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Pirates by singerhotti24

Format: Novel
Chapters: 38
Word Count: 175,632

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Action/Adventure, AU, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Blaise (M), Draco, Pansy, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, Hermione/OC, Ron/OC

First Published: 01/29/2008
Last Chapter: 02/24/2014
Last Updated: 02/24/2014

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Pirates and Nobles: this very game gives a new definition to every witch and wizard. Murder doesn't come with regret, fighting doesn't come without scars, and hate treads a fine line with lust, not love. This very game was invented for inner house unity. To be honest, the murdering and hanging doesn't really help. Updated: June 24, 2012

Chapter 7: The Book

Disclaimer: Banner by me, poem/riddle by me, plot by me,OC's by me, everything else...: JKR. I don't own Peter Pan either :P The end!


The last thing he heard was Hermione’s scream. 

She rushed over to him, feeling his forehead, a fever boiling his skin. She grabbed a wand and quickly closed the wound. She put his hands to his sides when she saw something glint in one of his hands. She pried his hand open and found a silver dagger. She pulled the matching one out of her boot.
Pansy. Her eyes narrowed with hate towards the girl. Blaise’s labored breathing brought her back to earth. “Someone get Jem! Tell Daphne to boil up some rags and water, I need to clean him up. And for Merlin’s sake, someone bring up some blankets. He’s going to shiver to death!"

She tuned out all of the sounds of rushing feet, shouts and orders as she looked at the young man laying on the deck beside her, his eyes closed, a sullen expression on his face. Hermione gently brushed away a hair that fell over his eyes. And that was when she knew.

She could only ever be acquaintances with him. Friends at the most. Hermione sighed as Daphne brought her a bucket of boiled cloths, steam rising from the rags. Hermione pulled out her wand and re-opened the wound, which began to bleed freely; Red and true. The same color as her blood.

She whispered an incantation to reveal poison, or any impurities in the blood. It was important to know, because with that knowledge, she could save his life. A ray of hope shined in her soul. But, as quickly as good things come, they go.

Her face lost all color. The wound had turned a sickly shade of purple.

Blaise was poisoned.

And that shade of purple meant that there was no cure.

The only question that remained was, How long is he going to live? 

With a grim face, Hermione set to do the impossible: save her friend. 

Draco smiled smugly as the white nantchuket flew to him and landed on his arm, a scroll attached to its leg. He fed the creature a couple lulu berries and proceeded to open the scroll, paying no heed to the wax seal.

A lulu berry was one of the many fruits that Draco had encountered on Liama island just of the south coast of Rica Bay. He gathered some fruits that looked vaguely like a mix between bananas and oranges. Pansy would like that. She’s always stressing about her…what did she call them? The whites spots on her nails? He rolled his eyes as his mind drifted from the lulu berry to the letter in front of him. It read:

Dearest Draco,

I miss you soo much. I wish you were here with me now. The food is horrible and I’m sick and tired of this game. I just want to go back home, and take you with me… So you could do all of the things you promised. As you asked, I have sent you an exact copy of my map, so you can figure this out and take me all the sooner.

Blah. Blah. Blah
. Draco rolled his eyes as the letter went on to describe exactly what she wanted done to her. He crinkled it up and threw it into the water. What he wanted was the second scroll, the one behind the letter.

Pansy’s map. He grinned as he turned it over, her clue written on the back. In loopy handwriting:

On the shores of bays of fruit
Lies a berry, oh so true
But yet to south lies a sweeter taste
One of an unfound clue
Sir Questal came and laid it here
A valiant knight to be sure
Mad was the man yes we know
Ra he shouted and no more
Beware of the pretty sand
It will grab you in a moment
And the 7 humps in line
At the end you’ll find the cue. 

He puzzled over the part that made no sense. Who the hell is Sir Questal? He chucked it as non important information and re-read his own.

In a world that’s just a game
This island will keep you sane
Just another random clue
Points you in the direction due
Find the famous black fruit
Capture the sick map
And you’ll be merry. 

