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Move Along by Jaggy

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 67,581
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Skeeter, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/Lily

First Published: 07/24/2006
Last Chapter: 01/12/2008
Last Updated: 01/12/2008

A companionship and somewhat awkward relationship one year in the making, finally becomes official. But the secretive love of Lily and Sirius is turned upside down as Lily finds a new bond in none other than James. In their sixth year, how is the number one guy in Lily's life changed from Sirius Black to James Potter?

Chapter 21: The Running Rat || Posted January 12, 2008
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Chapter 16: Explosion

A/N: Spring break this week! Yay!! So hopefully you'll have another update either on this story or on my new one "The Gentlemen" within a week, and yes I know I haven't updated in forever, but I did warn you I'm busy and these updates would be scarce. But now you've got one, and a nice long one, so be happy. But keep in mind that HOPEFULLY, it's not a guarantee. Anyways, read and enjoy!

Sirius could feel James' glare at him, and all of his internal organs had vanished. He felt quite hollow at her words. Snape smirked. His mind did not focus on the fact that Lily had lied to him about Snape twice now, nor did he focus on the fact that she probably had not given into the blackmail to protect him. What he registered was that Lily had been fed her own potion, and, as Professor Slughorn constantly pointed out, Lily's potions were indisputably powerful. His mind working quickly, Sirius soon registered that if this was a Love Potion brewed by Lily Evans, it also meant that the only person who had the antidote was Lily herself. He doubted highly that a Lily drugged by her own hands would be willing to give up the cure for her current state of mind.

Well, Lily would have it...or Snape would.

"I don't know what you're talking about Evans," he said smoothly, as McGonagall's eyes turned to him. "Seems to me that one of Potter and Black's little followers decided to get you out of the way, and get a bit of revenge in return. What use would I have of a pathetic Mudblood like you?"

He didn't know what Snape did to get her to do it, or why the hell she was, all Sirius knew was that with a curious flash of his ebony eyes, Lily's lips were locked with Snape's. His insides had made a rather sudden return, and they were quite filled with something rather titanium, or maybe several huge dragons compressed into organ sizes. As soon as that fact registered, so did another. Sirius was on the ground, because James had somehow broken Lily's curse. As quickly as her lips had been on Snape's, Lily was pulled violently from the Slytherin, and James' fist met Snape instead.

The Hall was instantly filled with noise again, as professors rushed to pull James from Snape. Remus had a strong hold on Lily, who seemed to be fighting him tooth and nail to rush at James. Remus, however, was much stronger than Lily was, and had her arms pinned to her side, so all she could do was struggle uselessly.

Sirius pushed himself off the ground. He could hear Snape swearing, and quite a bit of noisy buzzing, but it vanished rather quickly. A hand roughly grabbed his upper arm and he, Lily, James, Snape, and Remus were taken from the Great Hall, into the Entrance Hall, and down into the dungeons. When stopped, Sirius figured they were in Slughorn's office. Looking up at his captor at last, Sirius registered Damocles Belby, the Head Boy, had brought him and, the now still, James in. Professor Slughorn had Snape, and as Prefect, and Belby's subordinate, Remus had Lily.

"Where's McGonagall, Belby?" Slughorn snapped, giving James a harsh glare.

"She'll be along shortly," Belby answered, releasing Sirius and James, with more roughness than Sirius really thought necessary.

"What in the name of Merlin is going on?" McGonagall spouted instantly, as she finally came into Slughorn's office. Her eyes were sharp as she took in her four Gryffindors. It was then that Sirius registered that Peter was not with them. Where had he gone off to? Lost in the bustle of things...surely, Sirius assumed.

"Didn't you hear Lily?" James asked, looking over at McGonagall. His voice was spiteful and Sirius visibly drooped his shoulders, knowing what was coming next. "She made Snape a love potion in exchange for his silence about hers and Black's relationship. She protected his cowardice."

A disbelieving snort came from both Slughorn and Snape, as they simultaneously crossed their arms in disapproval of James' accusation.

"Do you honestly think I would want that throwing herself at me all day?" Snape asked in a tone that would have been convincing if Sirius didn't already know any better. He scowled at Snape, along with James. "Don't be an idiot Potter. She's tainted not only with her own stench of filth but with Black's as well. Don't think me so foolish. It's bad enough I've got her filthy germs on my mouth without you adding in that I would have the desire to ask for it. Besides," a strange smirk crossed Snape's lips, "I was all the way on the other side of the Hall, even Slughorn saw me, there's no way I could have done anything to Evans. And blackmail's illegal."

