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[{x}]She Cried Bloody Murder[{x}]) by XwhisperXinsanityX

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 15,802
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Mystery, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Harry/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/11/2007
Last Chapter: 03/05/2007
Last Updated: 03/05/2007

There's been a murder at Hogwarts, but it hasn't even happened yet. Kieran has a secret to hold. Can she prevent herself from doing the unspeakable? Or will feelings get in the way?

Chapter 3: -Control and Tricks- (Part Two)

        We held our ground until New Years. We had a mission planned. We were going into the Forbidden Forest. The only other we trusted was Tatiyana. It was the three of us breaking enough rules to get kicked out of Hogwarts tonight, but none of us cared. It was something to get our mind off of everything else.

        We were to meet outside of Hagrid’s, unseen. It was dark for an early evening. The sky was covered with thick, wet clouds, shouting massive amounts of snow at my face as I stood as the first one to show. Niki and Tat should be here any moment, I prayed as my fingers begin to go numb. I slide down against Hagrid’s house, relaxing my feet. Of course, when I’m in a position of weakness, a large, female shaped shadow begins creeping its way close to me. I roll onto my knees, grabbing my wand out of my back pocket in the process; putting myself into cautious overdrive as I watch the shadow get nearer with every large step. The mystery woman was almost upon me. I squinted my eyes in slight fear.

        Thinking I was to see the long, unmistakable light blue hair of the creature in Dumbledore’s office, I was relieved but angered as Tatiyana wiped around the corner. Her beautiful pitch-black hair, done up in some twisty, breaded design as always, was flecked with sparkling snow flakes, adding to the effect of her blindingly bright blue eyes. “What are you doing on the ground…with a wand pointed dangerously my way?”

        “Well you had to go and sneak up on me like that! Where’s Niki?”


        “She’s almost here. I decided to walk ahead of her after the first half hour of her complaining.”

        “Snow?” I asked simply. She shook her head ‘yes’ in an annoyed fashion.


        The humming of Niki’s voice got louder as she got closer. As she turned to find us she began to complain more aggressively about the cold substance that she hated so.

        “So, seeing as we’re all here…!” I began to yell over Niki. “May we please get on with it?”


        Niki looked at me with her eyes as slits, showing her anger for me cutting off her precious moments of venting. I ignored it, knowing it would blow over, and began leading the pair into the forest as sneakily as possible.


        “How are we supposed to know where in the Forbidden Forest she is?” Tat asked after about ten minutes of wondering.


        “Oh I’m sure I’ll spot a familiar tree branch.” I answered smartly.

        “Guys seriously, I’m cold and afraid and it’s getting really dark out!” Niki whined. She was right, the clouds made it dark enough. Now the trees are blocking out any chance of a lone ray. I began to think I’m just leading a wild goose chance. How am I supposed to know where this creature is anyway?

        I spun around, stopping the chain of motion, mouth wide open as I was about to recommend the idea of heading back until I come up with something better. Before I could slip out a slight squeak, though, my body froze at the sight of a hippogriff that was way too close for my comfort. 

        “Oh my God it’s her isn’t it!” Niki shrieked as she covered her eyes with her trembling hands.

        Tat shot around immediately with her arms held high, as defense or a scare tactic, I am not sure. “A hippogriff! Back away guys, back away!”

        “What are you going to do, Tat, poke it to death?” I added humor to the moment, mocking her jeering fingers. Before she could shoot me back with an insult the hippogriff took action, standing on its hind legs, ready to kick. I heard a distant swooshing sound, made from wings other than the ones in front of us. I looked to the tree tops to see the mystery creature diving in on a crash landing, pointed right between us and the hippogriff, her long blue hair ruffling in the wind.

        “Guys run! Now!” I took off in the opposite direction of the future crash, only to make it a few steps and then land on my head painfully. I squinted as my eyes began to water, got on my hands and knees and began to slowly look around. Niki and Tat were on the ground as well, staring in awe at the action a head. I looked up with the consequence of a brief sharp pain in my temple, but it was worth it. The giant, female creature was flapping her massive, feathery wings violently at the hippogriff, attempting to scare it off. White, fluffy feathers were drifting gently past us, dropping to the ground like rain in slow motion.

