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My Baby Girl’s Wedding by obsessive

Format: Novella
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 47,941
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Snape/Lily, OC/OC

First Published: 04/23/2007
Last Chapter: 02/23/2009
Last Updated: 02/23/2009

My name is Edward Evans. About thirty years ago I married my wife Kendra, and we have two daughters. One of them eloped with a man I can’t stand. My youngest is the only one I have left, and there is no way I’m going to let her walk down the aisle. Especially not with James Potter waiting at the alter. Yay! Over 17,000 reads!!!

Chapter 7: Severus Snape

Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

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Thanks and enjoy!

“Severus Snape. That was it. Severus Snape.” Petunia declared with a note of finality. I felt my mouth drop open. She took a sip of her wine, without noticing my distress. “Anyway,” she continued. “I was so relieved when I found out she was marrying that Potter fellow because that Snape guy was so atrocious. They were always together, so I was positive that she was going to marry him. Thank God for that. Their children would have been the ugliest things on the phase of the earth.”

“I’m sorry Petunia did you say that Lily was friends with Severus Snape?”

“Yes Daddy, best friends. He and his family lived on Spinner’s End by the river. He used to come talk to Lily at the playground all the time.”

“Severus Snape?”

“Yes, Daddy. Severus Snape.”

“You’re sure you got the name right Petunia Pretty?”

“Yes Daddy. The name was Severus Snape. And please, I’m a married woman now. Don’t call me that anymore,” she snapped. I sat in silence too preoccupied to even stare threateningly at Vernon. Severus Snape, I knew that name sounded familiar. Lily knew a Death Eater. Lily hung around with a dangerous man, and James doesn’t know about it. This is perfect. Suddenly Lily and Kendra reappeared in the dinning room with trays of pudding.

“James will be out in moment with the coffee,” Lily informed the room as she placed a bowl of pudding in front of me. I stood up so quickly that I almost knocked her over. “What’s wrong Daddy?”

“I think I’m going to see if he needs any help,” I told her quietly. Then without another word I rushed past her and into the kitchen as Kendra shot me a “be nice” look. I entered the room to find him examining the coffee pot as though it was a piece of alien technology. He set it down quickly when he realized I was there.

“Hello Mr. Evans.”

“Potter did the Snape fellow become a Death Eater?” He stiffened at the sound of the name and gripped a coffee mug so tight that it cracked. He waved his wand quickly and it repaired itself.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, setting the cup down rapidly. Without answering my question he turned around and returned to attempting to make coffee for the family members waiting the next room. I walked up and started showing him how to properly make the beverage.

“You didn’t answer my question, Potter. Is Severus Snape a Death Eater?” I repeated. He cracked the mug again at the sound of the name.

“Sorry,” he repeated sheepishly. “Mr. Evans I thought that I was clear earlier in the living room. You’re not qualified to have that kind of information. Having that knowledge is dangerous. Even for me. You understand right?”

“Yes of course I understand I was just wondering what happened to” I was cut off suddenly by Lily rushing into the kitchen so fast she tripped over her own feet.

“Hi Daddy, James. How’s that coffee coming?”

“Wonderful Lily Love. You’re Father’s showing me how to make coffee the muggle way,” James smiled happily showing Lily.

“Well isn’t that nice of him. Thank you. Daddy can I talk to you for a moment?” she demanded of me. I smiled at her and jested towards the coffee pot.

“We’re making drinks for everyone Lily. Besides I was just getting to know James better, you know, like you wanted me to. Can it wait until later Little Lou?”

“No Daddy it can’t,” she growled. “Let’s talk in the sitting room.” I didn’t move as I stared at her. What was the matter with her?

“Sure sweetie.” I followed her out into the front room, leaving James alone in the kitchen to fiddle around with the coffee pot. Lily turned to face me once she’d reached the middle of the room and we were out of earshot of everyone else.

“What are you doing?” she demanded poking a finger into my chest. “What are you doing?” she repeated when I didn’t answer. I stared at her blankly. “Why are you asking James about Severus?”

“Severus? I wasn’t aware that you were on a first name basis with the boy. I was under the impression that we were all calling him Snape.”

“I…I…Daddy!” she squealed. “Why does it matter?”

“Lily Flower why don’t you tell your Daddy what going on,” I cooed to her leaning down so that we were on eye level. “How do you know the Snape boy?” I demanded of her.

