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LOVE & BROOMSTICKS by StepUpx_Gryffindor

Format: Novel
Chapters: 35
Word Count: 216,870
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/23/2006
Last Chapter: 03/09/2015
Last Updated: 03/09/2015


You know what I hate? Having James Potter as your playmate as a child, & then having him turn into an egotistical pig as soon as we both set foot in Hogwarts. All the jokes, teasing, cat-calling... I can't stand it! I can't stand him. James Potter may have that devlishly handsome grin going for him, but I'm not falling for it! I've survived him for 5 years & I'm sure I can make it through my Sixth Year without him... I think?

Chapter 7: Backflips And Rivals

Sitting down quickly at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, I pull out my book from my bag and start turning the pages. It’s the same book I started at the sleepover and I already read it four times. Today’s a nice Saturday morning. I just came back from my trip to the bathroom, and found that Spunky, one of my favorite house elves, had my breakfast prepared for me already. The birds are chirping, the deer are frolicking, and there’s not one marauder in sight.


Oh, who an I kidding? There are no chirping birds, the only deer I know about are probably in the Forbidden Forest, and I'm not even sure about the last one, which kind of scares me. The marauders always seem to be early birds, like me, and are alive and alert before noon. That's something I can't say about Jessica, or the rest of Hogwarts. Professor McGonogall isn't even up yet! The only professor I know that's always up this early on a Saturday is Professor Dumbledore. He's actually in his chair right now, at the staff table, reading his paper. He has his blue robe on, his spectacles dangling on his nose, and a big mug the size of a house elf that reads, "My best friend went to China, and all I got was this stupid mug".

Even though it’s eight o’ clock, the last time I saw any of the boys was yesterday on the train to Hogwarts. I turned down, yet again, another one of James Potter’s requests for a date. Actually, it’s kind of strange not seeing them already. It’s only been a full day and a half since I’ve arrived. That’s a lot of time for them to create some damage. You’d think they’d be all over the school right about now. For some reason it makes me uneasy, because this morning is actually quiet. Too quiet.

Something is definitely up!

I, along with every other student, have classes Monday. That’s why we arrive on a Friday evening. Our arrival yesterday (as we arrive on the same day every year) gives us time to get our things together and suit ourselves before the start of term begins. Last night, before dinner started in the Great Hall, Dumbledore gave us his accustomed speech for the year. A reasonable amount of things have changed this year. Dumbledore said that everyone taking Muggle Studies this year is going to be working on more hands-on projects. Many were confused and gave puzzled looks, and he explained more about what he meant. Students in Muggle Studies courses will learn more on the muggle way of life, like how to use electronics, how to cook famous cuisines from all over the world, and how muggle banks and muggle money work all around the world, not just Britain. So basically, it’s like the American Home Economics course.

Dumbledore also discussed issues about taking trips and leaving the school, mentioning Hogsmeade, school dances, and this year’s camping trip! YAY! You have no idea how happy I am about this trip. I’ve been waiting since last year for this. Sixth and Seventh years will be spending one whole week in Hogsmeade! The only problem is that it’s in November. It’s the end of August today, so the trip is two months away. He’s also expanded a few rules. Students belonging in different houses (fifth years and up) can visit other common rooms, as long as the password is said in secret. He has a list of every student attending Hogwarts and a name glows up if someone finds out the password of a house that’s not theirs.

But that’s not all; the school is also going to celebrate muggle holidays from countries all over! Some that he mentioned were Halloween, Thanksgiving, Cinco di Mayo, The Buddha’s Birthday, and Earth Day. And get this, he’s even allowed common rooms to have television sets! So people can watch their TV shows when ever they want. Professor Dumbledore told us that if we abused this privilege, the televisions would be removed immediately. Psh, it's satellite television! We can watch Asian channels if we wanted too. The only abuse that’ll be going around is people fighting for the remote.

I take a big bite out of my Belgium waffle and savor the yummy flavor. Did I mention how much I love the house elves? I turn the next page of my book and set my fork back on the table. I gaze around the room. I’m the only one at the Gryffindor table up this early. There are at least five students from each house at their own tables, except me. I feel like a hermit, here by myself.

