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Move Along by Jaggy

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 67,581
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Skeeter, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/Lily

First Published: 07/24/2006
Last Chapter: 01/12/2008
Last Updated: 01/12/2008

A companionship and somewhat awkward relationship one year in the making, finally becomes official. But the secretive love of Lily and Sirius is turned upside down as Lily finds a new bond in none other than James. In their sixth year, how is the number one guy in Lily's life changed from Sirius Black to James Potter?

Chapter 21: The Running Rat || Posted January 12, 2008
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Chapter 18: Promises & "Pranks"

A/N: Graduation=May 25=Super excited me. *squee* Not much else to report here, except I've got a new beta: wicKeDwitch1316. Thanks Kavya!

There was an awkward tension in the room as Lily watched the boys figure out how best to approach this new hurdle in their path. They knew that Remus' lycanthropy wasn't news to Lily, and hadn't been since the incident in Hogsmeade during September; it was the remaining Marauders' illegal status as Animagi that had not been brought to her rather expansive knowledge. Remus was sitting next to her as Sirius and James paced, doing their best to avoid one another. The sandy haired Marauder gave her a look that she knew meant he was as confused as she was, and one that she understood as saying that her best move would have been to keep her mouth shut.

She felt like an idiot, but in waking from her somewhat blissful slumber, she had spoken from surprise. It wasn't everyday that she found out her boyfriend was an Animagus. Not only was he one, but so were James and Peter. She looked up at the Sirius and James, who were still avoiding one another's eyes. James' pace was furious and saddened, but at the same time, it was surprised without being unprepared. His stance confused her. Sirius, on the other hand, was quite readable, even through all his masks; Lily had learned them one by one. Sirius was upset that he was unsure what to do next.

"Maybe we should explain everything to her," Remus spoke up at last, causing the two boys to cease their pacing. Lily looked at him expectantly, but he looked over at James. She followed his gaze to the bespectacled boy. James ran an uncertain hand through his hair. Following Remus' suit, James wasn't looking at her either, but he sat on the edge of his bed, sighing deeply.

For a long moment, Lily didn't think James would say anything at all. He remained silent until Sirius finally sat down on the other side of her. She felt out of place. She was not a Marauder, and yet she was about to be pulled into what had to be their ultimate secret.

"You can't tell anyone," James whispered at last, looking up at Lily, not even acknowledging Remus or Sirius beside her. "I—"

He stopped and looked up at Sirius.

"Peter needs to be here."

"Right," Sirius nodded, standing up. He turned back to Lily and offered her a weak smile. "I'll be right back."

He leaned down and gave her a swift kiss on the forehead, before pulling on his trousers and a shirt. She watched him leave with a look of concern. This was not good, not good at all, and she knew it.

Sirius' absence made the tension in the room twice as thick as it had been; and James once more blatantly refused to look at her. Lily looked back over at Remus whose amber eyes shone with worry. She knew his thoughts ran along the same as hers. She sighed lightly and turned back to James. After what seemed like hours, but couldn't have been more than a few minutes, Sirius returned with Peter in tow, the latter looking somewhat flustered.

"I was being nursed to health by Cordelia. Knock out potions have wicked effects on a guy that can only be tended to by a pretty girlfriend, you know. What the hell do you want?" Peter grumbled as Sirius let go of his arm. Peter's irritated nature was replaced with a curious demeanor as he saw the solemn face of James and the rather concerned one of Remus. His curious eyes grew all the more inquisitive as he spied Lily in Sirius' t-shirt. He turned to James, his round face looking indignant. "Surely you don't need me here to give them the owls and the pixies talk, because if they're doing it, I'm pretty sure they know the consequences..."

Peter's returned irritation vanished at the dark look that James shot him.

"She knows," Sirius muttered. At Peter's confused face, Lily heard Sirius sigh and reiterate. "She knows about our moonlit escapades."

A look of realization crossed Peter's face, and he instantly shot Sirius an accusatory look. Lily had watched him recently; he frequently took James' side during the spats between his two friends while Remus remained neutral. This time was no different as his azure eyes narrowed towards the dark haired boy to her left.

"You told her?" he asked. Sirius was the one shooting the dark look this time, and Peter grumbled as he took a seat next to James, who quickly explained why Lily knew. His tone still clearly indicated that he felt the blame lay with Sirius. Peter responded merely with an, "Oh."

