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We Couldn't Bring the Columns Down by ladyspirit

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 59,752
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Narcissa, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Sirius/OC

First Published: 05/21/2007
Last Chapter: 06/23/2011
Last Updated: 06/23/2011


“STOP THE MADNESS!” James was screaming, his face glowing with mirth. Apparently his groin was recovering. Sirius rolled onto his back,  he had his wand out and it was pointed at Lily.
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Chapter 9: He Had To Argue

Despite having won the first Quiddich match of the season dinner that night was a very sombre affair at the Gryffindor table. Sirius was barely touching his food- a very bad sign- and Lily looked green at the mere thought of eating. The only person who seemed to have been more affected by the “accident” than the pair was Jessica who had refused to leave her sisters side even when heavily cajoled by the matron. As far as the frowning marauders and Lily knew Jessica was still sitting beside her twin, pale as a sheet and clutching her hand.

Sirius and Lily were on an even plateau of despair; Lily because Delilah was her best friend of six and a bit years and Sirius because he blamed himself.

“I can’t believe I saved Malfoy,” He snarled for what had to be the hundredth time and James patted his friends shoulder sympathetically.

“It was a miracle that you did, that was an amazing hover charm,” Remus’ voice was soft and soothing, “You saved her life Sirius, Madam Pomfrey even said so. If you hadn’t cast that hover charm on Malfoy then the impact of him landing on her-,”

“Don’t!” Lily gasped looking ashen.

“But that’s not the point is it!” Sirius pushed his entirely full plate of dinner away angrily, “I should have hovered them both! I can do it! You know I can hover two people at once,” He turned almost pleadingly to Lily and James who nodded there assent, “I missed! I failed! I let her fall-,”

“You saved her life.” Remus said sternly, “You’re the reason she’s in the hospital wing and not some god forsaken hole in the ground-,”

“Remus!” It was James who hushed his friend this time as Lily hid her face in her boyfriends shoulder and tried to swallow the terrified bile that had risen in her throat.

“I’m sorry,” Remus shrugged looking genuinely apologetic but nevertheless determined, “But it’s true. Sirius did an amazing thing today! He saved her! None of the teachers managed! Madam Hooch didn’t even realise what was happening until it was too late! Sirius saved her and now-,”

“Why did she do it?” Peter’s voice was squeaky and anxious as though the question had been on the tip of his tongue all day and he had only just mounted the courage to ask it. The friends sat quietly for a moment staring at the tabletop, unable to think of a reason plausible enough to justify Delilah’s actions. “She should have just hit him with her bat the way she did Richwood.” Peter continued and Sirius eyes darkened.

“Oh brilliant observation Wormtail. Maybe Moony should move over, you‘re clearly the brains of this operation.” He snarled sarcastically causing Pete to blush violently and murmur an apology.

“Stop it Sirius,” Lily hissed in a pale version of her usual scold. “It’s not his fault and he’s right! It was a stupid, stupid thing to do!”

Instantly defiant, although only moments before he had been thinking the same thing, Sirius argued, “She just understands what it means to win! It wasn’t stupid at all. It was necessary!”

“Throwing yourself fifty feet from a broomstick is never necessary,” Lily retorted and Sirius’ cheeks burned an angry red.

Only James could sympathise with his friends arguments; when Sirius felt stressed he lashed out and it seemed his only way of lashing out at this point in time was to argue with his friends. James gave his friend a playful nudge on the arm, “I’d have thrown myself in front of that snitch too,” He said as way of cooling the situation. Sirius half smiled at him, gratitude easing from his pores like cool water.

“No you wouldn’t have.” Lily told him with narrowed emerald eyes and in that moment James wanted to gag his beautiful girlfriend, “You’d have just caught it. That’s your job, you catch the snitch. Lucius Malfoy catches the snitch. Delilah had no need to throw herself in front of-,”

“Are you saying this is my fault?” James couldn’t help his jaw dropping.

“No,” Lily said automatically but the look in her eyes told a different story. James removed his arm from around her waist looking wounded.