Two hours go by and I finish reading my book. I look up again and see the population of students in the Great Hall increasing by only a little bit. I’m still the only Gryffindor to be awake at 10 AM. I take my belongings and walk towards Gryffindor Tower. As soon as I open the door to the common room I spot a flyer, in the middle of our bulletin board, sticking out from all the rest. It reads:

“Hear Yee, Hear Yee. To celebrate our first day at Hogwarts, we have decided to throw a before term celebration. In other words… PART IN THE GRYFFINDOR COMMON ROOM!

You’re probably thinking, a party already? What’s there to celebrate? Well, our fellow bunnies, there are plenty of things to party for! How about the fact that we’ve actually made it back to Hogwarts for another year?! This is your chance to loosen up before dreadful term starts Monday. And because it’s the first party of the year, we’ll be nice.


In the name of Chocolate Frogs,

The Marauders

I can’t believe them! It’s been, not even, two full days and they’re already throwing a party! Will there ever be tranquility at Hogwarts? Where could they have possibly gotten the necessities they would need for such a party so quickly, I have no idea. Do they have a secret tunnel that leads to a lair of party junk that we don’t know about?

My mind ponders as I walk up the girls’ dormitory. Taking a stand in front of the door to sixth year girls, I rest my hand upon the cold brass knob and turn it. To my surprise, Jessica’s awake along with some other girls getting ready in the morning. Jess is lying on her bed (still in her jammies) and reading her Herbology book. I don’t know what’s more shocking; Jessica being awake before noon or reading her Herbology book. She’s usually in neither category.

She looks up and waves me over to join her. I walk slowly trying not to disturb most of the girls that are still sleeping. Some are sleepily calmly, and others, well, others are snoring. Really, who ever thought that chicks were always quiet and gracefully elegant was a git. Tina Madreffy is snoring snot bombs over there in the corner and Macy Leeves, the girl that sleeps next to Jess, is talking to herself in her sleep. What does that make her… a sleep talker? Talker sleeper? Sleeper talk woman?

Oh, hell.

“Why are you up? And in the name of all things magical, please don’t tell me you’re reading the study of Herbology for fun,” I say, sitting down on her four-poster. Jessica rolls her eyes and adjusts her glasses. “I have a bet going on with Remus that I can beat him in Herbology. Who ever scores higher on the first test wins.”

“When was this bet established?”

“It started last night in the common room in front of most of the sixth year girls and the marauders.”

“What about the other guys? Just the marauders were there?”

“Well everyone else either wasn’t in our grade, or went to bed already.”

“Oh, Okay… Well, why are you studying now?”

“Err... Um…” She glances around and looks from side to side. I notice a glossy tip of paper sticking out from the corner of her text book. I smirk. I pull the magazine out of her grasp.

Witch Weekly?”

“Shhh! Not so loud!” She grabs it back and shoves it under the covers. “I want people to think I’m studying!”


Jess rolls her eyes again. “You honestly ask too many questions. Isn’t it kind of obvious? After making a big bet with Remus in front of most of these girls,” she motions with her eyes, “I have to look determined! I have to make it look like I’m really studying, so they’ll see how far I’m getting. Then anyone who dares to doubt Mrs. Finelly-Beckham will look like a total twat.”

“Finelly-Beckham?” I laugh.

She grins. "Well, I can’t forget about the family name."

“You sound like a mobster.”

“Hah, like your neighbor Mr. Di Angeli.”

“CDD!” We shout in unison. Everyone turns around to look at us, but we don’t care.

“Let’s go get breakfast,” she asks me.

“No, I already had mine.”

“Who cares? I’m hungry.”

“No, and before I forget you still owe me big time! We DID end up running into the marauders on the train.”

“Hey, I can’t stop nature’s course,” she winks at me. This time I roll my eyes. “Fine, but the next time we go to Hogsmeade, your buying me something from Honeydukes.”

“Deal.” We shake on it, and I wait down stairs as Jessica gets ready.

The large common room is filled with a good amount of students. I’d say about 20, which isn’t bad, considering there are at least fifteen students in each Year in Gryffindor. Most of them are huddled around, watching the plasma screen TV. A third year flips through the channels. There are 10 different channels from the USA, 2 different channels from China, 3 different cooking channels, 6 different channels from Canada, every channel you could possibly watch in the United Kingdom, plus a million more. It seems like Dumbledore’s been investing quite a bit of money for all this. No wonder he’s favored by the students. I’m proud to say, DUMBLEDORE ROCKS MY WORLD! He’s probably my favorite staff member, next to Professor McGonagall and Professor Slughorn, of course.