        The hippogriff backed away a few steps from where it originally was but was not showing any signs of running for its life. Instead, it stared at the girl with mesmerized, glossy eyes and bowed its head slowly, lowering its knee to the ground, softly cooing.


        The girl dropped her wings cautiously, her arms still held wide as if to maintain defense. After a few moments of all of us, including the mystery girl, staring at the hippogriff in amazement, the girl dropped her arms and cocked her head confusedly.

        “What the - “ she began to say, cut off by the spreading wings of the hippogriff as it took flight, making sure it did not turn it’s back to the girl. After the hippogriff was completely out of sight the girl turned her head slowly to see if we were still squatting behind her. I had just now realized that she was completely naked with only her gigantic (about 30 feet I’d say) wings blocking some skin. When she realized we were gawping at her body she swiftly wrapped her wings around herself in replacement of clothing and began to run.

        “No, wait!” Niki yelled, raising from the ground, dirt stains on her knees and snow wetness as high as her thighs, or lack of. “Please…what are you?” Leave it to Niki to be blunt.


        The girl stopped. Hesitantly turning around, not daring to unfold her wings.

        “What she means is who are you?” I said with a stabbing glance at Niki.

        “Well, my name is Jaye.”

        I walked up to Jaye cautiously, trying not to scare her away. By the time I got an arm and a half’s length from her my neck became strained just so that I was able to see her face. I could now see her eyes. About twice the size of mine, twinkling, as they reminded me of the Caribbean Sea. She looked like a normal teenage girl except for the height and wing factor.

        I held my hand out invitingly. “Nice to meet you Jaye, my name is Kieran.” Jaye stretched out an enlarged arm with difficulty from under her wings and shook mine. “Now, how about we go get you some clothes.”



        As we began walked back to Hogwarts I introduce Jaye to Niki and Tat. Jaye explained how she could contract her wings back into her body when she wanted to which is why I didn’t see them when she was in Dumbledore office. She also explained how she was part angel and part demon (believe it or not), which explains her size, and how Hagrid saved her from death.

        “So let me get this straight. Neither of your parents wanted you so they took you to the forest when you were an infant to be killed by other creatures?” I repeated.

        “Yep!” she replied a little too cheery for a girl who was supposed to be dead.

        “And Hagrid found you and raised you in his hu- err, house?”

        “That’s right! And I’ve been going to school. I started a year late so I’m in year 6 but I usually just take private lessons from teachers.”

        “What house are you in?” Tat asked curiously.


        “Dammit! Why is everyone always in Gryffindor?”

        “Ha-ha, poor little Ravenclaw,” said Nikita as she patted Tat’s head and smiled sheepishly.

        “Oh my gosh I can’t wait to show you guys to Hagrid! You’re the only humans that have ever wanted to know me, other than the teachers!”

        “Whoa, whoa, whoa! You can’t tell Hagrid that we were in the Forbidden Forest! He’ll tell Dumbledore and we’ll be doomed!” I panicked.

        “You obviously don’t know Hagrid very well,” said Jaye as we all shook our heads ‘no’, all except Niki who of course knew Hagrid. She’s dating Harry Potter after all.

        “I just don’t know why I haven’t found out about you after all these years,” Niki mused.

        “Don’t feel left out. Harry doesn’t know either. Hagrid promised not to tell a soul, not till I was ready.” Jaye led us straight to Hagrid’s. She wasn’t hesitant to burst open the door and shove us in to face the gruff looking man. He stared at us over his gigantic mug with panic stricken eyes. “Hagrid! Meet my new friends: Kieran, Tatiyana and Nikita.” Jaye pointed us out one by one, prancing around happily.

        Hagrid, on the other hand, didn’t look too excited. “Jaye, your, um, friends…need ter leave. It’s, err, gettin’ late an’ they’re supposed ter be in the school.”   

        “Yes! School! Warm comfy school…” said Niki as her eyes rolled back in day dreams.


        “But Hagrid…” pleaded Jaye.

        “Maybe…maybe some other time, Jaye. Sorry fella’s…” Hagrid finished as he showed us the door. We walked out a little disappointedly, all except for Niki who ran out in victory.