“Yes you are! You’re saying that if I’d caught the snitch or as you put it ‘done my job’,” He made air quotes, “Then she wouldn’t have had to stop Malfoy getting it!”

“Well I’m not blaming you James but you do make a valid point,” Lily’s eyes flashed darkly and suddenly they didn’t look as pretty to James who felt as though she had punched him in the gut.

“Now see here,” Sirius sounded just about as outraged as James was hurt, “Delilah getting hurt does not have anything to do with anything Prongs has done!” His dark eyes regarded Lily with dislike, a dislike that didn’t look completely sudden. It was as if under the surface Sirius had been harbouring some level of ill feelings for the girl and now they were getting a chance to rise, “You may be scared Evans but I don’t give a crap. I’m not letting you belittle James so you can feel better anymore-,”

“I do not belittle James to-,”

“Yes you do,” Sirius’ voice was dangerously low. Remus looked nervous, Pete looked downright terrified and James was just staring at Lily as though he had never seen her before. “For years you’ve done it. All James has ever done is try to make you happy, even when you called him selfish and a bully and a toe rag. He always tried to cheer you up, he always defended you to anyone who said anything untoward. Just because your best friend is in the hospital wing does not give you the right to make him feel guilty about it!”

“I was not!” Lily gasped, “Sirius you are unbelievable!” She turned appealing to James, his sad eyes met hers for a moment before moving to stare determinedly at the tabletop. “So!” Lily concluded definitely, “What you all seem to be saying is that I effectively bully my boyfriend! Well fine!” She stood up, “If I’m such a horrible person then I’ll just get out of your way!” The stress of having her closest friend comatose in the hospital wing and her boyfriend thinking her a tyrant was too much and tears sprung up in Lily’s eyes. She held them back long enough to cast Sirius a final glowering stare then stormed from the Great Hall.

“AND GOOD RIDDANCE!” She heard Sirius yell after her. It was too much. She made it as far as the one-eyed witch on the second floor then collapsed against the wall sobbing.

Back in the Great Hall James was looking deeply upset, “That was all a bit rough,” He said glaring ever so slightly at Sirius, “She didn’t deserve that. She’s upset that’s all.”

“So what? We’re all upset! You don’t hear me blaming my friends for things they couldn’t possibly have prevented!” Sirius snapped, “You let her push you around too much Prongs, she’d do well to be told she’s not always right.”

“Still,” James was staring at the exit through which Lily had stalked, “I think I should go after her, she might be upset.”

“So what?” Sirius repeated. The table had changed from dinner to desert and he helped himself to a large bowl of treacle tart, “We’re all fucking upset.”

“No you were out of order Padfoot,” James seemed to be coming to a decision, “You’re doing exactly what you’re accusing her off! You’re venting your anger and frustrations in the wrong direction-,”

“Well at least I’m not venting them at the person I’m supposed to be dating!”

“Well maybe you should be!” James snapped, “It’s no ones fault but Delilah’s that she’s in that bed upstairs. She was an idiot!”

Sirius slammed his spoon down, “She is not an idiot!”

“Well I don’t consider throwing yourself off a fifty foot height as an exactly genius idea!”

“I can’t believe you’re turning on me,” Sirius looked deeply offended, “After I defended you to Evans!”

“After you made my girlfriend cry you mean!”

“WELL YOU JUST CALLED MY GIRLFRIEND AN IDIOT AND SHE’S LYING COMATOSE IN A HOSPITAL BED WITH A SHATTERED SPINE!” Sirius roared getting to his feet and leaning aggressively across the table. James was on his feet too.


“Guys come on! Calm down,” Remus stood up, trying to sooth the situation but it was no use.


“I don’t see why you’re getting so touchy!” James’ voice was quieter but so vicious that it was barely recognisable, “You said it yourself, you’re only with Delilah because she was an easy lay!”

Sirius pale face burned red, “Leave.” He snarled and James looked instantly regretful.

“Sirius-,” He began but Sirius just shook his head.

“You’ve made yourself very clear, James, now leave before I do something we’ll both regret.”

