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LOVE & BROOMSTICKS by StepUpx_Gryffindor

Format: Novel
Chapters: 35
Word Count: 216,870
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/23/2006
Last Chapter: 03/09/2015
Last Updated: 03/09/2015


You know what I hate? Having James Potter as your playmate as a child, & then having him turn into an egotistical pig as soon as we both set foot in Hogwarts. All the jokes, teasing, cat-calling... I can't stand it! I can't stand him. James Potter may have that devlishly handsome grin going for him, but I'm not falling for it! I've survived him for 5 years & I'm sure I can make it through my Sixth Year without him... I think?

Chapter 5: Monkeys And Car Rides Home

The rest of the week went a bit like this: On Saturday, Jessica and I woke up, had breakfast, packed up her stuff, and then Mrs. Finelly came to get her. My dad didn’t find out about anything from the night before. Petunia didn’t come back until morning, while Jessica and I were having breakfast. My dad woke up hearing something from Petunia’s room and caught her falling in from her window. In mid waffle bite, there was a feud between Petunia and my dad that consisted of her many complaints that she was old enough to take care of herself and that she was mature. But, I agreed with my dad when he said this, sneaking through your window to your boyfriend’s house after dark hours isn’t very mature, considering the fact that you said you were going to the library, nor is it responsible.

So, they argue for about 10 full minutes and then I hear a slam. It was definitely Petunia’s comeback at the punishment dad gave her. Eh well, that’s life.

Petunia has a dark gift. It’s called Raising Hell- especially at home. Enough with the arguments every damn Saturday morning already!

There are two things that happen every Saturday morning; Petunia fighting with dad, and the gossip around our neighborhood. Our block is quite nosy, and has been known to turn into complete gossip central. I think Potter and I are the youngest people on the block besides CDD also known as Mr. Di Angeli and his kids. The rest are all old people. And I don’t mean just nice senior citizens. There are some grandma’s on the block that look like they’ve been alive since the ice age. I guess being that old, they need something to keep them going, and I guess its gossip. And it shits me that they can keep each other, including me, interested. They’re wrinkly old things, like cute little prune people. Of course there are ones that are nice, some that are mean, and ones that are extra nosy. Like ‘hide behind a shrub and peek through a window’ nosy.

Don’t look at me like that, we were NOT nosy. And we weren’t hiding behind shrubs. We didn’t need to; we were wearing black sweat pants and Jessica was wearing war paint. So we weren’t very noticeable.

It’s the buzz of gossip this week. How it happened, who did it, and why. Of course the marauders didn’t say anything to anyone, because Jess and I would strangle them. I think they might be a little afraid of us now. If everyone knew that we did it, I would have the excuse of saying why, and that would get Potter himself into a load of trouble. He pissed us off, and we pissed him back. It’s a piss/piss situation.

One of the neighbors that found the marauders dangling from Potter’s roof was Mrs. Jenkins. She’s one of the few witches on the block. On the weekends I go over to her house and help her out a bit. I’ve known her my whole life, and she’s like my grandma since both my grandparents passed away when Petunia was one years old and I wasn’t born yet.

On Sunday, I arrived at Mrs. Jenkins’s house in the afternoon and I read her one of her new romance novels. She knits in a rocking chair while I read to her about some princess who falls in love with someone from a different caste system in India. It wasn't as tacky as I thought. The story was quite tasteful actually. Except that reading the love scenes out loud to an old woman was a little bit awkward. Mrs. Jenkins always giggles in glee, stops her knitting, and tilts her head to the side to pay attention to those certain parts because they’re her favorite. And, on days when she’s not feeling so well, I take my wand and make her yarn go through different shades of colors. I always add some sparkle in it to make it seem like a little fairy dusted what-ever-she-is-making and make her smile.

