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LOVE & BROOMSTICKS by StepUpx_Gryffindor

Format: Novel
Chapters: 35
Word Count: 216,870
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/23/2006
Last Chapter: 03/09/2015
Last Updated: 03/09/2015


You know what I hate? Having James Potter as your playmate as a child, & then having him turn into an egotistical pig as soon as we both set foot in Hogwarts. All the jokes, teasing, cat-calling... I can't stand it! I can't stand him. James Potter may have that devlishly handsome grin going for him, but I'm not falling for it! I've survived him for 5 years & I'm sure I can make it through my Sixth Year without him... I think?

Chapter 8: Party In The Gryffindor Common Room!

Author's Note- Hey guys! Well, let me say that this chapter is full of it's usual giggles and all, it just gets a little sad at the end. You are seriously gonna hate Amos. But don't worry! lol. Oh, just read it already!

ps-YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. YOUR REVIEWS WERE WONDERFUL. I will never ever leave this story. ^_^ and I wasn't planning to in the beginning anyway, so I hope you didnt get that idea before.

I’m huddled. I’m huddled under a cloak with three Gryffindor boys. One is in the front of me, one is next to me, and one is behind me. I feel a hand grab my ass.

“Nice arse, Evans.”

Guess which one’s behind me.

I slap Sirius. “Ouch! Jeez, Evans. You can really slap.”

“Ask your friend, he seems to get a lot of them. Oh, wait. You can’t, BECAUSE HE’S KNOCKED OUT!” I yell at him, spazzing a little. All three marauders cover their ears with their hands. Back in the common room we decided to go back to Slughorn’s potions cabinet to find some sort of reversal spell ingredient or some what. So here we are, under an invisibility cloak to try to find a cure for James Potter’s Narcolepsy (plan JPN for short). I didn’t want to admit it to them, but when they showed me Potter’s invisibility cloak, I was impressed. I was completely fascinated! I had read about them in books, but I never saw one up front. So, of course, I freaked out when I first laid eyes on it. They made me swear not to tell anyone. I still can’t believe I’m under this cloak right now. The only flaw is that I’m sharing it with three Billy goats. What a shame. My first experience with something magically rare and I can’t even enjoy it because it’s not for fun…Unless you count knicking stuff from Professor Slughorn to help out four distressed teenagers the definition of fun, and one of those teenagers being unconscious.

I really don’t wanna do this. Not just because I despise the boy who hasn’t stopped asking me out since first year, but because there’s the chance of us getting caught. That chance has been growing bigger and bigger since we left the common room. If I’ve just imagined this in my mind or not, I don’t really know. I can’t say it’s the first time. I imagine a lot, like that little man/woman/he/she/it inside my mind that likes to take control from time to time. An example of my mind being like no one else’s is how I say the word “ass”. I don’t know why, but I always use it that way. Everyone else spells it “arse”, but I don’t. We pronounce it the same; it’s just that I spell it differently. I don’t know why I do this. It’s my mind I tell you! I just have a thing with that word. Can people have things with words?

Another example of how my mind is unusual is how I managed to knock James Potter out before setting up this whole scheme of how we were gonna do this. Remus, Peter, Sirius, and I had to figure out what we were going to do and how long it would take. As soon as James Potter woke up, I punched him straight in the face. Needless to say, he was knocked out cold. The boys were quite shocked for a while that I actually had it in me. I simply explained to them that I always wanted to do that, and that I finally got a reason to do it now. Peter actually tried suggesting less violent approaches. But hey, it got the job done, didn’t it? There is now an unconscious Potter in an empty closet under the girls’ dormitory stairs. We have ten minutes before Potter’s prefect meeting starts, and I’m sure that most of the prefects are already there, waiting for the meeting to begin. I know Jessica’s already there. Oh, the lengths I go to help people out; But, I kind of have to. We made a deal. It’s not like I can’t keep my end of the bargain. They promised to leave my date, Amos Diggory, and I alone during the party tonight if I helped them find a cure for Potter’s weirdness. If I don’t find a cure for said weirdness, then I won’t have a normal night at said party.

And we don’t want that to happen.

We turn the corner and Peter leads the way. We see Slughorn talking to Professor Botts outside his potions cabinet. “Perfect!” Peter says. “His door’s wide open; we can sneak in and get what we need, quickly, and get out of there.”

