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[{x}]She Cried Bloody Murder[{x}]) by XwhisperXinsanityX

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 15,802
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Mystery, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Harry/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/11/2007
Last Chapter: 03/05/2007
Last Updated: 03/05/2007

There's been a murder at Hogwarts, but it hasn't even happened yet. Kieran has a secret to hold. Can she prevent herself from doing the unspeakable? Or will feelings get in the way?

Chapter 2: -Control and Tricks- (Part 1)

            At St. Mungo’s. It’s been a month and a half already, according to the nurses. This one was out of Dumbledore’s hands. They think I might stay in this coma for the rest of my life. That’d leave the decision of me staying on life support or not in the hands of Snape. I don’t want them to cut me off. Not yet. I know I have the strength to get out of this. I can feel it.

            A few more weeks go by. My friends come to visit me. Draco came this time. He’s sitting by my bedside. I can hear him struggling for words. Finally he says, “Kieran, they say you might be able to hear us.” I can! I can hear you! I say in my conscious, hoping it might come out of my lips. “I don’t exactly know how to say this. I’m not really good at…you know.” He lets out his held breath. “I’m-I’m really s-sorry for everything.” He takes in a large amount of air again. “Oh bloody hell…I really like you Kieran. You’re not like the others.” I can feel him shudder, shaking the bed slightly. I feel the corners of my lips twitch as I attempt a smile. I wonder if he saw that, I say to myself. “Kieran…?” I feel a jolt in my stomach. He saw it!

A door creaked and foot steps made their way over. “Draco,” I heard Nikita say. “Can we have a moment with her alone?” I feel Draco get up and leave without one word said.

            “Did you see that,” came Tatiyana’s voice. “His eyes were watering.”

            Niki chuckled. Her hand found mine. The sensation of her touch woke something up in my body. I struggled to open my eyes once more. It was getting easier every time I tried.

            “Niki, look at her eyes,” announced Tat.

            “She’s trying to wake up. Kieran-Kieran can you hear me?” Niki asked aggressively. I squeezed her hand with the building energy I was receiving from her. With one last struggle my eyes spread open and then fluttered in the blinding daylight I have so longed to see again. “Tat, go get a nurse!”

            I turned my head to watch Tat leave the room in a rush. My eyes drifted to a figure looking through the glass of the door. It was Draco. Plastered to his face was the first real smile I’ve seen on him as he turned to walk away and nurses pilled into my room.


            They tell me I’m completely back to normal, healthier maybe. Yet I am not aloud to leave. I need Dumbledore’s and Snape’s consent to be able to leave.

            “Great,” I say to Niki and Tat who haven’t left me since I had awoken. “I’m going to be stuck here forever if it’s up to Snape.”

            “You really think Dumbledore is going to let him do that?” asked Niki.

            I sat and thought about that for a few moments. “Yeah, actually.”

            “Why?” asked Tat.

            I thought about my premonitions. If Dumbledore knows the just of any of them I actually think he would prefer to keep me here. In safety and for the safety of others. Tat continued to stare at me with confusion. “Just…never mind. It’s too long of a story.”

            “No story is too long.” Dumbledore announced his arrive. “I hope I am not interrupting anything important but it is time for Kieran to come back to Hogwarts.”

            Niki and Tat smile at me, saying ‘I told you so’ in their own little way.

            Dumbledore takes us back. I completely forget that it’s already December. Dumbledore promises to help me out with school, otherwise I’m bound to fail everything. I’m sitting in the common room with Niki as we figure out what we’re doing for the holidays.

            “Well, I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s going to be with Harry,” Niki assured.

            I frown. “That always leaves me in the corner, alone.”

            “Look, you don’t have to be alone this Christmas. You’re probably going to laugh at me but…what about Draco.”

            I turned away from her, stuck in thought. I probably should be laughing, but laughter is the last thing on my mind. I thought back to when Draco announced his affection to me. I start to feel angry. I’m sick of this game. Niki’s right, I have to do something.

