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Heart of the Phoenix by snape_is_good

Format: Novella
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 24,482

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Violence, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Mystery, Action/Adventure
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Tonks, Fred, George, OC

First Published: 07/27/2007
Last Chapter: 06/09/2008
Last Updated: 06/09/2008


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Kaily is an American girl with a kind heart.  She was assigned the job to rescue those who died in the books.  The girl is taken back in time to save those she has grown to love, but will her actions change the outcome of the future?  And what will happen if Voldemort finds out what Kaily is up to?

Chapter 15: Flight of Hope

Panting, Kaily ran as quickly as she could across the marshy grounds of Hogwarts, droplets of sweat sticking to her forehead. The whomping willow was finally in her view. Without a plan, the young girl felt like she was doomed to failure. The tree soon was only a few yards ahead. Cries of pain echoed in the teen’s ears. Kaily’s lungs seemed to lose all oxygen as she doubled over again. Her mind was attacked by images of an immense snake biting the potions master. The girl tried not to wail. She couldn’t be too late, could she?

Unable to breathe, Kaily collapsed on top of some roots of the immobile whomping willow. Hands shaking, the teen attempted to get up. Wet droplets fell softly down her cheeks. She wasn’t going to give up; Snape was still alive.

Mustering all the energy she could find in her entire being, Kaily slowly stood up. Twigs were ruthlessly snagging at her handbag. Frustrated, the young girl snatched the bezoar from her bag and ran inside the entryway to the tree, leaving her purse behind.

It seemed as if miniature knives were cutting through her brain as Kaily wandered swiftly through damp tunnels. Up ahead the girl could make out two people squatting at an entrance. Picking up pace, Kaily thrust the two aside and crawled next to a greasy-haired man. Snape’s hand trembled as he held out a vile to Harry…

Without hesitation, Kaily hastily shoved the slimy stone into the Professor’s mouth. Shocked, he gagged it down, his hand dropping to the stone floor. Kaily and Harry held their breath. Was he… dead?

Severus steadily inhaled a gulp of air. Relieved, Harry and Kaily silently helped the injured man out of the several, zigzagging passageways. No one spoke a single syllable until the five reached the exit.

Kaily turned to Harry. “You go do whatever you need to do; I’ll take care of him.” She nodded her head towards Snape. Harry agreed and scampered off, along with Ron and Hermione.

Snape’s body stood limply against the girl, futilely trying to support him. Kaily’s head snapped left to right, searching for a good place to go to. Everywhere she could see people were still mercilessly fighting. Then she eyed a still area… Hagrid’s hut.

Taking her wand out of her pocket and aiming it at Snape, the teen whispered, “Wingardium Leviosa!” The potions master dangled in the air before her as Kaily darted towards the petite sized house. Luckily, the majority of the belligerent war was out of their path.

Finally, the two reached the hut. Kaily flung open the door and levitated Snape onto a couch. The girl then slammed the door shut and gazed out the window. A quarter moon sparkled amongst dazzling stars. Beneath the placid sky corpses were flying… nefarious death eaters cackling… screaming augmented… innocent blood of young students was spilt…

Kaily’s dainty fingers quivered as she gently closed the curtains. Too many people were dying. She had only focused on the main characters in the book, but what about everyone else? What about the nameless young girl who would never return home to her parents? What about the unknown auror who would have his last battle? What about their families, waiting at home for a loved one to return, even though they never do? What about the countless Hogwarts students who would never experience life after school? Who ever stops to think about them? Just because they are strangers doesn’t mean they don’t have loving wives, a newborn brother, grandparents, best friends…

Tears piteously poured out Kaily’s chocolate eyes. There was nothing she could do. Her attention turned back to Snape. Ooze flowed out his neck gradually. The professor had said a bezoar would only slow down the process of the venom, not stop it completely. Only people at Saint Mungos could heal Nagini’s bite with special and rare herbs… or a phoenix, but neither herbs nor phoenixes were around.

The teen leaned over the man’s head and cried. He would die too… just like everyone else she had failed to save. The girl sobbed harder then she had ever; Kaily had never felt so hopeless in her life. Earsplitting cries in the distance added to the young girl’s despairs. She couldn’t help anyone else, there was nothing left anymore… absolutely nothing…

Without warning, Kaily felt a hand clutch her shoulder with a firm grip. Startled, the teen jumped back and stared at the potions master. Snape stood up, his neck completely healed. There was no goo, no mark, nothing. It was almost as if the snake never touched the man.

