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A Perfect Charade by ivy_018

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 31,992

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Draco, Fred, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 08/28/2006
Last Chapter: 05/10/2008
Last Updated: 05/10/2008

Based on The Wedding Date.   When Ron splits with Hermione  right before Harry and Ginny's wedding, she gets desperate and hires Draco Malfoy to be her date.  Little do they know that their feelings might be more than professional, but it'll take some convincing and a little change of scenery to figure out that they were meant for each other. Lovely banner by Queen_Mab! 

Chapter 10: "Your Skin Against Mine"

A/N:  Wow.  Sorry that's taken so long.  My life with school and all has been insane.  I took the excuse of a sick day to get you all this.  Thanks for all the support for this story.  It helps me keep going and gives me inspiration to finish this.  Enjoy and leave me lots of lovely reviews!
Love Ivy

"Funny thing is when I look into your eyes I sense something so sincere in your disguise..." -Mya "Do You Only Wanna Dance" 

“Are you sure you don’t want to come snorkeling?” Ginny asked for the third time that hour as she suited up in her snorkel gear on the beach.  The day before, when Hermione had gone unsuccessfully after Draco, Ginny had met a family of four who were vacationing in Nassau who had invited them snorkeling. 

Hermione hated being so deep down in water.  She was phobic about the fact that she could potentially run out of air, and after a near miss when she was a child in a Muggle swimming pool, she never stayed under water for very long.  She shook her head again.  “No, Ginny.  I’m fine.  I’m just going to stay here.”

Ginny shrugged and then left.  Hermione was a grown woman and would be able to take care of herself and keep herself occupied for the five hours that Ginny was out scuba diving.  Still, she worried about her best friend, especially what had happened the day before with Draco’s rejection.  She shook her head as she made her way down to the beach. 

Hermione and Draco were more similar than they thought.  Stubborn as mules, they wouldn’t admit to the fact that they loved each other but that they were scared of getting hurt.  Ginny wasn’t surprised.  Ron had apparently never loved Hermione.  This fact still made Ginny angry. Draco probably hadn’t had that many successful relationships either, what with him being an escort and all.  She wished there was a way to make them see how perfect they were for each other, she just didn’t know how. 

“Hi Ginny!”

Ginny smiled at the sight of the family’s nine-year-old daughter running up to meet her.  Seeing this happy family made her miss her own, as well as want to start a new one.  She wished that Harry were here and was hurt that he had cancelled on her the way that he had.  It wasn’t like him, but she figured that she would give him the benefit of the doubt.  She knew that Harry loved her and that he would make it up to her for their entire lives.

“Hi Isabelle,” Ginny squatted down on the sand and opened her arms to the little black haired girl. 

Isabelle’s parents and younger brother Michael came afterward.  After his sister moved aside, Michael also jumped into Ginny’s arms.  She looked up at the children’s parents, Mirabelle and Rolland and smiled.  “Hi.  How are you?”

Mirabelle grinned.  “They wouldn’t stop talking about you.”

“They’re very sweet,” Ginny smiled down at the little kids who hid behind their father’s legs and grinned shyly up at her.  “Are you guys excited to go snorkeling and see pretty fish?”

Isabelle nodded eagerly.  “Mmhmm.”

Ginny followed the family onto the little sailboat that would take them a good distance out to a nice reef where they would find the best snorkeling.  Ginny looked curiously at the blond woman driving the motorboat.  She looked somehow familiar though Ginny was positive that the two of them had never met in their entire lives. 

“Hi everyone,” the woman walked toward them.  “My name is Cecilia and I’ll be your guide today.  I’ll also be there if anything frightening happens in the water today, though I assure you it happens rarely.”

“I want to see the fish,” Michael said loudly.

Cecilia laughed, her eyes brightening with amusement.  “And you will.  What’s your name?”

“Michael,” Michael stuck out his hand and Cecilia shook it firmly. 

“That’s a nice firm grip you’ve got there, Michael,” Cecilia said approvingly, causing Michael to blush in the way that only a seven-year-old can. 

Cecilia went around and introduced herself to the small group that would be going on the boat with her.  She looked curiously at the red haired young woman that was with the family and yet obviously wasn’t a part of it.  She looked very familiar and though they hadn’t met, she was sure that she’d seen her somewhere before.

Once they got aboard, Cecilia motioned to the red haired woman to come closer.  She made her way over and looked curiously at Cecilia.  “Have we met?”

“I don’t think so.  I’m Ginny Weasley,” the redhead stuck out her hand.

“You’re Hermione Granger’s friend,” Cecilia smiled.  “I’m Draco Malfoy’s sister.”

The redhead looked at her warily. 

“I’m all for the match,” Cecilia shook her head.  “I just don’t know how to get them together.  I don’t know Hermione very well, but it sounds like they’re both as stubborn as the other.”