“Are you mad?” I ask him. “Not while he’s right there! What if he feels our presence, or worse, we knock into him or trip over something or break a glass vile in his cabinet-“

“Lily, I think I speak for everyone when I say: Please, shut your trap,” Remus says imploringly. I narrow my eyes at the boy next to me.

"You’re so paranoid…" Sirius mumbles from behind my shoulder.

Slughorn’s in deep conversation and Professor Botts and is listening intently. We make our move, gliding across the glossy floors of Hogwarts at a very slow pace. Slughorn rests his hands on the cabinet door’s frame as soon as we reach a reasonable distance. “Great. Now what?” I question.

“We’re just going to have to hunch a little bit and limbo our way through,” Peter says confidently. “His arm is the size of Professor McGonagall. We all can’t go at once. There’s not enough space and we won’t fit,” I start to say. “What do you suggest? Entering the cabinet one by one?” Sirius replies. I roll my eyes.

“We’re just going to have to get together really tight.” As soon as these words leave Remus’s mouth the boys stop and turn straight to me. “Fine,” I say. “But keep your hands to yourselves!”


After finding the perfect antidote for Potter, we headed back to the common room 5 minutes later. I figured out that all he needed was a mix of a liquid called Perivianne with some spice. His reaction to the ingredient wasn’t so pleasant. He was just supposed to wake up, cured and everything. It’s not that I didn’t give him the right ingredient… it’s just that I don’t think he was expecting such a disgusting taste in his mouth. He woke up abruptly and punched Remus in the gut by accident. Remus glared at him for a while before Potter had gotten a hold of the situation. He thought someone was trying to poison him because he tasted nasty liquid going down his throat, and his punch for Remus was anything but what he thought was self defense. I tried really hard not to roll my eyes.

Potter apologized profusely and thanked all his buds for saving his ass. When Remus told him it was his fault by accident, he kind of took the apology back. After Potter found out about me knowing about the invisibility cloak, he almost lost it. Then Remus said sorry and Potter answered with a look that said ‘it’s all good, man’. Then they did this hand-shake thing. It was all very confusing. It’s weird how guys can have such a change of heart so quickly. Well, Potter made it right on time for the prefect’s meeting as the marauders were counting down the minutes it would take for him to arrive. But, before he left, he was informed of what was going on with me and the deal we had made. He flipped and looked at me with a face that showed he knew I won. I felt like Angelina in Mr. & Mrs. Smith when she totally whips Brad and he looks at her as if to say ‘oh, no you didn’t!’, and then they continue the fighting scene. Even though I’m not a fan of Brad and Angelina, I must say that it’s one of my favorite movies. That scene popped into my head while Potter was looking at me so. Then I saw the change in his eyes. He knew exactly what I was thinking. This time I won the battle. He even mumbled, “Angelina”, as he was walking through the portrait hole.

I love moments like those. 

I’m heading towards the Great Hall right now for dinner. It's 6 o'clock and people are running like beasts down the hallway. Sirius brushes past me and asks, “Do you think the prefect’s meeting is going to take a break for dinner?” I tilt my head and respond. “I don’t know, actually-”

“Wow! One thing Evans doesn’t know-!”

“BUT, if they don’t come down for dinner,” I say, glaring at Sirius, “Then they’re obviously going to eat there.” Remus catches up to him from around the corner and Sirius turns to him. “Sweet! More space! No more squeezed arse cheeks!” Remus grimaces and holds his hand up, signaling Sirius to stop before something else butt related comes out of his mouth. “That’s only if they’re not coming down for dinner,” I say. “Yeah, Yeah…Whatever,” says Sirius, dismissing me by brushing his hand away, as if I was some bothering pest. I raise my eyebrow. “Where did you learn that? Did Potter lend you his Clueless DVD? I see Cher and Dionne have taught you a few things,” I respond to Sirius with a grin. Seeing his face in utter confusion to what I just said gives me such satisfaction. I walk past Remus and Sirius through the Great Hall right before they meet up with Peter. “What’s Clueless? Isn’t that some kind of muggle board game or some what?” I hear Sirius ask in the distance.

