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Obligated by rosethorn

Format: Short story
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 20,515

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Hermione, Narcissa, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Draco/OC, Hermione/OC

First Published: 01/07/2007
Last Chapter: 07/27/2007
Last Updated: 07/27/2007

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If i can't kill her... I'll have to love her.

Chapter 3: I Love Myself, I Hate Her

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Chapter Three: I Love Myself, I Hate Her

“Are you actually trying to get me to marry her?”

“It is a rule that we call her by her second name ‘Jane’. ‘Hermione’ would bring back memories.”

“Can’t I not call her Granger?”

“We can’t let her see things familiar.”

“My ancestor’s portraits aren’t moving.”

“Moving portraits will freak her out.”

“Father’s portrait is not moving.”

“Lucius is very memorable to her… maybe we should move him to another room more private.”

“No one’s moving father!”

“It’s just a portrait”

“He’s not an it! He’s my father and no one’s moving him!”

“Okay, I’ll visit you in Azkaban…”

“I guess I’ll see you there, because I would most probably be involved”

“The rest of the clan would probably be involved.”

“Let them rot!”

“Draco Malfoy!”

“I didn’t exactly mean what I just said”

They’ve been in the study for some time now while Hermione Granger stayed at the adjoined library, reading. After dinner without her fiancé, the ladies had said that they had to go to Draco’s study to discuss the Malfoy business which she can’t relate to. They advised her to go to sleep and rest for she was roaming the whole manor for the whole day. Instead, she was in the library, looking for some books about businesses. But there were numbers of business, which of those were the Malfoy’s she didn’t know. After sometime of reading a book about entrepreneurship, the other door to the library opened. She was still feeling bad about not seeing her fiancé the whole day so she strongly hoped that it was him.

It wasn’t him.

The young man, about her age, looked surprise for a moment when he saw her but smiled without revealing his teeth. Hermione smiled back, thinking he must know her. “Hi,” the man said in an affable tone. She smiled back as a reply for she found no voice in her throat on how handsome the man was. “I’m Alex, a relative of the Malfoys” he stretched out a hand over the table she was reading at.

She took his smooth hands and gently shook. “Hermione… Jane” she said, confused on what name to use for she had two. The man laughed slightly.

“Hermione or Jane? Which one?” he laughed a little.

“I don’t know which they call me with.” She replied, taking her hand, thinking that he was obviously not someone who knew her.

The man looked confused and raised a brow, “You don’t know?”

“I don’t. I forgot.” She said shamefully.

“Oh don’t fret!” he waved a hand as if shooing the fact that she forgot how everybody called her. “I sometimes forget myself.”

Hermione smiled back, actually feeling better. “I have amnesia.”

Alex grew a little serious, “Oh… sorry…”

“No it’s okay. They’re taking very good care of me” she said with a smile.

After that, Alex helped her find books about amnesia and they read together as if they were close friends, when he found interesting and important facts he would read them out loud. It was fun…

His head was throbbing. The ladies had their way on him again; they seemed to be so powerful and dominant of his decisions. Just as they told him to do, he went out to the library for Hermione. Talk to her or do something a fiancé should do. He felt nauseous as a thought ran up to his head and immediately erased it. Opening the door to the library, the first thing he heard was laughter. One was surely Hermione’s; the other was of another… man.

He immediately felt his blood boil at the sight of Alex. His cousin of the farthest away from the Malfoy line. Alex was someone who thinks and feels like a Malfoy when he really is not. He was the one who always blamed him with all the mishaps in the Malfoy family, always finds a way to corner him and put everything against him. But he obviously does not succeed. Although Alex tried so hard to go over Draco’s superiority in everything from women to business, he never did let him succeed. And he never will.

The two seemed oblivious to his presence which angered him more for no one ignores Draco Malfoy. Alex was looking for some competition; it seemed to him, for he saw how he looked at Hermione, like a predator looking at his prey. The bastard.

Draco walked soundlessly beside Hermione and both immediately noticed him and stopped whatever it was they were reading that seemed funny. His fiancée looked back up at him and smiled. And unwillingly, he smiled too with that gorgeous smile of his, bent down and gave her a small, quick kiss on the lips. “Sorry I didn’t make it to dinner.”

Hermione smiled back, “That’s okay… I guess. You missed Anna’s food though. Precisely delicious!” she said that with such enthusiasm an elf would cry.

“Anna?” he cluelessly asked.

“Your cook.” She replied as if it was common knowledge. He wouldn’t bother to go to the kitchens at talk to his cook; he has the butler for that. Obviously, Hermione went down to the kitchens and befriended everyone there for a whole day. He wouldn’t wonder if she’d start another department for a maid’s rights.

“Oh! Anna!” His face lightened up as if he remembered who his cook was when he really didn’t know who she was in the first place. He looked up at the defeated Alex and acted surprise to see him there. “Alex. didn’t see you there. I suppose you’ve met my future wife, Jane” he introduced looking down at Hermione, acting as if he really cared.