There are some things that McGonagall does that are just… I don’t know how to say it. Things that you would least expect from her, things that you think she’d never say in a billion years. Yet, she shocks you every time. Slughorn is just an all around good guy; well he tries to be anyway. He’s always bubbly, and so kind to me. I gotta give him some props! I mean I’m his favorite student in Potions; he even likes me more than Severus Snape! His class is a breeze, and I ace that class every year.

“Ready,” Jessica says, walking down the stairs. We glance at the television before we step out of the portrait hole. It’s on some Chinese channel with Kung-Fu warriors fighting an epic battle on a mountain.


The Great Hall is finally seating a good amount of students. There are a few cliques here and there, but other than that, it’s all good. Spunky pops on top of the table in front of Jessica and me, startling us. She starts to apologize profusely and we tell her its okay. After 10 minutes of trying to lower Spunky’s heart rate and breathing, Jessica finally tells her what she wants. After breakfast, we stroll on the grounds and meet up with some of our friends from Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

We stop and sit in front of the lake and just talk. After a while, people start to make their way over to the lake as well. I look to my left and I see him all the way across the lake. Jessica follows my gaze to Amos Diggory and chuckles. “Go talk to him, Lily.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Lily, I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at him lately. Just go say hello. Or better yet, ask him if he wants to go to the party with you!”

My heart stops just thinking about it. “I’ll puke. All over him. All over his shirt, his nice shirt… Oh, would you look at those triceps…”

“Snap out of it,” she nudges, laughing a bit. “Here, I’ll just go up and ask him for you…”

My eyes go wide. “No. NO!” She brushes her bum off from the grass and sprints slowly towards him to toy with me.

“Don’t toy with me, Woman!” I yell. I chase after her, and I can hear her giggling.

No, No, No!


*pants like a dog*

Jessica’s running, she’s running, she’s… she’s going to run straight into Amos Diggory’s back! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

But she stops. She stops? Um, what?

She’s two feet away from him and he has his back to her, having a talk with his friends. I slow down and shake her like crazy. Looking amused, she asks, “Are you done?” I let go of her. “Now see, that wasn’t so hard. It was the distance I needed to cover. Now, all you have to do is suck up that courage you have deep down, and ask him to the party!”

But Jessica says this so fast and in such an excited tone I don’t realize watch she’s saying. That is, until she stomps on my foot, making me grab a hold of it, and knocking me off my one foot that’s keeping me standing, sending me straight into Amos before she makes a run for it. He catches me just in time, and I get so captivated in his pretty blue eyes that my brain doesn’t respond to him when he says, “Whoa, are you okay?”

But I snap back to reality at once. I mentally scorn Jessica into oblivion. “Sorry, I didn’t see you there,” he apologizes. Amos Diggory is apologizing. Apologizing to me!

He ruffles his hair nervously, and it reminds me of James Potter. “Oh, its okay, my mistake. I’ll just leave you be…” and I take step. Amos puts a hand on my shoulder and tells me to hold on. His friends break into groups of two and go their separate ways. He waves his hand and calls out goodbye to some of his buds. He turns to me and smiles.

Oh, what a nice smile.

“Hey, Lily.” I bite my lip.

“I don’t even remember the last time we said hello to each other!” he says.

“Er, yeah. I noticed that we haven’t talked in a while, too. How was your summer?”

“Great. My mom and I went to  stay at a beach in France.” He looks behind his shoulder and smiles to a group of girls, and then turns back to me. “Oh, that’s cool,” I say.


“Um, my summer was… a little bit unfavorable.”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“Sodding James Potter…”

“Oh,” he says, understanding. “He’s a bit of a prick, trying so desperately to get you on a date with him. He’s evolved into more of a loser this year. Have you seen his Quidditch skills? And he blames me for what happened last year…Psh.”

I’m puzzled. “Um, yeah, I guess.”

He shifts all his attention to me and he asks, “So, I heard that there’s gonna be a party in Gryffindor tower.” A group of fourth year girls giggle pass us and he winks at them, then gazes back to me. “Yep,” I say.

Oh, how very charming of you, Lily. Just go ahead and give him one word answers like you’ve never seen a dictionary. I am such an idiot to think I can hold up a conversation with Amos Diggory, Hufflepuff God. Who do I think I am?