James looked ready to argue then seemed to change his mind. He turned and left the hall, his footsteps echoing in the sudden silence as every other student watched him pass wondering what the famous marauders had been arguing about although, due to the shouting, there wasn’t really much left to wonder about.

There was another argument taking place in the dinner hall although this one was much more hushed and a lot less public. Andromeda was staring incredulously at her younger sister, “So let me get this straight, you stole that out of an unconscious mans pocket as he lay bleeding in a hospital bed?” She gasped staring at the small piece of parchment in Narcissa’s hand.

“Well yes but he wasn’t bleeding-,”

“Have you no idea how morally corrupt that is? Have you no respect for privacy?”

“But it was her writing!”

Narcissa had spent most of her day keeping vigil at Lucius’ side. She had never felt fear quite like what she had felt watching him plummet to earth. Her entire future had flashed before her eyes; her Nordic children, her wealth, her status, Malfoy manor. It had all seemed to be slipping through her fingers as fast as gravity had been pulling Lucius towards earth and an early death. For a moment she’d watched him, squealing his name but then a miracle! She felt as though by her own will she had stopped him hitting the ground. He’d stopped, a mere foot from that blasted Gryffindor who lay broken on the ground and simply hovered. He had been spared. He was unconscious and beaten but very much alive. Eligible. It was while she was stroking his sleeping face and pondering ways to guarantee her future that she had noticed the little roll of parchment poking, ever so slightly, from his Quiddich robes. She’d checked that no one was watching her and then taken the note; this time she didn’t feel guilty, now she felt like she had a right to know what was going on. It was her right to take his notes and analyse them.

“It’s like the next stage of the poem,” She told Andromeda, “And it’s signed D, just like the other note.”

Andromeda looked disgusted, “I would never have believed it of you-,”

“Andy I have a right to know what’s going on!”

“No you don’t, Narcissa! Why assume this is a scandal? They’re probably notes from his mother! Perhaps a poem he read as a child? I also think you’ll find that her name is Drusilla, or did you choose to forget? These notes are Lucius’ private property and you are violating his rights!”

“Bellatrix doesn’t think so.” Narcissa retorted huffily and Andromeda’s face paled somewhat. Luckily Narcissa didn’t notice.

“You contacted Bellatrix?”

“Yes.” Narcissa replied primly. “Seeing as you are being so unhelpful, I thought perhaps she could help me figure out what the note means. She thinks I need to gather as much information as possible-,”

“Narcissa I’m begging you. Do not involve Bellatrix any further- she means little harm but harm always befalls those involved with her-,”

“Why would these notes cause harm? If they’re from his mother then there is nothing to worry about,” Her eyes flashed triumphantly upon her sisters obviously rising anxiety, “You know something Andy-,”

“I do not. We are not having this conversation again.”

“Bellatrix said you’d say that.” Narcissa let out a long, infuriating yawn, “You just don’t understand Andy. I’ve always been more ambitious than you. Lucius Malfoy is my ambition now. You may find my investigations immoral but I see them for what they are; necessary in order to get what I deserve.” She gave her sister a simpering smile, “Now I’m going to visit Lucius and see if he’s any closer to waking up. Madam Pomfrey seems to think he’ll be conscious before curfew.”

Jessica’s day had thus far been a rollercoaster of emotion. She’d went from excited (at the Quiddich match), to terrified her sister was dead (Delilah falling), to relief that she was only comatose, to distraught that she was comatose, to utterly confused by the reaction of the very recently conscious Slytherin seeker.

Lucius Malfoy had came into consciousness for around thirty seconds, had a brief argument with Madam Pomfrey about his need to stay in bed, came to Delilah’s bedside and had done nothing since but stare at her sister and clutch her hand whilst asking rapid, quick fire questions to the flustered Matron.

