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LOVE & BROOMSTICKS by StepUpx_Gryffindor

Format: Novel
Chapters: 35
Word Count: 216,870
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/23/2006
Last Chapter: 03/09/2015
Last Updated: 03/09/2015


You know what I hate? Having James Potter as your playmate as a child, & then having him turn into an egotistical pig as soon as we both set foot in Hogwarts. All the jokes, teasing, cat-calling... I can't stand it! I can't stand him. James Potter may have that devlishly handsome grin going for him, but I'm not falling for it! I've survived him for 5 years & I'm sure I can make it through my Sixth Year without him... I think?

Chapter 10: Let The Games Begin

Author's Note: La La La. What is happenin' my homeskillets? I finally finished my tenth chapter and I'm gonna try and get a head start on chapter 11. I'm sorry I couldn't update as soon as Thanksgiving ended. I had no free time. BUT THANK YOU ALL FOR STICKING WITH ME!

My best friend just ran into a wall. And fell on the ground. You know what the worse part is? I was walking behind her. So gradually, I landed on my buttock as well.

That’s how we start off our first day of classes.

Jessica and I were walking to Muggle Studies, our first subject for today, and she was trying to show me some dance that she saw on television. It was in a music video, she told me. Well I’ll never trust her again to show me any kind of dance moves in the hallway. She didn’t know where she was going, and rammed into stone, with me hot on her tail. And it didn’t help that we were being pushed by lazy could-care-less Sixth and Seventh Years and frantic fidgety First Years.

Say that five times fast.

“Help me up.”

“Well, wait until I’m actually standing, Lily.”

“Why do we always fall down together?” I ask, as Jessica helps me up.

“Word to the wise, don’t follow in my footsteps. I run into walls,” she retorts.

I laugh as we both try to find a place in the crowd of students. It’s better to go with the flow of traffic, and find a free space and move quickly. That’s the key to not being late. If you want to be head butted by Hogwarts kids, then go right ahead and stand still in the middle of the corridors.


No one’s been talking much about what happened at the party, which makes me relieved. To them, it was just a Diggory vs. James showdown. I don’t even think I’m in that equation. It probably doesn’t make sense to anyone, since all the people at the party saw me bawling my eyes out on the floor while James was beating him up. I’m sure they have questions, and they’re probably gossiping already, but I haven’t heard anything yet. And I’d like to keep it that way. On the other hand, the nude discovery in the boys’ dormitory did not go unnoticed. Jonathan Michaels was found passed out cold on the bathroom floor. Peter Pettigrew just so happened to get up and head to the bathroom for his usual morning pee, and tripped over Jonathan. These are Sirius’s exact words, NOT MINE. Unluckily, when Peter got up to use the bathroom, the other boys followed, and they all tripped over heaping unconscious bodies. How unfortunate. None of the teachers found out, though, which is a good thing, because I’m sure my name would have come up in that equation. And people already have enough to talk about. If you think about it, if Peter hadn’t gotten up, then his other classmates wouldn’t have gotten up, hence, they wouldn’t have tripped over some of the guys they had known for the past six years. Well, Jonathan and the other guys would have probably just lain there until next morning anyway, so I guess it didn’t matter.

Why do guys go to the bathroom around the same time just to pee? And they complain about girls going to the bathroom in groups…

Today is Monday. Which means today is the first day of Sixth Year term. At breakfast, Dumbledore gave his usual lecture on being on our best behavior today and to watch out for surprises in our classes. As in, things we might not expect. He already talked to us about the differences in classes this year and how we’re expanding our ‘international horizons’, what ever that means. All I know is that my interpretations of all my days sitting in a classroom have not prepared me for this year. I can just feel it. This big school is beginning to change. And I haven’t decided if I’m going to like this year or not, with or without the diverse changes in classes.