But as I walk towards Gryffindor table, I notice that Sirius might just be right about the ‘no more squeezed butt cheeks’ thing. There are a lot of students missing from all of the House tables. I sit down and I gasp as I feel two warms hands cover my eyes.

“Guess who?” asks the teasing voice.

“Better not be a marauder, that’s for sure.”

Amos lifts his hands and tilts his head towards me with a grin. “Oh, hey!” I say, surprised. He sits down quickly next to me as I turn beet red in the face. I can’t believe I have a date with him. I still get queasy just thinking about it. “Excited about tonight?” he asks, as he winks to a passing group of Seventh Year girls giggling down towards the Ravenclaw table. Some of the Sixth and Seventh Years are looking at us, wondering what’s going on. I ignore this and manage to squeak out, “Yeah.” They’re probably thinking ‘why’s Diggory talking to that girl?’

“Well, I gotta go. See you later, then?” He pulls his leg over the other side of the seat and gets up.


“Of course, sure,” I respond, a little too quickly. I hope he didn’t notice.


He gives me a wink and walks back towards his table.

“Oh-ho! Was that your Prince Charming?” Sirius crashes right next to me with Peter to his left and Remus on my right side. Why do they have to burst my bubble and ruin my dinner? Can’t they just leave me alone? There’s definitely enough space for them to sit elsewhere.

“Shut up, Black,” I say, using his family name.  Oh, how I love to do that.

"Your right, Evans, your not Cinderella. You’d probably hit some poor guy with your glass slipper. And Diggory is more of a Peter Pan kind of guy."

I stop and look at him quizzically. “Peter Pan?”

“Man in tights,” he laughs, giving me that marauder grin. He high fives Peter and leans over me to do the same with Remus. I purse my lips and look straight ahead. I slightly narrow my eyes. Let’s pretend I didn’t just witness such stupidity.


Dinner was kind of interesting.


Remind me to never ever let Remus and Sirius battle with spoons full of mashed potatoes. It’s very hard to get out of your hair. I had to shampoo for 10 full minutes.

“Lily, stay still!” Emma Tebbon demands as she plucks another eyebrow hair. Emma’s in my group of close friends. We became friends in Third Year. She was there earlier today with the rest of the girls when I ran into Amos.

“Ow!” I yelp.

The girls in the Sixth Year’s dormitory are running around, fixing themselves, and doing last minute touch ups for tonight. It is 7:20 and everyone’s getting ready to meet their dates. It’s funny to me, because the flyer that the marauders put up said nothing about what time it starts. I asked one of the other Gryffindor girls how everyone finds the right time schedule and knows exactly when the party starts, and she looked at me as if I was mad. Apparently “everyone” knows that parties thrown by the marauders start as soon as the evening rolls by. WELL, EXCUSE ME.

What am I, a frog? Okay, so I guess I’m lacking the ‘party hard’ experience to know otherwise… but it’s not because I can’t. It’s because I won’t. I’ve never been to too many parties. And I don’t really like all the loud noise. Well, I actually have been to parties thrown by the marauders, but that’s because once and a while I would walk down to the common room when I’d be having trouble sleeping. Then I would get showered with fire whiskey and party streamers. Then I’d realize the reason I’d been having trouble sleeping is because the music is too loud. Then I run up to my bed, get under my covers, and try desperately to fall asleep. I basically walk into them by accident. Other times at their parties I just sit on the couch and read a book, ignoring everyone. It usually works, since everybody is oblivious to me sitting there. I don’t really bother anyone.

Then there are Christmas parties and other holiday celebrations. That’s with the family. They’re usually boring and consist of Uncle Earl, my mom’s brother, and my Aunt Betsy (the one who married the Italian man), my dad’s sister, arguing about which sports teams dominate. Aunt Betsy: Arsenal. Uncle Earl: Real Madrid. Don’t get Aunt Betsey started. You don’t really wanna mess with her. She’ll chew you up and spit you out. And then feed you to the dogs. Football is her thing.

“Lily, do you want Amos to see you with one eyebrow plucked more than the other?” Emma asks, losing her patience. She is holding my head in a very uncomfortable position, for crying out loud! What did she expect? I’m not going to stay still while my neck is being snapped back and forth.


