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In Emerald Eyes by Midnight Ink

Format: Novella
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 50,776
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/29/2007
Last Chapter: 01/27/2009
Last Updated: 01/27/2009



Leap into Lily’s world and see what life is like through Emerald Eyes. 
Delve into her thoughts which.... rather worryingly... all  seem to be centred around James Potter.

A light-hearted romance with comedy straight from the mind of Lily Evans herself.

I'm astounded over 20,000 reads Thanks to all who have recommended and reviewed this.

Chapter 12: Code Cracked

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Sunday night found the Gryffindor common room packed, the seventh year boys crowed around the fire along with Tia. Peter was sprawled on the floor, James was in his favourite armchair, and Sirius was sat on the sofa with Remus sitting on the floor leaning his back against it. Tia had her back to the fire her long legs stretched out in front of her and her head tipped back. The lads were chatting and laughing as an irate Lily tried to control the rabble. Having sent a raucous group of first years to bed she walked over to her friends by the fire.

“Honestly, a little bad weather and they all go crazy!”

“Lily, relax, just let them get on with it,” Tia told her best friend.

“I can’t just… HEY! Put that down!” Lily shouted across the room to a gang of third years. She made towards them stepping over Remus’ legs, but as she passed Sirius he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap.

“Leave them alone Lily, they’re not doing any damage.” At that moment there was the sound of something smashing and Lily raised an eyebrow as Sirius winced, “Well minimal damage, nothing me and Jamsie-boy can’t fix with a flick of the wrist.”

“Fine, fine,” Lily muttered reluctantly.

“Err, Padfoot mate, you can let go of her now,” said James, shifting a little uncomfortably in his seat.

“Nah it’s alright; I think I’ll keep her.”

“Black, you can’t just decide to keep me, I’m a woman not an object!”

“Hey, that’s what James always says,” exclaimed Sirius, unperturbed by Lily’s admonishment.

Lily and Tia looked at each other with open mouths before turning to stare at a blushing James.

“Well that was unexpected,” Tia said and they all looked at her in confusion, apart from Lily who couldn’t take her eyes from the dark haired man opposite her. “I would never have imagined I’d have my faith restored in men by James Potter of all people,” Tia explained still looking a little flabbergasted.

“You’re back on boys again? Does that mean I might get a real look in now?”

“I said ‘men’ Black, not boys.” But Sirius just smirked at the dark haired beauty.

“Here Prongs, you can have her back now,” said Black as he moved to sit next to Tia, he literally threw Lily off of his lap, she went straight up in the air as if she weighed barely more than a feather.

Lily gasped, it all seemed to go in slow motion. She was on Sirius’s lap, then in the air and then James had shot up and was standing beneath her. He caught her as a groom carries his bride and with just as much devotion in his eyes. He collapsed back into the chair with a sigh, Lily on top of him her heart still beating a mile a minute. She knew her hands would shake if she released her iron grip on James’ shirt and his hands were still curled on her hips. He broke eye contact as he dropped his head back and closed his eyes. Breath Lily…In…Out…In…Out… Repeat indefinitely.
“I can’t believe you just did that Sirius,” Remus said incredulously. Sirius just grinned from his place on the floor next to Tia who was shaking her head at him.

“Relax, you make it sound like there was a possibility James wouldn’t have caught her.” To Lily’s chagrin the whole group seemed to except this excuse and let it drop. “So I’ve got a question – how come everyone else gets a first name but I’m just ‘Black’?”

“How come you never told us Remus,” Tia emphasised his name to annoy him, “is a werewolf?”

“How the hell do you know that?” Sirius demanded jumping to his feet in shock. He looked around at the attention he had drawn and sat back down slowly, he repeated his question in a furious whisper.

“You just told us,” Tia grinned triumphantly.

“Shit,” Sirius swore, livid with himself.

“Actually, Lily figured it out ages ago, we just decided we wanted confirmation.”

At her name, Lily stopped staring down at James, Whoops, I forgot other people exist again, I should really stop doing that. Lily hastily stood up, her back to James and smoothed down her shirt. She heard James groan a little and shift in the armchair expelling a deep breath and relaxing the tension his body had been rigid with when Lily was on his lap. At least I’m not the only one affected, that means I’m not crazy right? Or am I just imagining things so I think I’m not going insane? I bet James is ruffling his hair right now…

Lily jumped, “What?”