Belby grabbed both James and Sirius by the scruffs of their neck at the same time, as both boys tried to charge the Slytherin. His grip was almost lost on Sirius, but he managed to regain it last minute. His dark blue eyes looked over at Sirius disapprovingly as the two Heads of House discussed what needed to be done.

"Well she's obviously under something Horace!" McGonagall hissed, watching Lily try once more to sneak out of Remus' firm grip and over to Snape. "Look at her!"

"I see that Minerva! Now just give me a few moments," he retorted, frustrated that McGonagall would even suggest that he couldn't tell the effects of a love potion, and he the Potion's master of the school. "I've got some antidotes."

Slughorn turned to his stores and muttered silently to himself as he pulled out six bottles with various colored liquids. His muttering continued as he pulled out a small cauldron, his beetle eyes glancing up at Lily every few moments.

"Bring her here, boy," he motioned to Remus, who complied, in spite of Lily's protests, which were growing increasingly whining. "There's a good lad, now Miss Evans if you'll look up at me."

"I will not," she retorted with anger. "I know what you're doing and it won't work, it won't. Only I can fix this, and I'm not going to."

Either Slughorn heard Lily and didn't care, or he was growing deaf, because he grabbed her by her chin and forced her pretty face up so that he could observe the state of her emerald eyes.

"Amazing," Sirius could hear him mumble. "It's like her eyes are hardly affected at all. She's got a knack at potions I tell you, brilliant."

With that the Professor turned back to his bottles, still muttering how a normal antidote for Amortentia wouldn't work. The rest of the room watched curiously, some with tints of fear in their eyes, and some with anger. Sirius couldn't quite shake the feeling that they weren't going to get out of this very easily. He bit the inside of his cheek, praying Slughorn was going to fix her right, praying that Lily wouldn't follow Snape like she would under that potion.

"Drink this Evans," Slughorn said, stirring a goblet of several of the brightly colored potions together. "This should do the trick."

Lily opened her mouth to refuse, but Slughorn never allowed her the chance, and she choked slightly as the maroon liquid slid down her throat. Sirius watched, fingers crossed, as she doubled over, still hacking from her lack of preparation to have the antidote thrown so violently in her mouth. Her chest stilled for a few moments and she put her hands on her knees for support. Her dark red hair hid her face, and it took Sirius a moment to realize he was holding his breath. Lily finally stood up straight, and flipped her hair back, revealing her stunning, if not horrifically angry, face. Her eyes flashed, and that odd smile was back on her face.

"Thank you, Professor," she said, her tone one of forced politeness. "I feel so much better now. Damocles, if you'll release my boyfriend, please."

Her eyes flickered over to Sirius, who wasn't entirely convinced that Lily was herself. She had to be furious with Snape; that had to be it, Sirius concluded as Lily motioned to him to walk to her, which he did, and felt her hand slip into his.

"I believe we're done here?" Lily asked, her eyebrow raising, a characteristic of her normal self. She heard McGonagall beginning to protest.

The Professors, at a loss of anything else to do, allowed their students to go off to class. He was fairly certain that if looks could kill, the teachers would have suffered a death by James along with himself and Snape, but James followed out of the room quietly accepting his detention for hitting another student without protest.

However, once the three Marauders, Lily, and Snape were out of hearing range of the Professors and the Head Boy, Lily shook Sirius' hand from her own, and her eyes narrowed. She was free from Remus' grip and Snape stood behind her, his smirk making a return as she pulled out her wand, her eyes flashing dangerously.

"I'd advise the three of you go find Peter," she hissed darkly, and for a moment, Sirius could have sworn that was his Lily's voice, though somewhat masked. "He'll be unconscious in a closet somewhere."

And that was that. She took off with Snape, without leaving the three Marauders with a choice as to whether or not she could. Sirius and James stood, both almost shaking with anger, and it was James who went off first.

"FUCKING HELL, BLACK, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" he roared, turning to face Sirius, who stumbled back, surprised at the sudden upsurge of James' anger to be directed at him. But Sirius had had worse, and he felt his own temper flare in retaliation.

"MY fault?" Sirius retorted indignantly, his voice border lining yelling as well. "How is this my fault? Lily told me she told Snape to rot in Hell, that she wasn't going to let him blackmail her! Do you think for one second I'd let him do that to her? Willingly?"