“Just one… more… hair…”


“Done,” she says with a smile. She lifts the tweezers away from my face and puts her other hand on her waist, shifting her weight. “Now you’re ready.” I glare at her before I say, “Why, I wasn’t ready before? The one hour you spent torturing me to get me ready for this party wasn’t enough?”

“Lily, I’m sorry that I had to tweeze your eyebrows. I know that you usually get them waxed, but, hello! We didn’t have enough time to wax. It was just a last minute thing.”

“A very painful, last minute thing,” I correct.

She sighs. “Well, your eyebrows didn’t compliment your hair that I had spent oh-so-much time straightening… And for some reason I didn’t like the way your right eyebrow was-”

“Um, Excuse me. My right eyebrow did nothing to you. It doesn’t even know who you are!” I put a hand over my eyebrows. Waxing doesn’t hurt me as much as tweezing. She’s looking at me, her lips forming into a very quirky smirk. “You are a special one, Evans. Oh, and I’m finished! Take a look in the mirror. You can thank me later…” she tells me, in a very excited tone, before walking away and putting some finishing touches on herself as well. I glance in the mirror and almost scream. “WOW!” I turn around and I see her arms spread out. I can’t help but chuckle as I come over and hug her. She new I would do that. “You like?”

“I love!” I tell her. “Thanks so much! Except this shirt is kind of…”

“No, it’s not. It looks good on you. Don’t worry about it. Have fun! I’ll see you later during the party, I guess.” She smiles and I make my way down the dormitory stairs. I guess it would be too much to ask that I hope no one’s down in the common room, even though I know it’s too good to be true. I don’t really like all eyes on me. I get nervous. I take my last step and look up.

About half of Gryffindor’s male members are looking straight at me.

I knew the shirt was a bit much. Emma dressed me in her clothes. She the most outgoing out of the group I hang out with, next to Jessica. The outfit she picked out for me consisted of a halter top that was flow-y all the way down to my waist, then became tight and hugged everything below all the way down to my butt. It looks like one of those tops that you’d see Donatella Versace wear or something. I was impressed. Then I threw on a pair of dark, skinny jeans of Emma’s. She recommended them with any halter top. ‘They make your butt look amazing!’ she said to me. I had never worn skinny jeans before. I didn’t really think I’d look all that flattering. But, Emma found a way to get me to wear them. And then she put me in these cute heels. It’s just the right size for skinny jeans. My toes show a little bit out of the bottom. The heel is less than an inch or so. The only flaw is that this halter top she told me to wear is a bit… Um, revealing. It really shows my 34B chest is a good way. Or so she says.

Emma likes to dress up and go party just like anyone else, but she does it in a responsible way. Kind of like an old soul, mixed with that immature attitude that’s inside every teenage girl. It’s hard to explain, but she’s just an all around good girl that knows what to do at the right moments, at the right time. Personally, I can already picture her marrying some successful lawyer or doctor and having a big family. She’d be a great mom. She’s also kind of like the mother in the group, like me.

She also did my hair and make-up, which is no surprise, since that’s her forte. My hair is pin-straight and I never really realized until now how long my hair is. It’s definitely way passed my elbows. And here I was thinking my hair was only down to my mid-back. Darn me and my wavy hair. But, Emma made my hair look cute and simple. And she didn’t over do it on the make-up either. She lined my eyes with a good amount of black liner, and made my eyes look smokey glamorous with that brownish gold eye shadow she put on me. It was very fitting, I must say. It matches the colors in the halter top. And last but not least, she sprayed me with Chanel No. 5.

I ignore the stares that are coming from every guy in the room. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Maybe she put too much perfume on me and now it’s melting. Oh, God. I can’t do this.

I look straight at the ground and walk towards the door. I hope the Fat Lady doesn’t stare at me in shock like everyone else right now. I don’t think they’ve ever seen me this glam. Well, maybe at Balls or other dances, but not for a party. I hear one guy whistling and another couple of guys cat calling me. Then someone shouts, “Lookin’ fine, Evans!”, and chuckles erupt from the room. Are the guys…flirting with me?

