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Harry Potter and the Search for the Soul by minniemcmouse

Format: Novel
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 93,772

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence,

Genres: Drama, Action/Adventure, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Tonks, Voldemort, OC

First Published: 07/27/2005
Last Chapter: 03/22/2007
Last Updated: 06/02/2007


Banner by Iced_Cherriez. Harry's sixth year has finally come to an end and he finds that the Order isn't going to let him get away on his own without a fight. So, with much assistance, Harry embarks on his toughest challenge yet - find and destroy Voldemort and the Horcruxes before Voldemort can destroy the Wizarding world. [POST HBP]

Chapter 28: No Bringing Him Back

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Snape finished the potion. The last of the ingredients were added and it was stirred clockwise thrice for completion. It bubbled momentarily and turned a glowing white in colour. He stepped back from it, looking satisfied with himself. Now, all that remained to do was to add the Horcruxes, and all would be well.

Except Severus didn’t know where the Horcruxes were being held. Potter did. Potter had just run through a strange doorway into some presumably obscure part of the school, followed by a potential murderer and anyone else who was likely to know where the Horcruxes were being kept.

As if the Room of Requirement was able to give Severus just what he wanted, Harry staggered back out through the doorway, looking quite dazed and confused. He spun round momentarily, looking for anyone, but to his eyes, there was no one.

Snape realised that he was still within the bubble that kept he and the cauldron out of sight and harm’s way. He raised his wand to remove the bubble, until he saw the figure emerging from behind him. Voldemort. He sprang forward, grabbing hold of Harry’s arm.

For a moment, all Harry saw was a dark, robed arm reaching out of nowhere and pulling him forwards. He was too astonished and taken aback to offer any resistance and felt himself flying forwards into what could be anywhere. So he was quite surprised when he found himself inside the same bubble-like structure he had been within earlier on, with Snape and a now finished potion.

“Where are you, Harry?” Voldemort asked of no one, as he strode into the room. He had arrived just a fraction too late to see Harry pulled into nowhere, and all he could assume was that Hogwarts had hidden him, or that he had run through the open door.

Voldemort decided to wait. The Order had to come back soon, and when they did, he would be waiting for them. Harry would not run far, when he, Voldemort, had everyone he cared about trapped in one room, with wands at their throats.

Harry watched helplessly as Voldemort called in more Death Eaters, and soon the Order was surrounded, clutching the Horcruxes in their arms. Voldemort saw them and smiled a terrible smile. He began to walk forward, and a bony arm outstretched to Remus, offering to take the Locket of Slytherin away from him.

Remus clutched onto it as tightly as he could, but before Voldemort even got to him, he could feel something pulling it from his fingers. A strange power surrounded him and eased it from him, not away from him, just from him. Suddenly, the locket was gone, and Remus was none the wiser as to its current location. A warm feeling surrounded him, and he only hoped that it had gone somewhere good, and that he had not just been tricked.

He felt himself thrown to the floor, and the warm fuzzy feeling disappeared. Wands were pointed exclusively at him, and the rest of the Order stood back, terrified as to what was going to happen. None of them had any doubt as to what would happen if any of them moved or tried to escape. Those who had been clutching Horcruxes also, felt them disappear into nowhere and a similar fuzzy feeling enveloped them. There was no telling where they could have gone.

“I suggest that you tell me where you just sent that, wolf.” Voldemort’s tone was enough to make the Order cower with fear and shrink together. Harry stared out through the bubble, his mouth open. He made the decision in a moment.

He was going to run out there and save Remus.

Severus stared at the scene with displeasure but no compassion. The wolf was going to be tortured, so evidently Hogwarts had hidden the locket somewhere good. Somewhere that Voldemort couldn’t touch. He glanced around the room for some kind of clue, and he saw it. To the side of the whole scene, there was a small doorway. On the other side, there appeared to be nothing other than brick, and from the position of those standing where Voldemort was, it would look as if there was no doorway at all. That had to be where it had gone. This had to be Hogwarts trying to help them and to get them to complete the potion.

He glanced at Potter. He didn’t know what he was going to do but the moment the Cruciatus curse was uttered, and it would be, as surely as his name was Severus Snape, nothing good would happen. The boy was tensed and twirling his wand through his fingers. The realisation hit Severus suddenly.

He was going to run out there and try and save the wolf.

Cruci—” Harry leapt out of the bubble, just as Voldemort opened his mouth. Severus leapt out after him, grabbing Harry, just as Voldemort span round to cast the curse upon them. Snape’s force pushed Harry through the small side door, which immediately closed up behind them. The last thing that Severus saw as he fell through the doorway was Mad Eye leaping forwards to attack the nearest of the Death Eaters and Minerva knocking Voldemort back with a well timed hex. The potion was still hidden within the bubble he had left on it, and they were disappearing. With a thud, they landed on a cold stone floor.

In the Room of Requirement, the Order was fighting hard against the Death Eaters and Voldemort. He didn’t care for killing them, that much was certain. This was to bide time until he could think where he might find Harry, or how he might lead him back towards him, that much was apparent. Minerva stared past where Harry and Severus had fallen. There was nothing there. There had been a moment in which she was certain she’d seen an archway, but… nothing. Just wall now. She hoped that wherever they were, they would find the Horcruxes and destroy them.

“This cannot be,” Severus muttered as he stared around him.