She’s extraordinaire, let me tell you. Mrs. Jenkins double checks everything and points out the obvious in very random situations. She asked me three times if the Indian princess had a snog with the servant yet. She’s also very into the gossip, but she keeps her mouth shut about it. That’s what I like most about her because I’m the only person she talks to about it. When ever she finds some juicy secret, she always waits for me to come over and tells me while I cook for her.

The rest of the week was about getting everything ready and together for Hogwarts. That leads me to today, Wednesday. I’ve got errands to run and last minute things I need before I’m off tomorrow. I haven’t seen Jessica since last Friday, so I’m looking forward to seeing her at the station.

This morning I took a shower and wore my dark baggy jeans and a McFly shirt. What? I’m saving up for an Ipod, leave me alone! And besides, Danny Jones is my man.

Petunia’s at her new job at some pet store today to prove to dad that she’s responsible. Oh please, I wouldn’t be surprised if she set fire to one of the cats already. I was thinking of stopping by and getting her some lunch. I don’t know why I’m still nice to her. I hate it, but I just can’t say no. Sometimes I try to bribe her with something nice.

It doesn’t work.

I’m here at “Jaxam's Hamburgers” using some money that dad left for me this morning. I have 50 pounds to use today. Don’t think that my dad gave me all this money, because he didn’t. He left 15 on the table in the kitchen. The rest was a little bit from Marley, my piggy bank in the back of my closet, and tip money from Mrs. Jenkins. I get her groceries, and I tell her that she gives me the money to buy them anyway, but she just kept insisting. She did it the sneaky way for a while. When I was younger I gave the money back to her, but she would find my purse or jacket or something and sneak it in there when I wasn’t looking. After a couple years I just accepted it and told her that I would take the money and this seemed to make her happy.

“I’ll have two cheeseburgers; hold the onions and the pickles on one, please. Thanks.”

The pimple faced boy taking my order looks at me as if he wouldn’t care if I stuck a fork in my eye. He says “Anything else?” in a drowsy voice, like I’m wasting his time.

“No, that’s all.”

I look at his name tag. Well, I’m sorry that you’re working, Mister HELLO MY NAME IS JOHN. You think you’re work is more interesting then how I am going to spend my day today?

At least he doesn’t have to clean on weekends because he spends them here at Jaxam’s. My dad left a note along with the money saying that I have to finish doing the laundry, which really is an understatement because I’m necessarily not finishing it. No one does the laundry but me so I have to DO the laundry, not FINISH IT. I can’t finish something that hasn’t started. The note also said I had to be home by four. Petunia doesn’t do chores and she comes in when ever she wants.

Okay, please tell me that he doesn’t like Petunia more than me. I’m the good one (well most of the time) and the responsible one too. He always makes me do most of the work. Why doesn’t he yell at Petunia about cleaning her shit of a room? Well, he doesn’t really care about our rooms, but come on. Yell at her about SOMETHING other than telling her she’s grounded. I love my dad, but he just relies on me too much. Ergo, he’s always on my ass about things.

“Five fifty.”

I hand him a 10 pound note.

“Four fifty is your change, have a nice day.”

I’m sure.
I’ll send my regards to your mother.


Since I can’t get my driver’s license until I turn 16 (December 10th, four months away!) I have to walk for my transportation. It took 20 minutes from my house to “Jaxam’s Hamburgers” and now it’s been 25 minutes since I left the place. I look down at my watch. It’s going to take another twenty minutes to reach the pet store, and I already ate my burger. The pet store's new and just opened up a week ago. *SIGH*

My life is boring. I need some pizzazz in my world. I should do something fun, or worth risking my life for. Er, never mind. That’s a bit much. I’d like to keep my life, thanks. OH! I can make a list of everything I want to do in life! I mean there’s nothing wrong with setting goals for myself. How peachy, I shall try this.

YAY! I’m all excited now!

Okay, well I can’t write my list if I’m walking. What if bird dung lands on my shoulder? Besides, it’s going to take too long to walk all the way to the humongous pet store.