"SHUT UP!" it was Remus this time, and his amber eyes were glaring at his two mates with an anger that Sirius had never seen before in his life from Remus. Well he had seen it, but from Remus' werewolf form, from Moony, but never from Remus. "Lily is in trouble. Snape can have her do anything while she's under that potion, and Peter's probably hurt, and the best the two of you can do is yell at each other?"

Sirius and James both looked down, once again as Remus put them in their places. Remus, however, wasn't quite done yet. He and Lily rivaled each other when it came to guilt talks, Lily just tended to give them more than Remus did.

"Now, I'd advise if we want to help Lily and find Peter that we split up and work together, like friends, you know like we're supposed to be. Sirius, you know how to get into the girl's dorms, my bet is that Lily was prepared for something like this, and you find an antidote that will actually work. James, you go find Peter, and I'm going to keep track of Snape and Lily and make sure he doesn't have her doing anything too horrible."

The two former best mates nodded their heads in guilty agreement as Remus' angry posture relaxed a bit.

"Good. The two of you meet back here in about an hour, get Wormtail to the Hospital Wing if necessary and find me on the Map," he looked at James and then Sirius pointedly. "They need us, so I'd advise anymore yelling we'd like to do wait until a more appropriate time, if there is such a thing for it. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes," Sirius and James muttered in unison.


"Can I just say one thing?" Sirius asked, standing up straight again. He didn't really wait for approval, but his words stuck a bittersweet smirk and a chuckle from Remus and James all the same. "Lily's going to be pissed when this is over."

Lily was in a haze. An animalistic voice whispered in her head all the good things about Snape that she obviously had never noticed before. Snape had a rough hold on her wrist, which the haze in her mind assured her was just tough love. But the haze was...distorted...when she'd first fallen to it there was no questioning it. It was right, automatically, no questions asked. But now she had questions, and while each was slowly overridden by the haze, it didn't slip Lily's notice that they were certainly there.

Snape strode in front of her, occasionally casting back odd looks at her, as though he were unsure about something, but Lily paid his curious looks no mind as he led her towards the doors leading to the cool grounds. A small part of Lily's mind, a part under the haze, noted that she was glad she'd dressed warmly that morning.

"Why didn't you hex them?" Snape growled as they exited the castle and their feet hit the frosty grounds. Lily looked over at Snape inquisitively as he spoke to her. She had two answers, and the answer from the haze beat the real one out.

"Because it would have delayed me from being with you longer," she said in a sing-song voice that the part of her mind under the fog shuttered at. She wrapped her arm around his and pulled herself close to him. "Isn't that what you wanted?"

The haze assured her that the look he gave her wasn't so much disgusted as it was love-struck.


He was blunt, but the haze in Lily's mind didn't really give a damn as she blinked up at him like the girls she so avidly despised. Learned helplessness, she'd call it in another state of mind. Stupidity might be another term. Actually, there were quite a few words in her normal vocabulary that she reserved for girls that threw themselves at boys. And in that alternate state of mind, she could never understand why a girl would willingly weaken herself for a man. As far as the Lily of not even two hours ago was concerned, weak girls were hardly worth the time of Lily herself, much less any man.

But that was the Lily of two hours ago, the current Lily had only one thing in mind, and that was to please Severus Snape, in anyway he deemed necessary.

"Severus?" she asked, her voice a higher pitch than usual. Lily's mildly clouded eyes watched as her small fingers traced a circle on the back of Snape's hand. His ebony eyes were watching her fingers as well, though his face held a look torn between repulsion and disbelief. "Why are you doing this?"

Snape snatched his hand from Lily instantly and looked at her as though she'd burned him. She could almost see the steam coming from his ears as he glared at her.

"You gave me a tainted potion," he hissed. "You can think!"

"I didn't," she defended, her voice still cowering as she physically recoiled from him. "The potions Slughorn gave me weren't completely ineffective. They just weakened it a bit."

He growled, grabbing her by her upper arms and forcing her to look up at his furious eyes. The haze caused her eyes to water, and her bottom lip to pout as Snape snarled at her, his greasy hair falling into his face as his grip on her tightened. There were going to be bruises, and for a moment, under the haze, Lily even dared to wonder if the haze was required for the tears gathering in her eyes for his tight hold.

"You'd better hope," he growled, "that your potions skills are greater than the walrus of a potions master we've got because if not you'll not be the only one to pay."

"Severus," Lily's voice was whispered as she trembled in his hold. "You're hurting me."

