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In Emerald Eyes by Midnight Ink

Format: Novella
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 50,776
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/29/2007
Last Chapter: 01/27/2009
Last Updated: 01/27/2009



Leap into Lily’s world and see what life is like through Emerald Eyes. 
Delve into her thoughts which.... rather worryingly... all  seem to be centred around James Potter.

A light-hearted romance with comedy straight from the mind of Lily Evans herself.

I'm astounded over 20,000 reads Thanks to all who have recommended and reviewed this.

Chapter 13: Knife's Edge

Both looked down at her hand where the dagger lay embedded in her palm. Lily’s left hand moved across her body and gripped the handle and James was running and shouting at her again.

“Lily don’t pull…”

Lily looked up at him, expressionless as a shower of blood hit the floor and with a resounding clatter so did the dagger. A look of confusion creased Lily’s forehead. James was speaking to her but she didn’t hear him or anything else, just a ringing in her ears. Why does James look so worried? It doesn’t hurt at all. I wonder who thought it would be funny to try and chop my hand in half?

“What the hell did you do that for?” Sirius screamed at a group of Slytherins leaning against the corridor wall looking amused.

“We just wanted to see how dirty her blood really is.”

My blood isn’t dirty… look at the puddle on the floor, bright red.

“Why you-” Sirius raised his wand.

“Sirius no! Help me!” James shouted. “NOW!” James took Lily’s damaged hand in both of his tenderly, as if he were holding the most delicate, precious thing in the world.

“God, Prongs is that…?”

“Bone? Yes. We have to stop the bleeding.”

“How?” Sirius couldn’t take his eyes from the gaping wound, it was morbidly fascinating and completely sickening. James didn’t answer but let go of Lily, placed his right hand on Sirius’ shoulder his left on Sirius’ cuff and pulled tearing the sleeve right off of his shirt.

“Hold her arm up,” ordered James.

Sirius did as he was commanded in somewhat of a daze.

“James?” asked an extremely pale Lily.

James looked up from where he was tying the makeshift tourniquet as tightly as possible around her wound. “It’s ok Lily.”

“No, I don’t think it is… You see, I’m going to faint now.”

James had just finished securing the knot when her legs buckled. Sirius held her up by the shoulder as James took her face in his hands.

“Lily? Lily!” She opened her glossy eyes and looked straight at him. “Lily you have to stay awake, ok? Lily, answer me.”


“Ok.” James swept her up in his arms, one under her knees the other behind her back, she felt like a rag doll. “Sirius, put her arm on her chest, it’s got to stay above her heart, that’s it.” When he was sure she wouldn’t fall he began to run to the staircase only to be stopped before he got to the first step.

Snape stood in front of him.

“Out of my way.”

“I can heal her. Lily? Please, let me help. Lily?”

Lily cowered away from the greasy boy.

“James,” she begged in a whisper as she buried her face in his chest.

“I think you and your friends have done enough damage already,” Sirius growled, stepping forward threateningly, hate radiating from every cell in his body.

“Move,” James demanded in a terrifyingly quiet voice, his expression ugly and as dark as it was possible to be. “Move or Sirius is going to move you and I’m not going to stop him this time.”

Sirius took another step forward shaking with barely controlled rage and this time Snape wisely decided to back up. James ran up the steps and was at the first twist in the staircase before he paused and looked back to see that Sirius and Snape’s eyes were still locked, each one pouring out palpable malice.

“Padfoot!” Black snapped out of it and looked at James. “Get Dumbledore, tell him what happened, no detours, do it now!” James flew round the corner and up the stairs to the hospital wing. He crashed backwards through the doors and lay Lily gently on the closest bed.

“James?” Her voice was barely audible.

“It’s alright Lily,” he said moving her hair from her clammy forehead. “POPPY! POPPY!” he shouted at the top of his voice as Lily’s eyes fluttered. “Stay awake Lily, POPPY!”

“James, is that…? What happened?!” Madame Pomfrey pushed James aside to look at Lily. She was deathly pale, her eyes dull, her breathing shallow and the material wrapped around her right hand was soaked with blood, her and James’ shirts and the bed sheets were also stained red.

“Dagger…a dagger…pulled it out….couldn’t stop her…blood…bone…blood!” he panted out, his thoughts swimming, fast and incoherent now.

“Ok James, you did well,” she said calmly, sparing a second to give him a quick appraising glance. “Let’s see how bad this is.” She deftly removed the bandage and gasped at the site.