Speaking of change, I’m happy to say that I haven’t talked to James Potter or the rest of his friends at all since the other day. Stop giving me that disappointing look. It’s actually a good thing. I mean I’m not happy that I haven’t mumbled a syllable to them, but I’m happy that they haven’t changed around me. You know how I was so worried that things would be weird between the marauders and me? Well nothing’s been altered. James has seen me and not said anything, and just continued with his work. Things are just as they were before the party. Er- alright, no it’s not. Things as they were before the party consisted of James’s terrible pick up lines, his teasing, and Sirius’s lack of staying out of other people’s personal space. The strange thing is that all three of those things have seemed to disappear. I haven’t witness any of the marauders antics around Jessica or myself. James hasn’t spoken to me, let alone used a pick up line. That was one of the major differences I noticed. Since falling asleep on the couch, he hasn’t said a word to me. And I know what you’re thinking: Something has definitely changed, you idiot!

Well, no.

I don’t think anything has. I’ll admit I was scared that things would become unusual since that night. His not talking to me doesn’t mean things aren’t the same as they were before, he just doesn’t feel obliged to speaking to me. And I’m totally fine with that. I told Jessica this, and she called me a git. She said that it’s a theory my mind made up to help with my denial about the situation. Jess thinks that to really know what’s going on, I have to strap on that belt of courage by the name of Godric Gryffindor and go talk to James.

Pff, what does she know?
She has no clue what’s going on in here! In my head!

It’s a battle everyday. Maybe I’m going insane, but then again, I’m right about some of the things in my theory, aren’t I? Aren’t I?


“Welcome, class! My name is Professor Franklin. I’m going to be teaching you the subject of Muggle Studies this year!” Our professor talks a little bit about herself while Jessica and I walk through the door for Muggle Studies. Class hasn’t exactly begun yet. As soon as I walk through the door, I stop.

“Damn,” I say under my breath.

“What?” Jessica asks. As soon as she says this she looks inside the class. Of course, standing there in the middle of the room are the marauders.

They don’t notice me first, until Peter catches my stare and nudges James in the side. He looks up at me and we both just stare at each other. It’s not really much like a gaping kind of look, but more like a weird ‘what’s next?’ kind of look. His eyes look worn in, like he hasn’t had much sleep. I’m too busy looking at him that I don’t notice the arrangement of desks. It’s like all the desks were aligned in a big square, except it’s a three sided square. The desks are in one long arrangement that starts from the front of the room all the way around the walls and back to the front. If there was a line of desks where I stood now, it would cover the door and it would make a perfect square. The desks are facing the inside of the room, and its backs to the windows or wall. The desks are large and spacious, which is probably a good thing.

I mean, you can’t fit computers on a small mahogany desk, now can you?


Hogwarts has gone Personal Computer.

“I can’t believe this!” Jessica says, after glancing at the desks and at me. “I mean, I can’t believe we’re in the same class as them,” she jerks a thumb at the marauders, “but I also can’t believe that we’re going to be working with computers. Computers! In Muggle Studies!”

I’m speechless…

Professor Franklin talked us through the basics of working a computer. She’s a half blood, and her father, who was a muggle, had owned a shop that helped with fixing electronics. I thought it was nice that she shared with us how she got started. And it helps that there aren’t any Slytherins to snicker about her personal background, because I know that they would make mean remarks if they were here right now. That’s what I love about Muggle Studies. Not only because I can connect with the other side of my life, but also because Slytherins never take it.

We’re now half way into the lesson.

I have no idea how I survived half way through this class. Two reasons: One, James Potter. James isn’t even nervous, which is so annoying! I’m sweating over here. Two, Jessica Finelly. I’m seated no where near Jess, which is such a pain! She’s in the line across from me, and James is in the same line too. He’s sitting directly across from me, like a mirrored image. I find that ironic and intimidating at the same time, and I don’t know why. Sirius is a desk away from Peter and their row of computers is the line in the back of the room, their backs to the wall. Remus is in my line but further down near the front. Remus is straight across from Jessica, and I’m straight across from James. Remus is in the same spot as Jessica is on the other side, except he’s not sitting next to Albert The Fart Machine. It’s not the loud fart sounds that kill us. It’s the SILENT BUT DEADLYs that kill us. No one’s ever heard him fart. But you don’t have to hear it to smell it.

Things would be less complicated if these damn desks weren’t put in an awkward square (minus one side). Do you know what it was like explaining where everyone sat? I'm already worn out!

Professor Franklin has already taught us the ups and downs of the internet already and class is almost over. “Alright, now that I’ve showed you all how to use your Personal Computer, you may now have some free time and play on the internet if you’d like,” Professor Franklin tells the class.