Snape walked towards the baffled Kaily. How was that possible? The girl looked into Severus’ glassy eyes and was surprised at her reflection. She no longer was a brunette, but had flaming, curly red hair. Her eyes were no longer brown, but bright, luminous neon green. Kaily gawked into the black pits of Snape’s eyes, and soon her mind was lost. Memories of everything that happened flashed through her mind. Fred and George were at her window… Lupin was informing her on the mission… Cedric was talking with her by the fire… hedges of the third task appeared… Kaily gained Snape’s trust… she and Snape were looking at Sirius’ face through the mirror… Lupin was at his house after the wolf transformation… Moody fell off the broom… Kaily snatched Hedwig’s cage… she got stabbed by Bellatrix… the bezoar lay in her hand… Kaily tackled Fred to the ground… she jumped in front of Lupin… she battled Bellatrix… she shoved the bezoar down Snape’s throat…

Kaily gasped for breath as she nearly fell over, her head throbbing terribly. Oh no…

Snape gazed at the teen, perplexed. The potions master knew about her mission… he knew everything… Lupin had warned her about this! If anyone found out, something terrible would happen. Maybe she would be okay with the list…

Kaily frantically searched her pockets as Snape continuously stared. Oh… great. The girl’s stomach flipped over; the list was in her handbag, which she left by the whomping willow! The list was basically her life. Lupin said that Kaily would be immortal as long as the list was with her, but without it she was as vulnerable as everyone else.

To the girl’s utter horror, a high pitched, maniac laughter filled the room and coiled around her spine. The lights dimmed, flickering on and off. Snape stood there motionlessly. With concern of his safety, Kaily swiftly yanked her wand out of her pocket and yelled, “IMMOBULOUS!” The professor froze, unable to do anything. The laughter grew as the teenager pushed the man back onto the couch and flung around, prepared for anything.

The lights were distinguished. The laughing stopped. The only sound heard was that of Kaily’s heavy breathing. Each second seemed like an hour as the girl’s fingers tightened their grip on the wand. Suddenly and out of nowhere, smoke accumulated and gradually gathered together in front of the young teen. Kaily then fixed her gaze into mysterious, power hungry, glowing red eyes. Voldemort stood before her, his lips grinned wickedly under his slits for nostrils. His long, pallid hand clutched a wand. In his other hand, though, was something very familiar to Kaily.

“The list!” the girl blurted out.

Voldemort chuckled. “Ah, yes, I see you recognize this object.” He whispered calmly. Kaily dared to take another breath. “And, Severus?” he added, “I thought you would be more loyal. Tisk, tisk, tisk.” The Dark Lord started to walk around the girl, but she quickly blocked his path to Snape. The tip of Kaily’s wand was pointed at Voldemort’s heart. Sweat once again assembled on her forehead. Each breath she drew in was precious.

He laughed an earsplitting laugh. “Do you really think you can defeat me? You see, it’s all playing into my hands, and I have you, dear girl, to thank for that.” Once again he cackled. Kaily fought hard to remain calm. She backed up and, her face never leaving Voldemort’s, let the palm of her hand stroke the back of Severus’ knuckles. They were trembling, as if he was fighting hard to break the curse she had placed on him.

“You were of the utmost help to me, young girl, but alas I will have to kill you. AVADA KEDAVRA!”

Amazed at how quick she reacted, Kaily blocked the curse. Voldemort laughed even louder as the green light hit him, but instead of destroying him, it circled around him as if the two were teaming up. “Thanks to you, every curse used against me will work for me! Nothing can ever stop me now, even if I weren’t immortal!” He chuckled again. “Everything used against me makes me stronger!” The green light continued to spin around the Dark Lord. Leaving the room with a final cackle, a pitch-black smoke enclosed around the man and he disappeared. The wicked laughter still echoed in the room.

Kaily’s heart beat speedily at her ribs. Her hands and her forehead were dripping in puddles of sweat. What had she done? The teen could hear Voldemort cackle inside the school, and somehow gave her more strength and courage. Without really knowing what she was doing, the teen thrust her wand to the ground and ran just outside the door. A hopeful determination swelled up inside her heart. Somehow she knew what to do.

Kaily ran about five feet away from the hut and lifted her arms to the side so that her body formed a cross-like figure. She then lifted her chin up into the air. Cool night wind slapped her cheeks… smells of the damp grass filled her nostrils… echoes of torturing screams blocked her ears… the promising moon in the distance flooded her eyes… a taste of love overflowed her being…

A great wave of fire encased her and raised her into the night sky. The flames acted as wings to her as she soared around the lit castle. Kaily then began singing a song of a desire, a chance to win. Optimism was given to all those fighting for the right, while dejection came across the hearts of those fighting with evil. Kaily could see people below her, students giving up hope were then casting powerful curses at the unexpected Death Eaters, while the Death Eaters were losing concentration and will. Kaily was helping more people survive…

Still singing, the teen peered into the Great Hall. Voldemort was there, showing a slight sign of fear and holding the list in front of him. Fred Weasley leapt at the Dark Lord and snatched the parchment, tearing it in two. Suddenly Kaily couldn’t utter another note. The fire around her extinguished. The teen was then falling, propelling through the wind. Voldemort’s scream of defeat was the last thing Kaily heard. Then her mind was enclosed in a dark abyss as she continuously fell from the sky.