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The Keepers of Magical Creatures by hpmania

Format: Novel
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 3,109
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: General, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Draco/OC, Harry/OC

First Published: 02/10/2007
Last Chapter: 05/20/2007
Last Updated: 05/20/2007

Now that Voldemort's gone the peace can be restored. But not all is well outside Harry's small world. The appearance of four kids in the Weasley's kitchen bring about new anticipated adventures.The kids had been running away from what there're ancestors had gone into hiding for. As the trio and Ginny help them along, through an extra school year, growing up, and a world wide rebellion of a different kind. Still new strangers are expected to bring rebellious magical creatures together. All of this is definitely  going to affect  Harry's 8th year.

Chapter 2: Children Muggle Strangers

Chapter 2

The strange arrival of the four strange people stayed on the four teens mind for the rest of the afternoon. With their calm afternoon ruined they decided to start on their daily spell training lesson a bit earlier than usual.


Over the summer Harry Potter had been busy. As Dumbledor wasn’t here any more to teach him, had come to the decision to practice spell, study Lord Voldomort, and try to learn more about horcruxes . Spell and facts on Voldmort had been easy to find but the Nothing about horcruxs and all he had learned about voldemort was basic facts nothing that Dumbledor could have provide them. So at the end what they ended up doing was working on charms defensives spells and even herbology and transfiguration. And sadly something Hermione told him he had to do for it would come handy, legimacy and oclumancy. Though Harry had to admitt it was useful lessons, and Hermione was a much better teacher he still didn’t understand how he was to clear his mind with so many things going on.


Hermione teaching him legillimency and occlumency was only one of the thing worked on over the summer. She was also in charge of potions, any good potion that would help them in any way. She had found lots that were useful such as a potion that gave you confidence.


The directions came with a tag that said to drinking with moderation, and had told of a man that had taken 4 cup worth and tried to fight a dragon single handedly. As the potion did not give you any powers he was torn to bits.


The one she was currently working on was the blood replenishing potion, just in case.


Ron worked on the history, looking for any interesting things about the Hogwards founder to try and figure out what their Horcuxes might be. So far he had learn that Gordirc had an unusually sweet tooth and that Helga hated lived two years a muggle under cover, and other un useful things. And he also studied Herbology which he wasn’t to please about, but Harry said it was thank to Herbology that he survived the second task.


Ginny looked up useful charms and transfiguration spells.


Mrs.Weasley was doing all their worrying for them. After working for a couple of a hours they stopped and shared their ideas.

Their lessons was cut short though because none of them could keep there mind on what they were doing. Even Hermione got so of track that she gave Ginny a tail while trying to do as simple healing charm to fix a burn Ginny got from Ron’s carelessness. Although all in all they were happy to stop completely and talk about the ‘children muggle strangers’ as they had started calling them.


" Do you think their really muggles then?" Ask Ginny, as they made their way back to the house, "I just mean how could muggles apparate? They can’t do that can they? I know that much about muggles," Yet she couldn’t help adding a, "right?"


Harry and Hermione looked at each other, "Right."


"But then how do you explain the clothes, I mean I know they were filthy," Ron gave a shudder, " but they were distinctly muggle clothes."


"True but they may be Wizards with muggle clothes," reasoned Hermione.


"Yeah, Children wizards. Two of them were tiny, just little kids!" said Harry.


"Wait! Hermione, did you notice any wands?" Ginny asked urgently.


"I... No! But that doesn’t mean anything, just that well have to keep it a secret that we are wizards until we are sure."


They all eyed Hermione. How were they going to hide that they are wizards, when every were you look is a something out of the ordinary. Though they knew Mr.Weasley would be up to the challenge.


They had reach the kitchen door and opened it to find Mrs. Weasley fixing up a large tray of food. Seeing the condition of Ginny she pulled away from her task, but not before, swatting away Ron’s hand from tray. " It’s not for you but them," She looked up at the ceiling were the kids were sleeping on the second floor.