I created a screen name!


I’m so darn proud of myself. I never knew how the hell messaging on the internet worked. It took me a while to know what ‘screen name’ meant. I went on Google, and read about them! I know, I know. I’m a nerd. But I learned a lot! The computers I’ve gone on only had e-mail. I wonder if anyone else has found out how to make one. I can’t wait to try this out! Messages, on the internet. Messages… ON THE INTERNET! How awesome is that? It’s like BAM hello and you’re not even next to the person. And when you have to leave, it’s like BAM goodbye, and you don’t even hug or wave the person goodbye. It’s so cyber-ific.


I catch Sirius’s eye and look at him quizzically. He has that marauder glimmer in his eyes. I glance at Jessica, and she’s noticed it too. She glares at him, and then gives me a wave. I wave back. It looks like Albert has suddenly had a bad case of flatulence because Jessica’s distorting her face like she’s smelled something disgusting. Albert is red in the face. I feel bad for Jessica… And Albert. I could never grow up with a farting problem and take it so well. His face was just red in embarrassment. I would be digging a hole on the Quidditch pitch and plan to never get out. My computer flashes a box on my screen. I click it.

SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: BOOM CHICKA WAH!loveMEsomeCHEESE19: AY BAY BAY!SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: Please, Peter. Be more original next time -_-FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: I regret the day I met you all.EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: omg.

JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: Can I leave please?

The world has stopped.
Out of all the things I never thought possible…

How the hell did Sirius Black get my screen name? I created it three minutes ago! And why does he know more about this internet messaging stuff then I do!? What did he do to get us all together? I think this is a Chat Room. People invite others that are also online at the same time so they can all talk together. I think that’s what he did.

I glance over at everyone and we all look at each other. Except James. He’s just sitting there looking bored. He yawns and puts his hands over his head. I glare daggers his way. Can he stop acting cool and get nervous? Freak out? Hyperventilate a little bit?

What do I do now? I wish Jessica was next to me.

IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: Sirius, you are the last person in the world I would talk to via the internet.

Have mercy.

EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: Thank goodness I’m not the only one who thinks that way ;]



JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: hah.

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: …FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: Shut up, Peter.loveMEsomeCHEESE19: I didn’t say anything!

SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: I feel like a little kid again. Just like the old days when I would sneak out of the house and spend the day exploring the computers at the public library ^_^ (before the librarians told me to watch out for the ‘bad sites’.)

IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: Ew.SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: I wasn’t my fault! I didn’t know! *cries*
IxOWNxMRBECKHM4ever: I’m not saying “Ew” to that. I’m saying “Ew” to the little smilie face you used.
SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: What, this? ^_^

FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: Can we do something productive?

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: Shut up. NERD.

FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: I’m not helping you with Ancient Runes anymore.

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: NOOOO!

JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: Ladies and gentlemen, these are my friends.
EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: lol.

Oh, crap! Did I type and send after he typed and sent? This is bad. No, no, no, no. He’s going to think I was laughing at what he said! In actual truth, I wasn’t; I was laughing at this whole entire conversation in general. Oh-My-Goodness. This boy has me over-analyzing everything! Damn him.


loveMEsomeCHEESE19: …


FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: Sirius, Please -_-

FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: No need for more commentary.

I’m afraid to look up.
Don’t look up, don’t look up, don’t look up!
I look up.

But I don’t peek at James. I glance at Jess. I give her a pleading look. She gives me a look back. But I have no idea what point she is trying to get across to me. Great, now I’m at a loss. This whole situation is mind-boggling. I’m having a conversation on the internet, inside Hogwarts! Not only that, but I’m at a lost for words on what to do now. All thanks to Sirius! Come on, stop acting like an ass!

SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: Sorry, no more commentary.

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: Anyway…

Did that just happen? He apologized for something he said! That never occurs. It’s like trying to have a tea party with a unicorn.

