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Dark Memories by Tom_DracosGirl

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 16,906

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Luna, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Luna

First Published: 05/21/2007
Last Chapter: 05/21/2008
Last Updated: 02/15/2009


Full credit & Loads of Thanks to Secret_Soul for the fab banner! Luna Lovegood has always thought of Draco Malfoy as the mean Slytherin whos always causing upset and trouble where ever he goes. But when she accidentally ends up locked in a broom cupboard with him she sees him in a different light. Why is he so scared? He's going mad, all because of his Dark Memories.

Chapter 2: The Broom Cupboard

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Chapter 2

The Broom Cupboard.

Draco sauntered down the corridor with Blaise Zabini who was busy regaling him with his latest plan to get Sadie Johnston from Hufflepuff to go out with him. He had been trying for over two weeks and so far he hadn’t got anywhere. Sadie was being stubborn Blaise said, playing hard to get. He seemed to refuse to believe that the girl didn’t actually want him. It highly amused Draco to see Blaise executing his well-thought-out plans, so he didn’t mention that fact to his friend, but let him carry on.

He was only half listening to Blaise, the other half of his attention was scanning the hallways for Luna Lovegood. Ever since the day he had been forced to do his potions homework with her, Draco had been seeing her everywhere he went.

He saw her when he was on his way to charms, she would be coming from history of magic. Draco saw her wandering along the grass to herbology when he was going down to Hagrids for care of magical creatures, he saw her on his way to transfiguration when she was coming from charms. Draco even saw her when he was going into or coming out of the toilet between classes. 

Luna Lovegood was everywhere.

The crazy girl had taken to smiling at him when she passed him, which was about ten times a day. Thankfully she hadn’t stopped to try to speak to him yet, Draco however, figured it was only a matter of time before she did. What was worse was the first time she had smiled had surprised him so much that he had ended up smiling backd now she did it all the time.

He had only seen Luna once this morning at breakfast, but that would be set to change, she’d pop up somewhere, Luna always did. 

Draco was right, there she was meandering down the corridor in her own little world her eyes glazed over. Draco knew she would see him though, she always saw him.

Luna smiled when she saw Draco, she saw him a lot lately and he always smiled when he saw her. They hadn’t spoken since the day in the library when they were doing charms homework but it didn’t matter. He smiled at her and wasn’t mean, that was only a good thing.

As she came abreast of him she smiled and said, “My potions homework came back alright. I’ll be doing history of magic homework later, but I should be done by about six o’clock, in case you want the book,” Luna smiled again as she walked off.

Draco stared at her unsure of what to do, she hadn’t given him a chance to reply to her, just carrying on talking to him as she had gone wandering along. He twisted round to stare after her.

“Yeah, well,” Draco muttered.

“Yeah well what?” Blasie said.

“What?” Draco turned back to his friend.

Blaise frowned, “You said “yeah well.” So I said yeah well, what? As in what are you talking about?”

“I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to Lovegood,” Draco replied before he could stop himself, and gestured towards Luna’s retreating back.

Blasie followed the line of his friends arm and gave him a quizzical look. “Luna Lovegood is half way up the corridor, Draco. She can’t hear you.”

Draco frowned, how long had he been staring after her? He hadn’t realised that he had just been stood there like an idiot. Oh! The girl was annoying. She made him do stupid things like wave and smile at her and then end up talking to himself in the middle of the corridor.

“Never mind, lets just get to class,” Draco turned and yanked open the door storming through it.

Blaise grinned,  folding his arms and arching his eyebrows slightly he waited. Almost immediately the door flew open and Draco re-entered the corridor.

“Did I just got to potions in the boys toilet?”

“Yep,” Blaise replied, grinning even more.

“Just don’t say anything,” Draco warned, before storming in the right direction to Snape’s room.

Chuckling, Blaise following him. 

                                                                  * * *

It was after school hours, and Draco wandered along the corridor from the Great Hall on his way to the library. He hadn’t seen Luna since his disorientation in the corridor earlier that morning. Blaise had taken great pleasure in teasing him about it for the rest of the day, and kept reminding him where his classrooms were in case he got lost again.

Draco scowled. Luna was annoying. He did have homework to do but it wasn’t history of magic so he felt it safe to go to the library. Besides, he didn’t even need a book only his notes, he could never get any peace in the common room to do any work so he thought the library was his best bet.

As soon as he entered the library Draco knew he had made the wrong decision. Everyone seemed to be there, all the tables were full. Frowning he stalked among them to see if there were any spaces with some Slytherin’s he could sit with.

Rounding the corner he spotted Luna, she was sitting alone but that didn’t surprise him. Draco was just preparing to go in the opposite direction in case she saw him when she looked up.

Luna smiled as soon as she saw Draco, she indicated the empty chair beside her but instead of coming over and sitting with her he scowled, sneered and walked off.

Luna’s face fell. Had she done something wrong? Something to upset him? He usually sat with her.

It was just as well that she had finished her work, she wouldn’t have been able to concentrate after that reaction. Grabbing her book and her notes Luna got up and left the library.

She was hurt, actually hurt by Draco’s sudden change in treatment towards her. He had seemed nice, he smiled at her and he didn’t call her names or pick on her either. He just sat quietly with her keeping her company. Luna very rarely had company, it was nice to know that someone was sat with you even if they hardly spoke.

