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She's In Love With The Rat by Kira

Format: Novel
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 86,809

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 11/14/2006
Last Chapter: 07/02/2007
Last Updated: 04/22/2013


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Katie Potter is the seventeen year old, never been kissed, sister of James Potter and she is certain that she is in love with Sirius Black. However, fate’s winding road leads her, instead, into the arms of the last person she ever expected; a person who would make her life extraordinary at one moment... and then tear it to shreds. And he spends some of his time as a rat...

Chapter 6: Kissing Peter

Authors Note: Thanks to everyone who has been reading and reviewing! I am starting to really get into this story and the scary thing is that I actually like it. (Normally I’m convinced that my work is awful.) Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy this chapter and thanks a million again for reading!! Also the first part of this chapter about failing Astronomy class is totally true for me. I cannot do astronomy. I failed a test today…sigh…Oh well! I got over that fast.

Chapter Six

Kissing Peter

Circumpolar constellations is the name given to:

A: When did we learn this?
B: Can you say FAIL?!
C: I’m the right answer! (Just Kidding!)
D: All of the above.

I groaned as I shifted my quill around in my hands with severe discomfort. This was what the Astronomy test looked like to me the following morning. Astronomy is not only my worst subject (something just refuses to click for me) but I found it even harder to concentrate with this atrocious rumor flying about.

After Claire had confronted me in the library I wandered the halls for awhile hunting for my alleged kissing partner. I had no luck so I decided to head back up to the Common Room and “study” for my Astronomy test. I stared at the cover of “A Student’s Guide to the Galaxy” but the book refused to open for me. My thoughts were whizzing around my head so fast I couldn’t begin to thing about constellations or right ascensions.

I regretted not forcing myself to study now of course, pleading my head to come up with the correct answers. I really didn’t need another poor grade in this class. Luckily the test was multiple choice questions so I managed to guess on every single one.

Luckily might be too strong a word.

“Time is up!” Professor Carba sang cheerfully. I buried my head over my test and quickly circled random letter for the last couple questions. I passed my test to the student whom had been selected to collect them in a daze. Oh, what a horrible day… I slung my bag across my shoulder and left the classroom. As I headed down the spiral staircase of the Astronomy Tower I noticed James and Sirius waiting at the bottom. Where they waiting for me? That was strange. James never usually went out of his way to talk to me.

“James? Sirius?” I said as I reached the foot of the stairs. He looked up at me and grinned.

“Hey sis! How’s it going?” he asked sounding very pleased for some reason. I smoothed a piece of hair behind my ears before answering in a very unconvincing voice,


His smiling still wasn’t faltering. He hadn’t looked this happy since the first day he and Lily started to date. I tried not to stare at Sirius too much but he looked particularly good today.

No, I thought furiously to myself. No thinking about him. I had to get to class anyway.

“What’s going on, James?” I asked, looking at my watch. “I have to get to Herbology.” He didn’t answer right away so I immediately started to go around him. James quickly jumped in front of me.

‘Whoa, whoa, wait a minute,” he said. “I just need to talk to you about something.”


“About you and Peter.”

Oh no. Why does he care? Doesn’t he know the whole thing is just a dumb rumor? Wouldn’t he have talked to Peter yet? I told all my friends first thing that the story wasn’t true. I sneaked another look at Sirius telling myself that he was terribly jealous.

I’m hopeless.

The next thing that James said brought me out of by trance.

“I think it’s just great!”

“What?” I gasped, slightly horrified. James gave me an awkward hug which shocked me to my very soul. I couldn’t remember the last time he had ever hugged me. I broke away from him and he must have seen the confused look on my face.

“Hey, it’s not every day that your best friend and sister well…you know….” He didn’t know how to word the end of his sentence. He straightened his glasses, slightly embarrassed, but still beaming like a ray of sunlight.

“Well, that day isn’t today,” I muttered. “Nothing happened between me and Peter. Absolutely nothing.” James looked surprised but Sirius looked rather bored with the events. Terribly jealous I kept telling myself.

“Nothing is going on between you two?” James asked, apparently needing more confirmation.

“No James,” I answered, patting his shoulder. “And you need to learn the difference between rumors and facts. If you really wanted to know what happened you should have just asked me or Peter.”

Now James looked really confused.

“I did,” he said in a slightly raised voice. “I talked to Peter last night.”


“And that’s not what he said,” James finished.

Oh, I think I’m going to be sick.

“Are you serious James? He really didn’t deny it?” James simply nodded his head.

