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LOVE & BROOMSTICKS by StepUpx_Gryffindor

Format: Novel
Chapters: 35
Word Count: 216,870
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/23/2006
Last Chapter: 03/09/2015
Last Updated: 03/09/2015


You know what I hate? Having James Potter as your playmate as a child, & then having him turn into an egotistical pig as soon as we both set foot in Hogwarts. All the jokes, teasing, cat-calling... I can't stand it! I can't stand him. James Potter may have that devlishly handsome grin going for him, but I'm not falling for it! I've survived him for 5 years & I'm sure I can make it through my Sixth Year without him... I think?

Chapter 12: Snogs And Poems

a/n- AYE =]
I haven't gone anywhere, darlings. I've just been hiding away working on this story and future chapters to come. I worked hard on this chappie, so I hope you all enjoy this one! Have a happy reading.


I go outside for Study Hall today instead of staying inside the Great Hall. I’ve been doing that all week. Mainly because Emma suggests that this warm weather won’t last long, so I should soak up some of it before it disappears. But technically, people taking Muggle Studies will disappear from Study Hall before the sun even goes away. They still haven’t fixed the computer explosion incident, so we’re having Study Hall instead of Muggle Studies until they get new computers. Except Emma’s not in our class, she’s just ditching Professor Witkin’s Care of Magical Creatures class. I sit next to Emma and Jessica on one of the far off tables to the left of the court. I lay my bag on the table and get out my wallet. “Ugh.”

“What?” Jessica asks.

“ I was thinking of counting how much money I have during Study Hall so I could see if I had enough money to get my Ipod.”

“And you’re disappointed?” Emma questions.

“Yeah. I’m no where near getting an Ipod. Maybe a pair of gloves, a hair cut, and a bag of lemons.”

“Ha. Don’t worry, you’ll save up enough sooner or later.”

I give her a look that reads ‘come on, woman!’. “It’s not fair,” I tell Emma.

“Nothing’s fair. Trust me. You think it’s fair to go through another one of Professor Witkin’s speeches about bird dung and the effects it has on different breeds of skrewts? No. And so what did I do? I took an initiative.”

“An initiative that’s gonna land you in detention,” Jessica says.

Emma waves her off. “Professor Witkin is absolutely blind. He lost his glasses yesterday, so he just squints at what ever looks human and starts teaching. Actually, yesterday he was talking to a tree and was about to ask the tree its opinion on three legged creatures. Everyone snickered at him.”

I lay my head down on my bag while Emma and Jessica chat. This week’s been a bit weird. James has gone on another one of his ‘not talking to me’ scenes. He’s in the Great Hall right now with his friends. He kept glancing towards me a lot today, like he wanted to say something. I wanted to turn around and ask him what the hell his problem was, but I didn’t. I’m not going to lie; this is bothering me. And this sucks because it’s all I can think about. It’s like he thinks he can just stop talking to me, but yet he has the right to still look at me? It’s either both of them or none, buddy. Not that I would tolerate him any differently if he wasn’t acting like this, but still.

Sometimes when James goes a day without talking to me, it reminds me of Petunia. And it kind of hurts. The only time I thought about Petunia was when I was with Amos Diggory. But this is only because of the way things are right now, because before, I wouldn’t care if he would go a week without pestering me. But since it’s no longer like that, I don’t know how to take it. When Petunia found out I was a witch, she treated me like the gum under her shoe. Now, the guy that’s been trying to go out with me for years, has all of a sudden started ignoring me for no reason? At least Petunia had a reason. Well, a stupid reason. She’s a horrible person, and I thought we were going to be best friends forever. Petunia never really liked James. Actually, she never said anything about him. When ever I went to James’s house, she just told me to go have fun and she’d go to her room. I guess she just thought that James was just my friend. Petunia was understanding about it, but she really just didn’t care for him.

