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She's In Love With The Rat by Kira

Format: Novel
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 86,809

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 11/14/2006
Last Chapter: 07/02/2007
Last Updated: 04/22/2013


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Katie Potter is the seventeen year old, never been kissed, sister of James Potter and she is certain that she is in love with Sirius Black. However, fate’s winding road leads her, instead, into the arms of the last person she ever expected; a person who would make her life extraordinary at one moment... and then tear it to shreds. And he spends some of his time as a rat...

Chapter 5: Ripples

Yes! Another Chapter! I am so excited! I, of course, hope you are happy as well! I am very pleased to announce that I am now a trusted author! Smiles all around and thanks to all my readers and reviewers! I thank you for your support and encouragement.

Chapter Five


And so it went. Whenever Peter needed to talk about his feelings for Lily, he would come talk to me. When I wanted to talk about my feelings for Sirius I would go talk to him. It was nice; I’m not going to lie. I had never thought in a million years that I would be talking to Peter Pettigrew about these sorts of things. Why did I do it? It made me feel comfortable that he was going through the same thing as I was. It made my embarrassment disappear knowing he was feeling the same sorts of feelings.

The next time I discussed Sirius with another person was at a Monday morning breakfast with Vicky. The highly intelligent Vicky with her black curls and sparkly blue eyes was absentmindedly picking at the cereal in her bowl. She pushed it around a lot with her spoon, yet none of the soggy pieces made it all the way into her mouth. She nodded a lot to the story I was telling, but she made no efforts to speak. The magical sky above us was a deep, steely grey. There were no visible cloud shapes in the sky, just a blah canvas of nothing that matched Vicky’s downcast mood. After I had nearly talked myself to death I could take it no longer.

“Vicky, what’s wrong. You look upset.” There was guilt in those eyes when she looked at me. It seemed as if she really didn’t want to talk about what was troubling her, but at the same time she was desperate to share. She bit her lip, trying to keep in the thing she wanted to say. I was about to urge her further, when she burst out,

“I am such a slut!” A couple of people nearby who heard her exclamation turned to stare. I grinned nervously at them but stared them down until they returned to their meals and quiet conversations. I looked back at Vicky who had red blush starting to creep its way across her pale cheeks.

“Vicky, you are not a slut,” I responded confidently. “Why would you say something like that?”

“Trust me,” Vicky muttered. “Once you hear the story…” I raised my eyebrows quizzically at her; my way of asking to hear the tale. Vicky took a deep breath, and then started to whisper these words to me.

“Ok, it happened last night in the Gryffindor Common Room. James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, and I had just gotten back from a moonlight stroll through the grounds and we were sitting around the fire chatting.”

She took another breath at this point.

“One by one they left for bed. First Remus, then Lily, and then finally James. I was alone with Sirius.”

Oh no. Alone with Sirius plus Vicky thinking she was a slut? Not good. I ignored the sickly feeling rising in my chest and concentrated on listening as intently as I could.

“Well, we continued talking for like a half hour and he kept moving closer to me. When he was pretty much as close to me as he could get, he leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on my neck.”

Oh god. Why? Why Sirius? Gosh, I wish I was Vicky.

“I moved away from him after that and stared directly into the fire. I told him as calmly as I could that I didn’t want to be with him that way, especially when he was still with Claire. Then he reached forward and put his hand on my cheek. He turned my head slowly and looked deep into my eyes.”

Somebody save me.

“He said that it was his decision to make and that he and Claire weren’t even that serious. And the next thing I know, he was kissing me.”

“Did you stop it?” I asked, wanting to know if Vicky kept up her resistance. Could Sirius be resisted?

“No,” Vicky admitted, shyly. “We sort of made out. But we also talked, Katie. He said the best things. We connected. I felt safe. I felt wanted. But now…I just feel awful about what I did.”