“So, are you going with anyone…?” he asks.

I feel myself start to sweat. He couldn’t possibly be interested…in me?

“No, actually, I’m not. I don’t think I can get a date that fast. I don’t really think I'll go.”

He looks disappointed. “Oh. Well I was hoping you’d ask me to go with you.” He looks at me through his short straight hair under the sun. Oh, he is so foxy.

I can’t believe he just said that. I’m completely startled. I’ve turned into a tomato. There’s no denying it now. I don’t even want to look in a mirror. I momentarily lose my breath before I just come out and say it. “Do you want to go with me?”

He’s smiling, looking satisfied with himself, I can tell, and I don’t know how the hell that question just popped out of my mouth. “I would like that a lot. Yes, Lily, I’ll go with you.”

I smile at him nervously. He winks at me and whispers in my ear that he’ll pick me up in front of the Great Hall at 7:30 tonight. After he walks away, I just stand there. Until my mob of friends come to tackle me, saluting me on the back. Jessica congratulates me. I no longer have the desire to stab her with a pick ax. I hug her senseless and she stumbles back.

“Jessica, you’re a genius!”

She looks at me as if to say ‘you just realized this?’ and says, “I know I am, Darling.”

We walk back to our common room and I replay the scene with Amos over and over again in my head. Wow, he knew just what to say to get me to ask him. He made it easier for me, and I could sense he was comfortable around me. Oh, jeez… am I that obvious?!

We enter the common room to find some fifth years in a study circle, the marauders in a study circle, and some seventh years in a study circle. Honestly, why are they studying ahead before classes even start? Now that’s just mad. First it's Remus and Jessica, and now it's all the little brave hearts of Gryffindor. I alway give the students in Gryffindor a nickname sometimes. Little brave hearts sounds reasonable. Reminds me of Die Hard. GO BRUCE WILLIS FANS!

I sit on the couch, in my tank top and denim shorts, just thinking. Jessica asks if I’m okay and I say yes. She tells me she’s going to take a little break and go upstairs to our dormitory. “I’ll be up there reading magazines and eating popcorn, if you need me,” she tells me with a smile. “Okay,” I reply.

And I stay there and sit. And sit some more. I’m so dumbfounded. I can’t believe I asked one of the most popular guys at Hogwarts to a Gryffindor party. And I can’t believe he said yes. He said yes like he was interested, and that’s what’s got me befuddled. I’m not a gorgeous top model, I’m not a size 0 with no curves, and I don’t have beautiful straight hair. I guess I’m okay looking, I’m a size 5 and have hips (thank my mother for that) so I guess I maybe have an hour-glass shape? I don’t know… And my hair, oh goodness, is a violent shade of red with lighter streaks of orange intertwined. I have naturally thick, long, and wavy hair, falling around the middle of my back. How could I possible look appealing to him?

I still can’t believe it.

My eyes are looking straight ahead and I don’t even realize people leaving the room, some walking out of the portrait hole and some heading up to their dormitories. I can’t for the life of me figure out why me, Lily Evans, has a date with Amos Diggory. I had the same face walking up to the castle, and Jessica called me love struck. Maybe I am, I don’t know. But what I do know is that I need time to just sit and rest. I need to think this through. That’s why Jess wasn’t all surprised when it was the first thing I did; just taking a seat and staring into space, not believing the position I was in.

I hear the voices of people shrink as more and more people empty the common room. I feel someone sit next to me and wave a hand in front of my face. The hand tears me away from my thoughts. “Welcome back to mother earth, Evans,” James Potter says with a smirk. “Shut up,” I growl. I look around. We’re the only ones left in the common room. I have a hunch that he might have planned this, I just hope I’m wrong.

He moves closer. I eye him suspiciously. I keep my back stiff. We glance at each other. I keep my eyes locked on his arm as he puts it around me (or around the couch, rather). Without realization I lean away from him in the process, with my back still straight as a board.

I feel a corny pick up line on its way…

“Are you an angel? Because I must have died and gone to heaven.”

“Potter, that pick up line is so bad I must’ve died and gone to hell.” I make an effort to get up but he pulls me back down on the arm of the sofa. He adjusts himself to where I just sat and says, “Okay, so maybe my attempt at small talk failed…”

“Small talk? You call that ‘small talk’?” I use are quotes.

