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There's Time For Love by SongBird09

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 17,407
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 02/04/2008
Last Chapter: 07/14/2008
Last Updated: 07/14/2008

James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin accidentally went through time to the future and met Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione.
James and Harry were both having problems in love. So, they decided to team up and help each other in capturing the heart of the woman they fancied...
But their teaming up is not only for that purpose, but also to vanguish the Dark Lord...

Chapter 5: Dating Opportunities

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“So it’s the flames that caused you to travel all the way here?” Hermione asked, her expression brightening as Lily nodded. “Wow! I used to only read up on the Flames of Anastolgicia, but seriously, I’ve never seen it before.”


“Yeah me too. It’s kind of exciting when we’re reading about it but to experience it, it’s quite scary.” Lily nodded her head.


Ginny looked over at Hermione and Lily who were sitting on the loveseat just in front of the fireplace and were really engrossed in talking about the Flames of Anastolgicia. She wasn’t really keeping track on what Hermione and Lily were talking about. Ginny sighed with boredom as she gave a wide yawn. She was feeling very tired because she can’t get any sleep after their meeting with Dumbledore a few hours ago. Lily was in the same boat as her. Lily was wide awake beside her and constantly kept tossing around. Alas, the two girls decided to get dressed for the morning and went down to the common room. Ginny introduced Lily to Hermione and explained the situation. And as Ginny expected, Hermione was a little taken aback at first before truly accepting the fact.


“Ginny! Is it true what Lily said?” Hermione questioned suddenly causing Ginny to perk up. Ginny widened her eyes which cast a little bit of confusion as she was not sure what Hermione was talking about. Ginny decided to pretend that she was still in tuned to what Hermione was talking about and just nodded her head.


“What?! I think that’s great Ginny!” Hermione squealed as she gave a quick hug to Ginny. Lily was chuckling slightly at Ginny’s expression.


“Wait. Why are you hugging me?” Ginny looked over at Hermione questioningly, then back at Lily.


“I can’t believe it!” Hermione said again, obviously she hadn’t heard Ginny’s question. “I can’t wait to see you and Harry as a couple! Finally!”


“WHAT?” Ginny exclaimed, totally confused and slightly angry now.


“What? Did I say something wrong?” Hermione frowned.


“Hermione! What are you talking about? What is this about Harry and me?” Ginny had her hands covering her face as she talked. She wasn’t really expecting this so early in the morning. She could feel her blush creeping up her cheeks slowly.


“Aren’t the two of you showing your true feelings to each other?”


“No! We’re not. And we never had!” Ginny protested, now looking up and staring at Hermione.


“But Lily told me…” Hermione left her speech hanging as she glanced at Lily, who was now grinning slyly.


“Lily!” Ginny cried. “It isn’t like that ok.”


“Blimey! You should have seen you two yesterday! Believe me Hermione, they almost looked like they were cuddling each other in Dumbledore’s office!” Lily replied.


“It isn’t what you think. I was just giving Harry an assuring ‘pat’. Something you would do too, Hermione.” Ginny said as she cringed her face at Hermione.


“But to give Harry a cuddle, I just wouldn’t!” Hermione grinned.


“Oh! Stop it you two! I’m over him already!” Ginny scowled, folding her arms across her chest defiantly.


“Yeah right. I still caught you writing in a diary, probably pouring your heart out about your endless love for Harry Potter.” Hermione accused causing Ginny to pout her lips.


“No I do not.” Ginny rolled her eyes. Then she caught Hermione sneering before continuing, “Oh ok! I’ve been writing in a diary but only a small part of it is about Harry.”


Ginny could feel herself blushing even more. Hermione and Lily were looking at each other with satisfied smiles. “What about you Hermione, I noticed you can’t take your eyes off Ron this few days. And may I ask you why is that?” Ginny asked, a knowing look in her eye.


“Ron? Who’s Ron?” Lily asked, a little confused.


“He’s no one Lily, don’t listen to Ginny.” Hermione said as she tried to distract Lily.


“Well Lily, Ron is my brother. And Hermione is head over heels in love with him but would never admit it.” Ginny raised her voice a little to get Lily’s attention back.


“Really?” Lily asked, her eyes wide with excitement.


“Stop it Ginny. It’s a lie Lily, don’t listen to her.” Hermione protested. “It’s just a silly crush. We’re always having rows so we’re just not suitable.”