        As the door shut behind us I hesitated by the steps to hear the conversation inside. “You’re not going to tell Dumbledore, are you?” Jaye questioned Hagrid.

        “I-I actually can’t promises tha’ Jaye.”

        My eyes widened in fear. He can’t tell Dumbledore. He just can’t.




        Hagrid’s POV

        It was the morning after the visit of all visits. I was off to Dumbledore’s office, my hands trembling as I ascended the steps. I knocked on the door with a little too much power, creating a tiny crack.

        “Come in, Hagrid.” I entered the room. “What is it you have to tell me?” Dumbledore asked calmly.

        “It’s…err…it’s ter do with Jaye, sir. She…she’s found new friends.”

        “Has she? Well that’s wonderful Hagrid.”

        “No it’s not! It’s them, Dumbledore, it’s the-“ I couldn’t push myself to finish the sentence.

        “I see,” Dumbledore answered smoothly, turning his back on me to peer out the window quietly. “I do not think there is anything wrong with that, Hagrid, do you?”

        “Well o’ course I do! You know what they say. They’re gonna get worse. And yer know it was Jaye’s birthday! I don’t want anythin' ter happen ter her!”

        “Calm yourself, Hagrid. I would wish for you to not interfere with this budding friendship. I would like to see where it goes. Trust me, Hagrid, I would not choose anything that I think would hurt them,” Dumbledore finished to ease my concerned expression. “I’m giving you permission to make the decision to tell Jaye about this or not. Now, if there is nothing else you wish to discuss with…”

        “No, there isn’. Thank yer Dumbledore.” I walked out of the office with my head held down. I was not expecting that. No matter, I walked back to my house knowing I should trust Dumbledore. It calmed me down a bit, but seeing Jaye as I entered the building didn’t help much.

        “Hagrid, I have something to ask you,” she began. “Last night, when I met those girls, they were under attack by a hippogriff. The weird thing is, when I went to scare it away it bowed to me. Shouldn’t it have attacked? Or at least ran away?”

        “Err-“ I knew why it didn’t attack. I knew what I had to tell her. I knew what was going to happen once I did.


        End Hagrid’s POV


        “So why do we have to go back there?” Niki pouted.

        “Because she’s our friend now and we need to show her the ropes,” I answered sternly.

        “Ha-ha, I feel cool. I have a giant as a friend,” Tat smirked. We started at her concernedly. “What?”


        We passed the Great Hall and as I was glaring at Tat my peripherals caught a glance of Draco, rising from his table.


        “Oh crap he’s after me! Hide!” I grabbed Niki and Tat by the loose clothing on their arms and threw them into a dark corner with me.

        “Well, I’m thankful for the kinky offer, Kieran, but I don’t swing that way.” Niki said causing Tat to double over laughing.


        “Come on guys, he’s coming!” I panicked.

        “Oh God this has been going on for too long,” moaned Niki. They became quiet for a moment as Draco came nearer, swinging his head back and forth in confusion. He was a few more long steps before us when Nikita had the bright idea to completely humiliate me and throw me out of the corner. Tripping over myself uncontrollably, Draco came running over to catch me.

        This would be romantic, if only I had wanted it. “Err, sorry ‘bout that.” I snuck an evil glance at Niki as they were both doubled over laughing now.


        “Uh, it’s alright.” He was looking around, seeing if anyone had captured his act of kindness. He then quickly let go of me, causing me to stumble and nearly fall on my bottom as he brushed himself off of me.

        Oh sure ‘he really does like you Kieran!’ Rubbish! “So…”

        “Yeah, I haven’t seen you around lately,” he said, making sure he avoided eye contact.

        “Yeah…I’ve been-”

        “-busy? Yeah…me too.”

        I scuffed my shoe against the marble floor, amusing myself as this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. “Well, I better go.”

        “Me too-”

        “I’ve got things to do.” We announce together, waving lazily goodbye and rushing off in the opposite direction of each other immediately.


        I kept walking, not stopping for a moment for Tat and Niki, still bent in enthusiastic laughter. No matter, they ran up to my sides, barking in my ears.

        “That-was-so-stupid!” Tat breathed between chuckles.

        “Way to ruin a good thing, Kieran!” Niki shot at me.