He sighs, breathing through his nose and moves on. “ANYWAY, you know about the party tonight, right?” I roll my eyes “Yes.”

“Well, do you wanna go with me?” I take a long look at him and say, “No. Sorry, Potter.”

“What do you mean, ‘no’?” Now he’s using air quotes. How dare he.


“Why not?”

“Are you seriously asking me this question?”

“Why can’t you go as my date?!”

“Because… I’m going with someone else…” I say, not looking at him.


I avoid his gaze. Sirius and Peter come down from their dormitory to get some books that they left behind earlier. It just so happens that they left their books on the coffee table in front of the sofa we're sitting on. After Sirius gets his books, he turns and knocks me hard on the back with his arm full of books, following Peter up the stairs. The force sends me flying forward. I land on top of James Potter’s chest, causing him to lie on his back against the cushions.


My hands land on his upper chest, so my face is mere inches away from his. He blinks his hazel eyes, as we are both shocked by our closeness.

Sirius is a bloody bastard.

“Who else could you go with, if not me?”

Oh-ho! What, mister high and mighty doesn’t think I can get a date?!

“No one asked me, I asked someone,” I say, my temperature rising.

“Who did you ask?”

I look him straight in his eyes, and I say it with pride. “Amos Diggory.”


I wince in surprise and roll off of him, and off the couch, landing on my back. That was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. It freaking petrified me, I swear. I get up off the floor and he stands in front of me, arms flailing everywhere.

“MY ENEMY? You asked my enemy? Amos Diggory… You asked him?! Him of all people!”

“Why, what’s wrong with him?” I yell back, getting defensive.

“He’s the biggest player at Hogwarts!”

"Yeah, next to you! Look who's talking!"

“Not to mention the fact that he’s jealous of my Quidditch skills!”

He starts to pace across the carpet. I feel like a teenager being yelled at by her father.

“What did he say when you asked him?” he asks, still pacing. My jaw drops. “He said yes, obviously, you wanker! I’m not that horrible you know.” He stands still for a moment and I slap him hard on the chest.


“I asked him; he said yes, I’m taking him, end of story.” I turn to leave. I speed walk, heading for the stairs. I’m six feet away.


I stop dead in my tracks and turn to face him. “Excuse me?”

“I, uh… forbid you! Yeah, I forbid you to go with him!” He nods, as if assuring himself.

I slap him again, this time on the cheek. “Ow!”

“James Harold Potter, you will not tell me who I can and cannot date!”

“Whoa, you’re dating him now?”

“Well, no… but maybe after tonight…”

“He’s a total jerk, Evans! And you know what? He’s not entering this common room.” Potter crosses him arms and looks me straight in the eyes.

He is impossible.

“Oh, and what will you do if he does?” I raise my eyebrows.

“I’ll kill him; kill him with my bare hands! Ever since last year, when he sabotaged Gryffindor’s chances of entering finals for the House Cup, my hatred for him raised five intervals.”

“You are not ruining my chances with Amos Diggory because he’s your Quidditch rival!”

“Did you not hear me, Evans? He’s an arrogant prick, and you’re not taking him.”

He seems so sure of himself.


“The hell I’m not!”

“You watch, one step into this common room tonight, and I promise you, it’ll be his last.”

“Try anything on him, and I’ll hurt you… I know where you live!”

Um, no shit. We’re next door neighbors. I lack sense in my life, I really do. But Potter doesn’t hear the second part of my comment, which I’m thankful for, as he thinks to himself.

He shrugs, weighing his options. “Maybe not me, but I have friends…” He smiles, his eyes twinkling with, what’s it called? Oh yeah, Joy.

My eye twitches. “What kind of friends?” I ask, a little bit frightened.



“I can’t believe him!” I start pacing back and forth across the dormitory. “Wait, so he just flat out told you that you couldn’t take him?” Jessica takes another handful of popcorn and shoves it in her mouth. She’s sitting, pretzel style, on my bed. “Yes! Honestly, of all the things he could be an asshole about, he had to be an asshole about this!” I tell her everything about what had happened with me and Potter, well… except the hole on top of him on a couch part.

"No! He can’t ruin this date for you. I put so much work into it!"

I look at her with my ‘wtf’ face. “Oh yeah, stomping on someone’s toe and tipping them over takes a lot of energy.”

She pouts, and throws a big piece of popcorn at me, hitting me directly in the face.