It had taken him less than 15 minutes to figure out his own clue. Well, the lulu berry took some time, but now that he knew that it was, it was much simpler. The ‘sick map’ just pointed to the Black Plague

So he set onto the wooing of the Snake, as he read that she was called. The only way to get what he wanted, was to make her feel that she was going to get something in return. And besides, he thought to himself, she would do anything for me anyways. And the bimbo fell for it. His ice-blue eyes roamed over the map, searching for the island on which he found the lulu berry. After finding Liama island, he looked at the area south. His lips curled darkly as he saw the only island south of there. And shaped like a lulu berry too. How absolutely dashing. Draco ran a hand through his smooth blonde hair.

He said the name of the island, just to feel the syllables roll gracefully of his tongue. He said one more time before he put the map into a conveniently placed pocket.

The name of the island echoed from the planks as he walked into his quarters to mark the course. He grinned as the island name passed through his head again.


The time that Hermione didn’t spend resting by Blaise’s bunk inside the ship was when she was sitting in her cabin, pulling everything she could from the two clues that she had, or taking 30-45 minute power naps.

Her almost sleepless nights were finally rewarded as she came to an answer. Her first destination.

Siramadra. Really, it was quite simple. She had just taken the parts of Pansy’s clue that had made no sense,

She leaned over the table slightly to pull the Ship-ish map to her. Her eyes opened in shock when she saw that Draco’s ship had moved far from Liama island, moving a distinct course south. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she saw a white object seemingly flying from his ship to Pansy’s. She zoomed in on the map until it seemed that she was right beside the unidentified flying object. She gasped in glee. A nantchuket. she smiled with delight. Her grin was gone as soon as it appeared.

Hermione did what she did best……be Hermione, of course. She began to analyze.

Why in the world would Draco Malfoy communicate with Pansy? Unless they’re together all over again, but that’s impossible. A long distance relationship? Not likely. She grasped unconsciously at the object dangling from her neck, but instead of feeling her locket under her fingers, she felt something far smaller. Hermione looked down to see Pansy’s silver necklace dangling from her neck on a chain longer that her locket, no longer tucked in her blouse. Hermione paused for a moment to examine the exquisite piece of finery.

The silver and diamond snake glinted in the lantern-light. She peered closer to find that it had emerald eyes. Hermione turned it over to find an engraving on the back.

“Curious.” she whispered into the empty air. She rummaged for a magnifying glass in her drawer. Once she found it, she put it up, and pulled it away from the snake, magnifying the letters that were engraved into the surface, for forever:

To the beauty of a snake,

Draco Malf-

“OUCH!” Hermione cried out, the amulet falling to the table. The nasty little bugger bit me! She cursed under her breath and sucked away the bit of blood that was seeping from a snake-like puncture on her index finger. She glared at the little snake on the table, which was getting larger, and writhing at that. Hermione pulled out her wand, and pointed it at the now life-sized snake, excepting anything. This was a gift from a Slytherin. Physical force wasn’t going to do anything to it. What she didn’t expect, though, were for letters, pieces of parchment, to cascade out of the snake’s mouth. A wizard’s fax machine? Hermione thought. Or just a storage box?
There were 7 letters to be exact. Hermione picked one up, her mouth dropping in shock, then to be replaced by a feeling of disgusting awe towards Captain Malfoy. Everything made sense now, the Nantucket, Pansy’s reluctance to give her the signet…It held her secret, and her only weakness.

The man had wooed the snake and stolen her clues out from under her.

Hermione shook her head in amazement. She pulled out a notebook that she had smuggled on to write out under Pansy’s name.

Weakness: Draco Malfoy.
Signet: Snake container necklace
Treasure: secured
Map and Clue: used and stored 

She tapped her chin with her pen thoughtfully and wrote several other things down under her name, then she flipped to Draco’s page and filled in what she knew:

Weakness: ???
Signet: ???
Treasure: not secured
Map and Clue: has his own and Pansy’s
Notes: Very persuasive, good liar, and has some sort of power of Pansy. 