“Tell them how you found out about Remus’s ‘furry little problem’.” Tia air-quoted the codename.

“Ah man Prong’s – they even cracked your code! Next they’ll be telling us they know what our nicknames mean.”

“You mean your animagus names?” Sirius groaned and threw himself bodily onto his stomach his face buried in the rug.

“Maybe we could discuss this in a more private setting?” It was the first time Remus had spoken since Tia’s revelation. He was extremely pale and looked a little ill. The others nodded and they walked up to the boys’ dorm in uncomfortable silence where they formed a circle on the floor.

Lily continued, “Well when I saw you that night the whole Padfoot thing was really obvious, although Tia and I both agree you should be ‘Snuffles’.”

Tia laughed at Sirius’s disgusted face, and ruffled his hair as he scrunched his nose.

Lily stuck out her tongue at him and continued, “Once we knew about Remus, well, Moony? Duh! Wormtail; this is just a guess but you’re a rat, right?” Peter nodded dumbly. “And Prongs? Well we had a few ideas.” Tia caught Lily’s eyes and they quickly looked away giggling. “Why don’t you tell us?”

“I’m a stag.”

“Oh.” Lily didn’t mean to let the sound escape.

“What?” James asked defensively.

“No, that’s just…perfect.” Oh god, did I just sigh that last word?
“Oh.” James said a mixture of abashment, confusion and pleasure.

“So,” Remus cleared his throat and started again, “So, how did you figure it out? Is it really, really that obvious?” he gulped.

“Well it is if you’re our resident genius.” Tia nodded at Lily who blushed.

“It isn’t when you look at all the clues separately; but when you join the dots.”

“The clues?” James asked.

“Oh come on, James, you don’t really think no one else would be able to figure it out?” Sirius had a look that clearly stated he thought so and was about to speak but Tia hit him in the stomach and gave him a warning glare.

Lily started to list the things she had observed, “Being sick at the same time every month, your biggest fear is the moon…”

“How did you know that?” asked Remus.

Lily continued as if she hadn’t been interrupted, “Your, not so subtle, code when you refer to Remus’ ‘furry little problem’, you lot being animagi, James’ bite marks, the list goes on and on.”

“Wait! What, James has what?” Tia asked, James lifted his t-shirt and Tia crawled closer to have a better look.

“Whoa. You didn’t tell me about this Lily,” Tia accused her friend.

“I didn’t?” Lily asked innocently, “Oh, well, Tia – James has teeth marks on his chest.” Tia saw James eyeing Lily curiously and sent her a ‘we’ll talk about this later’ look. Uh-oh, I’m in trouble now.

“Hey, I have scars too you know,” Sirius pouted at the lack of attention he was getting from Tia.

“Yeah but yours are emotional they’re not nearly as sexy.” Tia bit her bottom lip and grinned before nudging him on the arm, “I’m joking, it gives you that whole I’m deep and broody thing, it’s very sexy,” Tia said nodding and pursing her lips to keep from giggling, Sirius looked appeased and Tia rolled her eyes at Lily who laughed at his easy persuasion.

“Anyway,” Lily carried on, “At first we thought it was your Aunt who was a werewolf and that you had to go and look after her when she transformed and that’s why you were always disappearing off there. Then we realised that was a stupid idea, didn’t we Tia?” Tia blushed and nodded as Lily raised her eyebrows at her and chuckled. “Anyway, we put two and two together and got werewolf,” Lily concluded shrugging.

“How long have you known?” Remus said in barely a whisper.

“Until Sirius’ reaction downstairs we couldn’t be a hundred percent, but a long time now I’ve had suspicions, I just wish you could have told me Remus, I don’t care. It hurt to think that you couldn’t trust me though, we’ve been friends for ever.”

“I’m sorry, Lily,” he said with a weak smile.

“Have you told anyone else?” Peter asked.

“Of course not!”

“Are you going to?”

“Peter,” Remus admonished.