Oh crap. Why must things like this happen to me? The whole world thought I had gotten my kiss…the thing I’ve been waiting for and I hadn’t! Why would Peter go along with such a dumb rumor? I’m going to kill him.

“I’m going to kill him,” I said in a voice that even scared me. I glanced at my watch again. Darn. Ten minutes late already. I’m going to kill him after class then.


“Please just let me in!” I yelled to the Fat Lady in her silk pink dress, smirking within her frame.

“This Common Room is for Gryffindors,” she answered in a snooty voice.

“This is an emergency!” I gasped. “Can’t you make an exception?”

“No, I’m afraid that would be impossible.” I was about to turn away, defeated when Remus came around the corner, his nose in a book.

“REMUS!” I yelled, scaring him half to death. I rushed over to him, all red in the face and sweaty. Remus was looking at me as if I had lost my mind and was clutching his book to his chest for protection. I can’t blame him, really. My hair was a mess, flying in more directions than I knew existed and my eyes were wide giving me a sort of crazed look.

“What’s up?” Remus asked, trying to sound casual (probably in an attempt to calm me down.)

“I need to talk to Peter, but she won’t let me in!” I yelled, pointing at the Fat Lady accusingly.

“You do know that’s her job?” he replied a small smile dancing across his lips.

“Don’t push me Remus,” I responded dangerously. “Now’s not the time.” Remus nodded hurriedly and said a word to the Fat Lady that I didn’t even comprehend. I bolted inside the minute it opened; on the hunt.

I wandered about the Common Room in a daze, Remus following me with a worried look on his face.

“Do you want to talk to him about the kiss?” he asked from behind me. I whirled around so fast that he almost smacked into me.

“That kiss never happened,” I hissed and continued my search. Remus backed off after that and disappeared somewhere. I still couldn’t find Pettigrew. What if he wasn’t even in here? I had enough with looking. I cleared my throat and hollered at the top of my lungs,

“PETER!” Everyone turned to stare at me. All the Gryffindors were giving me disgusted looks as they pulled their pieces of parchment closer to them and shook their heads at my outburst. The next thing I knew Peter was next to me.

“What on earth are you yelling for?” he asked. How could he be acting so calm? As if nothing had happened.

“You know exactly what you did Pettigrew,” I shrieked, drawing more looks. Peter gave them a nervous smile and took me by the arm. He led me further away from the cluster of students so we could talk privately. When we reached a suitable destination he turned to face me, his hands resting gently on my shoulders.

“Do we have a problem?” he inquired, his curly brown hair falling into his eyes; he didn’t bother to move it.

“Yes we do,” I answered sharply, shoving his hands away from me. “Why are you telling people that we were snogging by the lake?”

“I didn’t tell anyone that,” he replied, trying to keep the guilt out of his voice.

“Don’t lie to me,” I said, disgusted. Peter sighed a sick, desperate sigh.

“I didn’t tell anyone it was true,” he said again. “I just didn’t deny it when they asked me. Technically I didn’t lie.”

“Oh, how clever!” I exclaimed sarcastically. “Why would you do something so stupid?”

“It’s hard to explain,” he replied quietly. This meant that Peter knew the exact reason but was too embarrassed to say what it was.

“Try,” I snarled.

“I guess pretending to have kissed you made me feel different. But different in a good way.” I must have looked terribly bemused because he pressed onwards.

“People would come up to talk with me; I wasn’t the only one starting conversations. They were interested in me. They wanted to know if it was true, how I was feeling about things. Even the Marauders got closer to me. Sirius was just plain impressed, James was ecstatic, and Remus really seemed to really approve of something I did for once.”

I threw my hands up in the air, completely livid.

“Peter, this is the kind of thing that we have been talking about! You need to be you! Why are you hiding behind these completely false things?”

“It just felt nice to be someone different,” I mumbled miserably.

“You don’t have to be someone different!” I shot back. “You disgust me when you think like that!” Now, Peter got fired up.

“Like you’re much better?” he growled. “Like you don’t act differently when you are surrounded by your friends! Like you wouldn’t change if you could! Like you don’t worry about romance or first kisses! Like you don’t care what others think of you! You’re a walking contradiction! Everything you’re saying to me you should be saying to yourself!”

His words stung me. My very soul seemed to quiver a little. I felt ill. He’s right. I preach things I don’t follow. I do worry about the fact that I am almost eighteen and I’ve never had a kiss before. I do worry about never having a boyfriend. I disgust myself. Tears started to burn at the corners of my eyes, and I hurried to turn away from Peter so he wouldn’t see.