The knife had cut down to the bone right across her palm. Poppy paled at the sight and James realised just how bad it must be. Madame Pomfrey summoned a bottle.

“It’s slashed right to the bone, if she wants the use of her fingers back at all we have to work fast. Potter I need you to restrain her.”


“If you want to save her don’t ask, do.” James ran to the other side of the bed as Poppy unscrewed the vile, a flurry of smoke spiralled out when the stopper was removed. “Press down on her shoulders, keep her still James.” He did as he was told with a helpless look on his face. Madame Pomfrey held Lily’s wrist, pinning her arm to her aproned body. She took a deep breath, nodded at James and upended the bottle onto Lily’s open palm.

Lily screamed. She writhed in searing agony, trying to pull her hand from the mediwitch as James held her struggling, kicking form to the bed. Pomfrey kept pouring and Lily kept screaming. It was the most piercing, heart rendering sound he had ever heard. He wanted to press his hands to his ears, anything to block out the noise but he held her down, he screwed up his eyes and turned his head to the side. Finally, the bottle was empty and Lily’s body went slack as she panted, shook and sobbed. But it was too late, that sound and the terrifying image were imprinted on James’s memory forever, as was the guilt that came from knowing he had let Poppy do that to her.

James sunk onto the edge of the bed letting Lily curl into a ball around him crying and trembling. Her left arm still held up by Madame Pomfrey who was performing spell after spell to close the wound. James held Lily’s good hand in both of his as she rested her forehead against the side of his leg. He tried to calm her, stroking her hair and cheek.

Poppy let go of her arm and Lily pulled it quickly to her chest, she was too disoriented for the moment to even realise that it was in a cast. James looked up at the healer expectantly.

“The wound’s closed but in order for the muscles and ligaments to knit properly she’ll have to keep it in a cast for several weeks. The artery was sliced open, that’s why there was so much blood, but I’ve fixed that too.” James nodded and looked down at Lily. “Lily, I need you to drink these, it’s a calming drought and a blood replenishing potion.” Lily refused to look at the school nurse and shook her head weakly. “You don’t have a choice Miss Evans, you must drink them.” Lily shook her head again.

“Come on Lily,” James implored, Lily looked him in the eyes with such a forlorn and pitiable expression he almost told Poppy to stick her stupid potions. “Come on,” he said again and helped her into a sitting position. She wavered so he swung his legs up onto the bed next to her and pulled so that she was leaning her back against his chest. He took one cup from Madame Pomfrey then the other, holding them to Lily’s lips and making sure she drank them before assisting the healer in tying Lily’s arm into a sling.

“Are you still in pain Miss Evans?” Lily shook her head. “Then you need to rest, James…”

“I’m staying,” he interrupted and even Poppy knew not to argue when he insisted. Lily snuggled up against James exhausted, her eyes were red but she was no longer crying. James dried her tear stained face with a clean section of his shirt and stroked her hair slowly. He took her good hand in his. “Are you ok Lily? You’re still shaking.”

“No James, that’s you,” she replied groggily. James tried to hold his hand out straight but found that he couldn’t stop the tremors, with a sigh he gave up and clasped Lily’s instead. Lily drifted in and out of sleep, awake each time just long enough to assure herself of James’s continued presence before falling back into unconsciousness.

On one such occasion she heard Dumbledore and James talking, they were standing at the side of her bed, James’ clothes still stained burgundy with her blood.

“All expelled of course,” the Headmaster was saying. “Although sometimes I wonder which is worse, to have them here where our students are at risk or to have them out there where the world is in danger. Now tell me, what of Severus? Was he involved in this?”

“I don’t think so sir, he was present but I don’t believe he took part. He is capable of many things, of this too I am sure but not to Lily. Never to Lily.”

James defending Severus? Not possible. She opened her eyes, she was sure she would know James’ voice anywhere but she still felt she ought to check.

“You are sure?”

“Yes.” Although it was the perfect opportunity to get Snape kicked out of school and away from Lily for good, James didn’t take it.

“Very well. Miss Evans?”

“Lily?” James turned to look at her but she was already back asleep.


“Got any chocolate Peter?” James asked.

“For Lily you mean?”

“No, for me. I feel like I’ve gone ten rounds with a dementor and lost all of them.”

“Oh James.” Tia’s voice sounded sympathetic, she sniffed and it sounded to Lily as if she’d been crying but she had yet to work up the energy to open her eyes and check.

“So what did Pomfrey have to say?” asked a voice that definitely had Remus’ patient, caring timbre to it spoke.

