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Obligated by rosethorn

Format: Short story
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 20,515

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Hermione, Narcissa, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Draco/OC, Hermione/OC

First Published: 01/07/2007
Last Chapter: 07/27/2007
Last Updated: 07/27/2007

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If i can't kill her... I'll have to love her.

Chapter 6: I Love Draco Malfoy

AN: hey! Chap 6 is here! This will be third to the last so tell me what you think?? thanks everyone.;)

Disclaimer: I’m JKR… in my dreams.

Chapter Six: I Love Draco Malfoy

Hermione Granger woke up in the middle of the night feeling very uneasy. She just had the strangest dream since she could remember. A man in black had his back on her at the end of an isle, and she was heading there when she felt like she slipped into a dark void where no one else was there but her. And suddenly a hand grabbed her ankle and pulled her down from one strange world to another and another until she fell on a field of dandelions. Next thing she knew, she was safe and lying on her side, wide awake on their bed. A slow movement from her front, she realized she had her arms around her fiancé who was holding her hand with both of his.

All her fears about the dream went to the back of her mind as she stared at Draco until she didn’t realize she was asleep again…

Draco Malfoy woke up that morning feeling a little woozy and the room having a different effect of emptiness than it usually did. He looked over the other side and found no one there which, for the past days, was unusual. A knock on the wooden oak door announced his fiancée’s arrival with a tray of breakfast. “Hello!” she greeted with a warm smile holding the tray with her own hands, “I brought you breakfast!” Hermione approached and laid the tray carefully over the bed, “And Aunt Olive told me to have you drink this,” She took a cup from the tray and offered it to him, “it smells awful but it’ll make you feel better, you had too much wine last night.”

“You’re not supposed to be doing this,” he took the cup from her hand and placed it over the side table, “where are the maids?”

“Oh please don’t get mad at them, I insisted on doing this myself.” She explained unconsciously reaching out for his hand.

He looked down at their hands thinking it was too early in the morning to complain. He’d rather mind his food, yet he couldn’t when Hermione was starring straight at him, as if she wanted to say something, or maybe she just wanted to watch him eat, which would be awkward. Draco exchanged her stare until she fell from her daze. “I’m sorry.” She apologized with a large, obvious blush, “uhmm… I just wanted to ask you,” she paused, fidgeting with her fingers, “Do I give you morning kisses?”

The Malfoy heir was caught off guard by her uncompromisingly forthright question and he did still feel a little dizzy. Morning kisses? “uh… actually… you don—“ but before he could finish his answer, she already leaned in and kissed him quickly on the lips.

“Good morning!” she greeted before hurrying to the door like a little kid. Draco peculiarly watched her leave before drinking the awful potion and indulging himself to his breakfast.

Later that morning, a maid came to the lord of the house to relay a message that his fiancée had gone for the woods alone. In a normal day, he would’ve sent someone to get her, but no, this day was none of those normal days. So for that reason caused by an unknown element, the sole living man of the Malfoy clan rode on his stallion, Beast, and went into the woods looking for his alleged fiancée whom he didn’t want to marry in any sense. The forest was large and he knew it was going to be hard with only a few of his muggle helpers helping him out. Where would a Hermione Jane Granger go when she’s feeling what she probably feels? He questioned himself only confusing his mind all the more. She would possibly be in the library, but she wasn’t’ there. So where else could she be?

An image of the pond popped in his mind and he pulled the reigns of the horse towards the east where the small pond is. Finding Hermione there, he felt like patting himself on the back for a job well done. How she found the place by herself, he didn’t care, all he knew was that she wasn’t supposed to be there. It was the place where his father used to go when he is too stressed from everything and Draco agreed with its powers.

In short, the place was holy, no mudblood aloud. But then again, this was no normal day.

Hermione sat on the same large stone he used to sit in every summer when he was still in Hogwarts. Throwing pebbles to the water, distracting its numbing stillness. She seemed oblivious to his arrival but she probably knew he was there, she just didn’t mind the presence, his presence. “hey,” he called making his silent way beside her, “you should get back now. It’s not safe here.” He sounded almost sincere surprising himself even.

“No. I think it’s safe here,” she replied, looking at his reflection against the, once again, still water, “I can feel it like its some magic.”


A sweat dropped from his forehead at the word’s mention or maybe it was just a part of his hallucination he accused himself of having ever since he became conscious of Hermione Granger’s prettiness. He was afraid she’d remember and she’d tell the wizarding authorities. He could already imagine a group of aurors blasting his front door and arrest him while he’s asleep.

