us someway or another, so we should just kill the time by doing something,” Jess wiggles her eyebrows at me.

“Yes! Doing something. You know, Emma…the only reason we were trying to get your attention today is so we could ask you if you wanted to join us for a Girls’ Night.”

Emma lifts the pillow above her head, her arms straight up, and looks at us. “So you weren’t going to attack me with questions about…You know?”

“Nope. We weren’t going to do that at all. Lily and I knew that you would tell us all about that on your own time. Instead of bombarding you with questions, we were just going to ask if you wanted to relax with us. Have some fun… Our own little Girls’ Night!”

“What do you say?” I ask Emma.

Jessica smiles with her adorable dimples (nice move on her part) and asks, “Pleeeeease?”

Emma sits up and rolls her eyes. “Fine…”

Jessica and I do a little victory dance.

“As long as you never do that again!” Emma holds a hand up in front of us, telling us to stop.


Emma erupts into a fit of laughter.

“You ran into a wall the first time you met Jeff?!” she asks Jessica. “And your head hit a painting and made it fall? HA!”

“Er-yeah…” Jessica scratches the back of her head innocently and looks away.

We’ve been telling each other embarrassing stories for the past twenty minutes. Each one of us has to go around and, depending on how embarrassing our story is, we get a chocolate frog. Not so embarrassing moments get one frog, and the really embarrassing ones get up to five. The one with the most chocolate frogs gets to spill an embarrassing secret about another girl.


Jessica is in the lead, considering the first time she saw her future boyfriend was when she rammed her head into a wall and knocked over an expensive portrait.

“This is our last round, ladies. So don’t hold anything back!” I say excitedly as I give Jessica four chocolate frogs.

“Alright, it’s my turn,” Emma announces bravely.

Jess and I have really helped Emma let loose and not worry about anything. Our Girls’ Night is working! This really is a lot of fun. We should do this more often!

“My mother and I went to the computer store about a month ago, before school started. She wanted to try a muggle electronic and she thought she’d start out with a computer. I was the only one in the family to ever take Muggle Studies, so I came with her to help her out. My mother was going to purchase a laptop, but it was heavy, so she sent me to get a shopping cart. As I was coming back with the cart, I got a bit carried away, and for some reason I started riding it!”

Jessica and I glance at each other. This is so NOT like Emma! She’s so…well kept and put together! This blondie isn’t really the type to go cart riding. Wow, can you picture her hair billowing while she’s racing down the aisles?

“Anyway,” she continues, “It was so much fun and I just couldn’t stop. I had no idea how fast I was going. Out of no where, a man in with a cane walks right in front of me…And I basically run him over!”

Jessica snorts.

“It was terrible! I ran into an old man! I thought I broke his hip! I felt so bad. Not only that, but he yelled so loud that all the employees and customers turned around to look at us! Luckily I was no where near my mom… But still! It was so loud. I kept apologizing and saying how sorry I was, but he just took his cane in his hands and walked away, with is back arched at a weird angle.”

Now this time I laugh really hard. “Haha! Emma crippled an old man!”

“NO! I didn’t-”

“Did he fall?” Jessica asks.

Emma takes a breath and covers her face in her hands. “No. He didn’t fall. But his cane did. I had to stand there and watch him bend over to pick up his cane. I thought I killed the man. I rammed that cart into his hip…”

Jessica and I toss her five chocolate frogs each. Could you imagine? Just the fact that I’m picturing Emma doing it just makes me laugh harder! I’m next. I need a good one, so at least go out in style. And so I can eat my winnings and still have enough to save for tomorrow. Who said you couldn’t have chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I have ten chocolate frogs. Emma has seven. Jessica is beating both of us by a whopping eighteen frogs.

“Jessica came over my house for a sleepover a couple weeks ago…”

“Oh, dear,” Jessica sighs, falling back on the ground.

“And this roused up James enough to invite his friends over for his own sleepover. This happened, events occurred, and…”

“YOU KISSED JAMES POTTER?!” Emma screams in shock. Thank goodness we charmed our beds so no one can hear us.

It’s silent for a long moment. Jessica giggles and says, “Come on, this is Lily Evans we’re talking about.”

“Um. No, actually,” I tell Emma, while glaring daggers at Jessica’s dark frame.

“Oh,” she responds, looking blankly ahead.

“It was nothing like that,” I say. “I assure you that something as sick as snogging Potter is never going happen.”

I can see Jessica smirk and I kick her leg.

“Hey! I have penguin ninja skills, Lily. Don’t mess with me.”

“As I was saying…The marauders were next door to us, and they somehow got us to walk out of my house. They took this as an advantage because before I knew it, I found James Potter in my room with my bra dangling from his hands. He was basically inspecting it! He took it with him as I was pushing him outta my house. When he reached the outside, Sirius took it from him and-”

Oops. I cover my mouth in shock. Oh, no. I don’t think I should have mentioned Sirius Black’s name at all in this. I didn’t wanna make things awkward! Awe, NO! This sucks.

“It’s okay, go on.” I’m surprised to hear that come from Emma.

“…You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure; I can deal with it now. Come on, continue,” she says sweetly with a smile.

“Um- Right. Well I just stood there, like the idiot I was, and saw Sirius take my bra, MY POOR BRA, out of Potter’s hands and actually put it on. The worst part is that he ran around my lawn screaming about how sexy he looked! He was wearing frickin’ PINK AND WHITE LACE! You think he had some decency…” I shudder at the memory.

