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My Baby Girl’s Wedding by obsessive

Format: Novella
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 47,941
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Snape/Lily, OC/OC

First Published: 04/23/2007
Last Chapter: 02/23/2009
Last Updated: 02/23/2009

My name is Edward Evans. About thirty years ago I married my wife Kendra, and we have two daughters. One of them eloped with a man I can’t stand. My youngest is the only one I have left, and there is no way I’m going to let her walk down the aisle. Especially not with James Potter waiting at the alter. Yay! Over 17,000 reads!!!

Chapter 13: Mrs. and Miss Evans

Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

AN: I’m tired. School sucks, and I can’t get my head to stop spinning from some major social changes I’ve been going through. Plus I’m trying to keep up with my other stories. I’m really sorry I don’t have as much free time as I used to, but I’m back. Until I fall asleep at least.

Lily’s been gone for three days. Kendra and I know officially have an empty nest. I think I’m going insane in the silence. I can only work for so long, plus the only times I put in extra hours at the office is when Kendra and I are on perfectly good terms, or one of the girls is sick. I’m not on good terms with my wife right now, and more time at the office would send the wrong message. Plus now there’s no vomiting for sick girls to avoid cleaning up, because there are no girls, period. Which is the problem.

It had been three days, and Kendra has been sighing a lot more than usual. We had more time to ourselves true, but I missed hearing squeals from the back yard or thumps for upstairs as the girls jumped around to music from their rooms. I can’t stand the silence for much longer. At this moment it was my day off, and Kendra was in the kitchen making lunch. I was in the living room fidgeting, too uncomfortable with the silence to read. After twenty minutes of hell my wife summoned me for lunch. We sat down, the silence still closing in on us. As we ate though Kendra suddenly broke the cause of my insanity.

“It’s nice that it’s just the two of us.” I grunted in response. She just smiled. “I mean it hasn’t been just the two of us since before Petunia was born, and that was nearly twenty years ago. It’s nice,” she paused, and I still didn’t answer. “It’s so quiet I can actually hear myself think now.” With that I snorted. She looked up at me upset.

“I’m sorry,” I said a little annoyed. “You’re happy that both our daughter ruined their lives, and left us hanging without a word of goodbye or thank you.”

“Darling I miss them too, but you know what. When they were kids we would always dream about the day it would be just the two of us again. How we could do all the things we always dreamed of doing to provide sanity when they wouldn’t stop crying. Come on honey,” she said kindly standing up, walking over to me and staring to rub my shoulders. “It’s just the two of us now. We used to dream about this.” She leaned down and to kiss both sides of my neck. “You know,” she said, standing up and rubbing my shoulders again. “After the wedding, we have nothing to hold us down. We can take a trip. How do you feel about a second honey moon?” I couldn’t resist smiling, especially since if there wasn’t a wedding, and we did get to take a trip it would be like Christmas for me. Kendra however seemed to guess what I was thinking.

“However if there isn’t a wedding. Lily will move back in, and we won’t be able to leave until she picks her life back up or marries another man. And if she’s as much in love with James as I think she is that could take a while,” she said putting emphasis on the last word. I groaned and started to eat my sandwich again. Kendra smiled happily and moved over to her plate of waiting food. Just as she sat down though there was a ringing coming from the phone. I stood up quickly and rushed over to the kitchen, picking up our white-corded phone on the way.

“Hello,” I said hoping dearly that it was one of the girls. Luck was with me today.

“Hi Dad it’s Lily.” I smiled as I heard my red headed daughter’s voice coming from the other end of the line.

“Hi sweetie. How are you settling in?”

“Oh just fine. I went back to work. That’s going great too. Listen I was wondering if I could have dinner with you guys tomorrow night?” My heart skipped a beat at the idea of having he back into the house. I smiled.

“Course Little Lou you’re welcome her anytime.” I heard her let out a sigh of relief. “What time can your mother and I expect you and…and James?”

“Oh James isn’t going to be coming. He has a late training session. It’s just going to be the three of us.” In my head I was dancing around like a maniac now.

“Everything alright baby doll?”

“Yeah,” she said trying to remain calm. “I just need to talk to you guys. That’s all right Daddy? Besides I figured you’d be rejoicing at the idea of your soon to be son in law not being there seeing as how you hate him with the passion that grandpa hated you with,” she snapped, annoyed for no reason now.

“You it would get you around faster if you retracted the claws Lily Love. Plus it would make my day if you and your mother stopped comparing me to my impossible father in law. I’m nothing like Grandpa darling.”

Lily sighed. “Whatever you need to tell yourself Dad. I’ll see you and Mum at seven tomorrow night.” She said a little snappishly hanging up hard. I looked at the phone confused as I hung it back up on its receiver. Kendra had fallowed me into the kitchen and was looking at me.

“Lily wants to come over for dinner tomorrow,” I said looking at my wife happily. She smiled and started to pull her cookbook to decide what make for our daughter. After a minute though she looked up at me.

“What time are they coming over?”

“They’re not. James has to be at training. It’s just going to be Lily.” She looked up confused, her mouth slightly open.