“Yeah right! You practically drool over him. But hey! I just noticed, they’re just like you and James! Always fighting but deep inside the heart, there’s still love… Aww…” Ginny purred as she grinned and Lily gave a scowl.


“What do you mean like me and James? We’re nothing!” Lily said.


“Oh really? Then how do you explain the existence of Harry Potter then? And what about yesterday? You admitted that you might fancy James!” Ginny eyed Lily curiously. Her lips were curled up into another evil grin.


“Ok!” Lily raised up her hands, attracting Ginny’s attention before she got a chance to torment both her and Hermione about their love lives. “I think I’m starting to like James and….” Lily paused a for a while, as she looked around at the other two girls in front of her, “since I noticed, the three of us have problems with our love lives, why don’t we help each other?”

“No need to help me. I’m over him remember?” Ginny said again. She was praying silently that Hermione and Lily would leave her out of this pact.


“Oh no you won’t!” Lily and Hermione shrieked together.


“No Lily, Hermione. I just can’t. It would be really embarrassing.” Ginny explained, hoping the two girls would understand. She could still remember the silly incidents that happened to her when she had her crush on Harry a few years ago.


“Listen Ginny,” Lily seated herself beside Ginny. She placed an assuring pat on Ginny’s shoulder. “From what I observed, there might be a chance that Harry might fancy you. It doesn’t hurt to try right? Besides, what harm could happen?”


Ginny thought for a moment. What Lily said was true. Besides, there’s still a small part of her still hoping that Harry might fancy her a bit. “Um… I guess there’s no harm in trying right?” Ginny nodded her head cheekily as Hermione and Lily cried out excitedly.


“No harm in trying what?”


Immediately, Ginny, Lily and Hermione turned to see James, Sirius and Remus coming down the stairs from the boys’ dormitory. The trio had an amused expression on their faces. James looked over at the three girls and smiled. “Well, no harm trying what?” James asked again.


“Nothing. Nothing in particular.” Ginny replied avoiding James’ eyes.


“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Sirius said as he walked over towards Hermione before sitting down beside her. “A new friend I see…”

“Please Sirius. Your charms don’t work on me. So, just shut up.” Hermione gave Sirius a small, forced smile.


“Why is it, every time I meet a girl and wanna get to know her, she just knows and will tell me to shut up?” Sirius whined causing James and Remus to laugh out loud. “And what’s your name by the way?”


“I’m Hermione, Ginny’s and Harry’s friend.”


“Bestfriend indeed.” Lily pointed out.


“Oh! Then I guess you already know us then.” Remus said as he too sat on the loveseat, on Hermione’s other side. Soon, Hermione and Remus were engulfed in a conversation, leaving Sirius out.


“See James, girls just don’t appreciate my charming character just yet!” Sirius sighed.


“That’s why you should learn from the expert here!” James gestured to himself as he carelessly squeezed himself on the couch in between Ginny and Lily. The two girls scowled and stared hard at James, but still giving him space to sit down.


“Sorry Ginny,” James smiled at Ginny before turning his head to face Lily. “Hello my lovely wife-to-be.”


“Stop calling me that James. I don’t find it amusing.” Lily said as she folded her arms across her chest. Ginny was just sitting there and had a hand covering her mouth. She was trying very hard not to let her giggles to be that audible.


“Oh sure Lily. But I know that deep down inside, you expect me to call you more than that right?” James wiggled his eye brows at Lily. He had his arms sprawled across Lily’s shoulder and he was moving closer towards her.


“Argh! Get away from me James!” Lily cried as she tried to push James away. She had no idea that her face was turning scarlet by the minute. Besides, she didn’t realize that she was enjoying the way James was trying to hold her close.


“James, you are so much worse than Harry.” Ginny shook her head disbelievingly.


“What? James worse? You should have seen Harry just now!” Sirius howled with his barking laughter.


“Huh? What do you mean?” Ginny asked, looking slightly confused.


“Um nothing, he just had a bad dream.” James smiled nervously, pulling his hand away from Lily’s shoulders.


“Bad dream? What is it about? Where is Harry? Is he okay?” Lily asked in a worried voice. Ginny also had the same expression etched across her face.


“It’s just that he had dreams, it’s not that serious. Don’t worry, it’s nothing.” James said as he stood up, walking away from the prying eyes of Lily and Ginny. “I’m Harry’s father and I know how to handle such situations.”


“Well, if you hadn’t notice, I’m Harry’s mother and I too have the right to know what kind of bad dreams my son had. He needs my care and concern too.” Lily said.


