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A Not So Silent Night by ataxaphobia

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 7,489

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: General, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Lupin, Sirius, OC
Pairings: Remus/OC

First Published: 02/02/2008
Last Chapter: 03/04/2008
Last Updated: 03/04/2008


You don't know what you've got 'til you've lost it, right? Remus and Tally found that out the hard way; but because of this so called epiphany, they have come to realize that what they've been looking for was right in front of them the entire time.

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Chapter 2: Screaming Books

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Tally levitated her heavy trunks into Remus' small, cozy home. The sky was clear and bright and a gentle breeze ruffled Tally's strawberry blonde curls; Remus grunted somewhere behind her as the wind knocked the boxes he was levitating off course. Tally grinned cheekily at him over her shoulder.

"Where shall I be staying?" she asked, stopping at the bottom of the stairs.

Remus just grunted again and pushed past her. Rolling her eyes, amusement evident, she followed him up the narrow but surprisingly not creaky staircase. The seconds passed in silence. "Here," Remus said as he reached the end of the hall, pushing open a beat up door, with faded white paint that was peeling off in chunks and a loose brass knob. The inside wasn't much better – the walls were covered in what was once probably light blue paint, but now had a strange yellowish tint to it, and the bed was lopsided.

Tally wrinkled her nose, but didn't say anything; she was too grateful to the old werewolf to say anything bad. After placing her trunk on the floor, and motioning for Remus to do the same for the boxes, she began to shoot random spells around the room. It only took a few minutes for her to clear away all the dust, repair the leg on the bed, and remove the grime that had built itself up on the window. Nodding to herself in satisfaction, she turned to smile at Remus only to find that he was no longer in the room.

Sighing, Tally dashed down the hall, looking into each of the rooms as she went. It wasn't until she was downstairs and in the small kitchen that she found him, a cup of steaming tea in his hands and a thoughtful look on his face. Sitting across from him, she pulled the mug out of his hands and took a cautious sip – it burned her tongue, causing her to swear vehemently.

"So, Remus…" she said slowly once the pain her taste buds were suffering from dulled, nodding her head.

Remus didn't move.

"Remus," she breathed, getting annoyed, "you can’t avoid me forever. I'm back and I'm staying!"

"You shouldn't have ever left in the first place!" Remus yelled, jumping up and storming out the room. Tally just continued to sit there, sipping Remus' tea and staring off into space sadly. Well, this should be fun.


The next morning, Tally woke up early, threw on some clothes, and Apparated to a small alley located in muggle London. After making sure she had her money, and that her wand was hidden from sight, Tally pushed her way through the busy crowed and into a small shop.

The walls were lined with metal cans with colorful labels pasted on the sides. Signs hung from the ceiling over the aisles with weird names like 'Behr' and 'Olympic'. A young woman, probably in her twenties, was perched behind the register, a bored look on her pretty face.

Tally scanned the narrow aisles slowly, looking at the different names, until she found one that caught her eye; a pale yellow wonderfully named Funky Yellow. Laughing, she pulled it off the shelf along with a few rollers and brushes, and paid before going back to the dark alley so she could Apparate back home.


"What are you doing?" Remus asked a few hours later, coming into the room he had given Tally.

"Painting," she said simply. Tally turned around and grinned at him, her gray eyes unusually bright. Her hair was thrown up into a messy bun, bits of it going every which way giving her a slightly crazy look, and there was paint on her left cheek, as well as all over her green tank top. It took all of Remus' might, and a few reminders as to the pain she has caused him, to stop himself from laughing.

Seeing that he wasn't going to be responding anytime soon, Tally shrugged and went back to wall. She was almost finished and wasn't going to let her old best friend distract her.

After a few tense moments, filled only with Tally's tuneless humming, Remus sighed. "There's an Order meeting in about an hour. You might want to start getting ready." And he was gone.

Throwing her brush down angrily, Tally stomped into the bathroom to take a shower. Stupid bastard! She thought angrily, ripping her clothes off her small frame. He needs to get his head out of his ass. She climbed into the shower, letting the scorching hot water soothe her tense muscles. He needs to learn that I only did what I thought was best…


"Remus, will you just listen to me?" Tally yelled, a few hours later in the living room of Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place. Remus had stormed out of the room only after Tally's fifth try to talk to him, leaving Tally looking like she was about to explode.

Harry shook his head, and turned around to go back to his room only to run into his godfather. "Hey, Sirius," he said lowly.

"Hey," he grinned. "How are things?" Harry just shrugged, letting the man know that everything was as it usually was – with the exception of the quarreling duo, of course. Sirius just laughed. "You ready to hear about those two? Maybe find out who Tally is...?"

Harry looked up at his godfather excitedly, surprised that someone was actually going to tell him something. "Of course!" he answered hurriedly and together they bounded up the stairs and into the library.

"Well," Sirius began, "let's start simple, okay? Tally and Remus were best friends back at Hogwarts."

"Wait…" Harry said slowly, "I thought you and my dad were best friends with Remus…"

"Oh, we were. It's sort of like your relationship with Ron and Hermione – the bond you have with Ron is different than your bond with Hermione, right?" Harry nodded. "Anyway, she knew all about his 'furry little problem' and she even had an active part in us becoming Animagi. We were all friends, but her relationship with Remus was… different." Sirius shrugged, rubbing his face with his hands.

"All through school, it was obvious that they were destined to be together, that their feelings for each other ran deeper than just friendship. But they refused to act on it, let alone see it. Hell, I even dated Tally for about a month in sixth year. She is one good snog…" Sirius trailed off and cleared his throat awkwardly upon seeing the appalled look on Harry's face. "Sorry," he said sheepishly.

"After we graduated, your parents got married. We all thought Remus and Tally would be next." The last remaining Black shook his head sadly. "But then you were born and your parents were forced into hiding. It wasn't long before we realized that Tally was missing too.

The first week or so was the worst: Remus just about died from worry and the rest of the Order even began a small search party. Poor Remus rarely left his home, and when he did, he just sat there, staring off into space all depressed looking. Even in his werewolf state he was more subdue." Sirius shrugged again. "And that's pretty much it. So I can understand Remus' reaction to her sudden appearance. Kind of."

Harry opened his mouth to comment, but snapped it shut again as the library door swung open violently. "You can't avoid me forever!" Tally screamed, following a tired looking Remus into the room. "I have my reasons for what I did, and until you stop and listen to them, you're going to continue to hurt not only yourself, but me too!"

"You think you're hurting?" Remus whispered fiercely, whipping around to look at the heaving woman behind him. "You have no idea what hurting is until you go through what I went through when you disappeared! I almost ki--" Remus finished the rest of his sentence with a groan. Tugging at his hair, he pushed past a stunned Tally, bounded down the stairs, and slammed the front door shut behind him.

Mrs. Black's screams filled the house.

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