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A Zabini Revealed by dracoismyhottie55

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 17,081
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Lavender, Draco/Hermione

First Published: 03/06/2006
Last Chapter: 09/27/2007
Last Updated: 09/27/2007


BIG THANX TO MISSY PADFOOT:PANDORA'S CLOSET FOR THE AH-MAZING BANNER!! LUV U!! Hermione Granger always thought she was a muggleborn. However, one fateful day she turns into Mia Isabelle Zabini. Her life is perfect unitl she realizes that  she has one mystery to solve… Who kidnapped her? TO FIND OUT READ AND REVIEW!!!

Chapter 14: Happy times and then not so happy times

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Chapter 14






“Have it your way then. AVADA KEDAVRA!” screamed Bellatrix.

Everything went black for Draco as he fell to the ground with a thud.

He heard yelling and screaming and then he slipped into unconsciousness.




End Recap



Draco lifted his eyelids. They were really happy. When he opened his eyes he saw he was in the hospital wing.


Suddenly he remembered Aunt Bella shooting the killing curse at him. Wait but how did he survive? Then he remembered Mia. Sitting up bolt right he looked around the Hospital Wing and saw Mia sleeping. Sighing with relief he lay back down just as Madam Pomfrey bustled into the room.


“Drink this” she said stuffing a muddy looking potion into his hands. Closing his eyes and holding his nose he gulped down the the contents. He shivered. Then he started to feel sleepy. He lay down and soon fell asleep.


When Draco woke up he saw Professor Dumbledore talking to Madam Pomfrey in low tones.


“Professor Dumbledore” called Draco.


“Ahhh Draco, I see you are awake” he said. He shuffled over to his bed and sat down at the edge.


“Miss Zabini informed me of everything that went on in Riddle Manor before falling asleep. You see protecting you from the killing curse had taken a lot of her and both her and the baby need to rest”


Draco’s mouth fell open and for a moment no words came out. Then he finally got his speech back “Ba-ba-ba-baby??????” He started to feel faint. “Who’s baby? And Mia was protecting me from the KILLING curse?”


“Whoops, I see Mia hasn’t informed you of the baby. Well, yes, the baby has powers very much like Harry Potter and protected you buy repeling the killing curse”


“So Aunt Bella’s dead?”


“I’m afraid so”


Draco shrugged “She wasn’t a very good aunt. She tried to kill me, remember?”


Dumbledore laughed. “Why yes she did”


“So Mia will be okay, right? And the baby too?”


“They should be. Now Draco, I have some business to attend to so if you will excuse me” said Dumbledore and he left.


“Mr. Malfoy, you are free to go” said Madam Pomfrey after giving him some medicine.


Draco raced up to the Slytherin common room. He saw Blaise, Pansy, Jonah, Allison, Casey, and Kyle sitting solemnly. They got up quickly when they saw him and bombarded him with questions.


Draco told them exactly what Professor Dumbledore had told him except for the part about Mia being pregnant. He still had a hard time registering that he was going to be a father. I mean the Slytherin Sex God, a dad? But then again the Slytherin Sex God was also in a serious relationship, or what was a serious relationship.


“So my sister’s okay?” said Blaise laughing with relief.


Draco nodded. He returned to the Head’s common room since he had homework he had to catch up with and passed Mia on the way. She kept waling as if he was made of stone.


He sadly continued up to the common room.



**************************Back to Mia**********************************


“MIA!” yelled Blaise, strangling his twin with a big hug.


After Mia finished with all her hellos Blaise said” Draco said you protected him from the killing curse, but he wouldn’t tell us how”


Mia’s head snapped up at those words. That could only mean Draco knew about the baby.


“You guys, I found out something before I was kidnapped” said Mia quietly, “I’m…pregnant”


“WHAT????!!!” bellowed Blaise.


“It’s the baby that protected Draco from the killing curse”


“And WHOSE the father” said Blaise, clearly pissed.


“Draco’s” muttered Mia.


“Thank god” said Blaise, relaxing visibly.


“Yeah, so I’m gonna go catch up on some homework” said Mia and she left.


“WAIIIITTTTT! Is it gonna be boy or girl? When is the baby coming? MIAAAA!!” screamed Blaise, eager for details now that he knew his best friend was the baby’s father.


Mia ignored him and walked out the portrait hole and walked to the Head’s Common Room. When she saw Draco sitting on the couch doing his homework.


Wordlessly, she spun on her heel and was about to walk out the portrait hole when she felt a hand on her wrist.


“Let GO of me MALFOY ”said Mia sharply.


“Not until you hear me out” said Draco stubbornly.


Mia looked at her brown Coach watch and said “FINE! You have 5 minutes. Start explaining”


“OK, well you know how I had tutoring? Well, I was tutoring this girl named Carly from Ravenclaw. We were just working on a really hard Arithmancy problem and then you started crying so I chased after you …and then that’s what happened” said Draco finishing rather lamely.


“But you were KISSING her. I saw you” Mia insisted.


“Why the fuck would I kiss her when I have you?”


“And why should I believe you?”


“Because if I was lying I would have to come up with a better excuse than that”


Mia cracked a smile.


“You’re right” she said giggling.


Draco smiled and wrapped his long muscular arms around her and kissed long and passionately.


“You don’t how much I’ve been wanting to do that” muttered Draco.


Then he went back to kissing her. Then things started getting a little heated up and we know the rest.


The next morning, Mia woke up and took a shower. When she walked in she saw Draco sitting on the bed with nothing but boxers on. She resisted jumping on him and kissing him to death.


“Draco, I don’t know if you know but Im…pregnant”


To her surprise, Draco was smiling.


“You want this baby, right?” she asked hesitantly.


“Most defenetly” said Draco leaning down to kiss her.


“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a shower, care to join me?” he asked suggestively.


“Pervert! I already took one” said Mia shoving him into the bathroom.


“Well I’m SORRY for trying” said Draco stepping into the bathroom and slamming the door behind him.


5 seconds later a pair of boxers came flying out and landed on Mia’s face.


“HAHAHAHAHA!” said Draco as he distinctly heard the words “immature and cute boxers”. Smiling he closed the door.


He was honestly happy that they were having a baby. When he came out of the shower and hour later, he found Mia sleeping on his bed. He decided to go catch up on some homework so he started working in the Common Room.


When he walked up to his room, Mia was not there. He checked her room and she wasn’t there either and she wasn’t in the bathroom.


“SHIT!” he yelled.


He ran to Professor Dumbledore’s office and started yelling random names of candies. It finally opened at ‘Cockroach Cluster’.


He ran in and slammed on Dumbledore’s door until Dumbledore opened it.


“Can I help you, Mr. Malfoy?”


“Sir! Mia’s been taken, again!”


“What?” said Dumbeldore’s eyes, blazing.


Suddenly an owl flew in with a letter and it landed right in front of Draco.


It said:


Draco Malfoy,


We have your precious Mia. How you may ask. Well I simply followed you into your room while you and Mia were …ehm…doing things. Then I waited until you left and put a silencing charm around the room then took the Polyjuice Potion and changed into you. By the time I got to the Dark Lord’s home the potion wore off and she was able to see who it really was. You might wonder why I’m telling you all this. Well by the time you get here she will already be dead. Have a nice day.






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