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The Lonely Places by UnderRugSwept13

Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 2,650

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Lily, James, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Pansy, Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, James/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 05/05/2007
Last Chapter: 05/09/2007
Last Updated: 02/24/2008

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Its like all he can do is think about other people.
Why does he always feel the need to be a hero?!
That proposes a bit of an issue, doesn’t it?
Isn’t that funny though, how you always want what you can’t have?

Chapter 4: Annemarie Dupree: Solving the Riddle

DISCLAIMER: I only own the idea. And the OC.

Last chapter!
Now I have to get started on writing,
Lovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles.
Oh, how fun that shall be.

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He doesn’t let anyone in.
I don’t understand it.
He’s so mysterious and secretive...he’s a riddle.

It’s strange, the feeling I have for Tom Riddle.
I’m not sure if I love him or I just want to figure him out.
I don’t get it.
I don’t get him.

But, he’s so beautiful.
With dark black hair and eyes that are an endless pools of anonymity.
Don’t forget his pale skin, that contrasts with his features.
He’s almost like a god.

I see him everyday, we’re both Slytherins, half-bloods too.
But, he’s not your average pureblood.
He’s not loud and obnoxious.
He’s quiet and...determined.
I’m not sure what he’s determined to do.
He doesn’t have to be determined...he’s so great he could do anything without willpower.

Even win me over without saying a single word to me.

That’s what the worst part is.
We’ve never spoken d yet I’m in love with him.
That’s why I’m not sure if I’m in love with him or his peculiar aura.
It feels really weird to be in love with someone you don’t even know.

Nobody else knows though.
Not my friends,
Not my siblings.
Just me.
I have this feeling that if I did tell anyone, he wouldn’t like it.
Not that he knows,
Tom just comes off as a person who doesn’t want people to know things.
To know what’s going on in his head.

I’d like to know what’s going on in his mind.
His beautiful mind.
But if I did, would it detract from his mysteriousness?
Would I not love him as much if I knew him?

But, I guess I never realized how truly strange he is.
He has no family, no parents or siblings.
He has no friends...or even people he talks to...much.
He’s obsessed with his grades...he’s always talking to teachers about stuff so advanced, I really don’t understand a word he’s saying.
He’s never even had a girlfriend (as far as I know, and I think I would know if he had a girlfriend. I’m obsessed with the guy for God’s sake!).
Not to mention, he’s a half-blood and he’s in Slytherin!
I don’t know many half-blood Slytherins.
I never thought that they got into our house.
With their blood being, you know, contaminated.

Not that it bothers me that he’s a half-blood.
It just really makes me wonder what the Sorting Hat thinks...or what kind of person Tom really is.

I have to admit, Tom Riddle is a freak.
Not that that’s a bad thing!
Honestly, it seems to make him more desirable to me.

Isn’t that funny though, how you always want what you can’t have?
It always seems to happen to me.

But, I’m not even sure if I want him.
Granted, I do love him, but
I think its really just an infatuation with his mystery.

(And yes, I know I use the word “mystery” too much, but its really the only way to describe him!)

I have to admit, I would kill to solve his Riddle.