She thought for a moment more and after realizing that she knew nothing else about the evasive Malfoy, Hermione put her notebook back where she got it from. She hesitantly walked over to her desk as an absurd thought occurred to her.

What the heck am I going to do with a diamond snake?

She snorted. Well, what do most people do with a diamond snake? She rolled her eyes and picked it up, the snake coiling up around her arm, emerald eyes almost coming alive. Hermione gasped as its nose, if snakes even have noses, touched hers, as if it was getting acquainted with her. Then it recoiled and shrunk until it was the same size that it had been in the beginning. Small. Harmless, and pretty. Hermione scoffed. Yeah right. She made a mental note to remind herself that anything by Draco Malfoy was bound to be more than it was. Maybe even the man himself. 

Hermione shook the thought away. All that that git is…is a git. 
She smiled at her wittiness then hurried back over to her desk, replacing the snake necklace under her blouse, Where it should have been in the first place. She chided it mentally. She looked back at the Ship-ish map and noted that the ferret was coming from a totally different direction. She walked out of the cabin and shouted, “Anyone who isn’t helping Blaise in any way or fashion take up your posts and head due southeast. We’re heading for the island of Siramadra!” she quickly headed below decks to go check on Blaise.

She quickly rushed down the stairs, passing by Daphne. “Is he doing ok?” she asked urgently.

Daphne shrugged. “I fed him some soup, which he threw up minutes after. His body is rejecting everything. I’m afraid that he won’t mak--”

Hermione shot a look at her. “Don’t even finish that sentence,” and brushed past her, rushing to Blaise’s bunk. “Blaise, Blaise. Are you ok?” she said, touching her hands to his face. She sat on a barrel beside him, and all of the others below left to go above and follow her orders.

He opened his eyes, eyelids seeming to weigh a ton. “Been better.” he said, jokingly, voice weak.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “Always the man of humor.”

“I try.” he laughed, the sound quickly turning into a cough. “I’m not going to make it Hermione.” he said grimly, closing his eyes. “I can feel it seeping in my bones, running through my heart. It’s eating me inside. And it doesn’t feel like a game at all.” he finished.

Hermione ran her hands through his hair, and cupped his face with her palms. “Open your eyes.” she whispered.

He did.

Hermione ran her fingers along his face, pulling the life from his eyes. He had to make it! “The day that you die is the day that books fall from the sky. And that’s never.”

Blaise grinned feebly. “Who knows? But before I go, I want you to know that I wont forget you. No matter where those idiots at Hogwarts deport me to.”

Hermione bit back tears, forcing them to the backs of her eyes. “You’re not going anywhere. Who else is going to plan on how to get the treasure with me? I need you, Zabini.”

Blaise laughed, a pained sound. “I’d like to do something though,” he said to her, clasping her hands in his. “I swear my allegiance to you, no matter where I end up, no matter who I become in the next phase of the game, I’m yours.”

He didn’t know exactly when it had happened. He thought that he was picky over his girls. After all, his aunt had divorced seven times! He wanted to learn from that. He had begun warming up to her, instead of the other way around. He actualy liked her. When he said he loved her, it was odd. He was just playing around. He knew that Hermione didn’t take it seriously.

A tear fell down Hermione’s cheek, like the first drop of a summer rain. He winced, “Aw, Captain Hell, don’t cry. It’ll be good. You’ll see me again, don’t worry.” With an afterthought, he added, “You know, the day when I told you I loved you?”

Hermione nodded.

“It wasn’t true.”

Hermione grinned dryly. “The world will end when a Slytherin professes his love to a Gryffindor.”

“True point.” Blaise said, but what he was about to say next, Hermione couldn’t deduce. “But I like you. I like you, a lot, Hermione.” With those words, she watched the life fade from his eyes.

Hermione whimpered as his hand grew slack. “I like you, too.” With her admission, he was gone. Hermione was at loss of words, for once in her life. She then did what other people usually did when they lost someone they cared for, she began to cry.

After she was done, she went up onto the deck, and everyone knew. She didn’t have to say a word.

Blaise was dead.

