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According to Physics by NevillesSoulmate

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 970

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Lily, James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 10/10/2007
Last Chapter: 12/10/2007
Last Updated: 12/10/2007

Physics says James and Lily can be together. Or they can’t. James and Physics face off. What’s he to believe? The laws of the universe? Beautiful banner by Hermione Fan!

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Chapter 1: According to Physics

There are a certain set of rules that govern the universe. Physics.

Everything takes up space. Space and time are interconnected. Everything that happens changes the workings of the universe, however minutely. All of these things apply for the world James lives in, but at the molecular level things are different. Atoms decide not to follow these rules. The only thing certain is that nothing is. If James and his wants are as small as an atom when compared to the world, the galaxy, and whatever’s beyond, do laws of the universe apply to James?

To her?

To their relationship?

According to Physics: Gravity is the weakest force.

According to James: Drop an apple. It falls. Gravity.


If gravity is the weakest force, why is he pulled so strongly to her? He feels compelled when her body occupies space in a room. He feels his feet dragged towards her. His orbit, slowly revolving, is affected by hers, drawn towards her. How can her orbit have such an effect on his, while hers seems unchangeable? Her orbit is unaffected; his is sent into chaos. Surely they must overlap, indefinitely changing both by however a minute an action. His lips must come crashing down onto hers. Gravity.


According to Physics: Everything is made up of matter.

According to James: Be. Take up room. Space.


Their desks are three feet apart, with nothing in between except for a few scattered quills and bits of parchment. Three feet supposedly, but James is still miles and miles away from her. He didn’t know that a foot could equal a mile. The space between the row is empty, but something is there, ominously pressing them both apart, thwarting James from moving an inch, or a light year, closer to her. She must close the gap. Space.


According to Physics: Things look different from different perspectives.

According to James: Look at a profile and look head on. They’re different. Relativity.


Without question she can see how the light reflects off of her auburn hair, separating into energetic photons and wavelengths, with a glimmer and sparkle. Squares of light are thrown off of her brilliant brick wall of locks, dazzling. It’s right next to her face, framing it, and right in her line of sight. She acts like she doesn’t notice it, so flipping her sun-filled hair over he shoulder wouldn’t seem so cruel on her part. If he can see it, she can too. It must be seen from all corners of a room. Relativity.


According to Physics: There are probabilistic results because the physical universe is probabilistic, not deterministic.

According to James: Toss a coin. Fifty-fifty. Probability.


Lily’s says there is no probability of dating him. She’s very determined, apparently unlike the universe. Shouldn’t there be a fifty-fifty chance? On one side of the coin is a yes, the other a no. It is one or the other, either or. James flips the coin often, getting the same results. It always lands on the heads side, the no side. It’s flipped a thousand times. The coin must say ‘yes’ once. Probability.


According to Physics: If it is never accessible, it is physically meaningless.

According to James: It’s there. Or it isn’t. Existence.


She’s off limits to him; unattainable. She’s made it clear that she will never have him. Does that mean she doesn’t exist if he can’t hold her warm, physical form? No matter how much he desires, he can’t hold her, so she shouldn’t exist or be present. For someone that is nonexistent, she takes up all of James’ thoughts and controls every one of his actions. She must be there without occupying room. Existence.


According to Physics: Nothing happens without time.

According to James: Tick. Tock. Time.


His heart can skip a beat and then continue pounding. Time stopped for her, and he’s left looking at the frozen image of her smile: the corners of her mouth shyly turned up, covering her teeth save for the one chewing her lower lip. Time is neither here nor there. She’s not moving, he’s not moving, nothing is happening, except for the beating of his heart. Time can’t tell his heart what to do. It must beat on. Time.


If gravity, space, relativity, probability, existence, and time don’t apply to her and they don’t apply him, then they defy the laws of physics, the laws the level of our universe is based on. A couple that can bend the laws of knowledge against its will have to be
something explosive. Explosive in what way?

According to Physics: They can be a couple. Or they can’t. Simple?

According to James:

His lips must come crashing down onto hers. Gravity.

She must close the gap. Space.

It must be seen from all corners of a room. Relativity.

The coin must say ‘yes’ once. Probability.

She must be there without occupying room. Existence.

It must beat on. Time.

Why? Love.

A/N: Thanks to Wikipedia for brushing me up on my physics. ; ) Feel free to tell me what you think! That wouldn’t be so hard since it’s an inch away, and it will only take a few seconds, and it’s guaranteed that I’ll respond. Space. Time. Probability. You get it. ; )