“Really?” she said standing up from leaning over her cookbook. I nodded. “Really,” she repeated looking at me confused. I shrugged as I continued to eat my lunch, which she’d brought in, over the sink. Kendra however remained silent while I ate her food too. I looked up after I’d put the dishes in the sink and started to run the water.

“What?” I demanded of my silent wife of thirty years.

“Nothing…” she hesitated before continuing though. “Why would she be coming over without him?” I turned around from the sink, where I’d been washing the dishes and focused my eyes on her again.

“She said that he had a training session with the Ministry.” Kendra nodded. And pulled out the phone book. I raised my eyebrows at her. “What?” I demanded of my wife. She shook her head as she dialed a number on the phone quickly. I sighed and left the room leaving Kendra standing by the phone waiting for whoever she was calling to answer. Once in the living room I sat down and picked up my newspaper. From here I could hear my wife’s entire conversation.

“Hi Petunia. It’s mum.” There was a pause. “No we’re fine. How are you feeling?” There was another pause. “That’s good…. No Lily moved in with James.” Kendra paused for a longer amount of time. “It’s alright. Actually I recommended it.”

I groaned and Kendra moved a finger across her throat, while staring pointedly at me from the open kitchen door. “Oh no. I actually think he’s handling it quite well,” It was hard not to laugh out load at that. “Anyway I was wondering if you knew if it was common for aurors in training to have session at night?”

I looked up from my newspaper and stared at her shocked. She waved her hand around to tell me to be quiet. I fell silent as she listened to our eldest’s answer. I waited looking at her like she’d lost her mind. After about five minutes Kendra said “Ah. Thanks honey. Tell Vernon I say hello. Call me later, and we’ll go shopping for baby clothes together.” She paused again. “I’ll see honey. I’ll have to talk to her, but if you want her there, I’ll see what I can do.” She waited for a second again. “Love you too. Bye.” With that she hung up and came out to me in the living room, and sat down on the chair opposite. I looked at her demanding an explanation.

“Petunia says that Lily told her a few months back aurors don’t have training sessions at night unless it’s Friday, and even then it’s very rare. They’re pushed hard enough during the day.” I raised my eyebrows at her confused. “Tomorrow is Wednesday. They only have the night sessions on Friday.” I opened my mouth, the truth dawning on me at last.

“She lied. He doesn’t have a session…” I trailed off as a fantastic idea dawned on me, and I allowed a look of complete bliss to cross my face. Kendra looked at me, upset now; she knew what I was going to say before I opened my mouth, but that didn’t stop me. “Maybe they broke up. Oh yes the wedding is off. This is fantastic!” I yelled standing up. Kendra kicked my shins from beneath the coffee table. I groaned and leaned down to grab my aching leg. She was on her feet already.

“You know what…” she laughed, watching me nurse my leg. “I’m going to have to say this one more time. You are more like my father than you would ever like to admit.” I stood up infuriated now. I pointed at my wife in rage.

“I am nothing like your father. He was an impossible man, who would have thrown a party if our wedding had been called off. He was unreasonable and nothing I ever did made him like me. I gave up on him long before he passed. In fact he hated me so much that on the day he left this world, may his god damned heartless soul rest in peace, I let out a sigh of relief along with the rest of the world.”

Kendra shook her head as she looked at me. “So you’re denying that you hate James in exactly that same manner?” she confirmed. I nodded firmly and directly. She shook her head at me exasperated.

“Kendra,” I said annoyed now. “Your father despised me for no reason. I can’t stand James for plenty of reasons.”

“Name one,” she demanded of me again. I looked at her.

“We’ve had this conversation before,” I reminded her thoroughly sick of the topic. She shook her head.

“You didn’t answer that question last time either.”

“He punched me for starters.”

“After you abused Lily’s mental health to the point where she couldn’t even remain conscious. Most fathers would take that as an example of how much their little girls were loved.”

“A father should take a soon to be son in law attacking him as a sign that he really loves his daughter. Yeah that makes a lot of sense Ken.”

“To James, he wasn’t attacking his fiancée’s father. He was attacking a threat to his beloved. No go Edward. Give me another?” She was tapping her foot and shaking her head, a soft smile on her face. I grimaced at her upset now. Her smile widened, as she turned back into the kitchen. “I’m going to make meatloaf. That’s always been Lily’s favorite.” I sat back down annoyed now.


A little over twenty-four hours later I was dressed smartly, waiting in the living room for the youngest daughter. As my wife was in the kitchen perfecting the meal for her, the doorbell rang. I rushed forward and opened the door. Lily was waiting patiently for me on the other side. She smiled at me as she walked forward in a slightly baggy baby blue dress. I embraced her and kissed her on the forehead as she crossed the threshold. Her mother had at this point left the kitchen and the two women hugged briefly before Kendra had to rush back to the food. With that I lead Lily to the couch, and moved to the drink cart as she seated herself on the couch.

“What do you want darling?” She looked up from examining the wood on the coffee table. “Gin, Ale?” I prompted kindly.

“No Dad. Water’s fine,” she said crossing her arms and sitting back. We sat down together and waited in silence for my wife to return and give us dinner. “So,” she began making conversation. “How have things been since I left?”