It’s ironic though. She was okay with me being best friends with James and her at the same time, but when I told her about me being a witch, it freaked her out. She worried about how other people would think of her with a witch for a sister, other than caring if she lost me to another friend. You’d think a young girl that finds out her sister knows how to cast spells would be amazed or entertained, or maybe even happy for her. But, no. She had to call me names because I wasn’t like everybody else. And now? She doesn’t care that I’m even at home, and she doesn’t send me letters. Why am I so nice to her still? I hate that I want her to accept me. I absolutely hate it. But that’s why there’s a bad side to coming to Hogwarts; I’m leaving knowing that only my dad will be missing me. But at the same time, there’s a good side; I don’t have to deal with Petunia and her snotty attitude, and I can let go of my anxiety to be nice to her, to just get away from all that.

That’s the reason I love this school so much. But now that this mute attitude towards me is going on, I feel as if I’m being treated the same as I would when I’d be at home… And that is NOT fair to me. This is MY school, and no one is going to be treating ME like Petunia treats me. If James wants to ignore me, then fine. I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I’ve had enough. One week has shown me how mature he is. He hasn’t even told me what problem he has with me. Why can’t James come up to me like a man so we can resolve what ever problem he has? But of course, he has to be the immature little boy and run away with what ever the hell he’s dealing with. And the fact that he’s acting this way towards just me is perplexing. It confuses me. It’s obvious that what ever he’s dealing with has to do with me and only me.

I don’t like the sound of that.

But this situation is just not necessary. What’s the point of him ignoring me if he’s mad at me? Is he mad me? Well, I’m assuming he is. I thought that people that are mad at each other don’t talk to each other. But I’m not mad at James; regardless of how much I can’t stand him. Unless he’s not mad. But then-

Oh, fuck it.

I close my eyes and just enjoy the sun and the quietness.

Sirius walks on the court yard and jumps up on top of the picnic table. He sits in front of Emma.


Quietness? What quietness?

I grumble and turn my head over to the other side of the table and look at him. He’s happy and giddy, like he’s just come out of a candy store. Emma rolls her eyes and Jessica glares at him.

“Leave.” Jessica points behind him.

He’s about to retort but he sees Emma and gives her a double take.

“You’re not in our class.”

She composes herself like a lady and folds her hands on top of the table. “No, I’m not,” she says, like a professor.

“Then why are you here?” Sirius blurts. He doesn’t say this with spite, but with interest. He raises his left eyebrow as he says this, and I wonder if he knows that.

“Don’t worry about me, Sirius Black. I, for one, am not a part of your fan club, so you can scratch that excuse off your list of why I’m here.”

Jessica and I burst into laughter. “One for Tebbon, Zero for Black,” I say.

“Oh, wow. Ha. Ha. Ha,” Sirius comments, acting like a girl with his hands in the air.

I chuckle and tell him, “You know that was funny.”

“HILARIOUS.” He has a mocking look on his face.

“But you’re still the reason why Lily and Jessica are here, though,” Emma finishes.

Sirius pretends to be innocent. “I have a lamentable lack of keeping to myself.”

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Frank Longbottom burst through one of the doors from the opposite side of the court yard. Frank whips out a cigarette and a lighter and leans against the stone wall. Emma, Sirius, Jessica and I all turn around to look at him. It’s silent for a couple seconds. Frank glances our way and gives us one of those manly nods. What do those nods mean? Does it mean ‘yes, I see you but I’m not moving’, or does it just mean ‘YO’? I wish Frank was easy to read. But before I try to decipher what a nod actually means, he mashes the half smoked cigarette against the wall and walks towards our table.

He walks to the table next to us and sits on the table top. Sirius and Frank are the only ones sitting on the table top. Is this some sort of guy thing?

He cracks his knuckles and turns his head to us. “Fellow comrades,” he greets.

Jessica folds her arms. “Longbottom.”

“How was detention?” He asks us with a smile, but his eyes stay on Jessica.

“How did you know about- ?” Emma asks but is cut of by the raising of Jessica’s hand.

"He knows everything."

“It’s true. And if you hand me a map, I can point to the exact location of Sydney. It’s a city in Australia.”

I don’t even turn to look at Jess. I put a hand over her mouth without even looking at her. Sirius finds this amusing and says, “I smell a smart retort.”

“Oh, shut up,” I whisper to him. “You don’t even understand the meaning of what we’re talking about.”

“I smell a smart arse,” Jessica corrects, as soon as I’m done whispering.