I keep looking at my feet, a smile plastered over my face. I’m pretty sure I’m blushing. This is the second time today that that’s happened. I have GOT to learn to control my nerdy-ness with blushes. It’s very flattering though, I must say, to have Gryffindor boys tell you you’re ‘lookin’ fine’. That’s one of the reasons why I love Gryffindor. Most of the guys are really nice and just all around great guys. There are rarely any cruel or mean guys in this House. Some can be pestering little goats who like to ask me out every five seconds and don’t know what it’s like to see the end of a hair brush, but it’s all good. I try to ignore the pestering little goats.

I hurry up and walk towards the Great Hall at a very rapid pace. It’s not that easy in skinny jeans and heels, let me tell you. But I finally do manage to reach the Great Hall a minute before 7:30. And I find Amos waiting for me there, along with a whole bunch of other people. Guess I’m not the only one meeting their date at the doors of the Great Hall. I hope the teachers aren’t going to notice. I mean it’s normal to see groups of students walking around before curfew. But big groups like these? They might get suspicious. Especially since the clothes everyone is wearing isn’t exactly a Hogwarts uniform. The closer I walk towards Amos, the more insecure I get about how I look. I begin to think that maybe I can’t pull this look off like Emma. But then an image of Emma slapping me upside the head forms in my brain and I regain a bit of assurance.

“Holy crap. Damn, Lily. You’re looking good,” Amos says, greeting me with a hug. “That’s what they say…” I respond with a nervous smile. I try to make eye contact, but he’s too busy staring at the cleavage.


He looks at me up and down and I’m mentally begging him to stop. I do NOT react well under pressure. And this is too much pressure. It reminds me of the sleepover when James and his boys did the same thing-

GAH! Why did he just pop into my mind? Potter, Potter, go away. Come again some other day! This is my night.

But for some reason that scene keeps playing and replaying in my mind as Amos’s eyes linger on me. Damn. Maybe changing the words in the ‘rain, rain, go away’ song wasn’t such a smart idea. It always works when it rains. Actually, no. It works when Jessica does it. Oh, what a perfect life I have.


The music is blaring and I’ve never been so drunk in my entire life.

My head keeps spinning at a slow pace while I dance with Amos. It’s been an hour and I’m already smashed. I didn’t think I would be drinking tonight. Hell, I didn’t think I’d be going at all. But, here I am, with the Hufflepuff God of Hogwarts. I don’t think I act different when I drink. I mean I know that some people act like their alter ego when they get drunk, But me? Nope. I act the same on the outside, just a bit of a migraine on the inside, and a little bit of slurring in my words. I’m sure no one else can tell I’m drunk. Well, except for Amos, maybe. Actually, every drink I’ve had tonight, I drank with him. We both have the same about of alcohol running through our veins, so I guess he’s smashed too. Funny, though. He doesn’t look like it.

I look across the room to see James Potter glaring daggers at us. He’s wearing a white beater with some expensive looking jeans. Probably Armani Exchange, since that’s, like, the only designer he talks about. What a shame for him. He can’t even enjoy his own party because he’s too busy trying kill us with his eyes. Well, I’m not going to stress over it. I take a hold of Amos’s hand and put it on the small of my back as a slower paced song comes on. Beyonce’s song “Woman Like Me” plays on the stereo. I look over in Potter’s direction again but he’s not there. I look up at Amos and he’s smiling at me. I feel my head spinning as the music gets louder. “The music is so loud,” I whisper to him. “Won’t the professors find out?” He chuckles and says, “Don’t worry. Everyone knows that people that through parties put spells on the common room so no one on the outside can hear anything.” I respond with a mumbling sound and put my head on his shoulder. “You’re drunk aren’t you?” he says, completely amused. I mumble again. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I don’t even know why I drank. But I’m definitely regretting it. My head is pounding like crazy. The last thing I remember before drinking was seeing Potter and Jessica walk in through the common room from the prefects’ meeting. It had been a half hour into the party. By that time I only had one or two drinks. Jessica winked at me and I gave her thumbs up when she saw me. She mouthed ‘wow’, referring to my outfit and I just rolled my eyes with a smile and took another sip from my cup. Then I saw Potter. He stopped immediately and stared at me. I could feel the jealousy and anger in his eyes; I just chose to ignore it. And before he arrived, the marauders kind of watched me and Amos most of the time. Actually, I just think it was just Sirius, but I don’t remember. But they did stick to their side of the bargain and they didn’t bother us at all. But I did have the urge to take off one of my heels and chuck it at Sirius, but that would have just freaked Amos out. I already punched Potter. I don’t wanna be known for the freak who’s a weakling when it comes to strength, but a Mr. T impersonator when it comes to hitting the marauders.

