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Mission Impossible by goddess faith

Format: Novella
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 45,520
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Draco, Pansy, George, Blaise (M), OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Hermione/FredOrGeorge, Hermione/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 10/09/2007
Last Chapter: 08/14/2009
Last Updated: 08/14/2009


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This story is abandoned for now. I completely lost the inspartion to write it. I might pick it back up in the future, but as of right now I am not writing on it.

Chapter 4: Back to school

Chapter Four: Back to school

Fred was gone when Hermione woke up. She guessed that was for the best. George escorted her to the train station.

“You are coming back to the Burrow for Christmas, right?” He asked as he hugged her good-bye.

“Of course,” Hermione replied, hugging him back. She looked up at him, thinking how much him and Fred really did look alike. She didn’t see how anyone told them apart.

“He is just depressed, you know?” George whispered as they pulled away. Hermione was confused for a moment, then understood.

“Yeah…” she didn’t want to talk about Fred. She couldn’t handle it right now. “I’ll see you at Christmas.” She turned to walk into the barrier.

“Hey, ‘Mione,” George called and Hermione turned around. “I like your hair.” Hermione smiled.

“Thanks.” She replied before running into the barrier. She didn’t even realize that it would be her last time doing so.

When she got onto the platform she pulled out the Boost potion. She had a feeling that she would need it long before she got to Hogwarts.

After she took the potion she began to make her way up to the train. She was a bit self-conscious. She didn’t want everyone thinking she was trying to be something she wasn’t, or something like that.

“Hermione?” She heard someone ask in disbelief behind her. She turned around to see Harry, Ron, and Ginny gocking at her. She gave a small shrug and a bored smile.


“You look…” Ginny started.

“Different,” Ron finished. They hadn’t moved from their spots, still looking at her. Hermione, getting tired of them looking at her like that, let out a deep sigh.

“It was good seeing you guys. Bye.” She then turned and began to walk up to the train. She didn’t want to stand around and hear them talk about what they thought of her new look and how their summers were. It got quite boring.

On the train, Hermione searched for a compartment. They were all full or had people in them that she would rather not sit with. She began to make her way back up to the top of the train when she heard a whistle behind her.

“Hey, hottie in the blue,” a guy yelled at her. “You can sit with us if you want.”

Hermione smirked as she began to turn around. Her look had apparently worked.

“I would…” Hermione began, but stopped, jumping back. When she got turned around to see who it was, she was stunned. Draco Malfoy stood there, looking a little confused at why she stopped. “Malfoy?”

“Do I know you?”

“Yeah, you do… ferret.” Hermione added, not to be mean, but to tell him who she was. His mouth dropped.

“Granger?!” He asked in disbelief. Hermione smirked at his reaction and nodded. Draco was joined by Zabini and Goyle, who was staring at Hermione, too.

“Invite still open?” She raised an eyebrow. She could tell there was a war going on up in Draco’s mind. She could tell that he couldn’t get his mind around how she changed like that. She kept the smirk as she slowly began to strut over to him. She ran her index finger along side of his face. “Not to worry…I’m not the same mudblood you think I am.”

“Mudblood?” Goyle asked in disbelief. “You’re a mudblood?”

“No, silly,” Hermione laughed shaking her head. “My parents lied to me. I found my birth certificate. I am pure blood.” Hermione had lied. Nothing like that had really happened, but she had to do something. These people needed to except her if her plan was ever going to work.

She looked back at Draco, who still looked a little confused. Blaise and Goyle looked all for letting her go in, but he didn’t look so sure.

“Why the sudden change?” Draco requested at last. Hermione just shrugged her shoulders.

“I guess I just wanted to act on my heritage. My parents lied to me and that pissed me off. Gave me a bad look on muggles and their disgusting kids…” Hermione explained, hoping they bought all that shit she just loaded in. Draco studied her again, before his face broke out in a smile.

“Come on in,” he motioned for her to enter. Blaise and Goyle wore smiles as they watched her enter.

Inside Hermione saw that their were already a crowd of Slytherins there. Pansy snarled her nose as she watched her enter.

“Nice look, Granger,” she hissed and Hermione jumped back. How come she was the only one that could see it was her?

“Pansy,” Hermione nodded as she took a seat. Draco and Blaise sat down on either side of her.

“Don’t look so jealous,” Draco told Pansy, rolling his eyes. Pansy folded her arms.

“She might have changed her look, but she is still a mudblood!” Pansy protested again. Blaise opened his mouth, but Hermione thought it time to defend herself.

“A lot you know, Parkinson.” Hermione smirked. “Guess you couldn’t hear it though. And here I thought dogs have good hearing.”

“Dog? I am not a dog!” Pansy yelled over dramatically.

“Do you not own a mirror?” Hermione asked and the rest of the room burst with laughter.

“Hmph!” Pansy folded her arms and sat back. Hermione rolled her eyes, not thinking twice about Pansy. She turned to the others, who all seemed to have taken a interest in her. She raised an eyebrow.

“What? You act like you have never seen a girl before,” Hermione said, folding her arms and leaning back. If there was one thing that she couldn’t stand it was people staring at her.

“Well… we haven’t seen you before…” Blaise finally said. Hermione laughed. “I’m serious. We thought you were a know-it-all mudblood. We had no idea this lay beneath all that.” He motioned to her body. Hermione smirked(she seemed to be doing that a lot lately) and moved closer to him.

She moved her lips closer to his ear and was about to whisper something when they were interrupted.

“Hermione! What the hell!” A boy yelled and Hermione rolled her eyes. She knew before she even turned to see who it was. Ron, Harry, and Ginny had come.

“In case you haven’t notice,” Hermione sighed, turning around and standing up. “We don’t allow blood traitors in this compartment.”