“Quiet. Your mother can’t get enough of being able to hear her own thoughts again. I personally preferred this place loud,” I told her with a smile and another kiss on the forehead. “What about you? How’s James?”

“He’s good,” Little Love told me without blushing or showing any sings of stress, but her mother and I had learned when she was very young that she was a superb liar. I knew that if I wanted to hear the jolly news I had in mind I would have to push a little bit harder.

“Too bad he had a late night training. Sirius with him?” She nodded without looking at me. “Well that’s nice that they’re together. They have fun at sessions?” She nodded again. “That’s sweet. You like Sirius?” She looked at me, vaguely annoyed now.

“Yeah Sirius is great. He’s sweet as a puppy dog, and ever since I’ve known them Sirius and James have been inseparable. They’re like brothers.”

“That’s sweet. Do they have night time training a lot?” She shook her head. “Well that’s good. I don’t like the idea of you alone at night,” I paused, realizing for the first time how much I didn’t like that idea. “You know whenever he’s out for the night you can feel free to just stay here. It’ll be less lonely.” She nodded gently.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she said her tone softening. Just then Kendra called us into the dining room for our food. We both stood up at the same time and made our way out of the sitting room. Kendra was waiting happily with the food on the table. Everyone sat down and we dished up in silence. After a minute or two Kendra broke the cause of my discomfort again.

“Now darling how are you and James doing? I was a little surprised when I heard you were coming without him?” I smiled. I knew that for the first time in a long while Kendra and I had banded together to make an impossible force to fight against our daughters. Little Lily Love swallowed her meat loaf with great difficulty, as if she was going to be sick, before she answered.

“We’re doing fine. I think he feels a lot better having me around constantly. It’s all great.” I drained half of my wine glass as she said this, trying hard not to let my obvious upset be clear to my daughter and her mother.

“That’s nice. I think it’s wonderful sweetie. Can’t wait for the wedding.” I glared at my wife at this statement. She smiled at me, as she swooshed her drink around her glass. I glared back at her. “So how are the plans coming?” she demanded redirecting her attention to Lily Lou. “If things are coming along slowly, I can swing by yours and James’ place to help out if you need it.”

“No, Mrs. Potter has been helping me.” I looked at Kendra a bit surprised myself. We hadn’t heard anything about Potter’s parents. That didn’t seem to be concerning my beloved. She had pursed her lips, just like Petunia. I quickly made a mental note as to where our eldest had picked up that…charming quality. While I made that note though her mother had drained her entire glass of wine. I looked at the empty fine glass container surprised. My red headed wife raised her eyebrows as though challenging me. Which is why I chose not to say anything.

Lily made a gagging noise from my left. I snapped my eyes on her. She had her hand over her mouth, and was slowly pushing her plate of meatloaf across the table. Kendra looked confused and worried now. Little Lou Lou moved her green eyes from me to her mother as we stared at her in concern.

“The healer mentioned that my sedative can cause a slight lose in appetite.” I nodded, having no clue whether that was true or not. I waited for Kendra to say something, but she was busy refilling her glass. I looked back at Lily.

“You sure you’re not hungry?” She nodded looking anywhere but at the table holding the meatloaf, salad, breadsticks, and the other assortment of food her mother had prepared. “Not even for meatloaf?” She shook her head still focusing uncommonly hard on my face. “But it’s your favorite.”

“I know Dad. I’m just not hungry.”

“All right honey.” I said looking at her worried. I glanced at Kendra who was taking another gulp of wine.

“So,” Kendra said speaking suddenly. Everyone’s eyes snapped at her surprised by the harshness in her tone. “Mrs. Potter has been helping you with the wedding?” Lily nodded, looking at her mother in confusion. “Well that’s just fantastic. I mean I always thought that a mother and daughter were supposed to plan that kind of thing together, but the mother in law is a perfect alternative.” We stared at her as she drained the rest of her glass, and reached for the bottle. “You know if an alternative was needed.” She poured the remainder of the bottle into her goblet. “Did I suffer some kind of deathly injury that I wasn’t aware of?” she demanded of everyone sitting at the table. I gaped at her shocked, wondering why she was suddenly acting so much like me.

“Mum,” Little Love said staring at her mother, as if shocked and unaware of what she was supposed to do. Kendra sat her glass back on the table with a thud, spilling its contents over the tablecloth. Lou Love sat father back in her seat, away from the spill, as the strong stench of grapes and alcohol spread through the room. Lily Lou covered her nose with her napkin in distaste.

Kendra pointed at her daughter’s untouched glass of wine. “May I?” Little Lovely Lou nodded in response. Her mother seized her glass and drained it in one gulp. Then she grabbed a bowl of mashed potatoes, without missing a beat she shoved the bowl under Lily’s nose. “Eat!” her mother snapped finally losing patience. “I made these especially for you Lillian Marie Evans, the least you can do is eat them.” Lily had turned green at the sight of the food, and the second her mother was threw speaking she covered her mouth, made a gagging sound, and rushed to the bathroom, where I could hear my youngest daughter empting the contents of her stomach.