        “Good thing my ass! If you would just bud out of my personal life once in awhile maybe I would find a good thing!” I blew up. I couldn’t help it. I had more trying to slip away on the tip of my tongue but I bit it down and walked away, leaving a bewildered Nikita and Tatiyana behind.    


        I barged out of the doors, leading me outside. I didn’t go to Hagrid’s. I was still too angry. I sat down in the shade of a crooked oak tree, hoping it would relax me. Just a few moments went by and Niki was already trying to quietly place herself beside me.


        “Niki, can you ever just give me a little bit of time?” I begged.

        “No, I can’t. Kieran, you’re practically my sister. I’m suppose to always be there for and you for me. I want us to fix this now, not later. I’m sorry, OK? I’ll try to trust your decisions more often but we have to be more honest with each other.”

        “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

        Before we could finish our touchy conversation and clear everything up a disturbing noise screeched its way through our ears.

        “What the-”

        Suddenly there were pounding foot steps behind us. “Did you guy’s hear that?” Tat asked in alarm.

        “It’s her. It was her screaming,” Niki announced, eyes steady on Hagrid’s.

        “Well let’s go!”

        Tat leaded our race to Hagrid’s house, as far as the front steps, until we were whooshed back, me landing on my head once again. I’m going to have migraines forever.


        I looked back up to the house; the door was snapped right off its hinges. I looked around for what did it. Almost emerged in the Forbidden Forest was Jaye. The only way of me realizing it was her was the large amount of feathers tumbling off her wings, revealing a boney, leathery structure. Her skin was changing, turning darker and darker red by the second, cracking and crumbling as she moved. Long, gruesome claws stretched from her fingers and toes. I couldn’t see her face. I don’t know if I’d want to. All I knew was that that was a side of Jaye that I didn’t want to be friends with.




        Nikita’s birthday. It’s Valentines Day. The Jaye out burst was more than a month ago. It got sorted out pretty well, although it took three days to get her out of the Forbidden Forest. You’d think that was because she was upset, but it was because she loved it too much in there. We’ve been assigned (or volunteered) to assist Hagrid in training Jaye to control her anger and fear, which, by the way, we figured out was how that creature was formed. Though we never bothered to ask why she had gotten so upset. A conversation for another time. Right now, though, it’s my best friend’s 18th birthday. We're in the Forbidden Forest and boy, are we drunk.

        “Guy’s we’re all going to die tonight,” Niki whined into my shoulder in which she was resting on.

        “Not as long as I’m here!” Jaye exclaimed with a heroic, hip-grabbing stance to back herself up.

        “The drunken angel/demon who has probably already forgotten how to unfold her wings by this point anyways is going to save us all Niki,” I remarked with a smirk.

        We all explode with laughter as Jaye cocks her head confusedly at her back, twitching in the struggle for remembrance. Her wings shoot open, her face distorts, and her ass is going to be bruised for the next week or so.

        “AAH! My asshole!” Jaye screamed, shooting up from the dirt, running in a circle with hands clutched to her bottom cheeks. 
        By this point we were spread out on the filthy ground begging Jaye to stop making us laugh unintentionally. A twig snapped from the opposite direction of Jaye. Everyone’s frozen. Even Jaye’s ass had temporarily stopped hurting. We’re listening closely, staring off into the black hole between two massive trees, waiting for a presence to come through. I thought for sure it was going to be an authority. Suddenly there was a grunting nose, then a sort of squawk, then out came our old friend the hippogriff. The shuffling of feet, setting themselves steady to run was the next noise.

        “No wait,” Jaye said calmly, she hasn’t taken her eyes off the spot since we first heard the twig snap. Her arm was outstretched, signaling us to stay calm and keep still. She walks over to the hippogriff silently, the hippogriff bowed to her first, and then she bowed to it. “This is Thaddeus. He’s the hippogriff we saw before. I really got to know him when I was caging myself in the Forest.” She stroked his head gently as his beak nipped at her clothing. We stared at her wordlessly; probably all thinking the same thing, ‘she’s crazy’. “What?” she questioned us all in general, account of our eyebrow raised faces, as she mindlessly pet the creature. “He’s fine, he won’t hurt us.”