My story is a winner to my two judges as Emma gives me four chocolate frogs and Jessica gives me two.

“Two?” I question.

“Need I remind you I was there? I give you two for effort,” Jessica chuckles.

Jessica finishes off the round by telling one of her childhood stories involving her cousin and an old diaper. Of course, she gets four chocolate frogs from Emma and three from me, so she wins the game.

“Ha! YES! I know exactly which secret I’m going to tell. I choose Lily.”

I snap my eyes open all the way. “What?!”

“Your life is exciting, Evans,” she says mockingly.

“Jessica. I swear, if you-”

“No worries, love! I won’t tell the big ones. I’m just going to mention a little something that happened a while ago, that’s all.”

I cross my arms. “Fine,” I huff.

“Lily and James saw each other with towels on!” Jessica bursts out. My mouth drops open, and Emma gasps.

“You make it sound so terrible! Must I explain myself?!” I throw my hands in the air.

"You better, Missy!" Emma points at me accusingly.

I lie across Jessica’s bed and prop myself up on my elbows. “I got out of the shower and I was walking across my room. I noticed my window was open, I went to go shut it, but I found Potter just getting out of the shower himself. And I- don’t look at me like that Emma! –And I glared at him because he was checking me out. So yes, we saw each other in towels.”

“Mhm. Sure. That’s all that happened…” Jessica sing songs.

I quirk my eyebrow. “Excuse me?” I challenge.

“Don’t you think it’s just a TEENSY bit funny that you both are parallel to each other’s bed rooms and have windows directly across from each other?”

“Yeah, it is. But what’s your point?”

“Come on! Things like this are bound to happen! He’s a guy, Lily. If you toss a naked girl in front of him he’s going to stare-”


She makes so many things sound dirty! My goodness!


“You had a towel on, whatever. You know what I mean…”

Emma looks at me and wiggles her eyebrows.

“Did you just suggestively wiggle your eyebrows at me Emma Tebbon?” I ask her, amused by her questioning face.

“Do I have to say it?” she asks pleadingly, but in an excited kinda way. I guess its fun for her to hear about some one else’s guy problems; it gets her mind off of hers.

I sigh at the thought of that.

Guy problems.

Honestly, I could write a book.

“Um,” I mumble hesitantly. “Yes. YES, okay? James Potter has a great body.”

“I knew it!” Emma says inconsequently, staring into space.

Jessica slaps the ground. “Hah! I knew Lily were thinking that, too. That day in Diagon Alley I asked her if she thought he was attractive and she found a way of telling me yes but not actually saying those exact words. But she actually admitted it with the words ‘James Potter’ and ‘great body’ all in the same sentence!”

Emma looks at Jessica on the ground. “I always heard he had a nice upper body, but I never thought Lily would admit it!” Emma kind of whispers.

I throw my arms up in the air. “HELLO, I’M RIGHT HERE, GUYS! Still sitting near you both, just in case you didn’t know where I was!” I tell them sarcastically. “Jess, I don’t like him. For the last time, I’m not as shallow as Potter. I will not succumb to liking a guy just for his body. As if Potter’s body could even have that effect…”

“From what I heard, it could…”

I sock a pillow at Emma. Hard.

“List the guys of liked, mates. Sure, they were cute. But I liked them for who they were, too. But Amos Diggory’s another story. He was a friend to me in the beginning, but I didn’t know him well enough… I was so foolish to think that was the real him,” I curse under my breath.

“No. He doesn’t count. I don’t think anyone really knew how much of a jerk he really was. It sucks that you had to find out that way, though,” Jessica says.

I lay my head down. “Yeah.”

“Come on, ladies. This is our Girls’ Night! There MUST be more to do than just wallow in faded memories,” Emma says surprisingly. Did that really come from her? I can’t help but smile in satisfaction. She’s feeling better. And as soon as Emma feels she’s ready, she’ll tell us what’s going on with her and a certain member of the Black household.

“Oi. I made Truth or Dare cards.” I bring over the cards I made and I lay them out.

Jessica rolls her eyes as she takes a seat on her bed. “You made cards? Oh, my. You numbered them, too? Dear, Lily...”

“Don’t judge me,” I say quickly. “The odd numbers are Truth. The even numbers are Dare. We’ll take turns. Now I went sort of all out for this… So… Some of them are extreme. So just tell me if you don’t wanna do them because-”

“Oh, let’s start already!” Jessica impatiently interrupts. Great, all that chocolate has given her a sugar rush. Hell hath no fury like a hyper Jessica Finelly.

“I choose six! Six, please. SIX!”

I purse my lips. “Calm down, Jess.”

I turn over the number six card: Go into the Sixth Year boys’ dormitory and take a marauder’s sock.

She looks at me in surprise. “Lily! I never knew you could think of something so devious!”

Way to make me feel like I’m taking over the world. “It’s not that devious,” I say defensively. “But, it is a bit over the top. So if you don’t wanna do it I can think of a new one.”

“Jessica Finelly never turns down a dare!” She gets up quickly, ready for battle.

“Are you going to fight in the Vietnam War? You’re sporting the Arnold Schwarzenegger face again. Remember the binoculars from my sleepover?” My mind goes through memory lane.

She ignores me and starts digging through her trunk. “I think I brought them. If not, I’ll just use the rope left over from last time.”

Oh, dear.

What have I done?

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