I look over Amos’s shoulder and try to look for Jessica, but I can’t find her as we get lost in the crowd. I think we’re drifting to the corner, but I can’t really tell. The next thing I know we’re by ourselves under the Girls’ staircase where the closet is. The same closet that Sirius, Peter, Remus, and I put Potter’s unconscious body just several hours ago. Amos leans in I think he’s going to kiss me. It seems so surreal to me that this is happening. I feel like everything’s in slow motion, and I can’t tell if it’s the liquor or if it’s my head that’s spinning. Before I know it, we’re snogging under the stairs, away from everyone. It’s probably been 5 minutes but it feels like an hour. I can’t even tell what’s going on. Just snogging. It’s like my brain can’t function. I am not a fan of this feeling. I feel a hand go towards my butt and I feel a squeeze. Now I know that I’m not under the invisibility cloak, so it’s not Sirius. And this is a hard squeeze. I mean if my bottom was made of oranges, he’d be making orange juice. Sirius would never do that. He was just playing around. But that hand I felt wasn’t that kind of playing around.

It was a different kind.

Before I know it Amos is kissing me really forcefully. I blink open in surprise. Is this supposed to happen? Is this how popular guys make out with popular girls? The in-crowd people are in every school, and there are some in this school too. Girls always rant about guys, like Amos, that have done things like this at parties. They would come back late to bed and the girls would squeal and the girl would tell them all about it. Believe it or not I felt left out of those conversations, and I thought to myself: Will that ever happen to me? What’s it like to snog a popular guy? But the amount of time it takes for me to think about my answer, Amos puts his hand under my shirt and his other hand holding my head against his. This is too much. I now realize, right now, that I don’t want to be a popular girl. I don’t want to be in the in-crowd. And the only reason that girls probably say it’s the best thing ever, is because they think it’s cool. They think that if it’s a popular guy that’s treating you this way then it’s okay. They live in an image, and that’s one image I don’t want to be a part of.

For some reason I feel like my sense is coming back to me now and I have control over my body again. But I still feel completely drunk. I push Amos away. He gives me a look. I don’t like it. It’s the kind of look that Petunia used to give me all the time. It was a look for people that thought they were better than anyone else. And for the first time ever, I truly see Amos. All the looks he gives girls. He can never look one girl in the eye while another girl passes by. And I was so stupid to not see it. It’s funny, how all of a sudden his face resembles Petunia. And that face says everything. It shows me everything I was too blind to see. He pushes me against the wall, and then walks two steps towards me. I glare at him. He’s smirking.

He’s the popular guy because he knows what he wants, and knows where his looks can land him. And every other girl fell for it. His trap. His fakeness. I’m not any other girl.


He pins me and I try to stomp on his foot, but my head is still going in circles and the message doesn’t get sent to my brain on time. He’s snogging me and I try to get him off, but I’m too weak. Where are your ‘marauder hitting skills’ when you need them? I feel his hand go up the back of my shirt and it feels like hot coals against my skin. It burns and I’m not enjoying it. I want to get away, but I know I’m stuck. I feel like throwing up. And not because I’m smashed. Because this disgusting tongue is trying to get it’s way down my throat. I feel like crying. And when he doesn’t take his burning hands off my back I actually do. My emotions are going crazy and I start screaming and he pins me harder. He tries to put his hands over my mouth but I get a yell out before he gets to my lips. I hope to God that I made it loud enough to be heard over the blasting music. I guess it was his plan from the beginning. Get me drunk and try something on me. He probably spiked my drink as well.

Then miraculously, in slow motion, or maybe just to me, a pair of hands pull Amos’s hands off of my mouth, and off of me. I scream. Not because I’m scared, but because I can’t take it. I wanted to scream for so long. Even if it was only a couple of minutes, it felt like hours that Amos tried to get his way with me. And all my feelings just explode and I fall back against the wall and slide down to the ground slowly and cover my eyes. And I cry.