Luna wasn’t silly enough to think of him as a friend, but he had been there, Draco had been there, that was what was important. In her life not many people were there, and if they were then they disappeared not long after.

Her mother had been there, and then she had died. Harry Potter had been there, but the DA had broken up and he was gone. Draco Malfoy had been there, just sitting with her, she had done something to upset him by the looks of things and he had walked away.

Most other people would have been shocked at the idea that there was something that could be done to upset Draco Malfoy and secretly been pleased about it. He was the one who usually did the upsetting, some people would enjoy seeing him brought down a peg or two.

Luna Lovegood wasn’t like most people. Despite the fact that her fellow students weren’t all that nice to her, she still didn’t judge them. Luna had found that you shouldn’t judge people without knowing them, sometimes people presented a mask to the world and what you saw wasn’t actually the person that they were.

She knew of course that Draco had a mean streak in him, but so far he hadn’t done anything remotely horrible to her. Luna didn't feel she should go around judging Draco because of what others said and what she had seen. It was in the mentality of Luna Lovegood to realise that you never knew why people did the things that they did. She wondered what could have happened to make Draco Malfoy act the way he did. If he acted the way he looked then he would be a lovely person, but for some reason he chose to be the opposite.

Luna shrugged, she’d probably never know the answer to that. Still, she refused to judge him, if others wanted to that was their business. She had learned a long time ago to let people do what they wanted to do, they would anyway.

People judged her didn’t they? No-one took the time to get to know her, preferring instead to make snap decisions about her from what they saw. In a way she was quite like Draco Malfoy, everyone judged the both of them without ever wondering why.

Luna sighed and shook her head slightly. She had made a decision years ago which she still stuck to. It had dragged her through many a lonely day and miserable moment when someone was being particularly cruel in their comments.

Let people think what they want to think. They have to live with their thoughts.

She blinked, speak, well actually, think of the devil and he shall appear. There he was, he was walking towards her. She wondered vaguely where he had been, she hadn’t realised he had left the library.

Oh, there she was, she must have just finished her work when she had spotted him in the library. Draco groaned inwardly, she was looking at him as if he were the worst person in the world. Why did women always manage to perfect the pained expression so well?

“Hello Draco,” Luna said as soon as he was near enough to hear her.

Draco paused, he had been fully intending on walking past her. “What?” he demanded instead.

“Did I do something to upset you?” Luna asked, genuinely looking concerned.

“No. I would have to care what you did for you to upset me, and I don’t really give a dam what you do," Draco replied, his tone cold, his eyes hard.

Luna felt as though he had slapped her in the face. They weren’t friends but he didn’t need to be so horrible all the time did he?

People were always picking on her, but no-one had ever said anything like that to her before. Usually they made fun of her or The Quibbler, but they weren’t really nasty, just mean. Draco was being nasty and she couldn’t work out why.

She had come to rely on him for a smile, and perhaps an hello. Just acknowledgement from him that she existed, that he knew her and didn’t mind her being around. Draco Malfoy was the one person she had spent most of her time with, it was sad and it made her sad, especially now that he was acting all cold.

She could feel the bubble of disappointment rise in her, feel it enter her throat and the stinging tears behind her eyelids.

“You don’t have to be nasty you know….” Luna trailed off, feeling the tears begin to leak from the corners of her eyes. Turning quickly she yanked open the door nearest to her needing to leave his sight immediately,  banging it shut behind her.

Draco sighed and rolled his eyes. The girl couldn’t even storm off properly, she’d gone storming into a broom cupboard!

He waited, but she didn’t come back out. Draco bit his lip, was she crying in there? He hadn’t actually intended to make her cry, just stop her talking to him. He didn’t need her around him, it was coincidence that he had to sit with her in the library that was all. Although Draco had the feeling it was a bit more to Luna. Mainly because he saw her everywhere he went and she was nearly always alone.

He had wondered if she had any friends and he somehow had the feeling that she didn’t. Except for Potter, he had seen her talking to him and Weasley and Granger. But they weren’t in her house or her year for that matter. Draco had the sneaky feeling that he might be the closest thing to a friend she had.

He was sorry now that he had spoken to her like that, what harm did it really do if he said hello to her now and again? And he’d made her cry. Sighing again Draco figured he had better do something about it, he wouldn’t feel right if he walked away and that in itself annoyed him.

He had made people cry before and it had never bothered him then. Other people had their friends to support them though didn't they?Luna didn’t have anyone.

He felt a surge of pity for the little blonde weirdo. Draco decided he woul make amends and then go on his merry way.

Draco pulled open the door. “Luna?” he walked into the dim room, smelling the strong sent of cleaning liquids.

“Draco, don’t….”

The door banged shut behind him.

“…..Shut the door," Luna finished.


Luna indicated the door, “It doesn’t open from the inside, I couldn’t get out.”

“What?” Draco asked again, spinning around quickly and pushing at the door. “It won’t open.”

Luna nodded, “I just told you that.”

“But it won’t open!” he repeated, a tinge of desperation in his voice. Draco shoved the full force of his weight against the door but it didn’t budge.

He spun round to look at Luna who spotted a distinct look of panic in his eyes. “I’ve got to get out of here!” he gasped madly.