“Well, I don’t think you can do anything about this Lily.” Sirius cut in causing Lily to throw him a murderous glare.


Their attention was then distracted by loud footsteps coming from the boys’ dormitory. Harry was coming down the stairs with Ron following close behind. Ginny looked up brightly as she took in Harry’s form inside her mind. His hair was still wet from his shower and he looked good in jeans and his green sweatshirt with its long sleeves being rolled up till his elbows. Ginny exhaled deeply, enjoying the cute scenery in front of her. Harry shifted his gaze over to her and gave her the most dazzling smile she had ever seen. She returned it with a small grin and soon she could feel the warmness creeping up her cheeks.


“Good morning!” Harry called out to the rest of his companions in the common room. “This is Ron Weasley, my best mate.”


Ron held up a hand and murmured a few ‘hellos’. He looked a bit pale and was cautiously throwing a hopeful glance at Hermione who did not seem to notice him. She was still busy talking to Remus about the meeting with Dumbledore a few hours before. He walked over to Sirius with his head bent low before sliding into an empty chair beside him.


“You look troubled. Care to share with me?” Sirius asked a curious glint in his eyes.


Ron shifted in his seat a little. He wanted to talk to somebody. The first person on his mind was Harry but seeing that his best mate was a little busy in conversation with James, Ron felt as if he had no choice but to talk to Sirius. He started telling Sirius of his crush on Hermione and that he had planned to ask Hermione out next Saturday for the Hogsmeade trip. Once in a while, Sirius would nod in understanding before sharing some tips with the red head on his famous techniques on courting girls.


“Harry? Are you okay?” Lily asked as she touched Harry’s forehead lightly with the back of her hands.


“Lily um mum? What are you doing? I’m fine.” Harry pushed Lily’s hand away. Indeed he actually felt a little odd at having a mother, or somewhat a girl for now, smothering over him like that.


“James told me you had a bad dream. Oh you poor thing…”


Harry stared hard at Lily who was now trying to straighten his messy black hair. Then, he shot James a dirty look before glancing around at Ginny. She was sitting down with her hands cradling her face, not even looking at Harry. The longer Harry looked at her, the faster his heart kept beating until his hands were sweating. James caught onto this and grinned wide. ‘You didn’t tell her did you?’ Harry mouthed over to James, not wanting to let either Lily or Ginny, who was quite close by, hear him.


‘No. I didn’t. Don’t worry.’ James mouthed back as he shook his head.


“Hey! Let’s get some breakfast. I’m starving!” Sirius called out.


“Yeah me too!” Ron chorused, grinning wildly, obviously feeling relatively happy after his short discussion with Sirius. The eight of them motioned out of the portrait hole and walked towards the Great Hall.


By the time they reached the Great Hall, it was still quite empty. Most of the students were still not out of bed yet. But nonetheless, breakfast was already served, which pleased Ron very much. They settled down in the Gryffindor table and started on their breakfast.


“By the way,” Remus started as he scooped out scrambled eggs into his plate. “When Dumbledore said that he’ll be meeting my future self in a few days, does that mean that I can get to see myself in my older version?”


“Um ya. Professor Lupin always visits Dumbledore at least every week.” Ginny said.


“He usually comes to deliver news about the Order.” Harry added, munching ravishingly on his apple pie.


“Oh really? Why didn’t he just send the news through owls? Isn’t that faster?” James asked, frowning slightly.


“Owls aren’t safe anymore James. We’re taking great precautions here.” Hermione answered. “Especially with the Dark Lord rising again.”


“Dark Lord? As in Voldermort?” Sirius, who was suddenly getting on the conversation, asked. Ron groaned at the sound of Voldermort’s name being spoken, but was totally ignored by the rest of them.


“Yes.” Harry, Ginny and Hermione replied in unison, receiving ohs and ahs from round the table.


“So is Voldermort out for the fight yet?” It was Remus’ turn to ask and again Ron groaned.


“Nah. He’s still not shown himself yet. But I could tell you that we are ready for him. Oh I really am.” Harry said without realizing that he was clenching his fists.


Then again, they started to continue eating their breakfast in silence before they heard a muffle of whispers coming over from Ron and Sirius. They were talking in a much too low voices that Harry found himself a little curious to know what the two of them are discussing about. Suddenly, it hit Harry that there might be a possibility that Sirius was telling Ron about Harry’s dreams. A wave of panic started to envelope him. His munching of his breakfast was getting weaker and his face was turning more pale by the minute.