Ginny nodded, noticeably relaxing now that she realized that Cecilia wasn’t a threat.  “I know.  I want to figure something out.  I think it’s time for drastic action.”

“For sure,” Cecilia agreed. 

They both pursed their lips in thought and then their gazes met thoughtfully.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ginny asked.

Cecilia laughed.  “I think so.  I also think that it might be the only way to get them together as well.”

“In this together?” Ginny asked, holding out her hand.

“Don’t tell anyone,” Cecilia shook Ginny’s hand, sealing the deal.


The door slammed behind her as Ron rolled his eyes, collapsing on the couch in his flat and taking a deep breath.  Who did she think she was, demanding that the two of them become an “item” now that he and Hermione were over?  Lavender Brown was a good shag and she had been a nice distraction from boring, ordinary Hermione, but the last thing that Ron wanted now was to be pulled into another relationship.

He wasn’t sure if he would ever see Lavender again, but frankly he didn’t really care.  Something was nagging at him and he couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  Perhaps it was the knowledge that Hermione didn’t care about him.  Perhaps it was the fact that none other than Draco Malfoy, his arch nemesis, had thwarted him.  All the same, Ron didn’t like losing.  There was no way he was going to let Draco come out on top, no matter what he had to do. 

Picking up a piece of parchment and a quill, Ron penned a quick note and then called his owl in to bring the note to the recipient.  After that, he sat down and waited.


Hermione looked heavenward as she looked up at the sky.  She had chosen to walk on the beach by herself before she was supposed to go dancing with Ginny at some really nice Latin nightclub.  The reason she had sought a quiet evening on the beach was because her mind seemed to be going in a ton of different directions.  The reason for all the confusion was of course, Draco Malfoy.

She couldn’t figure him out.  One minute he was professing his love for her and then the minute she tried to reciprocate, he turned and walked the other way.  What could they not get right?  Maybe he really was sick of her.  Maybe she was just kidding herself. 

But what about the last week that they’d spent together?  The entire time had been wonderful and she had cherished every moment of it.  Sighing, she turned back toward the path that would take her up to the hotel and her room where she was supposed to meet Ginny.  Like her friend had said, perhaps this night of dancing was what she needed to clear her head.


Hermione hadn’t danced salsa in what felt like years and as soon as she walked into the club, she felt excitement start to kick up in response.  Suddenly it didn’t matter that she had no idea what was going to happen with Draco.  She was here now and all she needed to find now was a guy to dance with.  Somehow, as she walked in and felt a number of eyes look her over; she didn’t think that would be difficult.

Ginny had insisted on choosing their outfits for the night.  Wearing matching black dresses that clung to their frames like second skins, the two young women pranced toward the bar and ordered a couple of mixed drinks. 

“See,” Ginny said as the two of them sipped mojitos, “I told you this was a good idea.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Hermione waved her hand in the air, writing off Ginny’s brag.  “I forgot that you’re always right.”

“Damn right, I am,” Ginny winked at her.  Her beautiful red head was scanning the room like a predator searching for worthy prey.  Suddenly, her eyes seemed to stop on a handsome looking native.  She smiled slowly and then turned to Hermione.  “Excuse me, darling, but I think I’m gonna go dance.”

Hermione rolled her eyes.  “Don’t do anything that’ll get you in trouble with Harry.”

Ginny winked.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll be a good girl.”

And with that, her best friend was off.  Hermione watched Ginny do what she did best as she and the random man she’d picked out headed out onto the floor.  Hermione watched, fascinated as she sipped her mojito alone as Ginny and her partner moved in complete harmony.  There was something magical about watching two salsa dancers, completely in tune to each other, dance the night away. 

Though she longed to go out there herself, she would wait patiently until someone came and approached her.  She’d already had her experience in approaching first and knew how unsuccessful it had been.  Hermione wouldn’t make that mistake again.


“Come on Draco,” Cecilia pleaded.  “Dance with me.  You know everyone will expect us to.”

Draco rolled his eyes.  “Cici.  This is a Latin club.  They dance salsa.”

“So?” Cecilia, decked out in a beaded short red dress, rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips.  “You know how to dance salsa and seeing that neither of us has a partner, we might as well…”

“Yeah, but I’m your brother,” Draco looked pointedly at her.  “Brothers and sisters don’t dance salsa with each other.”

Cecilia huffed and grabbed his hand.  “Wow, Draco.  Stop being twelve and come dance with me.  Pretend I’m Hermione, okay?”

It was the wrong thing to say.  Cecilia could see it the minute she said it as darkness shrouded his blue eyes.  All the same, he seemed to pull himself together and reluctantly followed his sister out onto the dance floor just as a new upbeat song came on.