She leaned in a little closer to me. “This morning he didn’t even say anything to me when I passed him in the hall. Do you think it was just a one time thing? Did he get what he wanted from me and now he’s just going to keep on being with Claire? Should I tell Claire?” She seemed so distressed that I managed to put the lid on my jealous feelings for the moment.

“Well I can’t say I know Sirius well enough to know what his exact intentions are,” I told Vicky gently, trying to give the best advice I could. “And as for the telling Claire part, it’s really up to you. If you were in Claire’s position and Sirius made out with me for example.”

I couldn’t help myself. I had to throw that in there.

“Would you want me to tell you what happened?” Vicky stared at the wall for a few minutes before nodding her head.

“I think I would want to know,” she said dully. I gave her an encouraging smile and patted her hand. I was about to suggest ways for Vicky to start the conversation with Claire when none other than Sirius Black appeared at our table.

“Vicky, can I talk to you please?” Vicky gave me a worried look before she got up and left the Great Hall with Sirius.

Why, again do I like this person? I am going to start keeping a list about all the things I dislike about Sirius Black. Not only is he a bully but he’s fooling around with two of my friends. What do I see in him? But, my goodness does his hair look soft today.


“So do you think we could break Lily and James up?” Peter asked me jokingly one sunny, fall afternoon near the lake.

“You’ve seen them just as much as I have over these past two weeks,” I said, tossing a pebble into the glimmering water. “You know there is no prying those two apart. They seem so happy.”

Peter nodded numbly, but he managed to hide the hurt I knew he was feeling.

He took a deep breath of crisp fall air and said, “Let’s not go getting ourselves all depressed on such a nice day.” I nodded my head in agreement and then cracked a grin saying,

“Unless you happen to have a brilliant idea of how to break Sirius and Claire up.” I hadn’t told him what had occurred between Vicky and Sirius. It was strictly girl business anyway.

Peter laughed.

“You know,” he replied. “Nothing is really official with them yet. You could slide your way in.” I giggled.

“Yeah, I’ll get right on that. You knock out Claire and hide her in the broom closet and then I’ll go jump on Sirius.”

“Go team,” Peter said, giving me a high five. I laughed again half because of the ridiculousness of what I just said and half because I was wishing we could really go through with it. Jump on Sirius…I wish. Sigh. Now Peter tossed a pebble into the water and watched the ripples forming. First so small…then bigger…bigger.

He looked far away, the same way I probably look when I go off to Sirius land.

“Do your parents ever pressure you about relationships?” he asked suddenly.

This was how a good percentage of our conversations began. We would think, but instead of simply keeping the thoughts to ourselves we express them out loud. If you have never tried this, you should because it is really very liberating. You have to find the right person though. You’re very own Peter Pettigrew.

“Sure, my mom does,” I answered, shrugging. “She’ll tweak me about my looks more than anything. She won’t exactly say the words but she always implies things like, no one will ask you out if you wear your hair like that. One day I straightened my hair with this magical shampoo and an adjustment spell and she loved it. Every day for a week after that she was bugging me to do it again. You look so pretty like that she’d say. Who is she trying to kid?”

“Oh come on,” was Peter’s answer to my ramblings. (I really like that he actually listens when I go off on one of my famous tangents.) “I think you look just fine.”

Just fine? What girl wants to look just fine? We want to look pretty, alluring, gorgeous, and any synonyms for any of those words. Synonyms for fine are well, okay, all right, and any other words that seem to be trying so hard to be compliments, but truly are not.

I couldn’t ponder what Peter actually meant by that because he was already launching into his take on the conversation.

“My dad is my biggest problem,” he started. “He thinks I have a girlfriend.”

“Good one,” I said, thinking he was kidding.

“Hey, I’m serious. I told him that her name is Carly,” Peter answered without flinching.

“You actually made up a woman? I haven’t been pushed that far by my mother as to make up a guy,” I responded, collecting myself from my surprise. “So what is Carly like? How serious are you guys?”