" Hermione can you please bring the tray up for me. Don’t wake them up just leave it next to them if they are sleeping OK? You to boys can make your self useful by setting the table. Set a plate for Arthur... I don’t think Fred and George will be coming, these days all they care about is their shops. Now Ginny follow me," So without anytime for them to get an word in, Mrs.Weasley led Ginny out of the room, with Hermione following soon after.


Ron and Harry looked at each other and shrugged, they both new what Mrs.Weasley was doing. She was trying to not let them ask about ‘the children muggle strangers’. Well fine then, they’ll ask Mr.Weasley maybe he’ll know something about it.


They set the table and soon a healthy and regular Ginny and Mrs.Weasley joined them. Harry wished he could tell her that he had thought she looked cute with a fluffy cat’s tail, but he kept to him self. And anyway anything he would have wanted to say would have gotten interrupted by Mr. Weasley appearance outside the Kitchen door.


When Harry saw Mr.Weasley’s face he couldn’t help fill depressed. Mr.Weasley jolly face had turned dark and cold, he wondered what was wrong. Normally for the past few weeks his faced match all of theirs, sad, depressed and tiered. That’s how he knew that something had happened at the Ministry that day.


"Oh come on Arthur I prepared a nice meal we can talk afterwards." Mrs.Weasley said as she shot a glare in the boys directions.


All of a sudden there was a piercing scream and then a loud bang. Then silence. Then were heared foot steps running down the stairs. A few moment’s later Hermione appeared into the dinning room and took a seat next to Ron. Her face was flushed. Bruises were slowly appearing on her arms. All of them were in shock and their wide open mouth was proof.


"Hermione! What happened to you?" Asked Mr.Weasley.


" Was it those muggle kids, was it? They..." Ron stoped when he saw the look Mrs.Weasley was giving him. But looking at Arthur’s face she let it go.


"So who are these strangers" asked Mr.Weasley.


" Four children apparated in the kitchen this afternoon, then fainted. They were all thin and dirty. But what’s really weird is that there was a letter from Dumbledor with them. Mum wouldn’t tell us any thing though. And we are guessing they are Muggles because of their clothes and they don’t have wands." Ron rushed before Mrs.Weasley could change her mind..




"Yes, and Hermione went to give them food. What happened Hermione?"


Hermione turned red, looking at all the questioning faces, "I...I went to bring them up the tray like Mrs.Weasley asked. I found them all on the bed moaning and crying. Screaming even. The oldest one was the worst. She screamed and screamed. And cried they all cried so much. ( the silencing charm had been put n the room) They were clinging to her, huddling close together. Oh their nightmare’s must have been horrible. I stood there for a while, staring at them shocked. When I snapped out of it I wanted to end their misery so I went up to them and I started to shake the oldest. But this force pushed me back hard in to the wall. I ran down stairs after that’.


Every one stayed quit for a few moments, taking in the news.


Harry broke the silence by saying, "So they’re definitely not muggles right?"


"Of course not Harry."said Hermione with a sigh.


"Well your day seemed almost as impossible as mine. Almost."


"Oh Arthur, let’s not speak of it at the table. Look the food is getting cold." Cried Mrs.Weasley.


" No, no Molly pumpkin, I’d like to share this with all of them this time."


The Gang looked at each other. What had Mr. and Mrs.Weasley kept from them before.


" So what happened Dad. It has to do with the Ministry right?" said Ginny.


" Yes. Now about four months ago the ministry hired new men for highly important positions. Like the unspeakable or . Now you see to apply for these positions, you have to be OK to let the ministry spy on you to see, if you can be trusted. It’s a long process, but if you are taken you get a contract the always lasts twelve years. Then you renew it, anyway because we are in hard times the applying process is now 2 years and they’ve finally got new people in. So what we are thinking is that they turned bad after getting the job. When they have more trust. And then they all did it."


"Did what?"


"Why, break into the Department of Mysteries!"