“Wh… what are you talking about?” Ginny questioned.

“Did I stutter?” Hermione folded her arms, looking right into Ginny’s eyes.

“You have got to be kidding. Hermione, do they have you under some kind of spell?” Ron requested, taking her by the shoulder. She jumped and jerked away.

“Don’t touch me, Weasel!” Hermione shrieked. She then began to walk backward and stopped when she came to Blaise. “You know, I don’t know what I ever saw in you. You are scraggy, not to mention poor, and the biggest blood traitor there is.” She went and sat on Blaise’s lap. “Me, I need a real man.” She could see tears well up in Ron’s eyes. She knew she had hit a nerve. She bent down and kissed Blaise and then heard Ron and Ginny storm out of the room. That left Harry. She stood up, looking at him.

“What has happened to you, Hermione?” Harry sounded concerned, but he also sounded angry.

“I saw reality, Harry,” she answered. “Something you have yet to see.”

“You don’t think I see reality?!” Harry yelled.

“I know you don’t. You are Harry Potter. You have things handed to you on a silver platter. I think you make up your scar hurting half the time, just to get attention.” Hermione folded her arms. She felt kind of bad, but not much. She wasn’t for sure why though. She guessed because she knew she was doing this to keep them safe. Harry looked hurt and angry. He shot Draco a look and then turned around and walked out.

“Not bad, for a new timer.” Draco nodded and motioned for her to sit back down. “You will have all year to work on it though.”

“Mhm…” Hermione looked out the window, kind of bored. “Y’all are getting kind of boring.”

“What?” Draco yelped.

“You heard me,” Hermione looked at him. “I am bored.”

“Um…” The wheels in Draco’s head were turning again.

“Um?” Hermione questioned, unsatisfied. She wasn’t for sure what all that potion done to her, but she liked it. She would never be able to act like this on her own.

“We could go terrorize the first years,” Blaise suggested, but Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Come on, people. We are seventh years, not fifth years.”

“We need to be getting changed into our robes,” Blaise finally said after checking his watch. Hermione just sighed and shook her head. Everyone got up and walked out, heading for the bathroom, robes in hand.

“Hermione, are you coming?” Pansy asked, pausing at the door.

Did she just call me Hermione? And she isn’t sounding mean…
“No, I’m going to change in here.” Hermione replied and Pansy nodded, going on out of the door. Hermione walked over and shut the door the rest of the way, before pulling out her robes.

As Hermione began to undress, she didn’t hear the door slide open and then closed again.

“I must have missed a lot at that prefect meeting…” a male voice said from behind her. Hermione jumped around to look at him. He was about the same height as Draco and Blaise. He had dark teak-colored hair that fell into his eyes. He looked like he worked out a lot, muscle bulging out from his robes. Hermione’s breath caught.

“Umm…” She was the one to stammer this time. She hadn’t prepared for a guy who looked like him. She then noticed him staring at her body. She looked down and nearly cursed. She was still in her underwear. “Sorry,” she rushed and put on her top and skirt.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I really didn’t mind.” The boy laughed with a suggestive smile.

“I’m Hermione,” Hermione smiled, trying to hide her blush.

“Aiden. Aiden Lawless,” he bowed a little, Hermione guessed it was for a joke. “Are you a Slytherin?”

“No,” Hermione replied, taking in a deep breath. “Gryffindor.”

“Where are the others?” Aiden questioned, looking around, apparently bored of their little conversation.

“Went to change into their robes,” Hermione replied. She then smiled seductively and began to walked over to him. She raised her hand ran it through his thick hair. “Am I so terrible to talk to?”

“I didn’t say that,” Aiden smiled as he watched her movements. Hermione leaned up to kiss him, but he turned his head, so she got his cheek. “You will soon come to see I am not like most Slytherins. So don’t try your little fast moving, sleep-with-every-guy tricks on me. They won’t work.” He pushed her back a little and went to sit down.

Hermione stood there, a little taken aback. Did he just say that to her? She ran a hand through her hair, thinking of something to say. Nothing came. What could she say? She had already tried to kiss him. She thought all Slytherin guys were the same. She took a seat on the other side of the compartment and waited on the others.

It was about five minutes before the others began to file in again. It seemed like the longest five minutes of Hermione’s life.

“You all right, ‘Mione?” Draco requested as he sat down beside her.

“Huh? Yeah,” she nodded. ‘Mione? Since when did Draco call her that?

“I see you met Aiden,” Draco pointed over. Aiden looked up at the sound of his name.

“Yeah… we met…” Hermione trailed off, keeping her eyes on Aiden’s. He held her gaze for a moment before looking away.

“Did I miss something?” Draco looked from one to the other. Before Hermione or Aiden had time to answer, the train came to a halt. Hermione jumped up and almost flew to the door.

“’Mione, wait up!” Pansy called as she grabbed her purse.

Why is everyone calling me that?!
Hermione paused for a second, letting Pansy get her things and ready to walk off the train.

Picking a carriage with the Slytherin’s wasn’t an easy task. If it looked too old they wouldn’t ride in it. If it looked too new they wouldn’t ride in it. On one, Pansy said the wheel’s wasn’t the same size.

She would freak out if she could see the creatures driving them. Hell, she would probably swim across the lake instead of riding in a carriage pulled by something as ugly as she is.

As Pansy complained about one that was too small, Hermione walked to the front to see the horse like creature. She could see them now and saw what Harry had been talking about. They were beautiful in their own way. She raised a hand to pet one.

“Most people are scared of them.” Aiden informed from behind her. She turned around.

“You can see them?”

“Yeah…” he trailed off, his eyes kind of hazy. He then shook it off. “We got a carriage.”