“Hah! Score one for Jessica Finelly!” she yells, punching the air.

“Maturity, please.”

“Okay.” She puts on her glasses from her night table and sits back on my bed. She furrows her eyebrows and squishes her lips out, trying to make a serious face. Keyword: TRYING.

I giggle at her and call her a dork. She throws more popcorn at me. “Lily, you have to find a way out of this. What are you supposed to do? Break up the date of your dreams because James’s friends are gonna torture him?”

"I don’t know, Jess. I can’t just tell him the plans are off. He’ll think I just stood him up. Do you know how embarrassing that would be?"

“I say we black mail him.”

“With what?”

“Lily, listen to what you just said. With what, you ask? UM, HELLO THERE MISS I-USED-TO-BE-POTTER’S-BEST-FRIEND. You know all his childhood moments. I mean can’t you just use one of those?”

“But it won’t make a difference. I know him. Even if I did do that, what will I have to do if this situation happens again? Find another embarrassing childhood moment just to get him from doing anything? I’m going to have to do that all the time and I don’t wanna deal with that. Besides, he'd find a way to turn it around and make him look good.” I sit at the foot of my bed.

“Well then, I guess you’re gonna have to find another way…”

We hear a sound close to an explosion from the other room opposite the wall. Uh-oh. The room next to us is the Sixth Year boys’ dormitory. Jessica and I rush down stairs and the marauders tumble down from their own stairs. Potter is trying to pole-vault off the couch into one of the end tables. He succeeds, breaking the table in half.

Everyone is looking at him, stricken. Well, every one of us, of course. It’s only Jessica, Peter, Sirius, Potter, Remus, and I in the common room at this time. My eyes bulge out of their sockets. “James Potter, YOU BROKE A PIECE OF FURNITURE!” I yell at him. He’s a prefect, for crying out loud! He can’t do things like this!

Remus quickly takes out his wand and mends the table back together. Potter's running circles all over the place. While he's sprinting around us, he roars, "Hi, Lily! I was just telling the guys about our back up plan!"

“Back up plan of what? What plan have you created that you need to have a back up plan for!?” He scares me too much.

“Just incase Diggory comes in here while I’m gone! Woo-Hoo!” He jumps over one of the coffee tables like he’s playing leap frog. And he drops like a log over the other side. He just fell asleep. He seriously just came crashing down on the carpet.


I ignore this and turn to Sirius, Remus, and Peter. 

“What does he mean, while he’s gone?”

“All the prefects have their first meeting of the year tonight,” Peter tells me.

“Oh my goodness, I completely forgot!” Jessica yells, hitting her forehead. She runs quickly up the steps and I hear a slam. “It starts in 20 minutes,” Peter finishes.

“But it’s around two, isn’t it? Why would they have a meeting so early?”

“It’s going to be six hours long,” Remus responds.

“Holy shit, are you serious?” I ask. That’s completely bogus! Who in their ruddy minds would schedule a meeting-?

“Professor McGonagall scheduled it,” Sirius says, reading the look off my face.


“She thought that since a lot of things were out of order last year that this year was going to be different. She’s gotten really strict about meetings this year, I heard,” says Peter.

“Remus, I thought you were a prefect as well?” I ask, confused.

“I… uh, resigned last year. Family problems… I couldn’t make it in on time at certain events,” he responds, looking off into the window. I can tell he’s uncomfortable about this topic, so I don’t push into it.

“So it’s just Potter who’s prefect?”

All three of them nod their heads; all of them in that straight line that only the marauders can do perfectly. This is bad. Remus usually keeps a good eye on Potter. And now, James Potter's the only marauder to be a prefect. NOT GOOD.

“Bloody hell, he’s going to burn the school down.” I run a hand through my hair. Sirius chuckles. “Don’t worry, while he’s doing that, we’re going to keep a look out for you.”

“I don’t need a look out,” I say, narrowing my eyes.

“He’s informed us of the Diggory situation.” He crosses his arms, with an amused look on his face.

Oh, so this was Potter’s plan. Go to the meeting, come back, and all the while that’s happening he’s going to have his boys scout the place out. Fabulous. I have to find a way around this. I mean, the last thing I want is Sirius as a chaperone. My chances with Amos will go up in flames. He’d probably try to strip in front of Amos and try to make a move on him, to make him think he’s gay, so he’d leave. Don’t look at me like that.

