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Sinners by ciararose

Format: Novella
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 39,570

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Draco, Pansy
Pairings: Draco/Pansy

First Published: 11/12/2006
Last Chapter: 01/21/2008
Last Updated: 01/30/2011


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3 years have passed since Graduation, and the war continues. The line between good and evil has become blurred and wearied. In a battle that has changed each participant in a different way, can there be a beautiful side to evil? No matter how tainted or regretful, can love exist among the cruelest of Dark followers? Through love, grief, joy, fear, and death, this is not the story of the saint. This is the story of the sinners.

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen - Anticlimactic Absolution

Adrien Pucey did not yet know of any battle at Hogwarts. As Pansy slept on, restless and dreaming, Draco’s thoughts moved beyond her. Single minded, he had no given a thought to the fact that both of their lives hung in the balance. He had never had a thought for any future beyond the one he had chosen when he got the Mark. Both of them had escaped the impossible. And both were still as trapped as they had been when between four walls, as trapped as when they had lived at Hogwarts. Hell waited for them to realize they had reached its fiery pits.

If the Dark Lord had triumphed, as He almost certainly had, then He would find them. Draco had no delusions as to their chances of evading Him. They would die; finally caught by the fate they had avoided so many times. Draco had always expected Death to be a surprise, but then, he had expected a lot of things.

If the Ministry had finally won, using their unusual advantage, he and Pansy would be no less hunted. Draco had evaded the Vow, for now; having delivered himself to a Ministry employee he was technically in their custody. Even if they assumed him dead, they would eventually discover the truth. And Pansy, no longer protected by the powerful associations she had held, would be the target of just as large a search. She was as much a sinner as Draco- sometimes more, Draco thought, though not in the same style.

The most pressing problem, however, sat in the next room.

Draco’s attention shifted as Pansy stirred more coherently, her lips parted in whispers.

Pansy’s eyes drifted open, and she sat up slowly. She regarded him for a moment in silence, her eyes piercing and knowing, and Draco gazed steadily back at her, that look that she loved, that scorched and melted. She thought she might break.

“Where are we?” she asked him, breaking his gaze to look around the room in which she had lain.

“Adrien Pucey’s apartment.”

She looked at him quizzically, unsure of what to ask next. It didn’t matter. They both froze as they heard the sound of an owl tapping on a window in the next room. Within a second, Draco had pulled her to her feet and planted a searing kiss on her lips before leading her by the hand to the door. She started to ask, but he hushed her with a look.

”We don’t want to be here when he reads that letter,” Draco whispered, pulling her into the hallway.

Dark Lord Defeated
Country rejoices

News this morning from the Ministry brought disbelief and joy to the members of the Wizarding community. In a secret battle that took place last night at Hogwarts school, the Ministry of Magic took the members of You-Know-Who’s party by surprise, and, in a struggle that lasted several hours, managed a heroic victory. Six members of the Ministry fought You-Know-Who personally. It seems, however, that the celebration is tainted by tragedy- in the struggle against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named himself, the Minister of Magic, Barney Wimble, was killed.

“He died a hero’s death,” said Auror Harvey Trinlet. “It was he who distracted You-Know-Who long enough for us to get a good shot in.”

Rumors that long-hidden Harry Potter was present at the battle have not yet been confirmed.

Several other losses were suffered among Ministry ranks, including Aurors Gerald Fonrish, Jeffrey Malf, Olive Derrin, Ralph Backard, Lela Frow, Nicole Konch, Miller Mowsen, Ian Willersam, Jason Gaicerson, Peter Becat, Adam Popaff, Kelsey Coulbish, and several that are yet unnamed.

The fight, however, is not over yet. Many of the Death Eaters fled the scene and are at large today. Those found in the castle, however, have been taken into Ministry custody and will be tried and penalized for their crimes within the next year.

It was the first place anyone would look, but it was also the last place they had to go. Malfoy Manor hadn’t been inhabited since the death of Draco’s mother. It lay in much the same condition except for the thick coatings of dust that gathered on every surface and the overgrown state of the gardens. Draco had dismissed all of the servants- he had never expected to come back here.

Pansy turned in a full circle, her eyes leaping to familiar things. It was surreal to be back here after having been resigned never to see it again. She sat down on the stairs, her mind blank. Her whole world was turning upside down.

Draco took out the newspaper he had stolen from the table of Adrien Pucey’s house. He strode into the next room, presumably to find a light.

Pansy heard only silence for several seconds, before the sound of his footsteps came running around the corner again.

“Draco,” Pansy said softly from the window seat, where she had been perched for an hour as Draco told the tale of his doings since he had gone missing. His head turned toward her, his expression unfathomable.

“Who saw you make the Unbreakable Vow?”

“The Minister. An Auror, I don’t know his name.”

“The Minister is dead, Draco.”

“There’s still the Auror.”

“I think you killed him.”

Escaped Death Eaters Still Elude Ministry

A newly triumphant Ministry of Magic, now under the direction of new Minister Gary Yarnole (previously Head of the Department for Magical Cooperation), is taking fierce offensive action against the Death Eaters who fled the scene of Thursday’s battle, where their leader fell. Authorities urge anyone who has sighted any of the following to report to the Auror Tip Line immediately:

Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Arnold Logun, Darcy Herring, Samantha Bernadeir, Charles Kern, John Tarner, Jacklyn Palm, Katherine Ikyn, or Tracey Davis.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to approach these suspects. They are all well armed and versed in the Dark Arts and extremely dangerous.

Draco checked and re-checked the wanted list. Nowhere were he or Pansy mentioned.

He wasn’t relieved.

The new Minister of Magic was, as yet, an unknown entity. If he had reason not to mention Draco or Pansy, they could easily be sinister. Pansy’s idea made sense- if Draco had killed the only remaining witness to his Vow, there could be no charge against him; no proof that he wasn’t released for his information.

Pansy had no such reprieve. There was no reason for her not to be hunted… unless…

“You weren’t in the castle,” Draco said suddenly, his eyes turning to her.


“You weren’t there when they got inside. There’s no charge against you.”

His eyes were excited and Pansy sat up straighter.

“Someone will tell them,” she said slowly. “Someone will give names.”

“Not unless the Ministry offers a deal,” Draco said, standing up and striding over to her. “Which they have no reason to do, if they believe they know the identities of everyone in that castle anyway.”

They were twenty years old.

They had murdered, lied, coveted, stolen, hated, lusted, deceived, desired, and destroyed. They had been greedy, prideful, angry, jealous, afraid, desperate, daring, reckless, resentful, and ruthless. They had committed their sins.

They no longer lived in the shadows, no longer ran or hid or moved under cover of darkness to bring darkness on others.

Still, the rain fell, and the clouds moved to block the sun. Still the lightning flashed and thunder roared. Still, they lied, coveted, hated, lusted, desired, and deceived; still they were jealous, prideful, angry, afraid, daring, reckless, resentful and greedy. No more did they do the bidding of the night, but still, they were creatures of shadow.

Pansy, so beautiful and deceptive and alluring and mysterious and thunderous, still shivered, trembled, burned and sighed at his touch.

Draco, so handsome and composed and clever and proud and electrifying, still fed on the poison that lingered in her lips and breath.

They hungered for one another, trading the venomous darkness, improbably alive.

They were twenty years old.


Anticlimactic? Yes. The last chapter? Curiously, no, and that's all I will say for now.