            “Are you OK?” Niki’s voice woke me from my daydreaming.

            “Wha… yeah I’m fine.”

            “Kieran, it might be too early but…”

            “You want to know what my premonition was about.”

            “You saw me asking?”

            “No, I just know you too well.”

            “Ha-ha, so…”

            “Umm…” I started as I got up from my chair, slowly making my way to the door. I turned around to face Niki. “Yeah, it’s too early. I’ll be back soon.” I finished by exiting the room before she could respond.

            I began wondering the hallways. I really didn’t know what I was doing. Maybe I was looking for Draco, but I wasn’t ready. Maybe I just needed some space.

            I turned a corner. Draco and his friends were standing at the end of it. I stopped, standing silently still, thinking about what to do next. My next actions, though, were held off by the arm of Snape.

            “Miss Kaelee, Dumbledore wishes to see you,” he said with a flat expression but interest in his voice. I looked back at Draco. He looked at me with slight disappointment and walked away.

            I was suddenly filled with rage. I shrugged Snape’s arm off with aggression and walked back down the hallway I came from with a miserable look on my face as Snape snarled behind me. I stopped at the secret stairs for Dumbledore’s office, waiting for Snape to follow with the password. He showed up moments later and opened the stairs for me, walking away as soon as his job was done. I’ve been in Dumbledore’s office before, usually as a witness of things. I tend to see the important stuff before it happens but never anything like I’ve been seeing lately.

            I knocked thee times on his office door, waiting for a response. “Come on in, Kieran.” I slowly turned the knob and opened the door. I was prolonging my entrance. I know what this is about and I don’t really want to be here. “I know you don’t want to be here,” said Dumbledore in his mystical voice as he read my mind. “I’ll try to make it short.”

            I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to open it and say the complete wrong thing. He showed me to a seat. I sat. There was a long, awkward silence were I twiddled my thumbs and he stared. “So,” I began, trying to get rid of the silence. “What exactly did you want me for, sir?”

            He simply smiled sheepishly at me as if I should know...and I did. “Look, I don’t really feel up to-”

            “-explaining your premonitions. I know you don’t want to. You have to trust me, Kieran. I know you do not understand…” he stopped, obviously in deep thought.

            “I…I’m a little confused, yes, but I just want to deal with this by myself.”

            “You’re ashamed of what you saw.”

            I bowed my head, staring at my shoes, completely speechless. How in the world does he know all this? “What will telling you help me?”

            “It can make all the difference in the world, Kieran.”


            I was back up in the Gryffindor dorms reading a random book I found in my trunk to get my mind of the guilt. I had just told Dumbledore everything and for some reason I’m very afraid. He promised to keep me and everyone else in the vision safe but… Suddenly Niki came barging into the room looking pretty ticked off.

            “So, where have you been?” she asked with a skewed face.

            “Err, Dumbledore needed to see me.”

            “I wonder what you two talked about.”

            “Niki what –“


            “It’s funny how you’ll tell him but you won’t tell me!”

            “How do you know I told him anything?”

            “Oh come on Kaelee it’s obvious. Why else would you be there for that long!”

            I now realized how angry Niki is with me. She only ever calls me by my last name when she means business. “Niki-“

            “Don’t even try to apologize. I thought you’d have more trust in me than that,” and with that she had left the room and strayed from me the rest of the day. At night we went straight to bed without a glimpse at each other and during the classes we had together she’d stick with Harry or Tat. Those poor lads, stuck in the middle of our pointless fight. Well at least that was my opinion on it. Obviously she didn’t feel the same.

            A week or two went by as we stayed our stubborn selves and refused to talk to one another. Tat was pulled all over the place. I was surprised she didn’t break down. I had decided to stay at the school for Christmas, not like I had anywhere else to go. I knew Niki was staying too, because Harry was, but what could I do about that. The worse part is they chose Gryffindor as the party place again. Not like McGonagall is as cheery and nice as they put her out to be. Doesn’t matter though. They can get caught while I’m up in my dorm having a party with my reading.