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: I wonder what it’s like to wear a turban.
FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: wtf.
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: What? Don’t judge me.
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: It was just a thought! My next door neighbor wears one. It looks itchy.
SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: Let’s go see if they have some in Hogsmeade next time! I’ll get one, too :]
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: sweet 8-)
FOULLxxHOULLxxRL58: You can’t be serious.
JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: Padfoot.
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: Prongs.
FOULLxxHOULLxxRL58: Wormtail, stop. They’re having a discussion.
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: Oh, sorry. Thought it was a game.
JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: -_-
IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: Lily, are you witnessing this?
EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: Unfortunately, yes.
SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: Anyway, what were you saying Prongs?
JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: You can’t wear a turban just for kicks.
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: Yeah, why not?!
FOULLxxHOULLxxRL58: Peter!
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: Alright, fine!
JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: What if someone finds it offensive?
SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: Why would they think that? I’m not mocking them or anything.
JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: Yes, but they don’t know that.
SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: I think turbans are cool =)
EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: wow.
EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: I can’t believe I’ve seen such a conversation.
loveMEsomeCHEESE19: I agree, turbans look cool!
FOULLxxHOULLxxRL58: God damn it, Peter.
EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: Oh, I was wondering where you’ve been all this time.
IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: I was trying to wipe the stupidity of my screen.

AHAHAH. I high five Jessica in the air and she high five’s me back.

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: damn.SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: Did she just insult us?FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: no…

JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: just you two.

Huh, I’ve never noticed that they finish each other’s sentences. That’s like Jess and me. Those good-for-nothing copy cats.

SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: What does this big button next to the computer do?

FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: You mean the monitor?
SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: No, the square thingy. The actual computer.

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: I don’t have a big button =(

IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: I’m pretty sure none of us do.

JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: Padfoot, I think your computer is the main plug for all the other computers.

IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: oh goodness, no.


FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: Sirius, don’t touch ANYTHING.

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: oh, shit.

EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: Why do I have the feeling that something bad is going to happen?SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: MUWAHAHAHA!

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: I’m going to start praying now.

IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: Why my parents made me sign up for this class, I have no idea.JPlittleQUIDDITCHboyx: Sirius, DON’T!FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: Do I have to take care of everyone around here?!

FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: Padfoot. Please, don’t get a detention on the first day of classes.SIRxSNUFFLESxxSIRIUS: come ON. Nothing’s going to happen. They probably bewitched the computers. It’s Hogwarts. You think a button will do damage?

loveMEsomeCHEESE19: He has a point…

EYEz0Fnaturex3EVANS: No. Stop! Don’t add fuel to the fire.loveMEsomeCHEESE19: I have no idea what the hell that meant.

IxOWNxMRBECKHAM4ever: Don’t agree with him, Peter.

FOULLxxHOWLLxxRL58: It’ll give Sirius too much confidence.


All of a sudden, I (along with the rest of the class), hear a rumbling sound coming from Sirius’s computer. His eyes go wide, and everyone in the row backs up. But he, the idiot, just sits there wide eyed. Professor Franklin runs toward the back of the room and yells, "Oh!”.

Everyone starts shouting, and we all get out of our chairs and back away. I put my back against the windows. And the computers, one by one… row by row… blow up. Now I don’t mean like a Mission Impossible kind of blow up. I mean like a (crack, flash, BOOM) broken kind of blow up. Pieces of glass from the monitors explode everywhere. Sirius finally gets his brain gears to start working and comprehends that what he’s doing is not safe. But he fidgets and freaks out and falls out of his chair. In fright, he hides under his desk. Professor Franklin is in the cupboard room behind the teaching desk and starts pulling and twisting wires, and push weird, oddly shaped buttons. It helps a bit, as I can see. That’s quite a relief because it actually means I CAN see.

Smoke is filling the room like a wildfire and I'm tearing. I honestly see nothing. But now, a lot of the smoke has died down. It’s dead quiet and everyone’s waving off the air with their hands, coughing and heaving. Professor Franklin tells us to calm down and a whole bunch of other stuff but I’m not listening. I glare at Sirius, and Jessica is making a punching motion with her hand toward him. I don’t even know what his friends think of him right now. The smoke clears out more and there is nothing but silence. No coughing, no talking. Professor Franklin finishes telling us what ever she was telling our class (which I missed completely because I was too focused on killing Sirius Black with my eyes). Everyone has shifted and the entire class is look at Sirius, who’s still huddled under his desk. It’s still hard to see him because his computer was the last to stop smoking and practically destroying itself. In quick time, there is no smoke left in the room, and we’re all still staring at Sirius. And he’s finally in full view.