James finally returned his attention to Lily again, and he took a deep breath. This time when he spoke, his voice was far more pleading.

"Please, Lily, promise us you won't tell anyone," he begged gently, his eyes locking with hers. With an odd sense of déjà vu, Lily found herself awed by the sheer emotion that he could hold in those eyes once again. She'd seen beautiful eyes, Sirius' eyes, for example, were stunning in their coloring and in the way they shone in different lights. Remus too had eyes that were indescribable. They were tame, yet wild, and calm yet passionate. But James' eyes, hazel and unimpressive though they were, drew her in. She saw past the bully, past the arrogant prat he could be. In them she could see James Potter, the boy who was fearful that she would hurt him with the information she now held. "Please."

"I would never tell on you for this James," she promised. "Azkaban isn't the place for you."

A light, hollow smile crossed James' worried features as Lily promised him, and as she didn't break the strong eye contact they held.

"But you've got to tell me how all of this happened."

"It's a long story."

"I've got time."

The wry grin that slid across James' face made Lily grin as well. The situation was tense, she knew that much. They were illegal Animagi and she had a terrible reputation for getting them in trouble when they did something wrong. She knew James was less than pleased to have found her and Sirius in bed together because she couldn't keep her idiot mouth shut, and she knew he was borderlining fear to tell her what he was preparing himself to say. But something, she knew, something in those hazel eyes of his told her that he was going to trust her, not only because he felt he had to, but because he felt she could be trusted. The one thing that seemed to be wrong was that James was unsure where to start.

"We...ah," he stumbled, searching for the right words. Lily watched him shift uncomfortably on his bed and it clicked as his eyes darted over to Remus. She followed his gaze and it struck her, as he looked with uncertainty towards his furry mate. They did this for Remus...werewolves could hurt animals, certainly, but they bite of a werewolf would be just a bite for a stag or a dog or whatever Peter turned into. If they were bitten as animals, the curse of the werewolf wouldn't harm them.

"Remus," she offered gently, looking over at her fellow Prefect. "They transform with you."

Remus smiled in acknowledgement.

"In second year, when they found out about me, James had the brilliant idea that perhaps it would be best if I weren't alone," he shrugged. Lily's eyes widened slightly as she looked back at James who was fiddling with a loose string on his trousers.

"That's dangerous," she said lightly, looking back at James. "In more ways than one."

"We're all for danger, Lily," Sirius commented from her left, she didn't miss the sarcasm. "It's what we live for."

"I hadn't noticed," she returned just as smartly. "Running with werewolves, unregistered Animagi...but did you do it?"

"It was...difficult," James answered at last, drawing Lily's attention back to him. "We nailed it last year, and that was a task in and of itself. But second and third year were spent researching and researching...Remus here actually thought we were doing homework. Usually only one of us would do homework while the other two took notes and researched and we just copied the work later. And towards the end of third year and the beginning of fourth year we actually started attempting to transform."

"James got it first," Peter laughed, and Lily got the impression that, for this discussion anyways, things were almost normal for the Marauders. The accusing looks, and the sly comments that had been exchanged between James and Sirius were gone, and they were simply explaining to Lily how and why they were the Marauders. "And Sirius got it the day after that. They had to help me...a lot. Transfiguration's not exactly my best subject..."

For the first time in quite a long time...since James had discovered her and Sirius, in fact, Lily laughed. A warm smile lit up her face as Peter's round face gave her a timid smile.

"Peter," Lily smiled gently, looking at him with friendly affection, "there is no subject that is your subject, according to you."

"Sure there is," Peter grinned. "Lunch is brilliant."

In the week following Lily's discussion with the Marauders, Sirius was finding something had changed between himself and James. There were no more insults of 'traitor' thrown at him from James' direction, nor did he catch any glares from those familiar hazel eyes. James didn't storm from the room every time Sirius came in, and he didn't snicker loudly when Sirius was reprimanded by Professor Slughorn for getting his roots wrong. In fact, James ignored Sirius completely; it was almost as though Sirius no longer existed to James.

But they had to talk soon, very soon, because the full moon was tonight, and while Sirius was a fan of reckless abandon, the biggest fan, in fact, he was not fond of the idea of running rampant about the grounds without some sort of plan. The dangers of running about with a werewolf and with no plan was beyond was just stupid.