I took the extra five minutes it takes to get on the Tube and I found a spot on a bench and conjured up a pen and paper when no one was looking. When I was done writing my somewhat long list I went and got my ticket. I sat and waited for the 12:00 train. No one was really here at the station today. Oh well- less people, less waiting.

_4 minutes later_

I look up at the clock and the bell rings. A man comes out and holds out his hand for the tickets. I give him mine and he uses those weird clickety clack things and punctures a whole in it. I look up at him.

“Thank you.”

He gives me a look as if he didn’t care if I said anything at all. What’s with everyone today? So damn grouchy.

I take a seat next to a mother with her two kids. One of the children looks about five and the other is around infant age. I would say about one, one and a half maybe. I give them a smile and take out my list. I skim through it and add some more adjustments to it, giving it one last look over.


1. Get a tattoo on my lower back.
2. Save a pet from harm/rescue an abandoned animal.
3. Get autographs from all the members of McFly.
4. Purchase tickets to see England play, and hopefully win,
in the World Cup. (That one’s for Jessica!)
5. Get a boyfriend before the end of school.
6. Snog with someone in the rain.
7. Make a funny home movie, and then
save it for remembrance.
8. Get a picture taken with someone
in those cool photo booth places.
9. Shave off someone’s eye brows.
(That one’s for Potter, he just doesn’t know it yet!)
10. Bump into someone famous.
11. Become friends with a gay guy.
(Hey, they’re the best guy friends!
They’re like girls… well… except, you know…)
12. Fall in love with someone who will
never leave me, and one day get married.
13. Go skinny dipping in the ocean or the lake at Hogwarts.
14. Moon somebody/show someone my butt
and then run away ashamed of myself.
15. Learn how to play an instrument.
16. Ask Mrs. Jenkins to teach me how to knit.
17. Finally save enough money to get an
ipod, and make it cooler and better than Jessica’s.
18. Make my own dress.
19. Get a job at an old diner.
20. Learn an exotic dance like the tango.

This list needs a name… Hm…

I think I’ll call it THE LL. Short for THE LILY LIST.


Cling clang went the bell as I entered Animal City’s big pet store. This place is HUGE. The ceilings are at least 25 feet high. There are sections for all kinds of diverse species. Close to the ceiling stand many tunnels that line all throughout the store above everyone’s head. I see something crawling inside and I look closer. They’re Hamsters. And they’re all over the place. Well, all over the place inside the tunnels. They’re running so fast, and there are lots of them. Wow. Even the hamsters here are spoiled. They have their own subway system! I bet that these plastic tubes lead all over the store!

Only one question is wandering inside my head.

How the hell did Petunia get a job in a big place like this? The way it’s being run, there’s no doubt that the pay is good. I take a walk along the aisles and I'm right. The tunnels do lead all over the store. They lead all the way to the big mother board of hamster cages in the back wall of aisle twenty. There’s every type of animal imaginable in here. I take a left turn.



I’m staring face to face with a monkey. I take a step back. He, or she (I can’t really tell), makes a weird monkey sound. They sell monkeys here?! I look at the monkey’s name tag. I’m guessing the monkey’s a boy because the name tag is blue and says Timothy.

“Er, okay. Hi, Timothy,” I say as I put my hand out. He takes one hand off the shelf he’s hanging on and shakes it. He gives me one of those animal grunts.

I like Timothy.

“So, how’s life in this big factory?”

He shakes his head in disgust and slaps his forehead, making me laugh.


He points off to the side. There, Petunia is trying to give a cat a bath and is failing terribly. I smirk and turn to the monkey. “She’s not so handy, is she, Tim?”

He fakes a faint and falls over, gripping his heart. I get hit with a fit of giggles before I salute Timmy and make my way over to Petunia. “Er, hey.”

She looks up at me with a scowl. “What are you doing here?”

“I brought you lunch.”

She shoves the cat back down the big tin tub and wipes her hands off with a towel. “About time, I’m starving.” She takes it without a thank you and starts eating it right there.