“What’s wrong Harry?” Harry looked up almost immediately to see Ginny leaning closer to his side. As he looked straight at her, he was totally aware that her face was just inches from his. Harry managed to gulp down the bits of food that remained in his mouth, so as to hide his nervousness.


“Um um yeah! I’m just just… fine!” Harry stammered, not taking his eyes off Ginny. He heard a snort coming from his opposite direction, that he was so sure belonged to James.


“Oh ok.” Ginny said and turned away, leaving Harry a little red in the face. At that reaction, Harry silently cursed himself for not acting properly in front of Ginny. How immature Potter! Harry sighed.


“Erm… Hermione, would you like to um go to Hogsmeade um with me next week?” Ron’s voice suddenly filled the silent atmosphere. Harry gaped in surprised at his best mate. He didn’t expect Ron to be asking Hermione out on a Hogsmeade weekend! Harry shifted his gaze from Ron to Hermione, then back to Ron. Harry knew his mouth was slightly opened due to the shocking surprise. Sirius on the other hand, let out a howl while James and surprisingly, Remus wolf-whistled.


“Well? Is it a yes or no?” Ron muttered spontaneously at Hermione’s silence. She was just staring at him with an empty look. Then, she smiled lightly, causing Ron’s heart to flutter with hope, before she turned away from him to talk to Lily quietly.

Ron scowled. “Girls, they’re just mental!” He muttered under his breath before stuffing a croissant bun into his mouth.


“That’s really brave Ron. I’m proud of you.” James whispered. “But there’s something missing. You shouldn’t listen to Padfoot. Let me show you the appropriate way of courting.” Sirius’ grin faded upon hearing James words.


“Well Prongs, I’ll expect you to do better.” Sirius rolled his eyes at his best mate. “But I just think it’ll be worse.” Sirius grinned slyly.


“Shut up you prat.” James remarked before turning away from Sirius. Harry watched his father stood up and walked over to Lily who was on the other side of the bench.


“Lily…” James called out sweetly causing Lily to look up from her conversation with Hermione. “It’s Hogsmeade weekend next week. Let’s go out for a date?” Harry was actually feeling quite proud of James as his father didn’t look nervous at all.


Harry held his breath. He was so sure that Lily would be saying ‘yes’. Of course that’s what Harry thought, especially after her knowing that she and James were going to be married one day and would be having a great son like him, Harry Potter. But Lily’s reaction totally surprised Harry. She just looked straight at James, then back to Hermione and Ginny. Suddenly, the three girls started giggling uncontrollably. James and Ron snorted, obviously not appreciating this. James walked back to his seat, feeling very much heartbroken and embarrased. Sirius sneered and Harry sighed, relieved. He felt lucky that he wasn’t in the same boat as Ron and James – at having rejected publicly. But he didn’t feel lucky for long if it wasn’t for Sirius…


“Hey Ginny!” Sirius smiled sweetly, keeping his charms on. “Harry here, too shy to ask you out for the Hogsmeade trip… So you wanna go with him?” Sirius grinned mischievously.


Without waiting any longer, Harry smacked Sirius on the back of his head, hard. Ginny on the other hand scowled and said, “Shut up Sirius! Stop making fun of it. It’s not funny!”


“Ouch! Harry! I’m your Godfather and you’re hitting me?” Sirius stared at Harry with his mouth hanging open.


Harry ignored Sirius and turned towards Ginny. She looked really angry. Lily and Hermione were trying to comfort her from across the table. Once in a while, they shot Sirius a dirty look. Harry sighed as he peeked at Ginny from the corner of his eye. Harry was not sure what his feelings for Ginny were. Yes, he dreamt of Ginny, often in awkward scenes. Yes, he could feel himself practically drooling just by looking at her and at the point of time, he shuddered as he felt Ginny’s thighs brushing against his. Yes, he longed to just hold her tight and snog her senseless. But he was certainly aware of some things – unfortunately yes, she used to fancy him but he never did give a damn about it. Unfortunately yes, he had always treated her as his best mate’s little sister until recently. And unfortunately yes, he was extremely sure that she was already over him!


Harry sighed again as he saw Ginny standing up and walked away from him, out of the Great Hall, together with Lily and Hermione at her sides. Harry bit his bottom lip so as not to show his disappointment as he poked on his breakfast using his fork, without realizing he was being observed closely by James, Sirius, Remus and Ron.