He’s whimpering and sucking his thumb, with his arm around his legs.


So you know that big button next to Sirius’s the computer?
Yeah, it wasn’t the plug for all the others. James’s guess was way wrong.

Wanna know what it was? You’ll get a kick out of this…

It was the emergency brake. As if that’s even possible for a Personal Computer. The purpose for the button was to destroy all records and information saved in the computers if outsiders tried to hack into Hogwarts. If an emergency happened and we needed to evacuate the building, the button would be pushed and every kind of data that could help our enemies inside would be annihilated. Professor Franklin explained how the computers are muggle electronics and how they need to be taken care of the muggle way. Henceforth, they can’t be taken care of by magic. Not big complicated machines, anyway.

Not only that, but Sirius got detention. It’s going to take quite a few pounds to fix everything he did. But that’s not even the bad part.

Jessica, Remus, James, Peter, and I got detention too!


Sirius said that we ‘asked him to do it’ and that we ‘pressured him to break the rules’. He basically ratted us out and told Professor Franklin lies! You should have seen the look on her face. She looked so disappointed I just wanted to cry! Now she’s going to think badly of me every time she sees me. And will never look at me the same again. I’m so mad at him for this. As far as I know, everyone’s been ignoring Sirius all day. This is his fault. HIS FAULT. We told him not to do it. But does he listen? No. I’m mostly furious about getting a detention over something I didn’t even do, on the first day of classes. He couldn’t even wait until lunch to do something disastrous. Oh, No. He just HAD to do it first period. I’m not talking to him.


I went on to my next classes with ease. There are some classes that really have been changed and edited, but none have been altered as much as Muggle Studies. I still can’t believe we are working with computers, and I still can’t believe what Sirius did! Before Lunch, I had Potions with Jessica, Sirius, and Frank. I flipped out on all three of them when I walked in. Well, Jessica and Frank not so much. Mostly Sirius. I yelled at him and hit him in the head before class started. He tried to get a word in and speak but I just skedaddled to my seat. His seat was far away from mine, thank goodness.
I avoided Jonathan the entire way to my seat, and all through class.

I sat next to Jess, and Frank Longbottom was behind me. He noticed my distress and asked if I was on my period. I ignored him as much as I could. Jessica didn’t though. She turned around and snapped at him as soon as the words left his mouth. He simply just put his hands in the air defensively and made a look that said ‘chill out, man’. Only Frank can make that face. Jessica, on the other hand, was as pissed at Sirius as I was. She practically gave Sirius the finger every time Professor Slughorn’s back was turned! But I don’t blame her. She’s a prefect and she’s getting detention! She makes rounds at night with James. And James got detention too! This is disastrous. Now another partnered pair will have to fill in that night. I’m sure that the people assigned won’t be pleased about using their night off to do rounds, and Professor Dumbledore won’t be pleased either. Heaven knows what McGonagall is gonna think of this.

Lunch didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. I got some alone time with Jessica and she got mail from her boyfriend, Jeff. He just started school and wanted to write to her as soon as he could. He included some pictures from his first day back. His school is small, if I do say so myself. Then again, I go to Hogwarts. I should be punished for making assumptions about small schools and preparatory academies. Lunch was probably the best part of the day, since I at least got to see Jessica’s mood shift just a little bit. At least one of us has a man. I’m not pouting…

You should have seen her face. Her eyes lit up and she could practically smell Jeff’s cologne off the paper. To be honest, Jeff apparently smells quite foxy. I like guys who smell good- KILL ME NOW. I didn’t mean to have a relation to James just then, I SWEAR! I’m just saying that if you like a guy, you like him a lot more when he smells fantastic! I know I’m not the only one who likes a guy who doesn’t reek of nasty body odor and sweat. And it just so happens that James seems to like to smell good. That has nothing, what so ever, to do with me. If he takes it upon himself to smell good, then fine. I don’t care. At least he’s a human who likes to smell nice. I mean, God! Throw me a frickin’ bone here.

I’m resting in the common room right now, putting the finishing touches on my Ancient Runes essay. I want to get it done ahead of time, because I have a feeling that tomorrow I’m gonna have to write an essay for Potions. I’m pretty good when it comes to predicting homework. And of course, I need to have it done tonight, so I don’t stay up until 3 AM doing the rest of my homework. And do you know why I have to do it now?

