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Falling for Sirius by princesslily_36

Format: Novella
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 31,292

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 09/08/2006
Last Chapter: 09/17/2007
Last Updated: 03/26/2016


My name is Juliet Anna Potter. I'm James Potter's twin sister. Life has always been pretty normal for me. That is, until my friend Sirius decided to play matchmaker for my brother and Lily. Now we're supposed to act like we're dating - only it's all pretend...right? Everything's so messed up - especially since I started getting butterflies in my stomach whenever Sirius is around...47,000+ reads!! AMAZING Banner by .amaris @ TDA

Chapter 15: Problem with friendship...

Sirius pulled me aside even before I stepped down into the common room and Remus joined him.

“What happened between James and Lily last night? I heard you were the only witness!”

“Technically, Sirius, all we had to do was set James up on a date and things happened by itself!”

“So our dating had nothing to do with it?”

“Not from the angle of playing cupid! But if you look at it, we could leave Lily and James alone so they spent time with each other without Lily suspecting anything and…”

“Cut to the chase and tell us what happened!” said Remus. I told them briefly before James came down the stairs with a grin the same time Lily walked towards us. We stopped talking quickly and none of us could find anything to cover up the silence so we ended up looking awkwardly at the two of them.


“So how long have you liked James?”

“I don’t know… I have always been flattered I guess… but a lot angry… I don’t know what broke the whole thing.”

“But I’m glad it did!” said James moving in to kiss her.

“You know, it all happened in good time and Juliet and I didn’t have to bother to act…”

“Act what?” asked Lily breaking away.

“Well actually, Juliet and I were just acting as boyfriend and girlfriend to bring the two of you together so it wouldn’t look that obvious to you that we were doing it… but it looks like we did almost nothing and things took its course!”

“You guys were acting? I didn’t know that!” said James in, what he attempted to be, a surprised voice. Lily was not more fooled by it than I was.

“You knew didn’t you?”

“Well sweetheart, it was mentioned to me in passing…” Lily raised an eyebrow, “alright I knew!” he surrendered.

“Now that you two are together, Sirius Black is available again for the ladies!” he said with a grin and leaned back against the couch. Whatever! Things were back to normal again. Oh right, I had that date with Kirk I had to go to.


“So you are telling me that I am the only one in our entire group who didn’t know that you and Sirius were faking it?” asked Lily as the two of us walked from the bathroom.

“Lily… it was for your own good. James is a great guy!”

“I know!” she said. I could sense a hint of pride in her voice and I was happy. We turned around the corner and I saw a couple kissing against the wall. It was unmistakable who the guy was. I shook my head fondly towards him and said, “Sirius Black has gone back to business!”

“So you really don’t like him huh?” asked Lily as we walked past them.

“No!” I replied, “He has never… dunno…I have never thought of him that way.”

“Not even recently?”

“No!” I said wondering why everyone kept implying that Sirius and I were in love. We have been best friends for like 6 years and suddenly why this change in the attitude of my friends? I shrugged and walked towards the great hall for dinner.


“Hey Juliet!” came a voice from behind me as I was eating. I turned around to see Kirk behind me.

“So since Lily and James are together, how about that date we agreed on last week?”

“Yea sure!” I said standing up to face him. He smiled slightly and even blushed a little. He was so cute! The he leaned in and gave me a small kiss. Now I was blushing. He then smiled at me and walked away rather awkwardly. Blushing and biting my lip from smiling widely I sat down.

“Somebody likes somebody!” said lily teasingly.

“You think Kirk likes my sister?” asked James frowning.

“Not only that, she likes him!” said Kia in a singsong voice looking at me. Sirius turned to me so fast that I thought he would get a cramp in his neck or something.

“Do you really?” asked Remus raising an eyebrow at me. I glared hard at him before I replied, “He’s cute, charming, sweet… why not?”

“So soon after we broke up?” asked Sirius in a mock-hurt voice.

“Sorry honey, didn’t realize you would feel so hurt! But I guess its ok because I just saw you snogging another girl in the corridor!”

“You did, did you” asked Sirius with a hint of pride in his voice. I rolled my eyes at him and took a mouthful of food. “Felt jealous or anything?” asked Sirius mockingly, knowing it made James furious.

“Yea… yea I did! And you know why? Because I want to snog you senseless right here right now!” I said putting my fork down and looking intensely at Sirius.

“Well then baby, here I am for you!” he said standing up and pulling me to my feet. I wondered hoe far James was going to let this go, “I know what we did was pretence but I sincerely fell in love with you…” said Sirius clutching at my shoulders and shaking me dramatically. I pushed my hair out of my face and looked at him with a small smile –

“Me too dearest Sirius, me too!” I said shaking him dramatically in turn.

“Sit down Sirius!” growled James. Sirius took no notice and continued shaking me.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier dear… why didn’t you?”

Now James got up and pulled Sirius down. Both of us sat down laughing uncontrollably.

“You know one of these days I am seriously going to curse one of you,” muttered James, put-off.