            Christmas holidays arrive. Niki and I are still ignoring each other. The party has already started downstairs. I can’t help but kind of feel left out. They’re playing my favourite song. I begin to hum the lyrics and dance with myself, closing my eyes and picturing myself down there with my friends, having fun. I hear a gentle coughing noise come from the door, were Niki stood, scaring me half out of my pants.

            “Oh, sorry…” Niki apologized hesitantly. “Look-“

            “I’m sorry,” we said at the same time.

            “I see it’s a formal party,” I said to break the silence. Nikita was dressed in a floor sweeping, dazzling red dress. Making her look slimmer than she already is but bustier than usual. Her super long, silver blonde hair was let out as it’s usually in a high ponytail. She looked amazing, that’s for sure.

            “Oh, yeah…” she said, looking down at her dress in remembrance. “Hey, let’s get over this stupid argument and have some fun. I’d hate for us to be fighting during our last Christmas here. Here, I brought you this dress. I know you hate them but…please just put it on.”

            “Err, OK, sure. I’ll be down in a bit.”

            “Oh thank God! OK, hurry up.” She took off down stairs.

            The dress had an uneven brim and was shimmery silver. Holding onto me by hanging off my neck which she knows I hate, seeing as it shows off my already overly large cleavage but the silk made up for that. It felt and looked like I could fly in it. I wonder where she scrounged this up from. On the count of me being so lazy I left my hair down. The overly straight tips of my dark brown hair brushed my middle back, tickling me slightly, seeing as the back was fully open with only a string in the center holding it together.

            I hesitated at the top of the steps. Do I really want to go out there in this? I asked myself. If I want to make up with Niki, I guess so. Ok you know you’re crazy when you answer your own questions. With a shake of the head I continued my decent. I was halfway down the stairs when I spotted Niki and Harry and the whole room spotted me. I began to flush as multiple eyes were glued to me. Ok there has to be something on my face. I speed walked straight to Niki as soon as I hit the bottom floor. “Make them stop!” I begged.

            “Kieran, you look completely gorgeous. People are going to stare.”

            “I do have to admit, you look very beautiful tonight.” Harry said, slightly blushing.

            “Thank you guys but did you have to pick out a dress like this?”

            “Well Merry Christmas to you too,” Niki chuckled. “Here, have this drink, and more drinks after that drink and everything will be fine.”

            “Are you trying to seduce me?” I asked, winking as I took my first sip of the night. That sip led to another sip, and more sips, and more sips after those sips, until I was cut off of sips. 

            “It’s almost funny how easy of a drunk you are,” said Niki as she rolled her eyes at me.

            “Ha-ha-ha, yeeeeeeah…” I responded.

            “I said almost funny.”

            “OK, yeah, Kieran needs air.” Niki took me over to an empty corner of a room and sat me by an open window.

            “I’ll be right back with water. Do not move,” Niki demanded.

            I was sitting down for not even a minute when Draco showed up. “Are you Ok?” he asked, sounding more innocent than I’d expect.

            “Don’t even try that-“ I began.

            “I’m not trying anything on you except to help, Kieran.” For some reason he sounded serious. It had to be all in my drunken mind.

            I stood up from my chair and stared him down, looking for a sign of weakness in his words. When I found none, I was shocked. I had an instant impulse to kiss him. I don’t know why, but I did, and I slowly began to inch towards him. “Are you sure you want to do that?” he asked. Why would Draco ask me if I wanted to kiss him?

            “Answer me this. Why are you acting like this? What are you trying to prove? Then maybe I’ll answer your question.”

            “If I knew why I acted like a bloody pushover when I was around you I’d tell you and if I was trying to prove anything it would be…” he stopped to shudder again. “It’d be to prove I’m acting like this because I really do like you.”