Jessica could only conclude that he blamed himself for her sisters state. He seemed to be hit very hard by the fact that the damage to her spine could not be accurately gauged until she regained consciousness which was not entirely guaranteed to happen anytime soon. He’d demanded to know why she hadn’t already been transported to St Mungo’s but Madam Pomfrey had explained that it would be unwise for a student of Delilah’s blood type to leave the school grounds at this time. The Slytherin seeker had went very pale at this point and made an empty, mirthless joke; something along the lines of “I don’t suppose you mean all A negatives are under siege?”

Jessica had almost laughed, not because the joke was particularly funny but because the seeker had gotten her sisters blood type right. The strangest thing had been when Madam Pomfrey asked, looking keenly fascinated, how Lucius Malfoy had come to know about Muggle blood types and he had went from deathly pale to bright red and muttered, “Just something I picked up,”

The Matron had said that it was amazing what young people picked up about Muggle life even whilst living in the confines of a Magic castle, especially those like Lucius’ Malfoy whom she supposed didn’t take Muggle studies? Lucius, who’s skin tone had returned to it’s normal icy pallor, had simply sneered and replied, “It is amazing what useless junk students pick up when exposed to those of inferior lifestyle isn’t it?” But he had not let go of Delilah’s still hand. The Matron had made a strange, disapproving noise and left the ward.

“Different does not mean inferior,” Jessica said unable to help herself. She glared straight into Lucius’ icy grey eyes with her own cornflower blue ones and she saw a flicker of something that wasn’t entirely hostile in his gaze. “In fact I’d say that because muggleborns understand both the magical and non-magical ways of life they actually have an advantage over the more…stringent magical folk.”

“You are both startlingly similar,” Lucius said after a moments pause, he was clearly avoiding replying to Jessica‘s statement.

“That’s what happens when you have the same parents.” Jessica replied waspishly. She was normally the more pleasant and polite twin but as far as she was concerned Lucius Malfoy was nothing but a pureblood bigot with too much self-importance to earn any of her respect. She somewhat hoped he would argue with her so she could demand he leave her twins bedside; his hand on her sisters was an eerie, almost macabre, sight which she wasn’t enjoying. To her it seemed he was almost mocking Delilah by pretending to care that someone of her blood was hurt.

The Slytherin merely smiled infuriatingly, “Yes, I suppose it is.”

There was a strange silence hanging between them. It was an uncomfortable thing that Jessica did not enjoy and so she broke it; she had never been plagued by a need to please other people, after all, she had grown up being told that she was important- royalty- the wants of a stuffy, pureblood, fool were not of any real importance to the girl. Although many thought the louder spoken Delilah was the more confident, domineering twin they were mistaken. Delilah’s brash comments and raised voice were merely a defence mechanism (so Jessica assumed anyway), it was truly Jessica with her calm projection of her beliefs who held supreme confidence in what she had to say and who she was. “You lost the Quiddich match,” She said vaguely but with biting precision, her hand was on her sisters but her eyes were on Lucius Malfoy’s stoic expression.

“I though I might have,” There was no expression in his voice nor on his face.

“Does that bother you?”

“Some things are more important than winning,” Nothing changed but there was a twitch at the corner of his full lip as though he was fighting not to smirk, “Don’t you agree?”

“Like you being alive?” She ignored him.

“Like your sister being alive.” Now he was smirking. Infuriatingly.

“Oh please,” Jessica rolled her eyes. He found them frighteningly similar to Delilah’s even though they were not coated in horrible shades of black and brown. “As if my sisters death would play on your mind Mister Malfoy,” Her voice was entirely different from Delilah’s, Jessica spoke the way Delilah would when she pretended to be royal. Jessica reminded Lucius that Delilah actually was someone in a world he considered below him.

“You are a horrible bigot, Miss Tyler,” He said simply making sure that her name was marred by a vaguely insulting tone. He reached up to remove a stray hair from Delilah’s pale, sleeping face.

“Excuse me?” Jessica sounded both affronted and amused, “Are you calling me a bigot?” She said it as though it was the most ludicrous thing she had ever heard.

“Yes, I am.”

“And why would you accuse me of that?”