Yes, it’s happened before.

But let’s not talk about the wonderful moments I made in Fifth Year right now.

Potter wakes up, and starts running around like some ferocious beast. Kind of like Sirius when he ran around with my bra on. But at least (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Sirius ran around in a more tasteful manner than James Potter’s doing right now. His arms are hanging like a gorilla’s and he’s making monkey sounds. His MPH is reaching a dangerous level.

“Whoa, okay, we’re going to talk about this later… But now…” My eyes follow him as he’s running on all fours trying to catch a tail that he doesn’t have. Jessica’s dog does that when he’s bored. I feel my head getting dizzy and I stop myself following Potter’s actions. “What did you guys do to him!?” I ask them, in my scary voice. I like my scary voice. It scares people. Hence, the scary voice.

He can’t be like that for the rest of tonight… I mean his life, sure. I don’t care. But he’s going to wreck everything. He’s going to bring havoc to all students that will come in contact with him at the party. They’re taken aback by my booming voice and glance at Potter with their own eyes out of their sockets, as mine were, minutes ago.

Potter’s doing back flips. “Please explain to me why HE”, I point to Potter, “is doing THAT!”

“We were, um… playing exploding snap?” Peter tells me.

My patience is wearing thin. “Put a sock in it, Peter-”

“Okay!” he says rather quickly, and puts his hands up in defense. It’s as if he gave up just as the words escaped his mouth.

Sirius rolls his eyes. Remus says, “Well, this morning, we were kind of… um…”

“YEAH?” Move it along, people! Come on, get to the point!

He closes his eyes, and blurts it out. “We raided Slughorn’s potion cabinet!” Peter and Sirius look at him impossibly, like he just tattle-tailed on them. I yell at him for a good thirty seconds. He opens one of his eyes. “Um… are you done?”

I’m seething. But I nod along anyway.

And then it dawns on me.

“Is that where you were this morning?”

“Yes!” they all say in unison, throwing their hands up, as if I’m the most thick-headed person in the world. “Now that we’ve established that, let’s get to the point”, says Sirius.

“Humph.” I furrow my eyebrows together and cross my arms defensively.

Jessica comes down, in full Hogwarts uniform. Her hair is damp and she pins it up in a clip. “I hope I’m not late, I had to take a quick shower…” She looks up at the current situation at hand. Everyone, except Potter, open their mouths to speak, but Jessica puts her hands up. We all shut our mouths. She closes her eyes and says, “I don’t want to know right now. I’m too stressed.” She walks passed us, and all of us look at her, a little bit thunderstruck. There’s complete silence until she leaves.

Sirius then tells me everything. They were experimenting with a couple of Slughorn’s potions to try and make a quick sobering liquid for hangovers. Porbably for tonights party. Oh, how responsible.


“…and then Moony mixed in a wrong ingredient and now Prongs is falling asleep at random moments. It’s like he has a serious case of ADHD, and then falls into a doze.”

I look at Remus as if he has three heads. “You are a flaming idiot!”

“I know! I just- I don’t know what went wrong, and I don’t know how to fix it. You’re the genius in potions… Help us figure something out!”

“What am I supposed to do? Brew him a potion that’ll cure his little problem?”

"Well, that is the general idea!"

“HE’S NARCALEPTIC! He runs around like Redbull is in his veins for a couple of minutes, falls asleep, and wakes up a minute later! And even if I could come up with a potion, how am I supposed to give it to him? In mid back flip!?”

Remus looks over my shoulder. “More like cartwheels than back flips…” He runs a hand through his hair and scratches the back of his head.

I turn around. James Potter is doing cartwheels around the armchair, and he almost just cartwheeled into the fire place. He falls asleep. “Okay, fine,” I say, turning back to them. “I’ll help. But on one condition.” I cross my arms, and a smirk creeps its way on my face.

“What?” Remus asks, alarmed. “Uh-oh,” Peter and Sirius say together, looking at each other like schoolboys who have done something wrong and are about to be punished.

Oh, wait, they are.


“I get to take Amos Diggory to the party to be my guest, since it is my FREE RIGHT to invite anyone I want.” Sirius has a look written on his face that reads ‘oh, damn.’ He was probably excited to keep me, AHEM, company. They look at each other, knowing they have no choice. Peter, Sirius, and Remus turn to me.

“Deal,” they say, at the same time.

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