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Yeah Boy and Doll Face by inevitable

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,424

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing)

Genres: Fluff, Romance
Characters: OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 12/17/2007
Last Chapter: 12/28/2007
Last Updated: 12/28/2007

| Dedicated to Someone That's Obsessed with Tatsuha |

Chapter 1: Coffee and Custards

A/N This is dedicated to a friend of mine that fancies Tatsuha Nishimura’s character a lot from PottersWorld. Hope you like it; I did slip your name for your pleasure. -dies-


His lips etched a longing missed amusement, dry laughs buried the silence in the cafe as it swayed along with the silvery mist clouds of coffee coming from their mugs. His eyes glanced blissfully between the two of his mates, nose clearly enticed by the lust of coffee sparking wildly. Another laugh lingered, settled and then rang Tatsuha's ears. It had been ages for him to hear his friends calling out a joke, heck, Tatsuha barely met them since they graduated Hogwarts. The reunion Anna, Isabella and Keily planned was great, except for the fact none of the old group could make it today, in a rainy day except Marius and Dafydd.

"This is odd," Marius, said silently, he stroked his soft dark hair absentmindedly whilst looking down his watch that stroked twelve noon, "Auxxel said she would show up to meet us here."

"Nah, she would be an hour late. A nice date with Sir Fletcher couldn't wait, what a loyal friend, Auxxel," chortled Tatsuha as he sipped his coffee.

"Starting to get soft toward the opposite sex I suppose? Splendid, the loon finally found fondness toward love, eh?" Dafydd chuckled, Tatsuha watched him drinking up his small cup of hot Machiato. He just grinned. Damn, how many years had it been? How was Auxxel? What did she grow up into? A loon that's for sure... But dating a boy? It was hard to accept that everyone was growing old, even though Auxxel was 19 now; in Tatsuha's eyes, she would always be a twelve-year-old girl.

"Speaking of love," Dafydd grinned, his visions winked maliciously at Marius, "how is the love life with Mighty-V? How is our beloved Anna?"

It seemed like they were schoolboys in Hogwarts again, talking about their crushes, lunch, and studies. A cycle that would never collapse; unless anyone would call a break from Hogwarts.

"You seriously like to poke your nose everywhere, no, Dafydd," Marius replied coolly in a soft tone, "Why don't you join the woman's tea club Anna's in? That way you could gossip madly with the other big mouths."

Tatsuha sniggered, the silent-striking Marius finally was getting better in comebacks. Last time he remembered kissing Marius in the dormitories, he was incredibly dumbfounded and got a sudden attack of hollow to even act or say anything. "Leave him alone, Dafydd, you should look for your own bird as well, yeh know? And Marius, we shall wait a wedding invitation soon, yeah? I am not asking, I am demanding."

Another laugh boomed the still cafe, the soft colour of pink made Marius a little cuter when the word 'wedding' was up and about. Anna and Marius? Together with a sacred vow? Wasn't it a little too soon?

"I do still remember Carolanne though," Dafydd said silently, "Was always there anytime one of us got a terrible breakdown."

"Yeah, and a great kisser too," Tatsuha responded.

"You kissed her?" Dafydd frowned; he was off from lethargic as he enthusiastically ate his blue berry custard while listening.

"To be precise, he kissed her the day when she and I broke up," Marius said dully to clarify, "Tatsuha, which woman you know, you didn’t kiss yet? Seriously?"

Tatsuha just grinned airily then scanned outside through the window. His eyes were drained and drenched like the restless drops of water outside the silent and warm cafe. He watched the trees that danced through the rain, the clouds that cracked to rumble grunts, the sky that outlined lightning... The rain was never revolting, if anyone sees its deeply, they would realise the earth is crying with beamed thoughts. Crying out that it's a beautiful life for a short time wasn't a sin.

"No! I don't need any explanation, Mr. Fletcher! It's through! You're fully a git!"

The placid scenery of downpour cracked in a catastrophic way as a familiar shriek pulled Tatsuha’s attention. It was usually a yell of cheer, the usual one he usually heard through corridors, or mockeries of “Oi! Cabbagehead!” but this time it had a heartrending tone. It was dreadful to hear her voice in a such a disastrous and saddening one.

“Auxxel,” Tatsuha said silently, unconsciously speaking.

There she was, behind the ledges of the windows that were splattered with the tears of the earth. Her dark brown hair was soaking wet, her favourite shirt was worn off as thread needles of water attacked her restlessly to exacerbate the situation. Tatsuha saw Auxxel’s face that was splashed with disappointment; he did saw that particular expression when both of them were bidding farewell to Marius as he left Hogwarts. Tatsuha glanced warily, ignored Dafydd that was talking about rubber ducks; usually he would try to find something to hide under, a table, a sofa, a person when she’s around. Often he would cringe, especially when she calls him Cabbagehead Number One; then the urge to pull Marvin Number Two out of his trunk and hug the toy eternally for protection would pop. Auxxel was as if an outlandish creation of God. Though through the years ever since Auxxel haunted his life, he felt sudden weird sympathies, or sometimes fondness ensued and broke the everlasting loathsome. Auxxel Wasawzki Simon was a pathetic loon, but sweet and cuddly feelings arise as her grin blinded Tatsuha’s eyes. He couldn’t resist protecting her every time she was in trouble.

He saw Aric Fletcher waving a slapdash wave then left the scene by Apparating, Auxxel collapsed to a breakdown, she was crumpled down in the middle of the alley, even though the earth was crying, Auxxel’s cry valued loads. Even though the earth’s cry was louder, Auxxel’s sulks appealed Tatsuha more.

Tatsuha stood up from his armchair, immediately sank away from the café, pushed the door as the bell tingled. It happened in a slow motion, him that was dry was quickly brushed with rain. The coldness clasped his skin, the soft icy wind caressed him as his lose shirt swayed like branches in the storm. He called Auxxel’s name as he heard her outburst of soft silent cries, then he embraced her without thinking. It had a moment. There they were, in the middle of the rain. The deafening rain suddenly became stood still, Tatsuha pulled away then looked at Auxxel and said, “You okay?”

Auxxel nodded and slightly smiled, she looked embarrassed. She was always hostile in front of Tatsuha, what would Tatsuha think about her now? She felt weak as her age grows older. Tatsuha smiled at her back, his head tilted closer towards her; he could feel the breath of Auxxel’s that was growing cold, their lips were now very close. His eyes that was locked to Auxxel were now half-closed, and his smile deformed to a quick smirk as he drew himself closer to Auxxel. When their lips convened in a lavishing way, Tatsuha brushed his lips even closer to Auxxel’s; as she wasn’t even resisting pulling off. The water of the rain was up to their taste, Auxxel could feel Tatsuha’s coffee breath. And then, Tatsuha kept on increasing the pressure, as he heard no protest from Auxxel to even stop.

From the frames of the window, Marius and Dafydd stared at the lot that continued their fervent kiss. Both jaws dropped, later Marius sipped his coffee as Dafydd sniggered, “Oh yes, Tatsuha probably would be the wizard that kissed every witch in London.”

Both sniggered silently, the café dropped to a severe silence as the rain tuned music to their ears. A nice farewell to the old season… Goodbye, Winter.

A/N: Oh yeah, I’m the only one that ships Auxxel/Tatsuha. Woohoo.

This is also dedicated to someone that vanished from the world, that's also a Tatsuha Nishimura fan. I love you, and I miss you already. A lot.