She went up to Arthur Bower, a shy member of her crew, yet an extraordinary carpenter. “I need you to make a coffin with a sealed bottom. How soon can you be done?”

His purple eyes mourned her out from under red eyebrows. “10 minutes tops.” and he ran out and brought supplies to the deck and began cutting and hammering away.

No one made any sound, several of the girls cried, Thaddius came and put a comforting hand on Hermione’s shoulder.

The soft summer breeze blew by, as if saying farewell to an old friend. Then a song began to float from the waters, not just the crash of waves against the ship, but an actual melody.

“Sirens.” Thaddius whispered, although Hermione already knew. She let her soul sink into the song, the lilting melody picking up her spirit’s a little bit. In the book, Fliadopia, A History, it had written about sirens. They were only dangerous during mating season, which wasn’t anytime soon. Other than that, they were great conversationalists and sang lilting songs that were sad yet tinted with a bit of hope, lifting your spirits high.

Hermione struggled not to cry as Thaddius, Sylvester, Author and Carson brought Blaise’s body up from below deck and placed him in the coffin. Hermione stopped him from nailing the lid shut and ran to her quarters for a minute. She quickly pulled out a handkerchief from her nightstand, cliché, she knew, and wrote in ink:

Don’t forget us.

And folded it quickly. She ran back out and placed it in his hand, refusing to look at his face. She nodded to Author who nailed the lid shut. The whole crew watched as the four boys tossed the casket overboard. Hermione held back a sob that threatened to escape her.

The box floated further and further away. Then, A blue flash of light erupted brilliantly where the coffin had been and Hermione knew that he was safe- that he was back at Hogwarts and alright.

Then she realized, I’ve forgotten that it’s just a game. It’s so real… She shook her head lightly and brushed away her tears. “To Siramadra!” she yelled, jerking the crew back to reality. “We can’t waste time. He’d want us to go, and he sure as bloody hell would want us to win.”

The crew agreed silently and took up their posts and set the ship due southeast.

She took a step to the helm of the ship when the impossible happened.

A book fell from the sky.

Hermione glanced at the brown leather book, obviously worn with age, her brow furrowing.

Her fingers brushed across the title in bewilderment, Peter Pan? 
She opened the book to something very different. Where the Title Page should have been was the most peculiar thing she had seen in her life.

Upon reading the handwritten words, her mouth dropped open in shock.

Blaise stumbled out of the portal and found himself in The Great Hall. He looked around for a sign of life, but found none. He went over to the silver doors of the portal and tried to open them. When he heard a big clanking he looked down and saw that a big lock had been put on them. He frowned.

Guess I can’t do anything else other than wait. he thought, sitting down, slightly irritated..

“Well, well, Mr. Blaise. What are you doing here?” Professor Snape said, coming out of the shadows from the direction of the teachers table.

“Well, I died, obviously, sir,” and apparently I ended up in Hell because you’re here to greet me. But of course, being the prudent boy that he was, he didn’t add his thoughts to his reply.

“Come here Mr. Blaise. Let’s dine, shall we?” the professor said., beckoning with a slight motion of his white hand.

Like hell I will. Blaise stood up and took a seat across the Professor. “Where’s Professor McGonagall?” he asked looking longingly at the strawberry that suddenly appeared in front of him. I haven’t had strawberries since the game started. After a moment of severe debating going on in his mind, Blaisee gave in to his odd craving for the berry known as strawberry, picked up a fork and took a stab at one.

“She is incapable of speech at the moment. She took a nasty fall earlier.” Snape said, giving nothing away. No one could ever know what he did. He even took the care of extracting that memory from the headmistress’s memories. “I do believe I’m supposed to do something about your scars, if you have ones that you wish to part with?” he asked dutifully.

Well, sure, I‘d love to part with them. I mean honestly, who would want to point to their stomach and say, ‘Oh yeah, this is from the time that Pansy Parkinson stabbed me and killed me. Great story, right? “No. I want to keep my scars, thank you.” Blaise answered.

They ate in silence. Once Blaise was done eating his allotted strawberries, he inquired, “Sir, Professor, are you going to re-admit me into the game?” he asked anxiously, wanting to get back to the adventure. “I’d like to get back soon, if you don’t mind.”