I can’t believe her. “Your welcome, Petunia.”

She looks up to me as if to say ‘who-gives-you-the-right’. “Excuse me, Freak, but I didn’t ask you to bring me anything. You’re not better than me just because you brought me food.”

“No, Petunia, I don’t-”

“Bubbles, damn it! Come back here!” She puts the half eaten burger down and chases after the shampoo covered cat. It appears that Bubbles made a run for it when she wasn’t looking.

So I’m left alone. With a half empty bottle of shampoo, a half eaten burger, and a tin tub full of cat dander. I look over to see if Timmy is still there. He’s not. No need to mind about me. I’ll be fine here by myself.

Then I hear the loud speaker turn on.

“I would like to inform everyone that there is a monkey on the run. I repeat, there is a monkey on the run. Please remain calm. If you see a monkey hanging by shelves jumping from place to place like Tarzan then let one of the staff members know. He goes by Timothy. He can be quite violent as today he is needed for his bath. He does this every damn week...”

Ha. There’s a reason Timmy wouldn’t want to take a bath. He’s seen Petunia try to handle a cat. I would run for dear life if it was me. I take a walk around the big store. I look at the rats and rodents aisle. I don't look were I'm going and run into someone.

“Shit, I dropped my slushy!”

“Sorry!” I say before I look at him; he bends over to pick up the remains of his blueberry slushy. Luckily there is a trash can right next to us.


He finally looks up at me. He has a surprised look on his face.

"Oh. Um, hi, Lily." We both stare at the floor for what seems like forever. I guess I have to break the ice. “So, How are you guys?”

He shrugs. “We’re okay, I guess. But we could have done without the ankle bruises.”

I still can’t believe I did that, and I’m starting to feel a little bad for it. But I don't let him know that. “Yeah, um. So I have to go...Er, bye.” I walk away from Peter and I can tell he’s looking back at me. I just know it. I turn my head hesitantly to the left a little and see him raise his eyebrow as I walk away. I pretend that I don’t see it.

Peter’s sometimes just a weird kid. He used to be a little chubby when he was younger but by Fifth Year he slimmed down. He has blonde hair and is quite good looking. Jut not in the gorgeous category. I have good photographic memory as I’ve said before, and he really doesn’t look that different than he did in First Year. He has more maturity around the face and shoulders, though. He’s a marauder, come on. Of course Peter’s going to be somewhat attractive. I don’t know how he keeps the weight off. He’s not a stick but he’s not chubby either; just average. He eats the same as he did before, just less disgusting.

I guess it’s a teenage thing.  So, it’s not just me that has to deal with hormones? Or maybe, it was just all that cheese he was eating. As soon as I walk away I run into someone yet again.“Hey, watch where you’re going- Oh, it’s you…”

I look up and see Vernon Dursley looking back at me. I think I set a trend for being the most bumped into for today. He hit me so hard I’m surprised I didn’t go flying. “Yes, it’s me. Do you work here?” I say to the weird looking, rotund, 18 year old in front of me. I rub the pain on my shoulder from the collision. It will become a bruise by tomorrow, no doubt. Great. It can match with the one I have on my hip that I got when I fell out of bed last week.

“Yes, I do. This is my uncle’s business. And one day I will own it,” he says with a scowl. What did I do to him? Maybe Petunia passed some hater genes to him while snogging his brains off.


I push the disturbing thought in the back of my mind and ask him, “Wait, so you’re the one who gave Petunia a job here?”

“Not like it’s any of your business, but, yes, I did.”

“Hah, good luck with that,” I grunt under my breath. So this is the business that Vernon told Petunia he would have in the near future…

“What did you say?” He challenges. Oh, did I offend his little Petunia-Poo? He’s not the only one who knows about their little pet names. From a far distance I hear, “Vernon, darling!”