“After all the scary stuff like ‘If she’d lost much more blood… If she wasn’t such a strong witch… If she wasn’t so healthy she could easily have died, or lost the use of her wand hand’ you mean? Just that she’d have to wear the cast and sling while it heals. It’ll be weak for a long while, she might have a small scar but if she does the physio any permanent damage will be limited.”

“There might be permanent damage?” Tia whispered.

“Poppy doesn’t really know. We just have to wait and see, she said Lily was lucky I acted so quickly or she might not have made it at all.”

“Great, of all the people to have my life indebted to it has to be this fool!” Lily muttered a little hoarsely.

“Lily,” James exclaimed as Sirius barked with laughter. “You’re awake.”

“So it would seem.”

“And she comes up swinging.” Remus smiled at her, Lily winked as she tried to sit up using just one hand.

“That’s me. Thanks,” she told James as he helped her up, arranging the pillows behind her then perching on the side of her cot.

“How are you feeling Lily?” a worried Tia asked.

“Ok I guess. Bit disappointed to see I’ve still got all my fingers attached, I thought I’d finally found a way to stop you nagging me about giving me a manicure.”

Sirius, Peter and Remus laughed, James however turned white, didn’t she realise how close she’d come to just that?

“That’s not funny Lily,” Tia said she looked close to tears again.


“Come on Tia,” Sirius said putting his arm around her shoulders and giving her a gentle squeeze. “Lily’s fine, aren’t you Lily?”

Lily smiled and nodded, “Yeah T, I’m good as can be, come on you can be the first to sign my cast.”

“I can?”

“Sure, come here.” Lily waved her over and gave her sniffling and now smiling friend a hug.

“You sure you’re ok Lily?” James asked concernedly.

“I’m fine James.” Lily clasped his hand with her small one. When she turned to talk with Remus she kept it resting on his and he turned his palm up and closed it around her perfectly dainty one.

“Remus, do you think you could do my rounds with James tonight? I have a feeling that I won’t be escaping Pomfrey’s prison in time.”

“Of course. I’ll lend you today’s notes when you get out too, if you like.”

“Thank you Remus.”

“If we don’t go soon guys, we’re going to miss dinner.”

“Is that all you think about Peter?” Remus asked exasperatedly. Tia giggled as Sirius rolled his eyes at her.

“You know you really are going to miss dinner if you don’t go now and I know how grumpy you boys get if you get hungry,” Lily teased cheerfully.

“Yeah ok, we’re going, wouldn’t want to starve Peter here, he might just waste away.” They all laughed as Sirius ruffled his blushing friend’s hair affectionately, his other arm still around a perkier looking Tia.

“You going to be ok Lily?” James looked up from their tangled fingers with which he had been playing.

“Sure, I did survive six years of school before we became friends James.” I don’t think I could last another one without you.
“I’ll come back after rounds if you like.”

Oh, me like, me like!

“Come on Prongs,” an impatient Peter called from the doorway where they were all crowded.

“You’ll get in trouble if you get caught.”

“Then I won’t get caught, will I?” he asked cheekily, he kissed the back of her hand with a roguish wink.

Lily’s stomach gave a flutter that had nothing to do with the fact she’d missed lunch and her heart sped up. Traitors.

“Bye Lily,” they all called, apart from Sirius who yelled, “See you later sexy.” Tia hit him and they all laughed.

Despite what Lily had said, she felt lonely as soon as they closed the door behind them. How the hell can I miss James already? He just left! I used to long for a time when he would leave me alone. God that blood loss must have caused brain damage!


Why did I never notice how creepy hospitals are at night? Oh come on James; where are you?

Lily had been fine by herself until Madame Pomfrey had shut off all the lights after giving her some pain meds, now she was seriously wigged-out. There really was no way she’d be able to sleep tonight. She wasn’t really sure why, but the hospital was really giving her the creeps, she felt like someone was watching her.

“Hey Lily.”

Lily jumped about three feet in the air, she would have shouted but her throat was so sore no noise came out. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack James?” she croaked as he pulled off his invisibility cloak, “’Cause if you wanted me dead you could have just left me earlier.”

James chuckled. “Sorry didn’t mean to make you jump…well ok I did but I didn’t mean to scare you at all. Are you ok, you sound a little..?”

“Sore throat from earlier, you know.”

James’s grin slipped immediately, he did know and he never once wanted to forget something as strongly as in that moment. “Lily, about that, I’m really sorry that I had to-”

“Are you kidding?” Lily interrupted. “You saved my life, you have absolutely nothing to apologise for.”