As he got on the dance floor, he seemed to enter a completely new mindset.  It was as if all of the other thoughts that he’d had had completely disappeared.  The music seemed to take over his soul and he began to dance…. With his sister.


Ginny had come back by the time the Malfoys had stepped on the floor.  They seemed to be celebrities in the place, regardless of the fact that they were siblings and yet were dancing like lovers.  No one would have guessed by the way they danced. 

The floor cleared as Draco stopped, pulling Cecilia toward him in a spin.  She spun into his arms and he threw her back so that she was hanging over his arm, his other hand running down the middle of her dress.  She came back up then and they began to move in a progressive step, moving around the floor as fluidly as water. 

Spinning her in a million of small circles, Cecilia never seemed to lose her grace or get dizzy.  She fell back into his arms again and as he lifted her up off the ground, with his feet still moving, Hermione felt her breath get caught in her throat as she felt her traitorous mind begin to imagine what it would be like to dance with him like that.  It was only because Cecilia was his sister that she didn’t go out onto the floor and steal him away, even though she knew that she had absolutely no right.

The crowd cheered wildly all throughout the performance.

“They’re really good, aren’t they?” Ginny asked, elbowing Hermione in the side.

Hermione rolled her eyes and through gritted teeth said.  “The best.”

Ginny threw her head back and laughed.  “If you were any more obviously jealous, I would feel sorry for you.”

Hermione practically growled at her friend.  “I’m not jealous.”

“Right,” Ginny winked.  “Sure you’re not.  Why don’t you dance with him?”

“I don’t want anything to do with him,” Hermione spat out, only slightly truthfully.

The song ended soon afterward and the two Malfoys exited the floor gracefully to thunderous applause.  Hermione bit her lip nervously as they realized that they were heading toward the bar not far away from the floor.  The club was small and intimate after all.  Deciding to ignore him and not let him ruin her night, Hermione turned away.


Draco nearly balked when he realized who that gorgeous woman was who was sitting at the bar where he was headed.  Why the hell was Hermione everywhere he went?  It was as if she refused to let him get over the agony he felt in not being able to be with her.

Cecilia’s eyes followed his and she smiled thoughtfully.  “Why don’t you dance with her?”

“Because Cici,” Draco said through gritted teeth.  “We’re done with.”

“I don’t think so,” Cecilia shook her head.  “Just ask her to dance and then maybe apologize to her for walking out on her.  You’d be surprised at how much easier it’ll be to talk to her after you dance together.”

Draco raised an eyebrow.  “Oh yeah?  Why’s that?”

“Because dancing’s like sex,” Cecilia answered as if it were obvious.

Draco looked at her teasingly.  “So you’re saying that we just had sex?”

Cecilia laughed at him.  “You’re unbelievable.  Now go ask her to dance!”

He didn’t know what made him do it, but he approached her as if he didn’t have butterflies swimming in his stomach.  She looked at him carefully as if afraid that he was going to start yelling at her.  Holding her head up, she said over the music.  “Yes?”

“Would you like to dance?” he asked.

“And why would I dance with you?” She asked in a haughty tone.

Refusing to give up, he said.  “Because you haven’t danced all night and because I asked you to.”

“No,” She shook her head.  “I actually have to go.”

She stood up from her stool and nodded to Ginny who was for some reason in the middle of a conversation with Cecilia.  She was about to walk away when suddenly she felt a hand grab hers and pull her toward it.  All she could do was spin in the direction of the pull. 

Looking disgustedly at Draco, she made to walk away again, but he did it again, until finally, she gave in.  “Fine,” she spat.  “But don’t bother me after this.”

“Fine,” he shrugged, taking her into his arms and starting to move around the dance floor with her.  He spun her into a cuddle, forcing her to dance up close with him.  Ducking from under his arms, she found herself facing him again until, lifting his hand; he spun her toward the outside until she was dizzy. 

When she finally stopped, she felt herself pressed up against him and suddenly, she was no longer angry with him.  She thrilled as his hand ran down her cheek, as he spun her out and spun her back in, only to let her dip almost all the way to the ground, his hand running down her chest.  Her leg lifted automatically and he lifted her up and threw her out onto the floor in front of him. 

It seemed to last forever, the moment that they were sharing.  Unfortunately, the song soon came to a stop with Hermione bent over his arm, his hand on her face.  Wild cheers and applause greeted them as they came back up for air.  Hermione slowly was drawn upward and felt herself wobble slightly not only with the effects of the dance but also with the effects of dancing with Draco.

Draco led her off the floor and toward the bar.  “I’ll get you a drink.”

He disappeared for a moment and then heard a voice at the side of her head.  “You’re a pretty good little dancer.”

Turning to smile at Draco’s return, she gasped as she found herself looking into the furious eyes of Ron Weasley.