Emma smiles. Jessica gives Frank a satisfied smirk.

“If anything, I’m a cute smart arse. Like a kitten, I am.”

“You do realize you referred to yourself to being as cute as a kitten?” Sirius asks. He turns and looks at us with a puzzled expression. “Am I the only one that finds kittens to be snobby?”

Emma looks at him. “What are you taking about?”

“I think dogs are much better,” Sirius says simply.

Um, alright?

“How do you know if kittens are snobby? And if you do know if they are, you can’t stereotype and judge every other cat you see to be snobby. That’s just plain monotonous,” Jessica spats in one breath. She huffed that sentence out because if her irritation with Frank and took it out on Sirius, even though she’s kind of right about the whole cat thing. But Sirius doesn’t make sense anyway so it shouldn’t matter.

“Kittens are cute,” Frank states. “Finelly on the other hand…”

Jess’s mouth drops.

“I’m cuter than you!”

Frank laughs and gives a look that reads ‘dude, is she serious?’ to Sirius.

“Ha! Thy enemy of Frank Longbottom says thee is cute,” Sirius bellows with his arms open wide.

“Hey, Mercutio, before you damn us a plague on both our houses, can you sew your lips together?” Emma whips at Sirius.

Frank’s face is shocked. Jessica chuckles. Sirius furrows his eyebrows.

“Damn. Emma’s just whipping them out today, isn’t she?” Jessica laughs.

“Sorry to tell you this, mate, but you just got beat,” Frank adds.

“Twice in one day, might I add? I wouldn’t have to slam him if he wasn’t acting like someone who’s run away from a renaissance film,” Emma explains.

“She’s right. Why are you speaking like you’re in Shakespearian time?” I ask, trying not to grin.

“I don’t know. It’s like a disease. It comes and goes when it pleases. I can’t help it if I’m a handsome poet.” Sirius does that thing with his eyes like he’s gonna wink at you but looks devilishly naughty. It’s one of those marauder characteristics, if anything.

“Just because you talk like a moron doesn’t make you a poet,” Jessica rolls her eyes.

“It does too!”

“No. It doesn’t. Poets write poems. You, Black, lack the artistic ability to do such things,” Emma interferes.

“Sirius Black knows how to write poems,” he says in third person, pulling up his collar and fixing himself.

I bet you, you can’t even write a good poem and finish it by this evening,” she challenges.

He looks at Emma long and hard. “You’re on.” They shake hands.

“If I win, you have to wear a dunce cap on your head all next week, even during classes. And if you get called on by a teacher, you have to speak quotes from Shakespeare’s work.” She’s grinning like an idiot. I am too, kind of. Emma and Sirius betting for something this random? It’s bound to be a little bit entertaining.

“And if you win?” Frank points at Sirius.

“Don’t worry, I’ll think of something,” he says, eyeing Emma with his arms crossed. He’s standing now and his gaze is fierce but playful. Emma’s not moving or looking in a different direction; she’s as stubborn as the next person. Frank is amused. Jessica is impressed by their competitiveness and is probably taking mental notes. And I- well… I don’t really know what to think.

This is going to be an interesting bet.


At lunch I get my first letter from my father. Jessica gets her third from Jeff and her second from her parents.

Well, I feel loved.

While shoving chicken into my mouth, I rip the letter eagerly and scan it.

Dear Lillian,

I miss you so much! It feels so vacant in the house without you. Petunia’s always out with Vernon doing heaven knows what, and I’m mostly just by myself when ever I’m at home. Nothing much has been going on except I’ve been hanging out with Mr. Di Angeli, our new neighbor. You remember him, don’t you? He’s a nice man. Mr. Di Angeli and his family invited me to go to their casino a couple of times and my goodness it’s amazing!

It’s a HUGE building with velvet walls and cherry wood furnishings. Very luxurious. I felt a bit undressed the first time; I just wore what I always wear. Jeans and a jacket. No wonder Mr. Di Angeli is always in a suit. It’s a very upscale place! He went with me to buy my very first Armani suit a couple days ago. It was great. That man has impeccable style, my goodness.

