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A Change of Thought by glorygirlXOX14

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 17,430
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 08/04/2006
Last Chapter: 07/11/2007
Last Updated: 07/11/2007

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THANK YOU HP_RULES FOR THE BANNER!!!Hermione doesn't want any trouble to happen with Harry and Ron.  She wants as many people safe as possible, even Draco Malfoy. And Draco doesn't want to be the kind of guy he was raised to be anymore. He first just wanted to live, now his only choice is to be dead to everyone. OVER 6600 READ! PLEASE READ AND REVIEW, it really helps me!!

Chapter 10: Within time.....

Harry and Ron, the moment they got home from the graveyard, went into Ron's room and just stared at the package, nothing else, just complete silence for several minutes. Neither of them knew what to do. Then Ron broke the silence.

"You think we should show someone?"

"No," said Harry.

"Then what?" said Ron.

"I don't know," said Harry, and he started to fiddle with it some more, still unable to rip the paper on the package, "Maybe we should just keep this quite until we figure out how to open it,"

"Well, Malfoy said it has a spell on it," said Ron, "What if it's a curse and you open it and suddenly go into some weird coma or something?"

"Ron, I don't know," said Harry, "Just keep quite about it for now, and maybe the next time we see McGonagall, I might say something."


Hermione didn't go back to Malfoy's room for the rest of the day, except when she quickly set down a tray of food for him at dinner time on a near by chair. She avoided Malfoy trying to get her attention to talk to her.

She did the same thing the next day, and then the next. Now, Malfoy is just getting confused. And slowly he put the pieced together, she was avoiding him.

'She hasn't looked me in the eye since she went off to talk to baby Weasel a couple days ago.'
thought Malfoy, 'Damn Granger, girls and their minds.'
At that moment, Hermione came walking into the room with another tray of food, and set in on the near by chair, once again, not saying a word, and not looking at Malfoy at all. Suddenely Malfoy had an idea, and right before she got to the door, Malfoy spoke.

"I love you"

Hermione stoped and turn to face Malfoy.

"Excuse me?"

"Ha, I got you to speak to me." said Malfoy, laughing.

Hermione rolled her eyes, and turned back around and put her hand of the door nod but Malfoy suddenly walk up and put his hand on the door, stoping her from opening it.

"You know Granger, I told you at the graveyard I needed to talk to you," said Malfoy.

Hermione didn't speak, just glared at Malfoy.

"You've been avoiding me," said Malfoy, "and I don't appreciate it coming from a prissy little girl like you."

"Prissy?" said Hermione, "I'm not prissy, and I haven't been avoiding you, I've just been busy."

"Doing what?" said Malfoy.

"Helping around the house," said Hermione.

"Yeah, sure," said Malfoy, "then explain why you have been avoiding looking me in the eye or saying one word to me when ever you come in here."

"I don't know," said Hermione, "I just haven't."

"Oh," said Malfoy, "Little miss smartie can't think up another reason."

"Shut up," said Hermione, "and if you want me to talk to you, then okay. Why are you like this? Being rude one minute and nice the next, you want people to trust you, and save your ass, but you're not makeing it any easier for us!"

"That's the way I am Granger, live with it," said Malfoy.

"I've lived with it since I met you," said Hermione, "Strick that, I haven't lived with it, 'cause you've always been a complete asshole since first year! I can't remember ever seeing you on any good side, EVER!"

Malfoy then suddenly froze, didn't speak, frowned a little. Then almost amediately stoped and smirked.

"What?" said Hermione.

"You know, not only have I been all like this," said Malfoy, "One minute you're all nice to me, talking to me, listening to me, and then you yell at me, telling me I'm an asshole, why is that?"

"Well, I don't know," said Hermione, "I'm a girl, that's how we are sometimes."

"Yeah, sure Granger," said Malfoy, "Whatever."

"Well, then, can I leave now?" said Hermione, frowning.

"I haven't told you what I needed to say yet." said Malfoy.

"Fine," said Hermione, "Shoot."

All of a sudden Ginny voice came from outside the room, "Hermione, come quick, McGonagall here, she's asking for you."

Hermione smiled, Malfoy frowned.

"Well, you missed out I guess." said Hermione, "But you heard her, I need to go."

Malfoy let go of the door not saying a word, and let Hermione go. Hermione and Ginny then walked down the stairs together, Ginny staring at Hermione, smiling. Hermione then looked at Ginny, and noticed her smiling at her, and said,

"Why are you smiling now?"

"What were you talking to Malfoy about?" said Ginny.