            So I wasn’t hearing things when I was in my coma. He really does like me. I have power over Malfoy. For some reason I don’t feel over powering though. I feel like I’m about to puke in a non-disgusting way. “Then I guess your answer is…yes.” I didn’t hesitate to kiss him this time. Somehow this sounded like a cheesy soap opera but I wasn’t hating it. He was so gentle. More gentle than I’d expected. Believe it or not he made me feel whole for a moment…until we were interrupted.

            “Ah! Oh my God they’re so cute! Aren’t they Harry?” Niki screamed, prancing circles around us. All three of us blushed enormously.

            “Oh my God Niki you couldn’t’ve picked a worse time to be annoyingly girlish.

            “Awe, you like it,” she smiled as she continued her prancing ritual.


            Christmas morning came too fast. It was the same as any other. I was awoken by the intentional pain Nikita was inflicting on me. She knew it’d be the only way to get me up this early, other than bright lights. Eventually I gave in and we began opening our gifts together. It was the usual. Another book on potions from Snape, something shinny from Niki and something unusual from Tat.

            “What did she get you this year?” Niki asked, looking over my shoulder in curiosity.

            “A bracelet made from dragon scales, almost shinier than the anklet you got me.”

           “Nobody out shines my presents,” said Niki with a scowl.

            “No... way…” I said staring at a gift with a letter entitled ‘From Draco’ stuck to it.

            “Awe! It’s so cute!” squeaked Niki. I pushed the present aside. I’ll open it when she’s not around. “Hey, why did you get a present from Dumbledore and I didn’t!”

            I lifted the brown-papered, rectangular package. It was slightly heavy and felt like books which didn’t quite peak my interest. I carefully opened the envelope that came with it. It wrote:

            Kieran, this was your fathers. He wished for me to give it to you on your 18th birthday but I am sure he would understand if I gave it to you now. You may need it. Enjoy.

            Dumbledore signed his name at the bottom with some sort of sparkling charm as the many loops twinkled at me.

            “It’s my fathers…” I said dazedly to Niki.

            “Well, go on…open it!”

            I slowly unwrapped it, a bit afraid of what I might see when I was done.

            “Premonition Control and Tricks,” the cover read, ripping the bottom piece of paper away. My fingers barely brushed the under of the books when my vision was blocked by another premonition. For some reason this one was slightly more blurred and dark.

            Two men were sitting by a fireplace while the light of the flames danced on their faces. One man had short, wispy, chestnut hair and a crisp, black suit on toped with a deep green tie. The other had chin length midnight black hair, greasy looking from what I could see, with a long black robe wrapped around him. They look deep in concentration,  nervous concentration.

            “Severus, what I am to do?” asked the first man.

            “You must not hide from him Tarragon. He knows now. There’s no escaping,” said Severus knowledgably.

            “I can’t give her up!”

            “You’ve created a mudblood, Tarragon! You must!”

           Tarragon arose angrily from his chair. “She is your God child!”

            “Daddy?” echoed an infantine voice from a nearby hallway.

            Tarragon swung his head towards the noise so fast he should have been in pain from whip-lash. “Kieran…hunny?”

            The vision faded rapidly, I could once again hear my own heavy breathing, not to mention feel my heart in my throat. Nikita was still by my side, holding my shoulders. My shaking fingers were vibrating the books in my hands. I dropped them, felt my body, stroked my lips…no blood, no convulsions, I’m still alive.

            “Daddy…?” Niki questioned.

            “It was my father…and Snape.” I began to mumble incoherently.

           “Kieran, slow down…what about them?” but before I could answer a loud pecking noise startling us both. There was a barn owl standing at the edge of our windowsill, anxiously attacking the glass. I got up shakily, let it in and removed the crumpled letter attached to its leg. As the owl flew back out Niki went behind me to close the window and stop the snow from blowing in as I was buried in the note.

            “It’s Dumbledore. He wants to see me immediately. He knows already.” I explained in a monotone voice, not taking my eyes off the parchment for a second as I re-read his words.
            When no remark came from Niki I unglued my eyes and replaced them on her. “Look-“

            “No, I understand. Just go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back.”