“Chill bro! We are just pretending!” I said, taking a breath and started to laugh again.

“You know Jamesie… you look cute when you are jealous,” said Lily giving him a deep kiss.

“There you go James! Doing that has its advantages!” said Sirius patting him on the back. James surfaced grinning widely.

“As long as I know it is fake. I do not like the idea of you two-” he shook a finger between me and Sirius, “AT ALL!”

At this I burst into peals of laughter. James was so cute sometimes!

“I don’t trust Juliet at all. But I trust you Sirius. I trust you a lot!” he continued ignoring me. Suddenly I stopped laughing. Somehow that did not seem funny at all. I did not know why but I had this sinking feeling in my stomach like somebody had dropped a canon ball through my mouth and it settled somewhere at the bottom of my stomach.


It was late in the evening and James was making us all practice.

“James do we…” I started wearily.

“Juliet! Winning one game will not change anything. Now get back on the job!” yelled James from the other end of the pitch.

“James come on!” yelled back Sirius flying to my side, “Juliet is tired… besides we all have homework to do… have a heart!”

James gave us a hard look, “Its Sunday tomorrow! You guys can work!” he said flying away, shouting instructions to Harry and Joe. Sirius put an arm around my shoulders –

“I tried!” He said apologetically.

“What is wrong with him? The next game is 3 weeks away!”

“Actually it is not the game that is bothering him…” I looked at Sirius quizzically. Sirius was looking in James’ direction with a troubled frown on his face.

“What is it then?” Sirius shook his head and gave me a tense smile.

“Let’s get back to work before James bites our heads off!” said Sirius flying away. He was hiding something from me.

Throughout the practice I watched James and Sirius closely. Nothing seemed to be wrong between them. It was not even near full moon so it was not that that was bothering them. James seemed a little pickier on perfection… but that was normal of him. And Sirius flew just the same today. Except that he looked exceptionally handsome in the dim lighting. He refused to fly near me but we worked well together. He knew I would ask him about James when I had a chance.

“James! Its five minutes past the junior’s bed time. We HAVE to wind up!” I yelled out looking at my watch. James looked at his watch and sighed.

“All right everybody. Good job today. I want you all here tomorrow same time.” he yelled. They entire team flew to the ground with relief. James was still circling around the stadium and I flew towards him.

“Is everything all right?” I asked.

“Yea… yea…” he said picking up speed and flying down to the castle so fast I couldn’t see where he went. I shook my head in the direction he had disappeared and landed down.

Outside the changing room I saw Sirius walking towards the common room.

“Wait up!” I shouted and ran to catch up with him.

“Hi…” he said wearily.

“Rough practice huh?” I asked skipping along next to him. He was taking really long strides, “Slow down will you? What is wrong?” He did not respond but slowed down. I did not say anything, wanting to give him some time to think.

“Juliet… can I ask you something?” he started slowly. I nodded looking at him. He stopped walking and turned to face me, “Have you ever felt… confused..?”

“A lot of times… I mean I was confused this morning when I did not know what earrings to wear. I was confused at lunch when I didn’t know if I wanted to take the pumpkin juice or not. I was confused in charms as to whom to pick for my partner. I was-”

“Juliet, Juliet, Stop! Its not what I mean.”

“Oh… what do you mean?”

“I mean… have you ever been confused about… umm… friendship?”

“Wait a minute-” it suddenly hit me, “Is this because James is going out with Lily and now you feel left out and stuff because if so I can speak to James and…”

“No this does not have anything to do with James and Lily dating. I am glad they are together. No, this is about- forget it!” he said and started walking again.

“Ok ok I won't say anything till you complete. But you are asking ridiculously vague questions.” Sirius did not say anything. We walked in silence for sometime, both of us in our own thoughts. Outside the common room I stopped him.

“Sirius, listen. I don’t know what is bothering you exactly. But let me tell you this. In friendship, there should be nothing you hide. Because if you hide anything then the friendship becomes… well… not friendship, if you get what I mean.” I sighed here, “What I want to tell you is, if you have any problems with your friend regarding anything the best way is to talk about it. This applies to all problems on the face of this earth. Trust me and go for it.”

He looked at me with a small smile. His startling blue eyes met my dark blue ones in a look so passionate that I seriously melted. Suddenly I felt something. Something I had hardly felt before. Something that I had not felt even after we had kissed. When we had kissed I had felt that it was the best kiss I had ever had. But what I felt now was equivalent to a hundred of those passionate kisses. Suddenly I was aware of the lack of distance between us. Our faces were just inches away and suddenly all I wanted to do at that moment was to grab him and kiss him like we kissed under the mistletoe. Sirius leaned forward and brushed my cheek with his fingers. My breath caught in my throat and I took a step forward. My move seemed to bring Sirius back to his senses. He immediately took a step backward. His eyes lost the passionate look and he suddenly looked nervous.

“Bollywillis” he muttered to the fat lady and by the time I went inside he had disappeared into his dormitory. I walked to my dormitory and lay on my bed trying to get my mind off what had just happened and trying my best not to think about Sirius.