Alex looked shocked but kept his cool. “Yes… but your fiancée?”

“Surprised?” Draco asked, proud with a smirk on his face and a little angered for Hermione couldn’t have introduced herself as his fiancé. So that’s why he was flirting with her. And maybe she wanted it in the first place which disgusted him the most.

“It’s just that I don’t see any ring.” Alex looked at Hermione’s fingers which were visually laid over the table.

Draco looked down at her fingers too and couldn’t fail to agree that she really didn’t have any ring. He looked questioningly at Hermione and remembered that she wouldn’t know. But continued nonetheless… “Your ring, love,” he went to take her hand with his other hand, “is gone.”

“I don’t know why… I must’ve lost it in the accident.” she stated weakly, looking up at him, “sorry.”

“No… that’s okay. I’ll get you another one I suppose.” He said while calculating in his mind how much money he’s spend for the three old ladies will surely force him to buy a very expensive one.

“But I feel that there’s a sentimental value to it…” she reasoned.

“We can’t find that ring now. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure that I’ll be giving it to you on a special occasion so that it would have that value you were saying.” Hermione smiled at that and looked reassured.

“Are you sure you’re going to leave your bachelorhood for good, dear cousin?” Alex interrupted.

Draco looked back at his cousin, “For a girl like her, I gladly would.”

Alex smiled unbelievingly but continued, “So when are you going to let other people know about this?”

“They don’t know yet?” Hermione interrupted this time, a look of confusion in her eyes.

“No love,” he answered almost immediately as another lie formed its way up to his gorgeously brilliant head, “You asked to keep it a secret still.”

“Oh,” it seemed that realization dawned on her, “I guess… letting everyone know would be… scary.”


Coming from Hermione Granger’s mouth, Draco didn’t seem to believe it nor hear it too well. She seemed to have lowered her voice in saying the word, as if she too herself felt odd about it.

“I’d better go.”

That was Alex. The Malfoy wannabe seemed to have felt out of place which was exactly what Draco wanted him to feel. Making him feel out of place is putting him where he belongs. He smirked at that. “Goodbye cousin, thank you for the visit.”

“It’s a pleasure cousin.” Alex gritted a smile at him and turned to Hermione, “and I’m very glad at meeting my cousin’s lovely fiancée.” This time, he smiled that so much like a Malfoy’s smile. Only, Draco Malfoy’s was much too breathtaking than his. That is according to majority of the women. he thought. Hermione said her reply but he failed to hear it for he was much too indulged in his victory.

He waited till Alex was out of the room when he advised her to retreat to her bed chamber and rest with a fake caring look on his face, “You can’t stress yourself.”

“C’mon, I’ve been asleep for more than three days. Don’t you think I’ve had enough rest already?” she laughed, stubborn, “And besides, I’ve read that I should indulge into familiar things, and then I’d recover faster.”

It is apparent to Draco that no matter what spell you cast on her, she’s going to be the same old know-it-all bookworm. “You read?” he asked, remembering what the ladies said about familiar things to her.

“Yes… do I not read before?”

“You know how to read, but you don’t read. I mean, it’s not a hobby. In fact, you hate it.” He said that confidently it seemed real.

“Well, the accident must’ve changed that… I don’t know.” She said thoughtfully. Everything confused her. They were all just pieces of information but no memories she can relate to. She didn’t love reading, but she loved it now. Maybe what she said was true. Maybe it’s because of the accident.

“So,” he started, “the book says to indulge into familiar things…” casually reaching for the book she and Alex were reading before he arrived.

“Yes… and I was thinking, you’re the only familiar thing for me here.” She replied gently ashamed for a reason she couldn’t tell herself. He was still looking at the book, too interested to it she had the impression that he wasn’t listening to what she just said.

She was right. He wasn’t listening, for the first thing he saw on the book was a large picture of a ferret. He was probably too caught up he only realized that she was talking to him when all he heard was silence. “I’m sorry I didn’t hear what you just said.”

“I was saying maybe I could spend some time with you tonight… you know, talk.” She said that fidgeting with her fingers, nervous and not feeling good about having to rephrase her statement which he didn’t hear.

“I’m busy tonight.” He said bluntly without much gentleness to comfort her, only that smirk on his face that looked good. But still, the thought that he had no time for her nor listen to her made her feel sad.

She resentfully took the book from him and said, “Okay… I guess I’ll have to take that rest then… there’s nothing else to do.”

“Yes. Rest, that’s what you usually did.” Then he went out while Hermione one by one returned the books she just read thinking about the false information she got about herself.

It was after some time when he was writing to a muggle man that there was a slight knock at the door from the adjoining library. He didn’t want to be disturbed while working but before he could forbid that person from behind the door, it opened. Next time lock the door. he noted to himself as Hermione’s head popped in with an apologetic smile on her face, one she worn that same morning. “Hi.” Her voice echoed into the large room of unmoving portraits of his ancestors. “Sorry to disturb you but I just had the idea, maybe I could watch you working… promise I will not be a disturbance.” She finished that half way through the room. Without my permission.