“If you want me too.” The Professor answered briskly.

“I do.” Blaise replied surely. Didn’t I just say I wanted to get back?
“Very well then.” Professor Snape said, walking over to the model of Fliadopia. His eyes swept over the map. His lips twitched in slight amusement when he saw the new action that was evolving on in the southern corner of the map. Two ships, heading for the same destination. Two different houses. Interesting.
“You were on Ms. Granger’s ship, were you not?” he asked, fully knowing the answer.

Yes I was, sir, and while I was there, I fell in like, watched her cry, and got stabbed by Pansy Parkinson, of all people. I’d rather get stabbed by a first year! Oh the horror. And then, there was all that bogus about bananas, and Thad’s singing was always incredible, and, oh wait, did I mention the time that I almost fell overboard and the sharks almost ate me? That was brilliant.
Blaise did not reply.

Professor Snape, after figuring out that his question was quite redundant, said, “I think I’ll put you on Mr. Malfoy’s. ship. The Silent Shadow, I believe he called it?”

No. It was called the Floating Sunshine. Blaise thought, impatient to leave.

The older man prattled on, “Mr. Malfoy would like that,” Professor Snape said with a slight smirk. He walked over to the doors and pulled a large silver key from his pocket and unlocked the padlock. He opened the door, which emitted a glow, and gestured for Blaise to go through.

“Tell Draco that there’s a new book in the realms..” and the professor disappeared. Blaise stared at the spot where he had just been and shook his head slightly, as if he didn’t believe what was going on.

He had just died for Merlin’s sake!

He shook his head and stepped through the portal, wondering where this cursed game would take him next. 

The Art of Dark Transfigurations: by Minerva McGonagall.

Hermione’s brow puzzled over this as she stepped into her private quarters. She flipped the page, to read about the first spell in the book when a tapping erupted on her window.

She closed the book, agitated. “What else could possibly happen today?” Hermione walked over the window, unfixed the latch, and yanked it open.

Her eyes opened wide. A nantchuket. For her. She grinned slightly and let the creature in, grabbing some dried fruits from a tray on desk. The small animal perched on the windowsill, in all of its glory.

Hermione took a moment to classify all of it’s features in her mind. It was small, fast, black, and a lightning shaped scar covered its mane. Hermione’s first thought was of Harry, who too, had a lightning shaped scar.

“What have you got for me?” she cooed, making a small bed for the creature.

It glided over to her gracefully and nodded it’s head to where it’s pouch was. She smiled and pulled out a letter, addressed to her. She looked at the seal, and her eyes went wide. It was from the king!!! She could just tell by the snitch imprint!

The Nantchuket scampered off the bed that she had made him and set off for his nap as Hermione ripped the seal and opened the letter to Harry’s familiar writing.


It’s been such a long time. I know that I’m not supposed to be contacting you at all, I’m supposed to be trying to kill you (sorry, rules are rules, but you know I think that they were meant to be broken). You’re probably frowning at my idiocy, (she totally was) but I just had to write to you. Everything here at town is amazing. I mean, I know I get first class, but I’ve disguised myself several times as a commoner and went out and it’s sooo different from what we’ve been introduced to. It really is real. There’s so many extras here, people that I’ve never met. There are all these old people in court, Neville and Luna have been getting along and everyone is “courting” everyone else. Except for Ron. All he does it talk about you. It’s driving me up the wall. All that anyone does around him is hear about how wonderful you are and I thought that I should let you know. Maybe you could write him or contact him or something? It’s getting a little-bit annoying. Other than that, Everything’s great. How’s it feel to be a pirate?


Hermione re-read the letter. Especially the part about Ron. Her brow furrowed. She had told Ron that she didn’t like him like that before he left. She had…. And he obviously thought it was some ploy to make him love her more. Brilliant. Hermione shook her head slightly and scribbled back a reply.


