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Obedience For The Dark by Mathew

Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 2,623
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Violence

Genres: Angst
Characters: Neville, OC

First Published: 01/15/2004
Last Chapter: 01/18/2004
Last Updated: 01/18/2004

Mathew Liante has been taken prisioner by Deatheaters. The only problem is that they don't want him dead, they wan't him to help them achieve their terrible plan, a plan who is guaranteed, It WON'T fail.

Chapter 3: The Fifth Floor

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Eris walked, her face fighting a grimace. Mathew looked at her; she didn't look very pleased with him, nor with her Master.

"Might I ask why do you feel I am such bad company?" Mathew said to her, covering his face with a hood and looking at her inquisitively.

Eris looked back. "No, you better not..." She replied smirking.

They walked out of the forest and appeared next to Hagrid's Hut. Eris quickly took off her cloak and turned it around. The cloak seemed to be sort of a partial invisibility cloak. Mathew looked at it amazed.

"I believe our feet will be visible for we are both tall," Mathew said to her Matter-a-factly. Eris just smirked.

"I don’t think so dear. You are sort of a descendant from the Dark lord. You wouldn't need this old cloak,” Eris said putting the cloak over her and vanishing into the night.
Mathew sighed.

"Eris," he whispered. "Did you bring the Polyjuice potion? Lucius said..." Eris took the cloak off as fast a lightning and pointed her wand at Mathew's throat.

"Listen little boy," she hiss at Mathew, her eyes shining with rage, "I am neither your servant nor your slave. And don't you dark call the Master by his name!" Mathew quickly slid his wand from his pocket and muttered, "Departo!" Eris flew away from Mathew between a shower of sparks. Mathew simply smiled.

"I know that already Eris. Still, I am the one who was told to do the mission, NOT YOU. You are only Help. Now if you can please hand me the Polyjuice Potion," Mathew replied to her while passing a hand though his grey hair (Yes, gray!).

Eris stood up and put the cloak on her shoulder. She quickly took a golden necklace holding a small vial from her neck. She quickly gave it to him and said "There is enough for two hours, for both of us. Don't use it now; wait until we get to the castle." Mathew nodded and Eris put the cloak around herself, vanishing for the second time.

They walked until they reached the Entrance Door, and found that it was locked. Mathew quickly took his wand and opened the door with a correct placed spell. Still, what they found inside was not friendly at all. 5 Prefects ran towards them from the corners pointing their wands directly at them both. Mathew pulled his wand out again and muttered in a low and grave voice,
"Silencio!" The prefects' throats' seemed to have been locked with large rocks for their voices disappeared into thin air. Mathew quickly pointed his wand at them for the second time and muttered "Petrificus Totalus!" 5 bodies thudded as they fell to the floor as silent as graves. Mathew smiled, and Eris nodded.

"Nice Work," Eris said looking impressively at Mathew.

"Thank you," Mathew replied smiling. He walked forward and took the Polyjuice Bottle from his pocket. He opened it and drank a small gulp. His skin felt cold and thing passed under his skin. His stomach roared and Mathew fell to the floor. He could feel his body start to shrink until it finally stopped. He stood up and dusted himself. Eris nodded at him and took the bottle. Her symptoms were very much alike as Mathew's for she twisted in the floor like and agonizing rat.

Finally, Eris stood up. Her hair was now shoulder length and dark brown. Her eyes shinning blue. Mathew stared at her for a split second and turned round. He took his wand and pointed it at nowhere in particular. "Silenti Quartetum!" he said under his cold breath. Thousands of grey sparks issued from the wand shot in every direction crashing against the walls and disappearing into the castle. Mathew yelled but could not hear his voice, just as he wanted. He looked at Eris and did a "Follow Me" sort of gesture and walked up the stairs until he reached a large oak door. Eris followed him, her hair falling over her eyes as she tried to run up the stairs. Mathew opened the door and found himself in an incredibly large room full of flying staircases that turned from side to side between periods of time. It was a long time since he hadn't seen this.

Eris appeared behind him and looked at the staircases. She then pointed at a staircase that was now turning towards the Fifth floor corridor; they had to get on it. Mathew and Eris climbed the stair quickly and found themselves in a dark corridor, painting’s covering the walls. Mathew gestured at a door that held a sign that said "Staff Quarters". He opened the door quietly and entered. Two lines of walls filled with doors stood before them. Each door was labeled with the Teacher's name and last name, this would be very easy.

Mathew searched through the labels of the doors, looking for the one he wanted. Finally he found the one he wanted, "Neville Longbottom, Herbology Professor". Mathew blasted the door open and found Longbottom sleeping on his long bed. Mathew looked at Eris and pushed her inside, closing the door behind her. He raised his wand and said "Finite Incantatem!” The cold breeze of the castle could be heard again, and the creaking of the ceiling too. Mathew looked at the teacher and pointed his wand at him.

"Silencio!" he said his voice low and soft. The curse hit the teacher hit Neville square in the chest and woke him up *Screaming*. Still, no sound could be heard. The silenting spell had worked, and Longbottom looked at them inquisitively. "Hello Professor," Mathew said to him smiling. Longbottom stood up and tried to hit him but Mathew pushed him back into his bed. "I'm afraid the last class you gave yesterday was your last," he said again to him now pointing his wand again at him. "Dilorico Corpus," Mathew said under his breath. Long pieces of skin were ripped off Longbottom's body and fell filled with blood to the floor. Mathew couldn't believe he was actually not afraid anymore. "Obstauro!" Mathew said smiling at Longbottom. He could see how the teacher screamed and how he choked with his last curse. "Dilorico Corpus," Mathew repeated again. New strings were ripped from Longbottom's body and into the bed, the blood spilling over the night sheet. Eris watched amazed. "Well, no more suffering for you...Avada Kevadra!" Mathew said. The green smoke flew from his wand and smashed against Longbottom's body, killing him instantly. Mathew smiled. Eris did so too. Longbottom now lay on the floor between a puddle of blood on the floor, his eyes as bright as blue pearls.

"Well, how did I do it?" Mathew asked. Eris did not respond she was looking at something behind Mathew. "Outstanding Mathew, Simply Outstanding," The sad voice of Albus Dumbledore replied.

Third Chapter. Sort of a Sadistic Chapter, Anyways that's what I put PG-13 outside. Anyways, this is one of the 2 sadistic chapters that will be placed in this story so don't worry. Please Review!