"Oh, shut up now," said Hermione, "I was leaving right away but he block me in, and tried to talk."

"Did he now?" said Ginny, with a bigger smile.

"I said shut up," said Hermione, "Now, come on."

The got to the bottom of the stairs and saw Professor McGonagall sitting at the kitchen table with Harry and the whole Weasley clan, all whom were staring at Hermione.

"Please, take a seat Mrs. Granger," said Professor McGonagall, pointing to a chair.

"Is something wrong?" said Hermione, sitting down next to Professor McGonagall.

"Well, I wouldn't really call it bad news, nor will I call it good," said Professor McGonagall, "But I have to inform you, and Harry and Ron as well, that, you're three's job on looking after Malfoy, is going to a bit harder."

"How is that not really bad news?" said Harry.

"Now, Potter, please," said Professor McGonagall, "I didn't say it'll be good for you. It might or might not be good for Malfoy. We have came to a decision, the Ministry and I that is."

"Then what is it Ma'am?" said Hermione.

"Well," Professor McGonagall then stoped, and thought, then after a few seconds, "I think Mr. Malfoy should be here for this too."

"I'll get him Minerva," said Mr. Weasley, who then walked up stairs, and a minute later came back with Malfoy at his side.

"Draco, if you please, sit down," said Professor McGonagal.

So, Malfoy, not saying anything, sat in the seat next to Hermione.

"Well, Draco, I've informed the Ministry about you as you may know, several weeks ago, and we've thought about it through, and we came to a conclusion for keeping you safe."

"And?" said Malfoy.

"We're going to imform the wizarding world in the Daily Prophet later on today, that you are dead."

Everyone all at once, other then Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, screamed, "What?!"

"Dead?! Why in the bloody hell would you possibly do that?!" said Malfoy, this a mixture of anger and fear on his face.

"Now, Draco, there's a good reason..."

"I wanted to come to you all to help me stay alive! And now, you're telling everyone I'm dead?!"

"Now, Draco, stop!" said Professor McGonagall, looking extremely serious, "It wasn't my idea."



"What is everyone going to think?!"

"Now, Draco..."

"I'm not a dog, I can't just 'play dead'"

"DRACO!" said Professor McGonagall, finally getting iritated, "Now, yes, it's going to be a shock to many people, reading in the paper that you are, dead, but it's actually good for you."

"Good? You can't be serious." said Malfoy.

"I am completely serious about this Draco," said Professor McGonagall, "As you said, The Death Eaters and You-Know-Who are trying to kill you, am I right?"


"Now, do you think they'll still try to find you if you're already dead?" said Professor McGonagall.

"Well, no, but..."

"Professor?" said Hermione, finally speaking.

"Yes Hermione?" said Professor McGonagall

"Do you actually think that they'll give up that easly on trying to find Malfoy? I mean, how do you believe they'll believe it right away?" said Hermione.

"We don't know if they will or they won't believe it right away, but that's where what the contents of the article in the paper come in." said the Professor.

"Then what does it say? How did I die?" said Malfoy, now smiling, wanting to know the answer.

"Now, to summarize it all, you were found dead in your house," said the Professor.

"That's it?" said Malfoy, "I was found dead? The same way I would of been if I didn't come to you?"

"Exactly," said the Professor.

"Hold on," said Malfoy, "So you're saying the only way for me to stay alive is to be dead to everyone else?"


"And be locked up away from everyone?"

"So no one can find you, yes"

Malfoy then suddenly went from a smile, to a complete frown, this isn't what he wanted.

"Well, all the member of the Order and everyone in this room, plus the important parts of the Ministry are the only ones who know, other then that, everyone will believe that your dead, we hope at least." said the Professor, "But the other part of our plan, is where you'll be staying."

"Where may I ask that'll be?" said Malfoy, still frown, not in the mood to yell anymore.


This now came to a shock for everyone. Why at a place with all those student? He'll be noticed for sure.

"Why put me in a place that's full of people if you want to hide me?" said Malfoy ," And in our school none the less."

"First things first, I heard of that ring Young Fred and George invented, and it works, am I right?" said the Professor.

"Perfectly," said Fred and George in unison.

"Well, that comes in handy, and plus, we already know where exactly to put you, and then it should be a problem when it comes to the other students finding you, since you won't be able to leave the vancany of the room." said the Professor.

"And were is that going to be? Where is the room he's going to be staying at?" said Hermione, "The Room of Requirements?"

"Within time you'll find out Miss. Granger." said the Professor.