“Well Miss Tyler,” Again with the mocking, ‘Inside I’m nearly dead from laughing at you’, tone of voice and irritatingly stoic expression “You have judged me horribly based on my wealth, status and blood. It is tragic that you have such a narrow minded view on those of purely, wizarding blood but alas some in this world are not made to be accepting,”

“I did not judge you-,”

“Oh but you did. You assumed I would not care whether your sister lived or died merely because I am in Slytherin house and from a well known pureblood family, did you not?”

“Oh please,” She scoffed, “You, yourself, have made it perfectly clear you consider Muggles and Muggleborns below you,”

“I said nothing on Muggleborns during our interaction or any interaction you may have witnessed me in.” Lucius removed his hand from Delilah’s and leaned back in his chair, yawning, “In fact I think you’ll find I referred to the Muggle way of life as inferior.”


“Do you disagree with me, Jessica?” It was the use of her name that through her off course, she had been unaware she had introduced herself. Lucius Malfoy was a name that all knew throughout the school but Jessica had thought she kept a lower profile. She had, possibly naively, assumed she would have flown beneath Lucius Malfoy’s radar. “Do you consider the Muggle way of life superior to ours or even on an even plateau? Would you, Jessica, choose to travel the Muggle way; in aircraft and cars as opposed to apparation or floo? Do you use glue as opposed to a repairing charm?” He smiled when she didn’t respond, “No I didn’t think so. It is not bigoted to say our lifestyle is superior because it is. The same way the Western Worlds’ way of life by far outstrips that of the poverty stricken in the Third World. We may be ‘equals’,” He made air quotations and gave her a face that insisted he was humouring her, “But I don’t see many with working taps in their kitchens travelling to the village well.”

Jessica wasn’t sure how Lucius Malfoy had both managed to make a lot of sense and simultaneously sound even more bigoted than she‘d originally thought. She opened her mouth then closed it as she tried to think of a reply but she was saved the effort when the wards main door opened.

Both she and Lucius turned towards the door and watched as Narcissa Black swept elegantly into the ward with her long, blonde hair trailing around her shoulders like yellow water. She headed straight for Lucius’ bed then let out a little squeal of horror when she realised he wasn’t there, she spun around looking desperately for Madam Pomfrey before her eyes found Lucius by the bed of the Gryffindor Mudblood who had nearly killed him.

“Oh Lucius!” She cried in a high voice as she cantered across the ward and towards the boy who’s eyebrows raised, “I was so worried!” She had obviously expected him to stand up so they could embrace but upon getting to his side and finding him still seated she was forced to awkwardly hug him then stand uncomfortably at his side. “What are you doing out of bed?” She asked, then rephrased, “What are you doing here?”

Lucius stood up, brushing down the pyjamas the Matron had dressed him in. “I was merely enquiring as to the health of Delilah,” He said crisply and Jessica noted how his voice had changed. A moment before he had been pompous, yes, but now he seemed positively Godlike in his mannerisms. Narcissa had appeared and now Lucius stood and spoke as though he owned the earth and the fifth year watched him as if she heartily agreed.

“Delilah?” Narcissa’s voice was sharp and questioning, “You mean Sirius’ silly, little, girlfriend who nearly killed you?” She sounded incredulous.

“Oh she hardly caused any harm,” Lucius smirked. He nodded at Jessica before sauntering back towards his own bed and climbing on to sit, propped elegantly, against the headboard, “I think Delilah merely had a stronger desire to win.”

“She had a strong desire for death! That’s what she had!” Narcissa gasped, “The silly little bitch-,”

Lucius’ expression darkened considerably, “I would prefer if you didn’t speak that way around me Narcissa.”

Narcissa looked close to arguing before collecting herself and smiling serenely, “Of course, I’m upset that’s all,” She even looked at the ground, appropriately abashed, waiting for forgiveness.

Jessica watched the exchange and tried to hide the disgust from her face. She found it to be an impossible task and decided that staring at her sister was a much safer option than risking either of the couple seeing how grossed out they made her. If Jessica hated anything, it was domineering men and submissive women. They were her pet peeve.

Just then she felt a little squeeze on her hand. “Lucius?” Delilah was awake. 

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