“Where are we?” Harry asked, taking in the small room in which they were stood. Shelves lined the walls and upon them were all sorts of odd things: joke products which looked to differ in age from ancient to just a few days old, reams and reams of parchment that nobody ever wanted anybody else to see. A few prized relics, hidden from the world. Students and teachers often wished that their things would disappear, whether it was a stink bomb from under Snape’s chair that had been intended for somebody else, or a love letter that should never have been sent. When somebody wished something to be moved or hidden desperately enough, it was that room in Hogwarts into which they would go. Sometimes things would fly from the shelves and return suddenly to their owners, who had been desirous of their return, but often they lay in the dusty old room, forgotten and never to be seen again.

It was a rare occasion indeed that Hogwarts herself would allow anyone to enter this most secret of rooms, but it was a dire situation that Harry was in right then. He was to find the Horcruxes and destroy them, as quickly as possible. And then he had to destroy Voldemort.

“Here,” Severus said, spotting the Horcruxes on a shelf some way to their left. They were there, the three that were left. Harry pocketed the locket, and Severus took the phoenix and the cup into his arms. They spun around and turned back towards the room from which they had come. On the outside, they could see the desperate fighting that was happening, but there was no way that they could get back to the centre of the room to reach the hidden cauldron. No way at all.

Minerva thought that she saw a glimmer of something on the wall through which Severus and Harry had travelled. She felt a sharp pain in her head and the sudden desire to leave the room and run away. Severus was meddling with her mind again, as he had often done in the past but somehow she doubted that it was his usual method of irritation at such a moment. He wanted her to get out of the room. They were still in the chamber next to them, and for Harry’s protection, he could not cross the room whilst the Death Eaters and Voldemort were still present.

It was to everyone’s sudden surprise that she suddenly darted out of the room. The Death Eaters, thinking that she was up to some kind of devious escape, instantly ran after her, followed by the Order, and the door slammed shut.

Severus ran out into the room followed by Harry. A quick wave of his wand and the cauldron reappeared in his view. And then, between them stepped a tall, cloaked figure. Voldemort had not left the room. He would not fall for such obvious decoys as an Order member running from the scene. Even if his men had.

“Harry, how good to see you again,” Voldemort sneered, sending Severus flying against the wall with a quick wave of his wand and the Horcruxes went scattering across the room. Harry held one in his pocket still, and it felt cold and heavy. More so than it already had.

Harry was left standing in the background as Voldemort rooted him to the spot without his wand, before turning to Severus. “You have not been the most loyal of men, Severus. It has been many years until you have proven yourself as such, but you have finally shown how duplicitous you truly are.”

Harry stared in horror as Severus writhed under the Cruciatus curse. His feet were rooted to the spot, and his wand had been removed. He had never wanted something so much in his entire life, as to have the Horcruxes and the potion to hand. There was a sudden tingling within his fingers and toes, and then a flash of white. The cauldron had flown across the room to him and the Horcruxes were all in his arms. He had no idea what had just happened, but he threw them into the cauldron, along with the locket that had been in his pocket.

There was a startled shout from Severus and suddenly, Harry found himself bowled off his feet as Snape threw himself on top of him and the two flew into the wall. The cauldron exploded with such force as to send shards of lead flying across the room in all directions. There was no potion and no Horcruxes left within. There wasn’t the slightest evidence whatsoever of any Horcruxes.

Snape and Harry disentangled themselves on the floor. They were expecting to have found the Death Eaters flooding back in and Voldemort’s wand at Harry’s throat. Instead, the room was empty except for the three of them and Voldemort was on the floor. His mouth was open in a silent scream and his hands were clutching his head. he rocked back and forth in agony as he felt part of his soul destroyed in such close proximity.

Harry rose to his feet, and found a wand in his hand. He walked towards Voldemort. He felt no pity for the shell of a man who crouched beneath him. Voldemort barely realised that he was there, and if he did, he did not perceive him as a threat. Harry was not in the mood for talking. He did not have to justify his actions, he did not have to give reason for the murder he was about to commit and he certainly had no reason to think that anyone would be the sorrier for losing the man who lay down on the floor in front of him.

He raised the wand. A flash of green lit the room, and he barely heard himself cry the words he had dreamt of shouting into the light for so long.

Severus watched on emotionlessly. He had expected Potter to fail at the last. He didn’t think that he could have cast the curse as he had. Considering all that Voldemort had done to Harry in his lifetime, Severus shouldn’t have been surprised.

Once the light had faded, Severus surveyed the scene. It was so strange to see Voldemort lying there, no longer a threat. He could not do anything to anyone any longer. Of course the Ministry would have to be informed instantly, but once the Prophet got hold of the news, the world would rejoice and once again, Potter would be the hero, Potter had saved the world. Well, if he hadn’t saved Potter, then Voldemort would probably have been very much alive, so perhaps it was he, Severus, who had saved the Wizarding world. He would have liked to think so.

He glanced at Potter only to see him staring intently at Voldemort. There was an odd look upon his face, one which he could not quite place. It was a mixture of uncertainty and what-have-I-done? He had just killed a man, that was sure, but the ends surely justified the means. By becoming a killer himself, Harry had saved the world from that particular megalomaniac.

Snape gently took hold of Harry’s arm and pulled him away from Voldemort and out of the room. The Order was sprinting up the corridor towards them. It only took a moment for them to establish exactly what had happened. Harry didn’t really remember much of what had happened after that. He didn’t need to; all he needed to know was that Voldemort was dead, once and for all. There could be no bringing him back, not this time.