I feel small hands push my hands gently away from my face and I look up and see a watery form of my best friend. And in that moment that picture of Petunia’s face I saw in Diggory disappeared from my brain and I never felt happier to see Jess. I whimper a bit, because I’m so overjoyed to see her. She hugs me and cradles me and I rest my head on her shoulder, and we just lay there on the floor. I lift my eyes upward and Potter’s with Sirius, and they’re in front of Amos. Potter’s in rage. I’ve never seen him so angry in his life. It was him, I realize. It was him. He was the one who pulled Diggory off me. And as I shut my eyes and keep crying I hear shouts coming from the three of them. I look up and gasp, to see Diggory’s face covered in blood. He’s on the floor and Potter’s still trying to hit him. But Sirius quickly holds James arm back and tries to control him. He knows that his best friend is about to lose control. Potter just glares at Diggory, and he scrambles from the ground and runs out of the common room. That’s when I take a look around and see that everyone in the party had witnessed it. Everything. They saw Amos and Potter fighting. Sirius clears everybody out and tells people that there’s nothing to see. And that the party’s over. And everyone’s shocked faces head over to leave the common room with unanswered questions written all over them. They know that Diggory and Potter were sworn enemies, but they’ve never been in a fist fight. Maybe a few hexes here and there in the earlier years at Hogwarts, but not like this.

Jessica whispers to me that everything’s going to be okay. All the members of Gryffindor look at me and they all have a look in their eyes. I see questions in those eyes. But I’m not ready to answer. I shake my head, and put my head in the crook of Jessica’s neck. Some of the Sixth Year guys understand that I just don’t wanna deal with it and they try to help Sirius to get people up to their dormitories, and people from different houses out the door. The girls give me apologetic looks and head towards the stairs. Jessica looks me in the eyes and her face looks so torn. “I saw what was happening, and I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to do. So I called James and he came rushing over,” she says. I bite my lip and hug her again. I couldn’t have picked a more wonderful person to be my sister.

Potter’s looking from a distance, and he walks towards me. Jessica helps me stand and without realizing it, I’m in his arms. He hugs me and tells me that I’m safe now. I feel like I’ve been hugging him forever, because when I look up, the room’s been cleared and it’s just the marauders and Jessica, who’s hugging herself as Sirius tries to pat her back. All the marauders are looking at me. Guilt in their eyes. The kind of guilt that comes when you’re sorry for someone else when something bad happens that you never thought would happen. They saw it. They saw what really happened with Diggory. I hug Potter tighter and I just keep crying. I don’t talk, I just cry. Potter turns his head and whispers to them that it’s okay to go up to bed. He tells them I just need time alone.

He doesn’t want to leave me.

I don’t look at him in the face, but I turn to look at Jessica, Remus, Sirius, and Peter. They come over, and hug me before going up the stairs, while I’m still attached to Potter. Now it’s just me and Potter alone. “Thank you,” I mumble. He lifts my chin up and tells me that there is no ‘thank you’ necessary. And then he says, “Hufflepuff definitely got a taste of Gryffindor.”

I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of James.

In that instant I gain some respect back for James. That respect that he lost a long time ago. The respect we had when we were friends. Before all of this.

I feel my knees buckle and he holds me up. Hogwarts was supposed to be a place where I didn’t have to deal with all this shit. That was left for home. Petunia’s face wasn’t even supposed to enter my thoughts. Diggory ruined everything. I never want to see him again.

He carries me over to the couch. He lies me down, because he probably knows I won’t make it up the stairs. I still feel wasted. He lets go but I don’t want him to. I pull him down next to me and we lie down together. It reminds me of the naps we used to take in my back yard when we were younger. When it was hot out, James and I would go under the shade and take naps in the grass together. I look up at him and I see him clearly. I just now noticed that I’m not crying anymore. James stairs at my cheeks. He, too, has noticed that I stopped crying. My cheeks are probably stained with tears and make-up. “It’s okay, I’m here,” he tells me. “Like when we were kids?” I ask him. Not once, in all these years, did I mention our childhood. He’s stunned for a moment and then I quickly see something that looks like guilt in his eyes. “Yeah, like when we were kids,” he responds in a low voice. But I don’t get to hear him.

And so I fall asleep in the arms of someone I never thought I would.

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