“Oh, you already know. Thanks to Tuney babbling about it in the dinning room, or maybe she wasn’t blabbing it to you. Maybe you were pestering her for information.” I straightened up at the accusatory stare she was giving me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I denied quickly.

“Oh you don’t, so you weren’t trying to weasel information about Severus out of Petunia.” I started shaking my head quickly. “That way you could use your newly acquired knowledge to mess up James and I.”

“I would never do that Lily Lou!” I lied.

“Oh really so you want me to marry James? And you weren’t about to say that you were just wondering what happened to my old childhood friend Severus Snape?”

I gave a huge fake gasp at these words. “Lily why are you so set against James finding out that you and the kid from Spinner’s End used to be friends?”

“Because,” she said exasperatedly, “James hates Severus, and Severus hates James. They can’t stand each other, and if James finds out he’ll kill Severus.”

“Lily Lou are you sure that’s why you don’t want James to find out?”

“Yes Daddy what other reason could there be?”

“You sure you don’t want James to find out about this boy because you two had a thing going?”

“No Daddy. No. Severus and I were just friends. I don’t want James to find out that we were friends because he’d kill him. Just like I said before.”

“Lily married people don’t get to keep secrets from each other,” I reminded her.

“We’re not married yet, and if you have anything to say about it we never will be,” she snapped back.

“You better watch your mouth young lady. Because if you don’t watch yours than maybe I won’t watch mine, especially in front of James, you never know. I might let it slip that you and this Severus character were friends. Best friends even according to Petunia.”
“You wouldn’t!”

“I would!”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I would!”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Try me!”

She squinted her eyes staring at me menacingly, “Name your price Daddy.”

“Don’t marry Potter.”


“Then how about I tell him about Snape.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“We’ve been through this before.”

“I’m marrying him, Daddy, and you can’t shock James with something he already knows. I’m going to tell him first.”

“You wouldn’t!

“ What the heck are we doing?”

“Arguing,” I answered simply. “ And I’m going to tell him,” I snapped turning back towards the kitchen.

“No, no, no,” she hollered, rushing in front of me, so she was blocking the door with her body. “You are not going to tell him, not if I have anything to say about it.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m never going to leave you alone with James. Every time he’s around, I’ll be right behind him. You will never get a single chance to talk to him without me being there, and I am willing to die to keep my family from falling apart, so don’t even think of messing with me!” she practically yelled at me, her finger pointing at me threateningly.

“Well Lily that little plan of yours wouldn’t really work all that well.”

“What are you talking about Daddy?”

“I’m talking about the wedding day,” I smiled at her as a confused look crossed her face, while she shepherded me back into the center of the sitting room. “You and James aren’t going to be able to see each other for a whole day. It’s bad luck. What’s to stop me from telling him then?”


“Nothing,” I said as she tilted her head frustrated. “There would be nothing and more importantly no one to stop me from telling him.”

“Will you please just do me a favor and not tell him that Severus and I used to be friends. It would mean the world to me, you know me, your baby girl, who doesn’t want him to find out about this. I would owe you big time Daddy.”

“Don’t marry him, and I won’t tell him.”

“Daddy you’re being unreasonable!”

“No, I’m stopping you from making the biggest mistake of your life.”

“This is not a mistake Daddy, and where are you going,” she demanded as she wheeled to face me and saw that I was heading back into the kitchen. As I entered James turned around, his hair and clothes were soaking wet with coffee.

“I think I did something wrong,” he confided in me as Lily walked into the kitchen, and stopped dead when she saw her fiancé. “Is everything alright Lily?” he asked concerned when he saw my daughter’s face. She nodded hard.

“Yeah sweetie everything’s fine. Daddy, how about you go into the dinning room and keep everyone company, while I help James make the coffee?”

“No you already got the pudding for everyone. James and I can get the coffee.”

“Alright. I’ll help,” she smiled walking towards her boyfriend at the same time as me. “So James what do you think you did wrong?”

“Guys!” he said holding up his hands to stop our offers for help. “Kendra came in three minutes ago, and helped me make the coffee. I was just in here trying to clean myself up. So we should all go back into the dinning room, and boy are you two ok?” We both nodded enthusiastically. “Ok then,” he smiled taking a hold of Lily’s elbow and steering her gently and concernedly back into the dinning room.

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