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Falling for Sirius by princesslily_36

Format: Novella
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 31,292

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 09/08/2006
Last Chapter: 09/17/2007
Last Updated: 03/26/2016


My name is Juliet Anna Potter. I'm James Potter's twin sister. Life has always been pretty normal for me. That is, until my friend Sirius decided to play matchmaker for my brother and Lily. Now we're supposed to act like we're dating - only it's all pretend...right? Everything's so messed up - especially since I started getting butterflies in my stomach whenever Sirius is around...47,000+ reads!! AMAZING Banner by .amaris @ TDA

Chapter 21: Its not all right...

How? How could I have done that? I mean, I knew what I was getting myself into didn’t I? I knew what kind of a guy Sirius was! In spite of that… to do something this stupid! I mean to fall in love with him? WHAT WAS I THINKING? I am not in love with him. I am not. I am NOT! NOT


“What?” asked Lily, looking up. It was only then I realized that I had spoken the word ‘not’ aloud. I had been battling with this for an entire day! It was charms period and Kia was taking down notes, oblivious to me and Lily was looking at me with concern. I attempted at a smile and turned away, shaking my head to clear it of all thoughts.  Lily didn’t say anything to me but turned away, to take down her share of notes. Well she didn’t seem much happy either now. James wasn’t speaking to her too and this was making me even more guilty. I could see why she was upset. But she was too proud to show it I guess… or maybe I just am not noticing it. I didn’t know it would have so much impact with James. I mean I knew he was going to get angry and all but this extent was something I hadn’t seen before …  


My eyes fell on Sirius suddenly and I felt a surge of pain pass through me. And I wished I had listened to James at first itself… Who had I been kidding? Sirius wouldn’t change for anyone. And I had been an idiot thinking he would change for me. He called it all a mistake. Ok now I was going to cry. I shouldn’t cry over that jerk. I shouldn’t! More than pained, I guess I was just very disgusted with myself. Disgusted with myself for falling in love with him. As a friend Sirius was a great guy but as a boyfriend his reputation wasn’t exactly the best… and the worst part was that I could have prevented this if ONLY I had some self control. I am such an idiot!




“James…” I started tentatively from behind him at the end of potions. I wanted to apologize to him. He had been right all along in not wanting Sirius to date me. He was protecting me and I had needed it. He turned his angered eyes on me wordlessly.


“I wanted to say that I’m sorry…” I said, “You were right James… I should have listened to you about… about…” I couldn’t bring myself to say his name out aloe for the fear of breaking down. I blinked hastily to remove traces of tears that had started welling up. I looked at James for some reaction on his part but he just nodded and started to walk away. I ran after him for there was one more thing I had to set right.


“James… it wasn’t Lily’s doing at all! Please stop blaming her. I made her promise she wouldn’t tell…” and as if on cue Lily came up to us.


“There you are Juliet! I was searching for you… come along!” and she didn’t even acknowledge James. The expression on James’ face was unreadable but I was sure he had tightened next to me when she had come up.


“James,” I said again, “I told you its not Lily’s fault…”


“Don’t you dare justify me Juliet!” snapped Lily, “There is no reason for me to tell him everything I know just because I’m going out with him! And if he wants to be a jerk he can as well go on being a jerk!”


“I’m being a jerk now am I?” asked James hotly.


“Yes you are!” she retorted glaring at him, “You create such a big fuss over the fact that Juliet and Sirius are dating. May I remind you that you don’t own her and she can date whoever she wants?”


“Stay out of this Lily!” he snarled.


“Well you don’t have to say that twice. For as far as I’m concerned, we are finished!” and with that she turned around and walked away. I stole a glance at James and his face had gone slightly paler. I was feeling so rotten!


“She’ll come around!” I said quietly thought not believing it fully. At the rate James was going I don’t think anybody will come around so easily. As for me? Are you kidding me?




I tried talking to Lily after that. I tried… but well it was in vain. When her mind was made up, boy was it made up! She refused to talk to me about him.


“… he thinks he owns me or something because he dates me? Well that’s history now!”


“Lily, come on I know you really like him…”


“That does NOT mean I will put up with his eccentricities and coming to that neither should you! Forget apologizing crap! Just put him in his place!”


“Lily. Hes my brother and…”


“Well he’s not mine so I have all the right to not talk to him if I don’t want to! and I don’t think I do!”


At this point of time James passed us from behind and I snuck a look at him. I noticed that he had heard Lily’s last few words for he gave a glance in her direction and paled slightly. I was praying that he would come over and say something… but he just walked off as if he didn’t even know us.




Sirius and I crossed paths loads of times but we never as much said a ‘hi’. He looked through me as if I wasn’t there and I was too proud to acknowledge him. My entire life had turned upside down in 2 days time. I had lost a brother, a boyfriend and a best friend too by the looks of it. Lily was very quiet these days and spoke only when spoken to. I was wondering if she thought that the whole thing was my fault.


I had to give another shot at talking to James. He was just sitting across from us at the other end of the common room. I walked up to the marauders, sitting by the fireplace and said, “James, can I talk to you alone for a minute?” He gave me a stony glare but got up and walked with me outside the common room.


“Ok I guess I haven’t been very …” I started, taking a deep breath. But before I could go on we were interrupted. We both turned to see Sirius coming out of the portrait hole and walk past us. My heart gave a flip-flop at the sight of him. I was definitely gonna take a LONG while to get over him. I just had to follow him with my eyes till he was out of sight. And my mind drifted to the latest happening and I wanted to break down right there. It was James’ growl that brought me to what I was exactly doing there.


“If you brought me here to see you ogle at Sirius I think you know by now that I do not take kindly to that!” my eyes snapped back to him but he continued, “it’s so obvious that all you want to do now is snog Sirius! why don’t you go ahead and do just that? Or are you waiting for my permission? Oh wait a minute; you already did that without it!” he ended sarcastically. And that was all I could take. I had had enough of all this. I was on the brink of crying.


“Shut up!” I yelled, “Just shut up ok! Who the hell do you think you are? You think you own me? Just the way you think you own Lily, or Sirius for that matter. Listen James, there are limits to every relationship ok and you obviously don’t know yours! Do you know you have made everyone miserable? Me, Sirius, Lily, Kia, Remus… everybody! And what are you getting out of it?”


“Don’t yell at me! this was all your fault! You know I don’t like the idea of you and Sirius together but you still went out with him anyway!” he yelled back, “it was all a pretext wasn’t it? the LAJO and RAKO? You selfish morons just wanted to-”


“Shut the BLOODY up!” tears had started to well up and I didn’t bother to stop them. I guess it was a mixture of sorrow and anger. But my scream had sort of shaken James up and he remained silent. I took advantage of that, turned on my heel and left. As far as I was concerned, until James apologized I was not going to talk to him.