“But nothing. Now what do you have hidden behind your back?”

James grin was suddenly back. “Oh this?” he asked producing a large bowl, “A little something I like to call ‘jelly and ice cream.’”

“Why would you call it that?” Lily asked a small smile tugging at one corner of her mouth, her eyes twinkled as James looked a little confused.

“Because it’s jelly and ice cream,” he explained before noting Lily’s amused expression and realising she was having him on. “Anyway you can’t stay in hospital without jelly and ice cream.”

“You’re right, absolutely impossible,” Lily replied cheekily and James grinned back at her as he pulled a chair up to the edge of her bed. “So am I actually going to get any or are you just going to taunt me with it?”

James stroked his chin and tilted his head as if deep in thought. “I suppose I could let you have some; as long as you promise to share of course.”

“Of course,” Lily nodded. “You might have to help me out though,” Lily indicated her plastered arm, “Unfortunately, being ambidextrous is not one of my talents.”

“And I thought you were good at everything!” Lily poked her tongue at him in response. “Ok, I’ll help you.” James loaded the spoon he’d brought with him from the kitchens and sent it through the air towards Lily all the while making ‘chugga-chugga’ noises, “Woo woo! Open the tunnel Lily, here comes the train.” Lily clamped her mouth around the spoon and swallowed.

“I’m not three years old James!”

“No, three year olds can feed themselves.” James laughed at Lily’s ‘I’m not amused’ face, and laughed even harder when she tried to cross her arms but couldn’t because of her sling.

“Stupid sling! You, James Potter, are enjoying this far too much.”

“Oh come on Lily, its funny!” he filled the spoon again and wove it through the space between them. “Neowm neowm. Open up for the plane Lily.”

Lily raised her eyebrows at him. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re an idiot?”

“Yep,” he said with a big smile and an exaggerated nod. Lily took the proffered treat and swirled it around in her mouth, savouring the creamy texture and sweet taste.

“You know you’re not supposed to be proud of that, right?”


“Well as long as you know,” Lily laughed.

“So do you think you’ll be back in lessons tomorrow?” James asked before having a mouthful of vanilla ice cream, Lily took the next bite.

“I hope so,” she said once her mouth was empty, “I mean it’s not so bad in here during the day, just boring, but at night…” Lily gave a larger-than-life shiver, “it gives me the creeps.”

James and Lily continued to talk and laugh until the ice cream had completely melted. At one point James had thought it would be funny to ‘accidentally’ miss Lily’s mouth and cover her nose in ice cream. He didn’t seem to find it quite so hilarious when Lily dipped her fingers into the bowl and smeared it across his cheeks so he looked like a tribal warrior. Lily on the other hand couldn’t stop giggling. After that the spoon seemed to disappear and they just licked the melted cream from their fingers, which seemed to fascinate James. The first time Lily slid her index finger into her mouth he stared, frozen with his mouth slightly ajar, his hand paused half way towards it. His reaction couldn't help but encourage Lily to repeat the action, it gave her a strange sense of power and feminine pride that she could captivate him so easily.

It was gone one when Lily began to yawn. James stretched and pushed his chair back.

“Where you going?” she asked sleepily.

“You need to get some sleep.”

“Yeah…but where are you going?”

“Back to the dorm.”

Back to the dorm? Not on his nelly!

“No you are not.”

He raised his eyebrows at her. “I’m not?”

“Nope, you’re staying with me.”

“But you need to get some rest.”

“Exactly, and there is no way that’s happening if I’m here by myself. I told you, this place gives me the creeps.”


“Ok what?”

“Ok, I’ll stay.”

“Really?” It’s that easy?



“Because you asked.”

“Well yeah, but that was a majorly unreasonable request. You’ll get into loads of trouble if they find you, and…and I didn’t even ask nicely!”

“Yeah, but you asked. This place must seriously freak you out if you asked me to stay with you.”

“What do you mean, ‘if I asked you’?”

“Well it’s me, isn’t it?”

“Exactly, you’re like a big James shaped security blanked. James, you saved my life, you’ve got to realise that changes things.”

“It does?”

“Of course! I can literally trust you with my life now.”


“Yeah ‘oh’. Now let me get some sleep ‘k?”

“’K.” James pulled his chair back up to the side of the bed and sat down.

Lily waited for him to get settled before turning onto her right side to face him. She took his hand and held it on the bed in front of her with her free hand. She smiled and then closed her eyes, she was soon asleep with James watching over her. You used to hate it when James watched you. Used to being the operable phrase.