Because I won’t have any time.
You wanna know why I won’t have any time?

Because of a boy named Sirius Black who has the brain smarts of snail and his inabilities to follow the rules.

Do you wanna know why it’s all because of a boy named Sirius Black who has the brain smarts of snail and his inabilities to follow the rules?

Because he got me detention.
Damn him.

Thank goodness I only have three classes with him. Or actually, the marauders in general. And it’s funny because if a have a class with a marauder, then Jess is in that class as well. I have Ancient Runes with Peter, Remus, Frank, and Jessica. I have Potions with Jessica, Sirius, and Frank. Last but not least, I have Muggle Studies with all four of them. Oh, lucky me. NOT.

I’m not going to forget this. I’ve never had a detention on the first day of classes before. And don’t think that I’m obsessing about this too much, because I am definitely not. I have every right to freak out! I’m practically known for freaking out; hence, I have this privilege. I could write down a list of things that have gone wrong in my life, and practically tell the world what NOT to do when you’re alive.

What sucks is that each year I always, always, always have an unnecessary amount of class with the marauders, whether it’s one of them or all of them! It pisses me off. It’s like Professor Dumbledore is laughing maniacally in his throne of wisdom. It’s like he’s secretly enjoying this, thought not really. He probably had nothing to do with this, and I’m just babbling. Oh, whatever. It’s what I’m good at. I don’t even know what to think anymore. This whole detention thing is frying my brain.


Professor Franklin never told us who we were doing detention for! Sweet biscuits. I hope it’s not Madame Pince. I love that woman, but she really needs to get out more. She kind of acts like a mouse outside the library doors. The library’s like her comfort zone. She’s always been like that. I wonder if she was like that when my mom went here, if she ever went here at all. She died when I was seven so I didn’t really get to know much about her. All I remember is the memories I had with James, and the memories I had with Petunia, and some family celebrations. I don’t have good recognition on my mom. We did have a lot of alone time. My mother and I would always pick flowers, and we would always play dolls when James wasn’t over. Those were the kinds of things I couldn’t do with him because he was too busy playing with his My First Quidditch Broom. It’s sad though, because I never really got to know her. Did she go to Hogwarts? What was her favorite sport? Did she like a lot of salt on her popcorn like Jessica does? I don’t remember the sound of her voice all too well anymore.


I look up from the coffee table to see Jessica taking a seat on the couch next to me.

“Hi, Jess.”

“I have to go to Defense Against the Dark Arts in a little while, so I thought I’d burn some extra time with you before I left.”

“Er, yeah….”

“But, I guess your still doing your essay?” she says with a chuckle.

“Hey, don’t come crying to me when your up all night until the bloody crack of dawn doing your homework. I chose to do it right now because I’m ‘responsible student’,” I say to her, using my air quotes.

“Responsible students don’t use air quotes,” she teases. I roll my eyes. “What’s your next class?” she asks me.

“I have Transfiguration.”

She tilts her head. “Ugh, McGonagall?”


“Well, at least you don’t have to explain to her why a certain prefect, make that two, have detention tonight.”

“I don’t even want to think about what it’s going to be like for you and,” I almost blurt out James, but I stop abruptly.

“James Potter?” she guesses.

“Yeah. When are you planning on telling her?”

“I’ll tell McGonagall after my DADA class.”

“Good luck.”

“Thanks. I’m gonna need it. She’s probably gonna pee herself when she hears that James and I have detention. I’ve been stressing about it all day.”

I laugh. “I can tell. In every class today, you either went on a rant about how dead you were going to be when you confront McGonagall or how much you wanted to kill Sirius Black.”

"Don’t even bring that name up. It makes me want to punch a wall." Jessica puts to fingers to her temple and massages her head. “I’ve had a stressful day.”

“You think you’re the only one? How about my messaging encounter with Potter?”

“Oh, jeez. That must have been embarrassing.”

“What the hell was that?! I mean Potter was all chill about everything and then there were these silences and stupid Sirius, being an ass twice in one day, had to point it out. My cheeks were giving off radiation.”