You are Draco Malfoy, you are the heir of my integrity, dignity, supremacy, influence and great power. You are not to do anything to shame the name. Someday, you will be greater than I am because you are Draco Malfoy. that was what his father always said every morning when he was young until he didn’t need to hear from him no more for it was buried inside his very soul. Until now, those words repeat themselves over and over in his head like a mantra.

He is Draco Malfoy, he exhibits utter integrity, he radiates his dignity to everyone, he is supreme, he is influential and he is poweful I am Draco Malfoy. Looking down at Hermione, almost glowing in her white dress, like the magic in the place was working on her, because of this woman, my name is on the line. And that night when the moon was on it’s fullest, that moment when he dropped his wand on the floor of his room, that night when he chose to let Hermione Jane Granger live again was the same night that he made his first step into saving himself and everything his ancestors worked for. And he made that decision on his own. As the sole male survivor of the family, my name is my very obligation… and if I can’t kill her to save it, then I’ll have to love her. He just prayed to Merlin he made the right choice.

“Why are you nervous?” she asked suddenly, looking up at him with an amused expression. And he actually thought she was not hard to live with.

“Nervous? Why would you think that I’m nervous?” he slightly laughed a genuine laugh for she did just not confirm if he was nervous, she accused. No one accuses Draco Malfoy nervous in front of a girl.

“Cissy says you are nervous every time you put your hands in your pockets.” She said a-matter-of-factly. He immediately looked himself over and became fully aware that he did have his hands in his pockets.

“I’m hungry; I’m going to send for a picnic basket.”

Hermione’s mocking laughter echoed throughout the small clearing as he walked over to the edge to one of his household staff he ordered to help him. When he came back a moment later, he officially dismissed the topic. Hermione didn’t push since she found another topic to talk about in less than thirty seconds. “So, tell me Mr. Malfoy, how did you propose? Of course, I gave you a hard time, but I need more facts to sustain my imagination here.” She laughed before taking a sip from her glass.

Draco just stared back at her almost dumbfounded Is this the girl from way back then? he thought, but maybe he just didn’t know her. No one knew who she really was except Potter and Weasley and they died eight years ago. She must’ve gone into hell and back, loosing her best friends. He wondered if it was as hard as loosing one father. When he realized how ridiculous he must look like by her amused expression he couldn’t help but have fun with her instead. “Oh,” he looked up at the sky as if he was watching from a projector, “it was hard alright. I didn’t want to leave my bachelorhood but you were so cute on your knees,” smiling he looked back across Hermione, “I can’t help but say yes.”

She cracked into an infectious laughter, her face pink, and poked him slightly on the ribs, no one had ever poked him on the ribs, and it’s not a very good feeling. “What!” he cried dubiously which landed her into throwing leaves toward him, “I’m serious!” he laughed picking up a leaf over his head, ran his fingers through it afterwards.

Early that afternoon, despite Hermione’s adamant idea of staying a little while longer, Draco got them both back at the manor and ate an early dinner. She was tired already and dismissed herself to their chamber to rest, he on the other hand, went to his office made a letter and owled it to his secretary saying he will be having days off. And before slipping into bed that evening, he paid a visit to his Aunt Olive’s chamber, hoping she was staying at the manor for the night.

Aunt Olive opened the door for him and he easily went in without invitation, “What was the potion you gave me this morning?”

“Why, it was suppose to take away your hangover.” The old woman answered deciding it was too late in the evening to lecture him about good manners, just resorting to combing her hair in front of her mirror while looking at Draco’s reflection behind her.

“It did” he replied almost menacingly.

“Good for you then! Good night dear.”

“Seriously Olive, I’m not going out of here unless you tell me what you put in that potion.” He crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly.

“And I’m serious. Jane went down the kitchens early this morning to find something for your hangover. She said she’s read about it in a book.” Aunt Olive stopped combing her hair and looked directly at Draco’s reflection, “As much as you waking up with a headache amuses me, she was just too sweet to say no to. Trust me; I gave her the right potion.”

“So,” Draco’s eyes narrowed in inquiry, “today was all me?”

“Yes. Whatever happened today, it’s all you. So, congratulations and goodnight. And it’s Aunt Olive for you.”

He had told Hermione Jane Granger about occupying the next room while she’s still not remembering all that she felt about him, but she didn’t take the offer. So, for the next mornings, Draco Malfoy woke up with an unexplainable ecstatic feeling with his arms around a small fragile body of a lady he thought now was not hard to like. She’d open her eyes and she’d smile at him and give him his morning kiss. And while he’s taking a bath, she would be rummaging through his closet preparing him his clothes. After that, they’d spend the whole morning together, she even conquered her fear against Beast and actually rode it. Every once in a while, he’d teach her about his business and as she was and is, she’d give out her opinions which, to no one’s surprise, contains a lot of interesting ideas he could essentially use.

