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In Emerald Eyes by Midnight Ink

Format: Novella
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 50,776
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/29/2007
Last Chapter: 01/27/2009
Last Updated: 01/27/2009



Leap into Lily’s world and see what life is like through Emerald Eyes. 
Delve into her thoughts which.... rather worryingly... all  seem to be centred around James Potter.

A light-hearted romance with comedy straight from the mind of Lily Evans herself.

I'm astounded over 20,000 reads Thanks to all who have recommended and reviewed this.

Chapter 4: Sleeping Beauty

Lily stifled a yawn as she descended the steps to the Gryffindor common room.  After Sirius's hasty retreat she and James had laughed, talked and plotted together until the early hours of the morning.  She had finally fallen asleep in front of the fire on the sofa – and partially on James too at about three o'clock.  She was shaken awake by a smiling James about half an hour later.

"Come on Lily, wake-up," Lily rubbed sleepy eyes and looked up into James's surprisingly close face, apparently she had been using him to great affect as a human pillow.  "You can't sleep down here all night, you'll get a crick in your neck and no one enjoys waking up down here surrounded by curious first years, trust me.  Besides, you're giving me pins and needles."  At this he gently moved her aside and stood up, flexing his arm and clenching and unclenching his fingers into a tight fist, he grimaced a little but he wasn't complaining really.  "Come on," he said helping a lethargic Lily to her feet.  When she shivered he took off his cloak and placed it around her slight shoulders.  Then they turned and walked together to the split in the stairs where they had to part.

"Night, James," mumbled a still drowsy Lily as she climbed the steps to her dormitory.

"Sweet dreams, sleeping beauty," he called to her back, he grinned when a arm appeared out of the folds of the overly large cloak she was swathed in, and made a gesture that he supposed was meant to be a wave.  James then turned back around and headed off to the kitchens, hands in his pockets and happily whistling to himself.  He was not in the least bit tired and if he felt the need later to catch up on sleep there was always double history of magic tomorrow morning.

Lily finally made her way downstairs, stumbled into the Great Hall and slumped at one of the benches pulling a bowl of cereal towards her.

"Alright Lily, glad to see you decided to get dress–  Ow, Remus!  What was that for, that hurt?"  Sirius rubbed his arm where he had been elbowed, his grin disappearing to be replaced with a scowl.  Remus ignored him and passed Lily a jug of milk, he avoided meeting her eye and his cheeks were slightly flushed but he smiled sheepishly at her none the less.

"Good morning, Lily."

"Hi," she replied, gratefully accepting the milk and completely ignoring Black who was still complaining of what he was sure was to become a bruise.  He'll get what's coming to him.  She grinned, suddenly she felt more awake.

"James said we weren't allowed to say anything to anyone," Peter muttered to Sirius.

"But she already knows! Why can't I tell her"

"Just leave it, Padfoot," admonished Remus.  Sirius moodily stabbed a whole sausage with his fork and tore off the end.  Lily sent Remus a grateful look. James told them they weren't allowed to say anything?  Would have thought he would have done the opposite.

At that moment the man himself walked into the great hall.  He sat down on Lily’s right at the only seat available, opposite the other three Marauders, and poured a cup of coffee.

"Milk. One sugar," he said passing it to Lily with a smile.  He knows that?  That is so sweet.  A week ago you would have thought it creepy.  Oh shut up it's sweet!

"Thank you, James."

"You looked like you needed it."  Lily took a sip from the cup and raised her eyebrows at him over the rim of the steaming brew.

"I...erm...not that you look bad or anything, I mean you always look great, I just meant that, well... you know... we were up late last night and... and..." he hastily explained.  Lily laughed and saw Sirius shaking his head from across the table.

"It's alright James, I did need it," she assured him, putting a placating hand on his forearm.  He looked at it them back at Lily who quickly removed it and turned to her left where her friend Tia was sitting.

"Did you finish McGonagall's essay Tia?"

"Real smooth Prongs," she heard Sirius mutter and from the corner of her eye she saw James throw a pastry at him which he deftly caught and proceeded to eat.

James took a huge gulp of scalding hot coffee then promptly set about choking on it.  Lily turned back to face him, she noticed his drink, tall, strong, black… not dissimilar to it's consumer, she thought with a wry grin.

"You ok, James?" she asked the choking boy, rubbing small circles on his back.  She felt a shudder which she was certain had nothing to do with his struggling to breath and immediately stopped what she was doing.  When he finally stopped spluttering he took a huge swig of water.

"Burnt my tongue," he explained to the many students whose attention he had drawn.  Has to be the centre of attention – even when he's dying!  She mused not unkindly.

"Maybe someone should lick that better for you," Lily said in a low throaty voice, enjoying the sight of his pupils dilating at the thought.  "Sirius, how about you? Well, that is how dogs heal wounds isn't it?" she asked her expression completely innocent as she took a sip of her coffee.  Both Sirius and James looked incredulous and revolted in turn while Remus and Peter roared with laughter.

"What?"  Lily asked feigning naivety, she took another drink.  This is just too easy!


Lily woke abruptly Friday night.  She bolted upright in bed, her hands clutching at her heart and head while trying to catch her breath.  She felt tears on her cheeks mixed with sweat.  She kicked her legs in frustration to rid herself of the constricting bed clothes.  Once free of the sheets she swung her legs over the side of her four poster.  She paused a second to look at the book on her bedside table and then determinedly reached out flipping it so the cover illustration could no longer be seen.  She stumbled to the bathroom and splashed her face with cold water, then took a long drink.  She looked at herself briefly in the mirror then grabbed her dressing gown and wand from next to her bed.  I've learnt my lesson.  No leaving the dorm without putting on suitable clothing first.  She slipped her wand in her knicker elastic for want of a pocket and left the dorm heading down one set of stairs only to come back up another.

"What the…?" She questioned as she entered the room, four beds – more specifically, four empty beds – was all she could find.  Where the hell are they at, Lily checked the clock, four o'clock in the morning?!  Lily shook her head and crept back to her own dorm.  Her nightmare was swiftly forgotten in light of this new mystery.

A/N not to worry, plenty more to happen in the next chapter, I know this one was a bit well... let me know what you think.