Now, every time I go to his casino I feel like I belong there. His family and his employees are so welcoming, I feel like I’m part of the casino business! Mr. Di Angeli also got me in the habit of smoking cigars. He has a collection at his house next to his big wine cellar- huge cellar, by the way- and he was nice enough to give me a box. Actually, I’m smoking one right now. Bloody addictive, they are. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT SMOKING, YOUNG LADY. I’m a grown man, and I’m your father. I know what’s best for you.

Miss you and love you,

Great. My father’s become a mob boss. Since when does he wear suits to anywhere other than upscale parties? My father is known for going to the cinema in his sweats. Oh, goodness, he’s smoking cigars. Bleh, he thinks I would want to smoke? Guess he doesn’t know me as well as I thought. Not only that, but he mentioned how huge CDD man’s wine cellar is, which definitely gives away that my father’s been wine tasting.

I roll my eyes at dad’s letter, and when I read it again it makes me kind of laugh. Only my father…

“What did your dad say, Lily?” asks Jessica as she takes a sip of water.

“Long story short, he’s become blood brothers with CDD.”

She raises her left eyebrow. “CDD? As in…”

“As in Creep DeNiro Dude,” I clarify.

“Hah!” She takes the letter from me.

“Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into an alcoholic with all that wine,” she says after she reads it.

I give her my ‘wtf’ face.

“Are you kidding?! He’s wearing SUITS. Since when-”

“Lily, calm down.” Jessica takes a hold of my face in her hands. My cheeks are squished like butter on a biscuit. I probably look like a chubby baby.

“He’s found a best friend. Everyone’s allowed to have a best friend,” she smiles. Damn, she’s pulling the dimples maneuver on me.

She lets go of my face and I say, “Alright, fine. I guess you’re right.”

“Look at the bright side, someone loves you!” She points to the end of the letter where my dad says he misses me and loves me.

“You’re a poop head,” I tell Jess.

She contemplates this for a couple seconds.

“Yeah, Basically.”


“What about you? Are you loved? Wait, never mind, that’s a stupid question.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m loved,” she waves off.

I take her letters and read for myself.

My mouth drops.

Jeff wrote her a poem! Ah!

I hate Jessica. Not fair. “That’s so cute, Jessica. You know, if Jeff keeps doing things like this I’m going to fall into a state of depression.” She smiles at me. “It’s nothing big, really. I appreciate the poem, and I agree; it’s cute. But you can’t just let yourself fall into a guy and lose face of reality, Lily. And that’s what I’m trying not to do. He’s a million miles away, so I can’t get wrapped up like I was before. I’m trying to have a good sixth year, you know. I like Jeff, of course. But I have to focus on my grades. It says so in the letter my parents wrote me, apparently. A boyfriend isn’t everything, too, though. Hearing you beg for a man is annoying me to bits,” she chuckles.

I read the letter from her mom and dad. “Well, at least they’re not telling you to break up with him. They’re just reminding you to keep your grades up too.”

“Yeah. I know. But sometimes I feel like they’re rooting for this relationship to fail.”

“Don’t worry,” I say, patting her shoulder. “They’re not rooting for it to fail; they just don’t want you to lose yourself over a guy. Especially a muggle. He’s in Australia! Don’t forget that.”

“It sucks liking someone who’s on another continent,” she says in realization.

“I would say yes to that statement, but I’ve never experienced a relationship with someone in Australia. But, I’ll agree with you anyway,” I smile.


Ancient Runes equals boring.

We’re deciphering color coded gypsy tags. No idea what they are. But apparently they’re related to Ancient Runes. Our professor has assigned us partners, and mine is Remus.

We don’t talk until half way through our assignment.

“So, Lily, how’s your week coming along?” he asks.

I want to yell at him about everything.





“It’s been spectacular.”

“Really?” Remus asks disbelievingly.

“Why? Should it not be?” I raise my eyebrows as I question him.

“Oh. Well- I don’t know. It just seemed like you were dealing with some demons the past couple of days.”

“More like internal demons.”

“Ah. The guys and I have been dealing with some of those as well.”

“Care to elaborate on that subject?”

“That’s only if you elaborate first,” Remus tilts his head forward. Hey, he did it just like James does- Ah, shit.

“Ha. I don’t think so.” I bury my head into my assignment.