In the afternoons, she spends most of her time with the ladies who constantly feed her with different ideas about how she walked, how she had conversations, how she danced, how she ate, what she liked and disliked, loved and hated and everything opposed to what she used to do. And at night, they’d say they’re goodnights and sleep on opposite sides of the bed finding themselves attached together in the morning. It was all a routine, and if that’s how he’s going to live for the rest of his life, he thought it was just lovely.

The fifth afternoon after that picnic at the woods, the ladies were having their rest and her fiancé had an emergency meeting, she wandered down to the kitchens and had conversations with some of the household staff. They were all beaming at her, saying how much the master has changed over the past few days and even increasing their wage. Finally when she got tired, she went up to her favorite balcony to read a magazine Marta recommended she should read. Cissy agreed that she used to read it, but she couldn’t tell why she was interested at it before. It talked about how to manage your hair, how to put those color on your face how to wear your clothes etc. But she read it anyways thinking maybe if she kept on reading it her memory will suddenly come back and those strange dreams she’s been having would cease. Like kissing her affianced husband every chance there is.

Then again, every kiss they had brought no familiarity to her but a simple pleasure and a little extended beat of her heart which is not at all familiar. That kiss they shared on their first dinner together alone with candles and roses and tears was amazingly breathtaking, she didn’t know how she could breathe with the tears coming down and her nose slightly clogging themselves. She also couldn’t tell why such an amazing kiss like that was forgotten with just one accident. how could I cheat on someone like him? Didn’t I love him before? Doesn’t he kiss me like that before?

Looking at the small bird perched on a small branch; she thought that maybe what happened before didn’t matter. That maybe, if she started something wonderfully new now, every lost memory she had wouldn’t haunt her because everything is just too good. Maybe because she loves him.

I, Hermione Jane Granger, love Draco Malfoy.

The bird flew in surprise as a voice from below called out rather deafeningly from the height and the space. Hermione leaned over to look at who it was and found a woman with long, blonde hair standing right under the tree the bird was on. The woman was probably younger than she was, wearing a black dress exposing a rather pale skin; she had both her hands resting on either side of her hips and an ugly scowl on her face.

“Hello!” Hermione greeted, “Good afternoon, do you want to come in?”

“Are you Malfoy’s fiancée?” the woman asked.

“Yes I am!” was her confident reply.

“Come down here you bitch and let me talk to you!”

Hermione, offended, wiped the smile of her face and hurriedly made her way out the balcony to find the nearest stairs down. Her day was beautiful; opening the large doors to the courtyard she thought she was not going to let anything ruin it. She found the young woman where she saw her last, standing under the shade of the tree. The much composed lady in the scene was greatly unsurprised, from her first impression upon the woman who called her a dog, when she was looked over from head to foot and the younger woman made an expression of displeasure on her face.

“So you’re the mudblood he’s been hiding?”

“I beg your pardon?” she asked flabbergasted, her eyes widening at the same time. Mudblood? Hiding? “Who are you?”

“I’m Samantha, your fiance’s girlfriend!” she said a matter-of-factly, “we’ve been together for three months now and six days ago, I suddenly find out he’s engaged! To you!” Samantha paused to look at Hermione’s expression of disbelief. “And I can’t believe he postponed our date last night, for you.”

Hermione Granger looked the younger woman in the eye after restoring what’s left of her energy after a long day and what’s left of her shame at the same time fighting the tears that threatened to fall any moment, “So this is all you want to talk to me about?” The lack of response signaled her to continue, “Well, thank you for the information, you can get out of my fiancé’s property now.”

Samantha opened her mouth to speak but closed them when no words would come out. Hermione made a what-are-you-standing-here-still-for look that sent the arrogant, insecure lady walking with an extra amount of weight in her steps for the gates. “And Samantha?” She called just when she was about to reach the large gate, “It’s Samantha right?”. The blonde girl looked back, her stare almost piercing and scary but Hermione kept her stand, “Just to set things straight, this little unscrupulous act of yours is not going to ruin my wedding.” Her face red in anger, Samantha made an irritated huff before turning on her heel, intentionally flipping her hair.

That’s when an unstoppable tear rolled down from her eye which she wiped out as fast as she could. “Are you okay Miss Jane?” it was one of the helper’s son, Bobby, who approached her minutes after Samantha had gone.

She forced out a smile and looked down at the little child who held her hand, “I’m fine Bobby, thank you.”

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