“What?” he asked the three incredulous faces staring at him.

“Your secret is safe with us Remus,” Lily said quietly squeezing his hand and offering him a small smile which he returned with a watery one of his own. Tia gave him a hug from behind, resting her cheek on his shoulder as he covered her hands with one of his.

“You’re not mad at us are you Remus? ‘Cause we still love you.”

Remus laughed. “No, I’m not mad; it’s kind of a relief.”

Lily joined in hugging him and they kissed a cheek each.

“I think we should all become werewolves if this is how girls react,” Sirius said, a hint of jealously crept into his voice.

“Not all girls, these girls are special.” Remus squeezed Lily’s hand again and she grinned at his word as Tia went back to sit by Sirius.

“So are you going to tell anyone about us being animagi?” asked Peter completely ruining the tender moment.

“No,” Lily sighed agitatedly. Man he is slow sometimes!

“Why not?”


He turned to look at Sirius, “Yeah?”

“Shut up!” Sirius told him exasperatedly as James shook his head in disbelief and Remus sent him a half-disgusted, half-pitying look.

“So now you know that we know, what other secrets have you got to tell us?” Tia asked lying on her stomach and kicking her legs as she rested her chin on her upturned palms.

“Yeah, come on lads, now’s the time to show off. You must have been dying to tell someone about all your adventures.”

“What do you want to know?” James asked Lily.

Everything, Lily thought before breaking his gaze after a few long seconds and instead asking, “How about how you get out of the castle undetected every full moon? Or how you managed to become animagi? Anything.”

“Ok,” Sirius said, he rubbed his hands together and a mischievous glint appeared in his steel coloured eyes.

“Ah-hem,” Remus cleared his throat and motioned with his head to the other boys. “A word?” The Marauders went to one side of the room and whispered together, arms around each other’s shoulders, occasionally throwing looks at the girls and grinning.

“Come on!” Tia called impatiently.

“This is your chance to impress, guys.” James threw a grin over his shoulder at Lily’s taunt, causing her to blush a little. Come on James, impress me.

With much nodding and back slapping the boys walked back and took their original positions. Tia was sandwiched between Sirius and Remus, then came Lily, James and Peter completed the circle on Sirius’ right.

“Our story begins on a winter’s night much like this one, the moon was full and the air was chill…” Remus began. Both girls shivered involuntarily with excitement and listened intently as they fidgeted in anticipation.

The tales of the Marauders continued long into the night as the boys took it in turn to regale them with their escapades. By two o’clock in the morning they were all yawning, the boys’ throats were dry from overuse and both Tia – head in Sirius’ lap – and Lily – who leant against James’ shoulder – were struggling to keep their eyes open. When Peter actually fell asleep, his forehead smacking the floor, they decided to call it a night. A sleepy Lily bumped her lips against James’ jaw and hugged Remus good night, she stumbled down the stairs followed closely by an equally drowsy Tia. They clambered into bed moments later and pulled their curtains closed, Lily was asleep within moments.

She had the strangest dream that night. A man who looked remarkably like James was playing the role of Robin Hood as Maid Lily stumbled into the Forbidden Forest with a huge bear like dog at her heels. The following adventure was a delightful mix of fantasy and the Marauders’ even more unbelievable reality, but the dream was soon forgotten in the light of day.


James and Sirius headed down the corridor following the throngs of students that were heading off to lessons for the day. “James. James! JAMES.” Is he deaf? “OI POTTER!” James finally stopped and turned around to answer Lily’s shouts and saw her standing by the notice board in the rapidly emptying Entrance Hall. “Quill?”

“Oh yeah,” he said whipping the borrowed item from his pocket. “Can you catch?”

“Can you throw?” James grinned and sent it sailing through the air towards her.

Time seemed to stop, or rather Lily felt like it was happening in slow motion around her as she stood apart from herself watching the action. One minute a quill was flying towards her outstretched hand, the next James was shouting “NO!” and running toward her, somehow the quill had transformed in mid-air. A dagger glinted as it passed through a beam of sunlight. James stopped two meters short of her as her fist closed around the razor sharp blade. Lily looked down at her hand. There’s a knife stuck in my palm, huh.