“Shut up,” Peter said. I could tell he was embarrassed. I mean even I haven’t been so frightened of what my mother thinks as to have made up a boy.

“I want him to think that I’m being successful in my life here,” he continued, shuffling his feet around in the green grass.

“Pete, are you telling me that he wouldn’t be proud of you if you didn’t have an imaginary girlfriend?” I asked, instantly feeling bad for the way that it had come out. I paused for a moment and then asked, “Why do you put a mask on when you are around him?”

“I’m scared he won’t like the person underneath. He’s just so hard to please. I want to be everything he wants but I can’t…I just can’t”

“Oh, Pete,” I said sympathetically. “So much for not being depressed.”

“I’m sorry,” Peter murmured. “I didn’t want to bring you down with me.”

“You just better cheer me up then,” I said, pushing some of my hair that had fallen out of my bun out of my eyes.

“Well,” Peter said, grinning devilishly and pretending to think hard. “James told me once that you are really ticklish.”

“No,” I said, backing away from Peter. “James doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“We’ll find out, I suppose.”

I am one of those people who cannot handle being tickled. I completely spaz out, flail about, and make an absolute fool of myself. The instant that his hands touched me I sank to the ground in my gasping giggles.

“St..op,” I pleaded as he knelt down next to my squirming body.

“I’m going to kill you when I get up,” I managed to stutter through the sharp gasps.

“Well, well what on earth have we stumbled upon?” I heard a silky voice say. Peter’s fingers stopped tickling me and I sat up with a red face; my hair askew.

Three Slytherin students were staring at us looking positively gleeful; Snape among them. The others were both tall one male the other female. The male had thick, curly brown hair that sat like a mop on the top of his head. His head was much too small for his body and his eyes seemed squinty. The girl had straight blonde hair and the name Narcissa came to mind when I looked at her.

“Has friendship blossomed into romance?” she asked in a cruel, cold voice. Peter rose to his feet and extended a hand to me; pulling me up.

“Does Potter know that you and his sister have been locking lips?” Snape inquired nastily.

“That is not what we were doing,” I said angrily.

“You’re right, who would want to kiss you?” Narcissa screeched, laughing at her own insult.

In an instant, Peter had his wand out and had it pointed at the three of them.

I turned around to face him, pushing his arm down.

“Don’t,” I said quietly. “You could get hurt.”

“You don’t think I could take them?”

“No,” I answered truthfully. “There are three of them and only two of us. The numbers are against us.”

Peter deposited his wand back into his pockets looking a little crushed.

“I appreciate it though,” I said, trying to get him to smile. “Sticking up for me I mean.” Peter shrugged as if it was nothing.

“Come on Peter,” I said loudly grabbing his hand and leading him away from the pack of Slytherins.

“Running away are we?” Snape called after us.

“Yeah!” I hollered back. “We couldn’t handle your putrid smell one second longer!”

I’m not saying that it was a good insult or anything, but I still felt pretty proud of myself. I normally can’t get any words to come out of my mouth when I was angry. I could still feel my chest tingling as we entered the castle. I always feel a little shaky after fights. I can’t really explain why…perhaps I am just not built for confrontation.


Later that evening I entered the library to start a massive essay that Professor McGonagall had assigned us that afternoon. I was scanning the shelves for books that pertained to the subject when Claire stuck her blonde head around the shelf and nearly scared me half to death.

“Hey Katie!” she said cheerfully. Ok, I was stumped. Claire doesn’t normally talk to me in this fashion. We get along but we can be difficult to each other…very difficult.

“Hi Claire,” I said uncertainly.

“I heard something about you today,” she continued in an I-know-something-you-don’t-know voice.

“What?” I asked, not truly interested.

“Like you don’t already know!”

“Enlighten me.”

“The whole school is talking about how you were snogging Peter Pettigrew down by the lake!”

Oh My God…