His eyes widened in realization for a moment and his hands instantly fell to his side as he let her go. He was a different person when he wasn't with Rosier or the youngest Black around Lily. Lily rubbed her arms as he paced for a moment.

"I can distract you," she said suddenly, the haze whispering to her with its animalistic voice again. He froze mid-pace, and he turned to look at her again. She flashed him a challenging grin. "If you wish…"

It was amazing how quickly the Gryffindor Tower cleared with a few dungbombs, Sirius noted as he transformed into Padfoot. After a quick spell before transformation to protect his heightened senses from the strong odor from the bombs, Sirius was good to go. His padded feet braced his footfalls and his claws clicked quietly against the stone steps of the girl's staircase. Lily's dorm was the third one up. He stood on his hind legs and twisted the handle. He stuck his snout in first, carefully sniffing the room for any hint of anyone in the room.

He sneezed as his nose met a variety of scents. He growled in distaste as he pushed the door open, deeming it safe from Lily's roommates. He was glad Lily didn't drown herself in the various perfumes he could smell from the other girls. His eyes were watering. He checked each bed and the washrooms before he transformed back into his human form. The smell wasn't quite as bad, but Sirius was still thankful for Lily's love of simplicity. Her bed was simple enough to find, the very bra he'd taken off of her six months ago lay strewn on it along with one of his old t-shirts, and a sock with a hole in it and the trunk at the foot of her bed had the initials L.E. on the front. He smiled as he checked over his shoulder a final time before he opened the trunk.

He wasn't quite sure why he was surprised by the amount of things that he found, but for such a well organized school girl, Lily had a lot of things. A poster on the lid of her trunk revealed that she was fond of a Muggle band called the Sex Pistols, and folders upon folders of notes labeled Potions each with the designated year next to them. Sirius was rather distraught to find that they weren't even finished with sixth year potions and Lily already had three folders of notes on it. He was beginning to think she was rather fond of the subject.

He mentally scolded himself for the sarcasm, but put the notebooks up on Lily's bed so that, if need be, he could look through them to find the instructions to make the antidote. He shifted through countless items of clothing, broken quills, an odd assortment of socks, some candy wrappers, an old magazine, a deck of Exploding Snape cards, a chess board, some dragon hide gloves, and, most surprising of all to Sirius, a golden Snitch with Lily's initials on it.

James had given that to Lily for her birthday at the end of the school year last year. Sirius would have thought that Lily had thrown it away, but it sat in the same glass box that James had given it to her in. Its wings were undamaged, and Sirius could still make out James' scratchy handwriting, apologizing for his arrogance and wishing Lily a happy birthday.

As much as Sirius wanted to ponder the gift some more, he knew that his time for a safe Common Room was wearing thin, and he had to find that antidote, and it wasn't in Lily's trunk. Sirius haphazardly tossed her things back in, not even closing the trunk properly. He moved to her bedside table next and yanked open its drawer with impatience. Here too had an assortment of things, a picture of him, keys, some Spellotape, a pocket knife, and…he grinned as he found a small vial with dark maroon liquid that shimmered with tints of blue in the light. This had to be it. Laughing victoriously, Sirius pocketed the vial and gave Lily's potion's folders another glance, best to bring them, just in case. He grabbed them and didn't even bother returning to Padfoot form. Instead, he slid down the girls' staircases, ran up the boys', grabbed the Marauder's Map and made it out of the Common Room just as two of Lily's dorm mates walked into the Common Room.

Remus kept a well trained eye on Lily and Snape, though he was out of earshot, he could see Snape was asking Lily a lot of questions that made him uneasy. Lily had only managed to get Snape to kiss her a few times. As far as Remus could tell, while Snape may initially have enjoyed the idea of a lovesick Lily following him around, it probably wasn't as pleasant as the Slytherin had hoped for. He was well aware of what drew boys to Lily, and her acting less than her normal outspoken, witty, and sometimes bitchy self was not at all the Lily that anyone wanted.

"Peter's in the Hospital Wing," the rough, though now subdued, voice of Sirius whispered, taking a seat next to Remus. Behind him, Remus heard James take a seat as well. "Nasty assortment of jinxes, I think Regulus helped."

Remus nodded and shuttered as Lily dove towards Snape again, and this time the other boy didn't stop her. He heard both Sirius and James move to stop it, and while Remus managed a hold of Sirius, James escaped him.

