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There's Time For Love by SongBird09

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 17,407
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 02/04/2008
Last Chapter: 07/14/2008
Last Updated: 07/14/2008

James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin accidentally went through time to the future and met Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione.
James and Harry were both having problems in love. So, they decided to team up and help each other in capturing the heart of the woman they fancied...
But their teaming up is not only for that purpose, but also to vanguish the Dark Lord...

Chapter 2: And Do You Know That...

Ginny shook Harry's shoulders roughly, trying to wake him up. She did everything she could so that Harry would stir up from his sleep but was very careful indeed so as not to wake his dorm mates up.

Then, she felt Harry's hands snaking up her thigh, rounding up her waist and pulling her on top of him. Ginny managed to support herself with her hands on Harry's chest so that her lips weren't pressed against his. She tried to free herself but Harry's grip was too strong. Finally, when Ginny felt like there was no other choice, she slapped Harry across his face with her right hand and immediately covered his mouth with his left hand. She doesn't want Harry to scream in pain and woke her brother, Ron, from his sleep, to find her and Ginny in an awkward position.

Harry groaned in pain silently and opened his eyes. He saw a pair of brown eyes staring back at him. He noticed that Ginny's body was sandwiched against his. He couldn't help but suppressed a grin on his covered mouth as he looked down to see Ginny's revealed cleavage underneath her night gown. He could feel Ginny's breasts, which he was sure were being covered by a bra and her thin night gown, pushing onto his bare chest and he realised his hands enveloping her slender waist. This position was exactly like the one he just dreamt about a moment ago - Ginny on top of him, but wearing nothing, except for a heart-shaped silver necklace which were bouncing rapidly on her bosoms and kissing him senseless.

"Harry, I need you to come down to the common room with me. You gotta see something!" Ginny whispered into Harry's ears making Harry shivered a little. Her breath hitting his ear lobes had aroused him. Harry gulped down his saliva, trying to control his emotions. He tightened his grip on Ginny's waist.


"Sure." Harry squeaked when Ginny's hand left his mouth. But he didn't move. He was just merely admiring her beautiful face and her glimmering brown eyes. He didn't even realised that Ginny was struggling a little.


"Will you let me go?" Ginny asked frowning. It was a lie if she said she wasn't enjoying Harry hugging her close like that. In fact, she wished that the session could be longer, but there were more important things that needed to be explained and they were waiting in the common roo. Besides, she knew Harry doesn't love her. He only saw her as his best mate's younger sister.


Harry let go of Ginny reluctantly. She slipped down his bed and straightened her nightgown as well as her hair. Harry sat up, trying to stabilize his breathing. He put on his shirt and glasses, everytime his eyes focussing on Ginny. He wanted to capture Ginny's image and store it inside his mind, never wanting to forget this surprising experience. She looked so beautiful in her cream-coloured nightgown which came down to her knees and showing all her perfect figures.


Before Harry satisfied himself in viewing Ginny from head to toe, she had pull him by the collar and soon they were going down the stairs towards the common room. Harry was a little shocked by this sudden reaction but then decided to follow silently. Soon, he could hear the sounds of quarrel coming from the common room.


"Oh! So you're after red heads aren't you?" Lily was screaming at James, tears filling her eyes. "You're sick!"


"Why? Why are you angry?" James asked, confused. "You don't like me right? So what's wrong with me going after her?"


"What?" Lily cried softly, turning away, not wanting to meet James' eyes.


"Oh no James! I told you she's mine!" Sirius barked.


James, Sirius, Remus and Lily looked over at the stairs to the Boys Dormitories and say Ginny approaching. Sirius and James smiled charmingly at Ginny but soon the smiles disappeared when they saw Harry who directly behind her.


Harry gasped when he saw the four faces in front of him - those familiar faces! James looked as surprised as Harry was. Indeed he was looking straight into an exact replica of himself.


"Who are you stranger?" Sirius asked, eyeing Harry from head to toe. "What are you? James' long lost twin?"


"I'm Harry." Harry said looking at James and Lily, his eyes watering. "Harry Potter."


James looked at Harry with an awkward feeling. 'Who is this boy? Is he a relative of mine? He's a Potter! And damn! He looks exactly like me!' James thought.


"Potter? Plotter most likely!" Sirius gave a sarcastic laugh


"Shut up Padfoot!" Ginny howled, glaring angrily at Sirius. This obviously made Sirius quiet. "You never change do you?"

"How's you know my name?" Sirius asked, fear in his eyes.

'Does this mean she knows that I am an illegal animagus?' Sirius asked himself.


As if Ginny could read his mind, she nodded her head, causing Sirus to tumble backwards onto an armchair. His forehead glistening with cold sweat. This was so unexpected!


Lily, who was getting really confused by everything that had happened, stepped forward. She faced Ginny and had her hands on her own hips. There was rage and a glint of jealousy in her eyes.


"Who are you? And who is he?" Lily asked, pointing to Ginny, then to Harry. "And do you know that James wanted to get to know you better?"


Instead of answering Lily's question, Ginny produced a lazy smile on her lips. "You mean you and James are not yet together? Hah! You're jealous Lily!"


Harry and James let out a chuckle causing Lily to grow red in the face. She was very furious with Ginny. "NO! I'm not! And do you know that you look like the kind of girl who likes seeking attention from boys, damn it!"


"Please don't be angry with her." Harry came forward, pulling Ginny behind him. He felt hurt when Lily accused Ginny like that. It made him feel like Lily did not approve of Ginny. "Ginny's not an attention seeker especially towards boys..."


"Yeah right! And do you know that you look exactly like that prat James?" Lily spat pointing her finger at James.


"Yes, I know that I do look like him and I know that he's the biggest prat to you and I also know that I have your eyes and I also know that you love him so much!" Harry spat back, certainly not enjoying his mother's temper.


"What? I don't love him!" Lily denied and her face grew scarlet. "What do you mean that you have my eyes?"


"Because, you're his mother and the prat you just called is his father, your future husband!" Ginny screeched from behind Harry.


"WHAT?!" James and Lily exclaimed at the same time looking at each other, both in horror and excitement.


Silence filled the room as all of them pondered over the situation for a moment. They were all having mixed feelings as they stared at each other. Harry looked at Ginny and smiled, feeling elated as he had never been before. Ginny returned the smile and nodded encouragingly as if she understood what Harry was trying to tell. Lily on the other hand, was a bit surprised with the information, how could she, a seventeen year old girl, had a son who was as old as she was now. James was smiling widely, feeling very proud. He somewhat knew Harry was a part of him and so was Lily. Sirius and Remus just stared at each other, feeling a little fearful of what was going to happen next.