With noting else to do about it, he let her sit on one of the two large, cushy armchairs in front of his large desk. He was about to go back to his letter when she sounded, “Before anything else, can I ask you one question?”

“Sure.” He replied without making the effort to look up.

“You seem to be a very eligible man… and as what you said, I hate reading and love sleeping…” she was dragging it the aura of his impatience was oozing out of his demeanor and she probably felt it for she went faster, “In short, I’m dull and lazy. Why are going to marry me?”

Why am I going to marry her?

He immediately looked up from his paper into her devastated face and confused eyes, he almost felt pity.

“I’m going to marry you because even if you don’t read that much, you’re smart and your beauty rest makes you more beautiful every day.”

He hoped that she was satisfied but unfortunately, she was not, making him doubt his brilliance for a moment.

“Another question?” he nodded at her for an approval, “would you still marry me if I start to… like reading and sleep averagely?”

“Yes, that is if you remain smart and beautiful.” He said casually, going back to what he was doing thinking about how many lies he just said in less than an hour.

“So you’re going to marry me mainly because I’m beautiful?”

I just said she’s beautiful two times, isn’t she supposed to be flattered?

She must’ve realized his growing impatience. “Sorry… that’s the third question. You don’t have to answer it. I’ll keep quite now.”

After she settled herself on one of the armchairs, everything was quite. The only sound heard was the scratching of his pen. And Hermione was contented just watching her affianced husband as his bright hair swung over his grey eyes; she could almost hear it swish with the silence; she could almost hear her heart beat after that. He said she’s beautiful two times and she felt her cheeks burn every time she thought about it.

“Jane,” She startled at his voice, it was a while that she realized that he was actually calling her.


“You said letting everyone know about our engagement is scary… why is that?” he asked, looking straight at her.

Even though she thought it was embarrassing to tell, she felt like she had to make a straight answer, “Because you’re so handsome I thought maybe many ladies would desperately want to be your wife. I thought about what they’d do if they find out about me?”

The once silent room was filled by his deep laughter which unsurprisingly surprised Hermione. Her usual emotion could be either shock or confusion. This time, it was mixed. Wasn’t it a while ago that he was so indulged to his work he barely noticed anything. Now, he was chuckling. “What?” She asked a little louder to be heard.

“nothing, it just seemed funny ‘cause that was the same thought you said before the accident.” He excused when what he truly felt was that how funny it was that Hermione Granger admitted his amazing looks in front of him. She believed him and laughed herself. So I haven’t really changed after all. she thought.

It was silence after that.





The clock chimed twelve o’clock in the morning. Draco Malfoy was done just in time. He looked over his desk to Hermione, sleeping soundlessly, and headed for the window. He had to send a letter to a wizard and he couldn’t very well do it when Hermione was wide awake. The eagle made its silent exit carrying his letter and Draco was left to deal with his fiancée. His fiancée, who really is not, was positioned uncomfortably over the chair. Her head against the wooden edge of the chair’s back was going to fall soon, so was the shoulder of her long-sleeved night dress; the small cushion pillow which was supposed to support her back was gently pressed over her chest with her arms around it while her long legs stretched awkwardly down to the floor. With her pale and sickly look, she almost looked dead. He stretched out a hand over her nose to see if she’s breathing and disappointedly found out that she was.

“Hermione… Jane wake up.”

Her head finally fell, but it did not bother her in anyway.

“Granger wake up!” he said a little louder. But still no use. The only probable way to actually wake her up was to flip the chair over. Or I could kill her now. he thought to himself and actually checked his pocket for his wand, but it wasn’t there, nor in any of his pockets. He sat at the chair opposite hers and continued calling all the names he could think about.

“Hey Granger!”

“Know-it-all wake up.”



“Wake up you mudblood!”

“Hey muggle girl!”

But to no avail and he was getting drowsy himself. Leaving her there was a convenient option and she’ll have a stiff neck by tomorrow and Narcissa, Olive and Marta are going to wrestle him. Having decided on what to do, he stood grudgingly from his seat towards Hermione, slid an arm behind her neck and another under her knees, gathered all his strength and pulled her up to him. She moved and unconsciously draped her arms around his neck. In her circumstance, she was quite heavy, it took him forever to kick the door to his large room and place her over the bed, to the farthest right.

She slept as soundlessly as the night as he pulled the blanket over her to her neck. And for a second as the light from his window illuminated her face, he looked at her, then got dressed; slid to the farthest left of his large bed, closed his eyes finding his sleepiness was gone. He looked at Hermione far beside him. Strands of her hair fell on her face but she looked very oblivious to the probable itchy feeling. Hermione Jane Granger, the know-it-all mudblood bookworm was lying on his bed where he himself was in.

Do I hate her?

I pity her… sort of.

But I hate her.

I love myself.

And he was wide awake all night finding the connection between hating her and loving himself.

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