I told Ron after the war, (and before that, and before the time I told him before the war, and on many other numerous occasions) that I would never like him like that. He’s like a brother to me. You know that. Tell him that I said ‘Hi‘, and to set his sites on someone else. I’m going to win this game, Harry, and I’m going to apologize right now for anything that I do that seems out of character, and I don’t want to hurt our friendship, so you’ll have to forgive me in advance. Pirating is fun, it’s a whole different life and I’m really happy that I wasn’t a lady. The life of a lady must be very boring. And about writing these letters to me, I hope you know what you’re doing. I won’t get punished for this, but you would. So be careful. How’s being a king?


She woke up the little Nantucket. “Time to go little one.” she said, petting its little body. She tucked the letter in the pouch and fed it a piece of chocolate. It nuzzled in her hand and looked her in the eye. For the strangest reason, Hermione felt like crying at the little creatures departure. It looked back once more and then disappeared out the window. Hermione hugged herself and watched it go She stood by the window for several minutes, watching the world pass by wave, after wave, after wave...

The clouds sailed the sky merrily, seagulls chasing after one another playfully.

Her eyes jolted open. Seagulls?

She threw the door of her private quarters back and stepped outside into the blinding sunlight. It was not yet afternoon. The morning’s activities and Blaise’s death had made it seem like it had been a whole day.

“Land ho, Captain!” Thaddius bellowed.

She rushed onto the deck and stood at the helm, taking in the site before her. 

Blaise landed on Draco’s ship with a jolt. His eyes danced among the non-familiar ships surfaces, taking in its unusual property of seeming like a shadow- almost there, yet almost not. He shook his head slightly, walking over to the railing, looking at the Island that was featured by the view from the starboard side. He held the rail with his strong hands and closed his eyes for a moment, taking in the cold atmosphere of this ship.

Draco walked out of his cabin into the afternoon air. He had just eaten lunch down in the galley and was getting ready to make rowboat for the island. They had finally reach Siramadra. Draco felt a rush of victory. I am first! he smirked as he bit into his green apple. He chewed, a slight drop of juice dribbling out the left corner of his lip. He was about to swallow, when he saw a familiar, yet not familiar figure on the railing. The figure turned to him, and Draco’s eyes went wide when he saw who it was.

Then he choked.

A fit of coughing later, Bloody Apple, Draco thought, cursing the fruit with all his might. “Blaise! What are you doing here?”

Blaise smiled as he walked over to his friend and they embraced, like old friends do. “I died, and got sent here.”

Draco’s face paled slightly. “Who killed you?” he said, leading the conversation up to the helm of the ship.

“You would never believe it. Hermione and I were just returning from plundering--”

“Granger?” Draco asked, a little too quickly. “What were you doing with her?” he said incredulously as he put his hand on the wheel of the ship, his pale hand contrasting with the shadowy demeanor of the ship.

“Can I finish my story?” Blaise asked, tone defensive and guarded.

“Not until you tell me what you were doing with Granger.” he replied briskly.

“Since you’re being so adamant about it, I guess I’ll tell you. I was part of her crew these past…however long has past. She and I became really good friends,” he said with a pained voice, but Draco missed it, “thus the use of her first name. We had just finished plundering Parkinson’s ship, when---”

But Draco, being the obvious interjector that he was, and to the rising irritation of Blaise, asked, “Friends? With Granger? That’s a joke, right? And Parkinson? You attacked her ship? When was this, she never told me anything about that!”

Blaise looked at his friend with an odd face. He decided to ignore the first three questions, and therefore, commenced to the fourth. “Yes, Parkinson. She fought Hermione most of the time, I was Hermione’s second, so I got to watch the fight. They’re both really good swordswomen. You wouldn’t think so until you with them. Granger taught me everything I know. Pansy couldn’t have told you about it, because she was a little…tied up at that moment.” he took the pause after this to chuckle to himself.

“ Anyways, back to my story that you were so excited about hearing earlier,” he said, shooting a glare at Draco, who smirked and turned his attention on finding a spot to park his ship. “We had just finished plundering Parkinson’s ship, we were just leaving, when I felt a hot spot on my stomach and--”

“By all means, keep talking!” Draco said, covering a yawn “I always yawn when I’m interested.” he finished with a mock-tired attitude.