Petunia comes up to us and gives me a nasty look. She turns her back to me and faces Vernon. They do an Eskimo kiss. I cringe. Petunia rolls her eyes and glares at me. “What are you still doing here? You’re bothering our love vibe. Stop staring at us. You’re acting like a stalker.”

“What? I wasn’t even-” But she doesn’t let me finish.

“Leave,” She says flatly to me.

“Whatever, I was leaving anyway,” I say, brushing off the rudeness that came from her demand. I head away from aisle 23 and towards the door. I give the big store one last look and I’m about the open the door when I feel something brush up against my leg. I look down and Bubbles is rubbing against my shins. Awe.

I lean down and pet Bubbles. She’s a cute cat. Or is it a he? Oh well. Gender doesn’t really matter, does it?

I peak under his/her legs. A girl.

Hey, I was curious!

Bubbles looks like she’s in agony. I know that I can’t take a cat and hide it in my jacket and walk off, but Bubble’s looks desperate. She’s an old cat, I can tell. Probably 5 years old and she’s quite fat. But her legs are lean and look fast. I know, I’ve witnessed her escape. Probably from the workout she got running away from Petunia. What if she has a litter of kittens some where? Or, better yet, she’s in love with another cat that she’s never been able to love, and she misses him (or her, can cats be gay?) and they’ve been separated unwillingly. OH! Like Romeo and Juliet.

Wow, I need a man.

The cat’s a little damp. While my run-ins with Vernon and Peter, Petunia had found Bubbles and finished grooming her. Well, almost. The cat’s hair is sticking up at odd angles. She probably tried to blow try the cat. Bad Idea. I chuckle, thinking about how Petunia must have looked like blow-drying a four legged animal. What frightens me is how she tried to hold Bubbles down. I shudder at the thought.

I scratch behind the cat’s ears and she seems to like it there. The hair around her face, and some spots on her body, didn’t get blow dried. I wait until no one is looking I open the door and pretend I don’t see Bubbles slowly making her escape outside. As soon as the door clangs behind me I smile to myself as I see her scampering down the curb. Her hair sticking up crazily as she makes her way. Her hair sticking up at straight angles reminds me of James Potter. WOAH. That was random. And don’t think anything of the fact that I used his full name. I don’t call him by his first name anymore. I only call him by his surname or his full name. With or without his middle name, depending who’s around him and if I feel like embarrassing him.

I look up and focus on the sky instead. Today the sun's out and it's a little crisp, but Bubbles should be okay.

Setting her free makes me feel so damn peaceful. Something I’m not used to. And I’m enjoying every minute of it. There’s not much peace in my life. It might not be much that I did, setting one cat free. But then, realization hits me. I can proudly cross number two off my LILY LIST.



I take out my grocery list, which is quite long. I get a cart and walk inside the grocery store. After I left the pet store I saw that there was a grocery store down the street and thought it might be better to get my groceries done now. I’m using the fifteen pounds dad gave me, except my dad’s not so good with guessing prices so I’m going to have to use another twenty pounds of my own.

As I enter the store I’m surrounded by plump women, children crying, and old folks who walk twice as slow as the normal one-hundred fifty year olds. Well isn’t this home, sweet home?

I try to hide from all the commotion as two 30 year old housewives battle it out for the last ham.“Get off, Betty. You got the honey barbecued ham last week!”

“No, Leslie! You took the last bottle of champagne last week, get off!”

Er, okay…

I pretend to ignore the little brawl going on between the two women and their passions for grocery endorsed items like ham and make my way down the dairy aisle. I can’t believe how crowded it is, and it’s only 2:30! I don’t even want to think about how it’s going to be around Christmas.

I seem to be the only young one in the store besides the bratty children. I look over the labels of milk.

Broderick Farms Vitamin D milk... No.
Marcus’s Grape Milk... EW, NO.
Leaked Milk with amphetamines... What? Where did it leak from!? And what are ampheta - things?
Pea Milk by Dr. Willie Make I.T... Are you serious? You think I want “pea” milk by someone who’s name is Will He Make It? To what, the toilet?