“That was one of the biggest internet fiascos to encounter at Hogwarts.”

“I agree one hundred percent.” I sigh and lean my head against Jessica’s shoulder.

“At least you didn’t have to sit next to Albert the Fart Machine.”

“Hah, that’s true.” I chuckle.

“I don’t know what he had for breakfast, but I was dying over there.”

“If you think about, today has been the most surreal day ever. Besides the sleepover and hanging the marauders by a roof. Besides the common room party with Diggory. Hell, besides sleeping in the boys’ dormitory, I think today was the most unexpected day.”

“What’s happening with our lives?”

“Who knows?”


I arrive outside Professor Franklin’s room and wait. A few more minutes pass and Sirius and James make their way down the corridor. I cross my arms and stare at the wall and pretend that I don’t see them. “Come on, Ginger. You can’t stay mad at me forever!”


I’m seething and he steps back. James just stares and starts chuckling at us. I bite my tongue and stop myself from telling him to go fall in a pit of fire, no matter how much respect I have for him. “Is there a problem here?” Remus walks up behind me.

“Your so called best friend decided to call me something I would never allow someone to call me. And, Oh… I don’t know… HE GOT ME DETENTION ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES!”

Remus steps back, and shifts his head to the left a little bit in a look that says ‘stop talking to me, crazy lady!’ as he blinks rapidly. “First off, you need to calm down.”

“Hah! That’s funny-”

“Could I just say something-?” Sirius pipes up.

“-No! You can stay there and shut your trap, you barbarian!” I turn my head towards Remus. “How can you not be upset over this? Or even a little bit mad?”

“After six years with Padfoot, I have adapted to his customs. It’s not big deal, really-”

“You know, Sirius IS standing right here,” Sirius says in third person, pointing to himself.

“Shut it! I’m not talking to you. You are not allowed to talk to me when I am in the same room, and I don’t want to hear your voice! If you haven’t noticed, I am completely pissed at you. So unless you want a punch in the gut, you better shut that hole in your face!”

James bursts out laughing and Sirius looks like a little kid that’s just been slapped by his grandmother. He pouts and furrows his eyebrows.

“Good. Now you’re actually silent,” I mumble.

“You’re blowing this way out of proportion, Lily. We’re all a little bit annoyed at what he’s done, and yes, we’ve practically kicked him in the shins every chance we’ve got today. But he’s still our friend-”

“Don’t speak with a ‘we’. How do you know if anybody else agrees with what you’re saying?!”

“Well. Take a look. James and Sirius came down together, and you don’t see Prongs strangling him, do you?”

I look at James. For the second time today we stare into each other’s eyes. All I see his hazel. And I know that all he sees is green. James coughs and shifts his eyes to the ground. “Alright,” I say, facing Remus again. “Fine. So maybe you and Potter are all happy-go-lucky about it-”

“-I am NOT happy-go-lucky!” Remus interjects.

“-but how do you know Peter agrees with this?”

Just then, Peter shows up around the corner behind James. “I agree with what?” He asks.

“Little Miss Ginger over here can’t seem to forgive me and thinks that you all should hate me,” Sirius blurts, looking straight at me.

I lunge for him. “DON’T CALL ME GINGER!”

Peter holds me just in time. “Okay, so maybe Sirius isn’t the best when it comes to following the rules…”

I glare at him.
He cannot be serious.

None of them are mad at Sirius?

“You know what? Whatever. I’m not talking to any of you.”

“Think of it this way, Evans; we can all spend more time with each other,” Sirius winks at me.

“Creep,” Jessica says.

“Jess, I thought you’d never show! I’ve been waiting here for ten minutes.”

“Yeah, I had to talk to McGonagall.”

She punches Sirius in the arm and walks over to me.

“What did she say?”

She turns to all of us, including James, since he’s her partner for prefect rounds.

"McGonagall said that we can’t go to the first Hogsmeade trip coming up."

“What?! I live for those! Not that. Anything but that!” James says with an exasperated expression.

“It’s better than getting punished and not being able to go to the Hogsmeade camping trip in November! She was furious.”

Professor Franklin’s door opens and she steps out. She gestures with her hand to come inside; and we do, one by one. James butts in front of me and holds the door for me. He leans in and whispers, “Let the games begin.”

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