“Oh, shut up, Draco.” Blaise continued, “ As I was saying, she had pulled a dagger from her boot and had thrown it into my stomach as I was swinging off her ship. Granger tired to keep me alive…but couldn’t. Darling Pansy had poisoned her blade before slicing me with it.” he finished bitterly, hand tracing the scar on his stomach.

“She was always a merry murderess at heart.” Draco said. “All sickly sweet with her perfect nails and then BAM. You’re gone.” he finished. “But now, Blaise, if you’ll pardon me, that’d be great.” he said, excusing himself. “ I have to get a couple more things before part of my crew and I leave to win this blasted game. You can come if you want.”

Hermione will be somewhere out there. Blaise thought. “I’d like that.”

“Then I’ll see you here on deck in 5 minutes, then. But till then, you can take a look around.” said Draco, tapping an imaginary hat and taking his leave, leaving Blaise with one thought. He’d make a better gentleman than a pirate. He shook the thought away, seeing that Draco felt completely home on this shadow of a ship. He stepped from the helm and proceeded to do what his best friend had told him to. Look around.

Hermione looked at the amazing Island before her. A large cliff rose out of the side on the point of the island, the other side was simply a shore. She looked closer and saw that a stream flowed through the island. Most likely has fresh water somewhere. she thought offhandedly, taking in the lush vegetation. She smiled at her crew that had gathered by her. “Looks like this is it crew! Down to the life boats, and lets go and find this treasure!”

She had previously, in the daily meetings that she held, informed them of most of what she knew. She couldn’t tell them everything, she was going to avoid all chances of anything relating to a mutiny. They knew the situation. Draco’s crew was here too. They all had to be quiet. She had left 7 of her crew behind, taking 5 with her. Thaddius, Susan, Silvester, Jem, and Daphne went with her. Blaise should have been here. she thought, pained. If only I hadn’t failed him. I wasn’t careful enough. If I loose anyone today…..She instantly cut off that thread of thought. That will NOT happen.

She shook her head, threw her rucksack over her shoulder, made sure she had her sword and stepped into the lifeboat with her selected. She looked each one into the eyes. ’We are going to win. We must be careful. You know the stakes, you know the situation. We are silence itself, understand?” she said forcefully, demandingly, leaving no room for questions.

No one said a word. The lifeboat was then lowered.

Hermione watched her ship get smaller as they rowed towards the island. She then looked at the island that loomed larger with each passing second, beckoning her ship.

Finally, the evasive island where it would all end.


Draco jumped into the rowboat with a huge smile on his face and took a seat next to Blaise. “Let me introduce the crew of the rowboat. That,” he said, pointing to a redhead boy with green eyes, “ Is John Lawson. The one sitting beside him there, that’s Tony Triggerson. The girl--”

“I can introduce myself.” Raven said snappily, completely over her captains good-looks. She turned her eyes to Blaise and smiled. He found that he didn’t like it all. “I’m Raven Trapper.”

Blaise looked her over quickly, noticing the many hidden weapons on her person. ‘Nice to meet you.” Not.

She had noticed him looking her over. “I’m harmless really, no need to be frightened.”

“Oh, I’m not.” he replied, smirking.

“This is excellent. No one else is on the island, we’re the first ones to come, and we’re sure to win.” Draco said confidently.

A chorus of agreements came from the other three in the little boat. Blaise looked at him, a dark eyebrow raised. “Don’t be so sure.”

Draco threw his friend a look. “Oh come on, what could possibly happen?”

Blaise remained silent. Hermione’s gonna kick your tail if you don’t watch out. But of course, being the great, encouraging friend that he was, he didn’t say that.

Draco leaned back against the ship, closing his eyes and savoring the feel of the warm sun on his skin. He smirked. It’s so blissfully perfect. I’m going to win today. No doubt about it.
His eyes opened as a shadow fell over his face, he looked up at the island that loomed up over them. His smirk grew wider.

At last.