“Katie…” he murmured, touching my shoulder lightly.

“Don’t touch me,” I gasped dramatically and rushed away from him and didn’t stop running until I had reached the safety of my bed in the Hufflepuff Common Room.


If the next day hadn’t been Saturday I don’t know what I would done. I stayed in my bed until noon, feeling quite miserable. I probably would have stayed there all day if Lily hadn’t come bursting in.

She plopped down on my bed and pulled my covers off.

“Come on, we’re going to Hogsmeade today!”

“Cripe! How did you even get in here?” I muttered in my I-just-woke-up-so-leave-me-alone-voice.

“I have people on the outside,” Lily responded jokingly, smiling radiantly. “But the girls and I are going to go dress shopping in Hogsmeade and then we are going to meet up with some people at the Three Broomsticks later in the evening.”

“Dress shopping?” I inquired.

“For the dance of course. It’s only a month away.” I groaned, pulling the covers over my head again. That was not what I needed to hear right now. My whole losing weight campaign had not been going well. The last thing I needed to see was all my skinny friends twirling around in dresses asking “Do I look fat in this?” When they know perfectly well that they can’t look fat in anything. And talk like that would make me feel like a hippo.

“As your friend I’m not letting you spend another minute in this bed,” Lily commanded. “Now get dressed and meet us downstairs in the great hall in fifteen minutes.” She breezed out the door leaving me alone again. I turned things over in my mind in a distressed sort of way.

The next thing I knew I was grabbing a pair of jeans…


Hogsmeade was beautiful, but chilly this November. Lily, Claire, Vicky, and I entered Madame Carolina’s dress shop; the others all in high spirits. Madame Carolina greeted us like we were royalty and was terribly excited to hear we were all looking for dresses for a dance.

“Must look pretty for all the boys,” she gushed, causing me to roll my eyes. Was I being difficult? Yeah, a little bit. I was just not feeling myself today. Not after my outburst with Peter. Gosh, he can be infuriating sometimes. But then, so can I.

The dress shop was actually quite lovely. Dresses of every color and style were clinging to the walls or hanging on racks for our choosing. I was feeling pretty hesitant. Was I even going to this thing? Was I going to have a date? Yeah right!

At the end of the shopping experience, however, we all left with dresses. Lily’s was ice blue and it went all the way down to the floor. I must say it looked breathtaking with her red hair. Claire had found one that was strapless and made of a shiny purple material that matched her almost violet eyes. (Claire does not need straps, let me tell you.) Vicky’s was a dark, navy blue, sparkly, and it went down to her knees. My dress was brown. Now wait a minute before you judge me too harshly. Let me describe it! I don’t want you thinking I bought an ugly dress.

It was a brown that matched my chocolate hair and eyes. The straps had gold ribbons wound around them and a gold flower at the shoulder. The dress went down a little past my knees and it’s that great material that swooshes out when you twirl in a circle. The top had those lines and creases in it that make me look really skinny (and it keeps my gut in). It was actually quite pretty. I was surprised that it actually looked alright on me.

With our purchases at hand we headed off to the Three Broomsticks. I felt a lot better. Actually dress shopping had really helped me. I wasn’t’ so angry at Peter anymore. I was feeling calm and I was hoping he would be there so I could talk to them.

The place was abuzz when we walked through the door. We easily located the Marauder Table which was nearly full. When James saw Lily coming he immediately made sure that there was enough room for her to squeeze in next to him. He gave her a light kiss on the lips. Claire and Vicky managed to find spots but I continued to stand in hopes of a better view. I do seem to be looking for Peter an awful lot. It was loud. Clinking glasses, loud shouting, and a tremendous amount of laughter.

I continued to scan the table. I didn’t see Peter anywhere. I spotted Remus at the end of the table and called out,

“Where’s Peter?” He gave me a worried look for a second before answering,

“He’s outside. The benches out front. But I should tell…” I couldn’t hear anything else. Sirius had apparently made a really funny joke because there was a huge roar of laughter from everyone. I waved to Remus and made my way to the door. How could I have missed Peter coming in?

As I went outside back into the fall weather I found the benches Remus had described. What I saw made my heart leap in my chest. Peter and some girl I had never seen in my whole Hogwarts career were wrapped together; attached at the lips. I tried to gasp, but the sound just got caught in my throat.

I moved away from the scene feeling cold. I don’t care. I really don’t.

Why would I?

Why on earth am I crying?