The world has officially gone mad. What happened to the milk from a cow? NOT milk from grapes, NOT milk from a pea, but milk from a cow! Some damn COW JUICE is all I need.

I try not to let this freak me out more than it already has and I just pick the cheapest, most normal Fat-Free milk off the shelf and put it in my cart. I look over the pine-apple section waiting for the day to go by faster. I have half of the groceries I need. Bread crumbs, onions, and spaghetti is all that’s left.

I take a pack of bread crumbs off the shelf. I freak out, and put it back on the shelf. The two boys I have tried to avoid all weekend are in the next aisle. The two boys I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with until Hogwarts.

I apparently took the last bread crumb box from the shelf; because when I grabbed it I could clearly see through to the other aisle. Maybe if I just quickly get what I need, avoid bumping into them, and resist the urge to roll Potter’s foot over with my cart I won’t have to deal with them…

“Oi, Padfoot! Put the taco shells back on the shelf.”

“NO! You can’t make me!”

"Have you gone mad? Why are you all into tacos all of a sudden?"

“What’s it to you?”

I make a swift curve to the left. In the distance I can hear them still arguing. I get everything I need for my groceries.

I have successfully avoided contact with Sirius and Potter. On the way to the register I stop and stroll into aisle twelve for some, er… necessities, I need before I leave tomorrow. As soon as I turn the corner I see the last two people I want to see.


They have their backs to me and I see them huddled over a box of something I would never imagine them holding.

"Uh, Prongs? What are maxi pads?" He says this with a very confused look on his face.

“Well, you know. Its stuff for… a girl’s… you know. When they are on the, uh, cycle of the month.”

“No, no. I get that, but what’s with the wings?”


I catch myself in mid shock and know that if I stand there like an idiot for any longer they’ll see me. So I swerve the cart around as fast as I can, except I swerve the cart a little too fast that my wheels screech. From the corner of my eye I see them look up. I turn and try to walk away but I can feel their eyes burning into my back.

“Evans?” I hear Potter call out to me.

“Ahoy, there! Evans!” Sirius yells.

I force myself to turn around. “I knew it! I knew I saw red hair in the produce aisle!” Sirius exclaims to Potter. James Potter smirks and walks up to me. “Well, nice seeing you here.”

“Sod off, Potter.”

"Oh, I’m sorry. Were we in the way of your shopping?"

“No,” I say, blushing, a little.

“Please, I insist,” he says as he ushers me with is hand to the direction of tampons.

This time I blush a lot.

"You can have the first pick before Sirius and me. We’re still deciding." I can feel my face heating up, but I can’t give him that satisfaction. So I reply with something I know that’ll get on his nerves.

“I see that you’re still a little bitter about the weekend, Potter.”

“Okay, look-” But before he can reply Sirius walks up and asks me, “Uh, I have a question, Lily. Could you please tell me why maxi pads have wings?”

I don’t know how to take it; as a question asked by a confused bystander or a question asked by an idiot being sarcastic. By the looks of Sirius’s face it seems to be both. I pretend I don’t hear. Potter starts to crack up laughing.

“We-Well, excuse me but, I- uh, have my shopping to finish.” I see Mrs. Potter coming towards us, searching for her two boys. Oh, goodness. Kill me.

“Sirius? Jamesy? I’ve been looking all over for you two! Every time I take you two with me to go grocery shopping you guys run off like a bunch of five year olds. And why are you guys in this aisle?” She gives them a disappointing look.

“TO LEARN!” Sirius, the idiot, proclaims with enthusiasm.

She shifts her eyes and recognizes me. “Oh! Hello, Lily, darling!” She hugs and kisses me. “What a large list of groceries you have!” She says, eyeing my cart. “Surely, they’re too much to carry home. Why don’t we give you a lift?”