Sirius, however, was proud, and he wasn't going to beg for James' forgiveness anymore than he already had. What did James want him to do...grovel? After all, there were some perks to James' cold shoulder, he could snog Lily publicly without fear of reprimand from his long time best mate, and he could expect no trouble for dragging her to his favorite broom closet knowing James would say nothing about it. He didn't actually do these things...well he snogged her once in a futile attempt to get James' attention...but he still had the option.

In all, while Lily and Remus were great fun on occasion, Sirius was growing bored without James. He hardly found any fun from hexing suits of armor to scare first year Slytherins out of their knickers. And he had come to find that Peeves was horrible at dual pranks, because he tended to have a hidden did Sirius, for that matter...and the two lacked trust in one another. Instead they had treated a corridor of Hufflepuffs to a rather interesting shouting match. He hadn't even had any fun making Regulus shout during breakfast one morning by reintroducing a certain goblet with a rather foul vocabulary to the Slytherin table. It had made the corners of Lily's lips curl though, and her lips were so sexy when they curled in that maniacal sort of way.

But, Sirius reminded himself, he still needed to get with James...or at least with someone who could speak with James and was on somewhat neutral grounds. And he knew that said someone couldn't be so humble as to insist that Sirius nor James were required to come with him during his monthly transformation. It also helped if said someone wasn't in the Hospital Wing preparing to sneak to the Shrieking Shack It was for that reason and that one alone that Sirius had found himself in the Library with Peter, who had been 'studying' with Cordelia until Sirius had shown up. Peter's sallow hair stood out from the dark books of the library and the color met Sirius' argent eyes from the back of the Library. He cleared his throat to alert the pair of his presence. Cordelia, embarrassed, bade Peter a good night and excused herself, telling Peter that she had to return to her Common Room. Sirius looked around rather cautiously before he took a seat next to his mate.

"Has Prongs mentioned anything about the moonlit stroll that's usually planned for tonight?" Sirius hissed to Peter. Peter looked up at him curiously and shook his head.

"No," he whispered back, his blue eyes flickering past Sirius' head. He too was ensuring that their conversation wasn't overheard. "Not really, why? Are you actually planning on coming?"

Sirius gave Peter an offended look.

"Did you really think I was going to let this silly fight wash over to my friendship with Moony?" Sirius countered, still stung by Peter's inquiry. "Look, we need to have a plan for tonight..."

"I'm not so sure that's the best idea, Padfoot," Peter interrupted, his tones still quiet. "Moony's right, you could hurt James if the two of you go at it whenever we're out. It's not safe to have the two of you fighting and have our furry friend out. Maybe you should sit this one out and just let Prongs and me go...we'll stay in the Shack because without you there it's still too risky to let Moony out with only one scout big enough to keep him at bay..."

A dejected sigh escaped Sirius' mouth. He didn't want to sit it out...well he really had a detention tonight, but he could skip it. It wouldn't be the first time...actually, come to think of it, James had the same detention. Lily had given it to them.

"I've really screwed up this time," he shook his head, feeling ashamed. Peter looked at him pityingly. "My best friends don't even trust me to not fight James during such a delicate time with Moony..."

"I hardly expect anyone to trust you...ever, really, Black," a new voice chimed in. The snide tone didn't escape Sirius as his eyes flashed up to the voice's greasy source. "Even Evans can't trust you with something as simple as a friendship with me...pity."

"She's no friend of yours," Sirius hissed, his temper rising dangerously. Snape had been clever enough to steer clear of Sirius for the past few days. What did not make sense was why Snivellus would approach him now. Idiot.

"Ah, I suppose she is a bit sore with me for attempting to show her the error of her ways," Snape smirked, undaunted by Sirius' threatening tone. Peter eyed the arguing pair warily. "But I have no intention to discuss the Mudblood with you at the moment. I couldn't help but over hear, and I do believe that you were just discussing something pertaining to Lupin...I must inquire, what has a shack got to do with his mother being ill, as that is where you claim he goes every month...I know he's poor, but surely he doesn't live in a shack."

Sirius made to rush at Snape, but Peter swiftly grabbed his arm, stopping the attack before it happened. Sirius glared at his mate before returning it to Snape.