            “Thanks Nik, I’ll explain when I come back!” I exclaimed as I sped out of the dorm. I was eager to parade Dumbledore with questions until I got answers.

            Just as the note said, he had left the stair case open for me. I ran up, the note still clutched in my hand, ready to barge in with rage. My mission was set off, though, by the wide open door and the chattering voices inside.

            “Now you better set off Jae. I am sorry to push you out but I am expecting company any-“

            “-second,” I finished his sentence with a slightly dramatic entrance. My entrance was stalled as soon as I got a glimpse of the person…or thing…Dumbledore was speaking to. One thing was for sure, she was female. About seven and a half feet tall with unforgettable light blue hair. I’d say it was about the length of mine but seeing how massive she was it was probably about as long as Nikita’s. As soon as she caught me staring at her she threw her hood on, lowered her head and dashed out of the room.

            There was a sudden silence where all the things I had planned to say when I first stepped into the room vanished and was replaced with that figure.  

            “Ah, I see you’ve made it. Please, sit down,” Dumbledore offered politely. I then realized I wasn’t here to be polite.

            “I wanna stand. How about we get to business here, I have questions that need immediate answers.”

            Dumbledore’s mouth opened but I talked on, not wanting him to interrupt or changed the subject.

            “First of all, how do you know when I have premonitions? Second, if you know when I have them then why do I have to tell you what I see in them? Third, how can I make them stop?” My face was flushed and my eyes began to water as my last vision from the past refilled my thoughts.

            Dumbledore smiled warmly at me. “Please…?” he said as he re-pointed out the empty chair in front of his desk.

            I was already too upset to keep refusing, relaxing seemed pretty good right now. I slumped in the seat and crossed my arms around my chest like a little girl that got her candy taken away.

            “Yes, I do know when you have your premonitions but I do not know what you see in them. That is why I must bring you here to tell me.”

            He stopped, giving me a chance to add something more. When I continued to stare into his piercing eyes confusingly he began again.

            “In a matter of ways it has to do with Legilimency, which is-“

            “-the act of delving into the minds of-“

            “-of the chosen people.” I nodded my head.  Not exactly how I was going to finish it but it could work.  “I cannot exactly see what you are thinking but for some reason I am able to connect with it and know when you are experiencing a premonition, even when you are nowhere near me.”

            “OK, but how do you explain me seeing the past?” Dumbledore’s eyes widened. “I saw my father talking to Snape. They looked worried and…” I paused.

            “No need to continue, Kieran. Take your time.” Suddenly he seemed as though he might not want to hear more. The look on his face was curious. “You asked me before how to make your visions go away. Did you take a good look at those books?”

            “I never really got the chance.”

            “Then I will leave you be for now so you may calm yourself and perhaps do some reading. If you need any help, you know where to find me.” Dumbledore finished with a dazzling wink. I nodded my head continuously and walked lazily out of the room.

            When I had got back to the dorms Niki was lying sleepily on her bed, still there as she said she would be. I headed straight for my fathers books and began flipping through them madly.

            “What exactly is it that you are looking for?” Niki asked with exhaustion in her tone.

            “These’s books are suppose to help me control my visions and crap, right? Well when I was in Dumbledore’s office I saw some strange…thing. I got the idea as I walked over here that, just maybe, there’s something in here on – ah ha!” I yelled in victory. “How to See What You Desire. Learn how to control your visions to concentrate on a person, place or thing. Find what you’re looking for.”

            An hour or two went by. I had time to read through the passage and explain to Niki what I had seen. I was into place…sitting silently, comfortably, on my bed. My eyes shut, my minds eye picturing the creature.

            “Is it working?” said Niki, breaking my concentration. I opened one eye warningly. “Oh, sorry.”

            A few silent minutes went by and just as I was about to give up unknown pictures flashed in my conscience. “I see something…” Tree tops were moving rapidly below me. The sounds of wind filled my ears. I suddenly plunged into a cluster of branches, flashes of white feathers striking my vision. My eyes snapped open. “She’s in the Forbidden Forest.”