“Er, no… that’s okay. I-”

“Oh, nonsense! We would love giving you a lift!” She says, taking my cart and her little basket cart from her arm to the check out line. Well, it would save the trouble of me walking home with forty pounds of food. And you know how I am. I’m a weakling.

Sirius and Potter both come over and put one elbow and rest it on either side of my shoulders. “We would love to give you a lift,” Sirius says. “Yeah, it’s quite comfortable in the back,” Potter says, wiggling his eyebrows. “You should know, Prongs and I love back seats.”

“Don’t even think about trying anything on me”, I scowl at them. I push them away as they start to chuckle. They catch up with Mrs. Potter and when no one's looking, I get a couple packs of tampons and hide them in my jacket.

I thanked Mrs. Potter for finding a check out line available. When they were done paying Mrs. Potter told me that they would be waiting for me outside. I'm now in the check out line and putting my packs of tampons on the counter with relief.

After I pay for everything I head out with my cart. I see Mrs. Potter’s car.

Mrs. Potter’s car is small.

I approach her as she tells the boys to get my groceries and put them in the trunk. “Well… I guess you could find some space in the back, no? I wasn’t expecting so many groceries. I only needed a couple things… That’s why I had a mini basket cart with me. I took our little buggie car. Oh, dear. I hope that’s not a problem,” she says politely.

“Oh, no. It’s no trouble!”

“I put my groceries in the front seat and the boys are putting yours in the trunk. Is it alright if you sit in the back with the boys?”

“Uh- Um… Sure.” I’m hesitant for a moment but I give in and sit in the back seat. The very small back seat.

There’s barely any space for two people in here, and yet Sirius and Potter had found a way. I open the door to find Sirius and Potter on each side. My seat’s in the middle, so I have to crawl over Potter to get there.


And when I thought this day couldn’t have gotten any worse.

The whole car ride back consisted of Sirius and Potter cracking jokes and trying to violate my space bubble. Every time Mrs. Potter ran over a hill, they both raised their hands up on the way down, like they were on a rollercoaster. I just slumped as low in my seat as I could. I tried to get my mind away from the five year olds on either side me, but even I couldn’t tune them out. Damn them.

We passed a park and Sirius called out, “OH! Bunnies!” as he pointed out the window.

Yes. He said bunnies.

But of course, Mrs. Potter had to go for gas. So I was stuck with them for about 10 solid minutes, which was enough time for me to rip my hair out. Two minutes before Mrs. Potter came back to the car, Potter spilled ice cold water in the back of my shirt. I screamed loudly as I took off my seat belt out of shock. I wanted to jump around and get the water off of me. But I forgot that I was in the back seat, so as I stood up I bonked my head on the car’s roof top. I fell abruptly after that…

I landed in his lap.



Him, of all people!

But, eh… it’s not like I had a good selection of laps to fall into anyway. The next thing I heard was Potter saying, “Well, this is a better seat arrangement, isn’t it?”

I have a feeling he planned for that to happen. I don’t know why, but it seems he knows me better than I thought he did.

That was the moment that Mrs. Potter just HAD to open her car door, and find me in her son’s lap. I wiggled back down to my seat as she gave us a quizzical look and I blushed a deep crimson the entire time home, not speaking to anyone.

I came home to the empty house I call home and did the laundry and some of the other chores. When I first entered the laundry room I took a second look at the clothes piled high and sighed. I was worried that I would have alot to do. But, what I worried about the most, was what was going to happen tomorrow when I leave for Hogwarts,

The train ride.

Yay! Finally it's here! =] Dunno if it's any good but the ending is a little different. I can't wait for the rest of the chappies to come! I'm sure that I'll have about atleast 30 before it ends. lol. But other than my boring talk....

Hope you had a happy reading!

Hah! you thought that was it didn't you? you really thought I wouldn't show you another character? how dare you! Don't worry, I have another pik for you!

This is Sirius:

Another actory from the The Covenant.
I know... I can't help it! They're all so cute!
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