"You're one to talk of lack of money, Snape," Sirius said. The crisp, almost cruel tone that years of Pureblood training had placed in his mouth was directed full force towards the slimy, grease-ball in front of him. "Those second hand robes are a disgrace. Our uniforms are supposed to be black, not a dark faded grey."

Snape's face soured significantly at Sirius' words, and his next words came out bitingly harsh.

"The only disgrace in this room is you, Black, who required your competition for Evans' affections to save her from the potion she gave me to save your pathetic arse."

"You never should have brought her into this," Sirius snarled, standing up now, ignoring Peter's attempts to calm him.

"I did no such thing, it was you who brought the girl into it, and it shall be you to push her out of it if that's where you wish her to be."

"Maybe I should just ensure that you get pushed out of the equation, or over a cliff, I'm not picky really."

Snape paused for a precious few moments, as though trying to think of something to counter Sirius' statement. Sirius was satisfied when the Slytherin failed to do so. He wasn't satisfied with the fact that that infuriating smirk was far from gone. He had half a mind to hex it off, and was in the process of reaching for his wand to do just that when Snape spoke again.

"So where does Lupin really go every month, because I must tell you that girl of yours has quite the mouth when she's dying for her needs to be satisfied..."

"Her brain was warped by your potion; she would have told you anything to get what she wanted."

"She told me Lupin's mother is dead."

Sirius started, and it was a fatal mistake because Snivellus' smirking face told him that anymore lies about Remus that came from Sirius' mouth would be recognized as such. And that wretched little mouth that was curling into that horrible smirk had forced itself on the lips of Sirius' girlfriend, and had blackmailed her into making a potion to turn her into a pawn in Snape's sick little game. And Sirius wanted it to end, he wanted to scare the Hell out of Snape so that the sick little bastard would never again touch Lily, that he would never again bring her into matters that she was not connected to.

"You want to find out where Remus goes?" Sirius hissed, halting all thoughts, and his mouth betraying him. If he thought he'd never finish this revenge. He'd never be able to pull through with the plan his mind had just irresponsibly created. "Fine. Tonight, after the sunsets, go to the Whomping Willow, prod its base and follow the tunnel from there—"

The rather sudden slam of Peter's foot into Sirius' shin stopped Sirius quite suddenly. His thoughts finally caught up to his arrogant, foolish, headstrong mouth which always seemed to get him in trouble. His face paled instantly as he realized what he'd just done, and his eyes flickered over Snape's shoulder to the window. It was dark.

"Actually," Sirius said, his voice never wavering from the calm pureblooded mask he always gave it around Snape. "Forget I mentioned that. No fun is to be had from that tree."

"Naturally," Snape hissed, his victorious smirk not missed by Sirius' observant eyes. "I wouldn't dream of following blindly into whatever mischief you Marauders may be up to. Somehow it usually ends rather bitterly for me...or with Evans viciously angry with Potter..."

But Sirius didn't buy it and Snape left far too quickly for Sirius to actually do anything. Not that he really wanted to, he suddenly realized. If Snape was fool enough to listen to anything that came out of Sirius' mouth, then it was his own fault if he actually did what Sirius had told him to. He'd deserve it, after what he'd done to Lily; she hadn't asked to be his slave. He didn't know what that sick bastard had done to her, and Lily wouldn't tell him what had happened.

"What the HELL do you think you're doing Padfoot?" Peter whispered urgently. "Snape could be killed!"

"No he won't," Sirius countered, his voice was not quite as quiet as it should have been. Madam Pince instantly shushed them, shooting them a stern look. Sirius sat still for a moment as Peter fidgeted uncomfortably. "He'll hear Moony's howls and run before anything happens...besides, he's not that stupid. He's not going to listen to anything I say."

"Fuck that, Sirius," Peter breathed forcefully. "He's always wanted to know where Moony goes off to! He wouldn't pass this chance up for anything!"

Mouth opened to object, Sirius started as Peter quickly gathered his things and stormed away from the table. A sense of dread nestled its way into Sirius' chest and he found himself desperately hoping that Peter did not run into James. With a sadistic sort of humor, Sirius found himself wondering why the same phrase seemed to follow him everywhere this year. Perhaps he really was a stupid traitor.

"Shit," he grumbled, once more, as he stood up and followed Peter's steps out of the library.