“Okay, then,” Remus says with no interest. We’ve ended the conversation and I feel like he knows something I don’t.

“You know something I don’t know.”

I might as well be blunt.

“There are many things I know that you don’t know.”

I give him a kind of bitchy look. “Don’t give me that, Remus. Get to the point. I know that you’re hiding something from me, and I want to know what it is.”

He purses his lips like he doesn’t know what to do. “Look, just talk to him yourself, okay? I have nothing to do with this.” I blink for a second or two. The fact that Remus knew exactly what I was talking about scared me. He knew it was James that I was talking about? And he’s not telling me?!

“You’re making me angry,” I say. For some reason, I become really edgy, and I kind of feel bad because I’ve never talked to Remus like this before.

Meh, who cares?

I welcome knew traditions.

“Lily. Leave me out of this, please. He’ll be in the common room after classes end. He usually snoozes on the couch until-”

“I know what he does after classes. I knew him since before Hogwarts,” I cut in. I’m not sure why this is making me so angry, but I can’t stop it.

“Okay, Fine. You can talk to him yourself, alright?”

I grunt and get back to work.



I throw my stuff down on my bed and undress. I put on some jeans and a McFly shirt. You didn’t think I forgot about my Danny Jones, did you?

I go and look for James in the common room, but he’s not there. I go back up to my room, wait ten minutes, and then go back down again. I need to see him as soon as possible. I’m going to succumb to a straight jacket if I don’t get this ‘thing’ resolved with him, what ever it is.

Ah! He’s not there. Damn him.

I bang on the door of the Sixth Year’s boys’ dormitory. Alex Peterson answers with a tiring expression, like he just woke up from a nap. I look at his clothes. He’s in his pajamas.


“Crap. I mean- sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you from your nap. I was just checking to see if Remus was in here, or James, rather,” I say in one breath. “Did he come up here? Do you know?”

“No, actually. The last time I saw him was in the hallway after Defense Against the Dark Arts. He’s probably still around in his uniform somewhere.”

I swear I just saw a smirk on his face, but it disappeared before he spoke.

“Okay, then. Alrighty. Thanks for telling me. Bye.” I run down the stair case like a speeding go-cart. That was excruciatingly embarrassing. I head to the DADA classroom in the hopes of bumping into James, or one of the marauders.

I circle the entire floor and there’s no trace of him. NO! He has to be around here somewhere. Why would he be going on a different floor? The DADA classroom is on our common room floor. That was his last class. Where could he be? He wouldn’t be at the library because… Well, come on. And he can’t be in the Great Hall or down in the kitchens, we had lunch not too long ago. I pass a closet with a dark, maybe even black, colored door. This would be the fourth time I’ve passed it. This closet has witnessed my pathetic-ness, and I feel like it’s mocking me, just standing there. All quiet.

I’ve gone bonkers.

That’s what I think of myself, at least, until the closet door shudders suddenly. I take a step back. Did I just witness that? It’s like someone bumped into the other side of the door.

Hm. Let’s open it, shall we?

I take the knob in my hands and turn it.

What I witness makes me want to gag.

“Ugh,” I say in disgust. James’s tie is loose and his clothes are disheveled and I don’t know what to think. I get the biggest urge to just kick him, right there, in his balls. But I don’t. I’m filled with anger. And I’m too upset and my mind is too fucked up to make any movements.

I find James and Leslie Toudren, the richest girl in our year, snogging like hogs. Leslie turns to me like she’s been caught by a teacher. She probably doesn’t care that she’s snogging James, or that I’m there. She’s not a snobby person at all, but sometimes she can be bitchy. And I’m sure that if she found out James was going out with someone she never would have done this, but she knows that James has been chasing me for years, and that I always reject him. So really, she’s got nothing to hide. But him, on the other hand…

“Lily-” James starts, but I just walk away. My brain might be going haywire but at least my legs are working. I quicken my pace and don’t look back. I don’t know if he’s running after me or if he’s stopped walking or if he’s back snogging with Leslie. Because I don’t care. I don’t care at all.

Let the games begin…

I get a flashback from detention.

He wants a game, now does he? Well, I’ll give him one.

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