        “Not as long as the drunken angel/demon with the burning ass is here,” I giggled, breaking the tension. 

        Jaye’s face scrunched with annoyance and anger. At the same time the creature snarled and kicked the ground at us.

        “Kieran, we listen to Jaye, she can make the beastie go away,” said Niki as she squirmed behind my back. 


        Jaye’s face suddenly lit up. Her lips curled into a mischievous smile. “Who wants to ride him?”

        “Are you insane?” exclaimed Tat.


        “No, I’m completely serious!” Without a heads-up Jaye grabbed Tat’s wrist aggressively and forces her on the hippogriffs back, slapping the side of the beasts back leg with excessive force. Thaddeus reared into the air with a yelp, barely heard over Tat’s. The pair shot through into the moonlight so that they were no longer visible. Sooner than later, though, Tat placed her feet lovingly on the cold, hard ground again. Her face may have been red with wind bite and fingers shaking with fright but she begged for more. By the end of the night, when the alcohol has settled, we had taken turns finding out how it felt to fly. The most amazing experience I’ve ever had on Nikita’s birthday.




        It’s our first lesson on training Jaye. Hagrid has us outside his hut. The snow is beginning to melt already under the piercing sun, causing my shoes to sog. All three of us were squishing the slush strewn snow under our feet waiting for Hagrid to come out and tell us what to do next. We had our wands out, at the ready, like he had told us earlier.

        The door opened wide and out came Hagrid with Jaye…on a leash. “I know yer not gonna like it, Jaye, but we can’ risk the same thing as las’ time.”

        Jaye scowl immensely. The chain was clearly gold, shinny like an overly huge necklace across her neck. Hagrid clipped the chain to a hook in the ground and began the training.

        “OK, what I wan’ yer three ter do is say n’ do wha’ yeah can ter get Jaye angry,” Hagrid winked with the company of a ‘thumbs-up’ then turned to Jaye. “An’ I want yer ter do wha’ ever yer can do to stay calm n’ not let them get ter yeah. OK, begin the lesson!”

        Hagrid took a step away and left an open gap between us and Jaye. Jaye looked irritated enough already, the last thing I wanted to do is hit the right button to set her off again. I looked at the others curiously. They too looked as confused and hesitant as I.

        “C’mon now gals, get rough with her, say somethin’ mean!” Hagrid coaxed.

        “Err, you’re ugly,” I finally caved with the first thing I could think of that was hurtful.

        “You’re fat too!” Tat yelled as if she was so proud of herself for the insult she formed.

        The insults trailed one after the other with more meaning each time. Niki mentioned the fact of her giant height. I’m sure that made some effect. My evidence being the burning red flame effect in the glow of Jaye’s eyes afterwards. Jaye was controlling herself very well though, most of the time. Hagrid called out for us to start using spells. I used expelliarmus, although she was not armed, it was the first thing to come to mind. Believe it or not, me being a great witch and all, it did pretty good, a little too good actually.

        Jaye jumped back in pain, the golden neck brace yanking her back before she could fly too far away from us. Jaye began to change. Her skin was reddening, but slowly. Her eyes burning red with fire. Her nails and teeth began to grow long and yellow. She stretched herself out and roared with anger. I backed away nervously. Hagrid wouldn’t let her lash out on us would he? As I thought these words Jaye extended her arm rapidly. I ducked, Tat ducked, Niki shrieked. I closed my eyes before I could see anything. I was afraid of what was to happen to my best friend.

        I lifted an eyelid slightly, enough to peer out over to where Niki would be. She was on the ground, alive but in pain. I pulled myself together and ran over, Jaye still roaring madly above us now. I fell to my knees beside Niki. She was cradling her arm which was holding a deep gash, deep enough to separate her arm in two.

        “Oh my God, Niki…” I was speechless, staring at her wound, not knowing what to do. Tat was now on her other side, dirt filled from the crawl over. Hagrid yelled something to us about help but I wasn’t paying attention, I was now staring, awe-stricken, at the slowly deteriorating gash in Niki’s arm. The wound was healing, filling itself up with new skin before my eyes. In seconds it looked as if it was never there, just a thing of my imagination. I looked up at the two; they were as confused as I, our eyes locking in question. What the hell was that?