"Damn it," he hissed, as James marched up to Snape for the second time that day and pulled him off of Lily. This time, however there was no Remus to hold Lily back, and her wand was at James' throat. "Come on Padfoot. Let's save your girlfriend and Prongs."

"Apologize!" Lily snarled, James had his hands up, his eyes darting from Lily's wand to her face. "NOW!"

Snape pushed himself off the ground, and dusted off his robes, his face twisted in a sort of sick version of fear. Remus could easily see that while Snape knew that he held the winning card at the moment...there was only one Lily to protect him, and three Marauders could easily take her out of the equation.

"Lily, please," James pleaded, his eyes now looking at her, and not her wand. From the corner of his eye, he could see Sirius tense as Lily's potion-induced self stilled at James' begging voice. "I don't want to hex you, but I will if it's what I've got to do to fix you. You're not like this, Lily, I know you're not."

She opened her mouth to protest, but she'd been still too long, and James had snatched her wrists, pulling her to him before she could start to struggle. She shrieked indignantly when she realized she was once more being restrained.

"Remus, her wand!"

Remus rushed forward and grabbed her wand, but he cried out when a burning feeling seared his hand, his amber eyes flashed to Snape, who now had his wand out, his dark eyes narrowed upon the three boys trying to take Lily from him.

"Let her go Potter, she doesn't want to be with you."

"She doesn't want to be with you either, Snivellus," Sirius spat out, his own wand out as he fingered it gently, his eyes now glaring at Snape like a hawk zooming in on its prey. He stepped forward. "No, she turned you down, didn't she? She wouldn't have you, because she had someone else in mind, didn't she?"

"Shut up Black! Let go of me Potter!" Lily screeched. It was no use, though. James' hold on Lily was firm, and despite her struggles in his arms, she looked as though she belonged in them. James didn't let go, but shifted her so that he had a firm hold with one arm.

"The antidote, Padfoot," he said. Sirius, who moments ago had looked like he was about to teach Snape what happened when someone messed with his girlfriend, instantly stopped, turning to James and looking at him as though he'd just preformed a miracle. The look vanished when James asked again. "Don't be daft, Black! The antidote, NOW!"

Sirius looked back at Snape, a sneer on his face, he flicked his wand and Snape instantly toppled over in a full body bind. He handed James the antidote, and Lily pulled her lips in tight, refusing to open her mouth for the boys. Sirius finally managed to tickle her and get her to open her mouth to tell him to stop, where James pulled a Slughorn and poured the antidote down her throat, however, he didn't give her a chance to spit it out, and instead shut her jaw with his hands until he watched her swallow. He let go of her and she sprang from him, her breathing ragged as she clutched her chest and Sirius' arm for support.

It was a good few moments before she collected herself, and this time when she stood up, while Remus was still intimidated by the furious glare on her face, he felt much better. This was Lily. That glare was no longer directed towards the Marauders or Slughorn, but rather the one and only Severus Snape, and Lily rounded on him with a rather venomous look in her brilliant eyes.

"My wand," she said in a throaty voice, extending her hand to Remus. There was no option for him in that tone and Remus gave it to her. She flicked her wand and Snape's body bind was gone. She took a step forward as Snape scrambled back on his feet. His face was rather pasty, with a hint of green to it as he watched Lily with almost as much fear as he gave to the Marauders behind her. "That was a wonderful trick, Severus, now I do hope you've properly prepared for the consequences."

Her eyes darted wildly at Snape, and he visibly took a step back from Lily, who stepped right up to him and slapped him clean across his face. He bit his bottom lip, and Remus couldn't tell if there were tears in his eyes or not, but he did hear Sirius snicker, though quietly.

"Bastard," she hissed. "You're as bad as they are. Teach me a lesson, would you? Think you can force me, do you? Well I'll have none of it, Snape. Don't you dare think that anyone can ever use me as an excuse to harm someone else and get away with it, do you understand me?"

"Yes," Snape said through his teeth, his eyes darting nervously from Lily to the Marauders behind her.


"And they fucking deserved it."

Remus, Sirius, and James were all rather impressed as Lily pulled her arm back and fully punched Snape in the jaw. He howled in pain again, but Lily glared up at the boys standing behind her.

"Just remember what I said," she hissed, looking down at Snape. "Don't use me as an excuse."

She stormed off to the castle, leaving Sirius and James alone with Snape. Remus looked after her retreating form mournfully as the other two boys closed in on Snape's now trembling form. She had too much faith in them.